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LB on the Bruins blowing a late two goal lead

Mar 13, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Bruins loss to the Penguins, if fatigue was a factor in the defeat, and the play of backup goaltender Anton Khudobin.

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Soldier Bruins tickets coming up hope he stuck around -- the code word ice ICE. 379837. The next ten minutes it into two and a pair of Bruins tickets for game on April 2. Against LB says auto law was Jack. I sign up to get ticket notification that Boston Bruins dot com slash ticket alert powered by Newton Wellesley dental partners so you want -- Bruins tickets. It's the Ottawa Senators April sectors were did you text -- ice. Ice I see eat at 37937. Text there right now 37937. Well there you go that was the game winner last night I hate insiders. Do nothing leader race stealthy Lyndon byers former Bruin Joyce -- The first six or in my life. As a play -- street she -- brand Darrow. All of them. Now I get their kids up my butt and then in the kids do we deal with they'll have come -- you believe this is. Really I'm that old come on it in the notes. That was a great. First pier where to start with the positive last -- again we'll get to the negative that their collapse in the final twenty minutes finally -- whatever ones yeah. That first period was terrific execution was great. Kept turning over Pittsburg in the neutral Sony couldn't get the pocked. To the office been for a while there you get a couple of goals and I felt. Great about the senior setter yesterday explain how hard it is to go from one city -- -- get in their early skated be out there and ready. The first twenty minutes was about as good as it gets for the Bruins. Now there is perfect there for. And then and then did indeed hit slowly chipped away at a country not for not me -- minutes and you set up all they survived this is -- -- -- So I felt yeah now why I mean there's there's there's a lot of play from the outside by the Bruins on -- now after that first period. And you know Pittsburgh -- comment and then it I mean not you know -- -- building kept him in the game. Only eight -- -- others if that that quick one and then. Then they got then they're all from there was there was like the team just checked out on Anton who dove in and less demanding. It is funny because before -- it's that unbelievable one timer right to make two to one yet. And that's about what six minutes to go in the game whenever one by what he meant no seven just the books now over six minutes ago. At that right before the caustic note that. Don't was unbelievable that this one bit -- -- -- has gone up against this team now that Pittsburgh's got sniper after sniper arriving. -- who it is share he was all the plays downhill flop and all over the place right at me flop and Canadian stop. I mean he's an aggressive guy. Yeah you -- -- I love the way it plays and again you know what this is they you know -- last week they have their stinker. And now this -- last night was our game that they they they want back they wanted they'd you know they just mentally checked out now they know. They know they can be -- team and they they checked out and it's one they they would they would they would want back. Was it mental or physical exit to watch and I think it felt like to me it was bolt LB that they realize their legs starting get tired they guitar make it's a really bad. Physical mistakes but the mental mistake that that that Seidenberg turn over the the place just soft from -- the thirty minute period on. It just felt like at from mental standpoint. Lisa G. We're not into this thing right now we know this team is -- another get pressure on our goaltender and just. I'm CNET team -- lot this year is very surprised. That it fell apart over the course that last thirty -- stretch. Now they again I you know did the best the best thing about season is that there is no time to worry about what happened yesterday. The Dalai yeah I don't think there was physical I think -- mentally just. They checked double -- and when you're mentally check a little bit in not you don't make a crisp pass you don't make the right past you make the extra pass. And I'd been -- -- now -- you just can't you cannot Pittsburgh is so good offensively. That you cannot miss player a biscuit because they can detect -- as good as anybody. And I know we've talked was before and back to back is probably the answer right back to back nights extremely difficult. But again Google backed Tia -- game I think was about when I looked up it was I think it just made it three Q. I have to -- three to two. I saw that first line out there on the ice was amateur for the fourth line of the third -- that and it had a timeout. I don't -- -- -- -- run these guys out a little bit come back with the -- line the Bergeron line all of all of that -- Lucic you know Horton line. And it went into a little bit then you call eight time all these guys bring the finished the game strong -- -- but steady roll them out and I know expect the back got to have depth. With two minutes -- the game down as he's got back on the ice. Why I was I was I was really surprised I mean not you know -- If behavior spent -- spring -- -- day you got every top two lines are their role -- I'm I'm with you Lou you know only a -- when a hockey game yesterday got hierarchy and we should say and dangle for a windy you got to play your best players in but. Big it is what it is -- you know Claude -- Claude Julien and we all got to live with that it's the -- Clot the way shock of that slide the way I -- resigns amid job membership or not there. It was about two and a half of that was due to to to -- for the goal was right after the 32 goal. No shot -- don't line out the year. With 23 minutes ago just shocked by ambulance with all the time but later on but right. Yeah and tiger again I you know yet I'm -- eat it that's what's great about sports is great about sports are gonna we could sit and second guessed. Claude -- but he's got to do what he does and more often than not he's proven. By winning and climbing the latter in lull in the winds category. That his way in the hand is successful so. You know maybe he believes a couple bumps in the road isn't the worst thing for his team. Moving forward. You know that second -- talk a lot about and the reason is because last night whether it's Bergeron whether it's Marchand that and in that gold signal that the -- goal. Fight to keep the puck in the zone read -- yeah right then fight to keep the puck in the corner getting -- -- -- Bergeron who sits a wide open -- -- beautiful shot is turning around. But -- -- extra effort the EC from Marchand and Bergeron creating scored place that's -- off. Fire all -- that that's based gets hurt so good -- and and it is all good teams is they play. They pressure from behind. In the offensive zone and into the neutral zone to get those. They pressure from behind and it causes turnovers and gets gets you know the -- gone the other way because I turn over -- going back the other way on an odd man situation that's. That's what Pittsburgh's great right I mean the same predict exactly with the Bruins did. To Pittsburgh last night they flip that around did them in the third period. Is that you know it you're not -- not mentally do it in and you're you're not. You know I don't got a little zip on everything. They press you from behind and it causes that turn over and then he get the you know you get people out of position awesome shot. On on who -- and you know again but again I like I said guys I did it -- you know the Boston Bruins last say they're gonna say you know what they're gonna do -- kicking themselves in the gas sand you know this is one we should act. You know we didn't I don't think we blow it wasn't a stinker. You know so you know the -- a positive that applause again I just love my I love I love who don't match did he he's just he's exciting nor. We deserve to better straight and advise -- and he was. It was as good as a goalie performances -- had this year for the Bruins output -- -- -- I actually what I -- out the exact same thing before it -- wants results and it was just -- the ice wasn't divorcing the watch and again on Twitter at a -- LP an -- that I -- what -- mean you watch that third period last night. That means example the -- system I and. It started before the third a little bit if they've date of the third minute mark yeah yeah you're right Lou before they went into that second intermission -- Pittsburgh. And they were either rampant out. Take me inside a lot of a player for a second because. McKee he's been a good Bruins put in your Ferris is struggling right now. Meant that he is struggling get the puck out of his own -- he's struggling with turnovers. He has said publicly he wants to be here long term we want to contract. How do you fight through that because he's an important part of these deep -- pairings right now and he doesn't look like the Andrew Ference he's the last couple years that. Why the you know I don't know off to trade deadline there and is getting his head and not put. Andrew and is a great players -- great leader. The good thing about the bruises lots other guys -- locker room and assertion that defense of course the can. Little grabbed his back in and an album through it and I believe he'll get through it would he's definitely -- -- -- -- -- have to have the trouble with the -- The golden children biscuit and and then my -- years well. What's out yeah creation and yeah well Carolina as I didn't hear that's quite a lot like being signed a contract might be innocent corset that's always tough thing for any player not -- I mean my option was either get sent down. Deny a lot of guys knowledgeable when they don't policy Salem Oklahoma governor when he wanted to get an -- when you decided -- players had just -- as you -- parents his phone numbers and -- I certainly have no idea what what it's like no it's -- it whit -- If you're if you're a player in a situation -- to trade deadline. I was I was only in it wants and then that was why you know it was I'm supposed to be traded to Chicago for. Julia I know what's his name blew me Jocelyn LeMieux and we've played. Chicago Saturday Sunday afternoon back to back home and homes and I packed my luggage to stay in Chicago. And now Mike Milbury -- trade. -- Basically -- my career but I'm. Look you're either -- -- guys did an audio sound -- -- but it was different for me design and you know allegedly the deal was done so is it was different but. Before that I I I never I you know -- adding it didn't really affect me but I you know look you know obviously you see this all the time so I don't you know hopefully. Andrew is is here and hopefully get arena putting you -- great couple home games together back to back here Florida wash and and -- any thoughts of trying to upgrade men and move them. Well -- I have -- the third line I think now if you're being realistic about it when you. When you recognize what Claude does in the post season which is pair Seidenberg charting gather as his tremendous defense pairing Chara Seidenberg at. A terrible colonel -- at the goal last night. It is gonna do that my question is who do you trust of the bruins' defense right now. Without him. I I don't feel that guy is in what you don't want him back and I'll tell you what I -- it's like Yahoo! wants to play -- -- Doug Hamilton. But it is not easy he you know -- he's -- -- downgrade anybody I don't I don't think -- that is but -- what do you know if you -- you're putting up experience at the club looked Avalon cited steady defender but -- -- Chara. Going to be teaming together I don't I don't I gelding but I'll just tell you this money you're -- time of attorneys talked about Seidenberg. -- Doug Hampton has been solid as far as -- and you know they I mean -- I think he's I think he's playing a out of everybody. I I didn't tell you how often is as good as any defense and its plan on the -- But the big question is greet with the boy took the -- I I if there -- was me I I like gender McQuay. I you know -- -- good stayed home guy he's great in front of the now beautifully what you people listen anybody that and that you know sports the mullet but you know. Bats for the girls by the way. In -- -- says that but it ultimately it's for the girls know what I am a Quaid and and the other thing -- anybody that takes a liberty would die he. Obviously because he doesn't fight yet and he's youngster animal quasi want to go -- on a wink when general. What's our level bought back. Candidate allege. Make Mbeki from the break and -- assembled mr. Tyler sing again and we scored a goal last night but there was another moment nick game. I get awfully excited I got -- weeks I'll ask you about it next what -- 937 WEEI. Are you're so excited to moss -- moment last nights always so excited -- not bother. LT IL BLB in movement in -- of hockey analyst. -- -- -- analysts didn't hurt firm would -- loop. Analyze. The anger that I saw from Tyler -- last night that got me excited allies anger that game get -- game got a little chipping. Late it was awesome when the Pittsburgh static coming back and it was a moment. Big -- face -- When Sidney Crosby skated off the ice apparently speed vice Tyler's take it and hit a racquet with a shoulder app. And -- came out right -- -- they talked about the showed Sega had this look in his eyes that first what the hell was that and he looked like he he looked upset. The kid actually looked like he was fired up noticing they -- of popular went to -- -- he fought the guy for the clock. It skated to the blue allow the -- been -- abducted in an extended a two hands and -- it defenseman back and out fought him it would buy it for the puck. It was a split second for one -- Jack I was like oh my god. Visit the side of data -- that mature we've released Tino he's been better fight for the puck in the corner but there was some anger that was not the Lucic. Anger there for a minute. Excited watching -- watching young man grow won't watch any young man did -- workers -- -- down yet. -- are saying gets the other -- them the more tenacious he gets some more room easily get them the more. Points he's gonna get the more points is prime meats are gonna yet only only get help his game. In terms of last night in the fatigue we talked Julian. After the game he was asked about was the fatigue. A factor for his Bruins team news that -- How that's just an excuse I mean there's no reason everybody plays back to backs and a if four -- did and it doesn't bode well for hockey club so certainly wasn't the the issue when he was more about it. The fact that we didn't do the right things that's right times and and that cost us. There are you like -- it's -- -- -- is team no excuse I look I I think fatigue was a factor but I love well. The idea that he when he did bring it up and his team hears that they go you know what the head coach will give us an inch we can't take an inch sharp cloths and -- Gas CIA and -- coach just told you that that's tough you know economy Yorker guy you know I -- you excuses -- your bag full -- all day every day. Right that's why you know -- 32 goals in ten years you know I'm just you know. In terms of Sidney Crosby and you you worry skill players sell out -- -- junior. The comparison is popping up this year because the point per game is almost one point eight. Points per game is on pace -- like 140 am but I haven't I Lorena and a regular season but it is it grants -- -- compared to Gretzky four. Is it is that even a fair comparison given that he's on a point per game. Stretch that would put -- in that stratosphere it was a full season what those guys like. Appoint a half. I don't wanna 18 so far this year and one point eight that's that's insane via at and I'm saying really gave his okay the -- to what he did was he. Our -- is now back in the -- man when you're cranking 200 plus points -- all. I that was not scenario was he was so phenomenal. My almighty is although it had -- did get me in now Sports Illustrated. It's conference championship I think -- Manny. 91. I think 91. There's a picture me. Mary always are sifting the middle of the ice closeup shot I'd I'd come off get off the bench. I don't panicked look on my face trying to check Mariel. I'm leaning forward. My stick is in one hand the wrong hand -- -- handed hockey player. Upside down the blade pointing to the I race with -- -- And IA -- I try to go back because he obviously he blew by meters of gore at the and I would love to have a video of Beckett showed great but I did it it was it's the only time in my career that I made -- -- Let's -- debacle back but you know NFL they reviewed tape morning go look look at this way here they go back -- -- look at LA BC coming off a truck. The zip it stick his upside down as a Kid -- Did see this kids this is not to count to stick checks some warn this is awful awful. Right there. Like that to you not and I lessons they drive Crosby not us Alice in court today does not -- it's a different I've played this guy's always better to deal I'll be a typical athlete I've witnessed those federal guys -- play with it credit guy plays -- -- was it about how it's different you know it is to. Different game Sidney Crosby plays much more defense and Gretzky ever would -- Gretzky they dad's dead dad please for him you know he was always. Five moves ahead everybody else and one reason other RE BO and the neutral zone when he knew his team was gonna get. Control the biscuit Mary -- was a little more physical but not much in the defense event. They were they were both the you know ditty from you know their zone. Offense forward that was but the thing where I think Jack Crosby -- more time -- taking care of his on an old are you which makes ordeal which makes what he's doing any. How do. -- -- -- Pretty boy gets involved -- some drops gloves not -- -- afraid afraid to delay hit now and I'd I'd I'd better -- completely agree I think he's he's awesome to watch. When Lyndon byers. LB it would -- -- when -- series brought to you vibrant smoke shop in Plymouth Pembroke Brockton where -- rain on and on love those guys and of course by LB's haired doctor doctor Robert Leonard change your lettuce. Change your life call 1800. Get here right at guys you guys know me as fat bald and ugly. Again I'm -- often on the small sure -- I was gonna say now a year did biking for two hours eluded it for five minute time out last week here and it blew you out you -- across yeah I was before me aren't I I drew a crowd you I was sweating and sweating so bad and you still -- -- -- and -- -- straight it's mostly -- took all my strength not -- -- should -- the globe -- -- -- show show off the -- Late forties early forties and what that mental image you guys go to lunch out there neighbor it's the bruins' schedule it's easier but the plan again. Tomorrow night we'll talk your product you got -- guys held a little -- you are here breaking down broad you every single morning. On the Hill Man Morning Show down the hall WAS. Let's do this -- the outbreak John Taylor gets updated any Brinkley called the game last night we'll get his take. -- Bruins and penguins next.

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