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Patriots offseason wish list

Mar 11, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about what they would like to see the Patriots do and who their dream free agents are.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI your phone call 61777979837. The AT&T -- line. Is 37937. -- that -- will join us top of the hour noon get some thoughts on the Celtics weekend interest incumbent Paul Pierce is well. We'll check in of Fort Myers 1 o'clock rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Our body -- and -- -- on the eve of NFL free agency does it have good morning. Corey -- what's up. To look at it and I'm -- -- -- stepped witnessed a -- him except for what it's saying I. I don't want any older veteran talent I wanted to touch type but not at the sentiment. I think that they need somewhere to go out what it's somewhat it's not like -- -- a lot colts and I want it I want another core. Would appreciate that you bring that government you get some light -- Yeltsin. They've been Nelson -- -- -- actually -- only. With the patriot. You don't -- ethic easily ever all right Greg Abbott -- column this week and -- David Nelson geez I even though everyone's on board no -- epic on the left though it's it's. Are kind of guy right. 65 wide receiver shore up towards ACL last year yes -- with 65 catch a couple years ago big guy played a Florida played -- I don't think. -- is fit again that your. All want and I'm -- Obama -- about what receiver that's not going to be a huge part of the supplement that's gonna be and and that's what cannot now because I want -- far apart -- it is my dream sequence or what it could be. When we got into that and that's where they don't want. I don't want to mediate and the encouraging to talk about people like tickets start at the tickets got. We talent and could -- -- veteran -- and their twentieth instead of their thirty. Is that thing runs me. Well Heidi good veteran presence in the twenties. Shot at this. Battle but I don't. No I haven't they they are they have an extremely young defense I think they can use. Inexperienced. Defensive end and inexperience safety. Especially safety. 3832. I don't buy it just a little. Or even outside the twenty ninth. I think I mean -- the -- but I think. Don't like it a move that -- as a rebel and that's -- network about it. -- you wanna space gonna spent premium money you know you -- rental verses. You know a couple years and Ross thanks for your call Alex Sean Smith late twenties would be got it would just be for a couple years now LaRon Landry I want that hard hitter at safety. Raw land you would be kind of -- the right couple years always an injury concerns. Major Wilson you mention is up there and age but he -- -- like five time pro bowler. -- -- -- Beat stumbled a little bit break small little -- that position on they're gonna have their gambit as they have money. That's the biggest thing you don't the money to blow up there and sign all these free -- at the -- when he five point six that are out there. So you have yes there you to figure outs and locate my long term guy is Gholston. That's -- long -- my long term guy Shawn Smith right guys and younger. Data that you can't do with everyone so then now you've got to go to the bargains in with a bargains got that two years left. At what wants to win once a chance to win. I think Abrams good at 34 years -- gonna sign a five year Deal Hudson friend or Seattle. Obvious backup your deal or -- even a caller we notes in -- -- three year deal but we don't probably gonna play in -- year -- 21. And that's it. So yo hit the one guy you wanna move forward with defensively where that's a safety whether that's a corner. And then sprinkle it with some aging veterans for a year to kind of brings some leadership the distinctly -- -- would head back and it was a party top Bible is what -- welcome stream greens gonna -- -- -- excel coming -- you drafted to run back ten years back and Shane -- Looks like you do a lot of things that the anybody can do visit with the speed. You know the other small once a beacon bring back and settlement bring back and Arrington okay. You know but what had I don't know Austria Andrea I think pixel four marks up north campus today get all your NFL calls and he would -- -- mark when he got. -- -- -- -- -- That mud -- -- you as far as cotton employed in bringing back Welker and I think it's a must on offense but quickly. Lou I think you sense. I think it's obvious what their apex that they need depth but what other way of doing that is maybe it bringing an end at our absolute hell where. You know will port in the middle. Meet peak at its ability can't -- from the alliance which put a little more pressure. Because -- there are true upper -- her arm. The -- acts so that just the what you talked about the offense quickly. Looting Welker is huge are just for the production by. That is. -- because. The best blocking president on the team dropping back to -- a little too often as it is that Welker Dick Welker -- -- -- and expand. They're focusing more rocket mean gonna pick up the -- so I would suggest some thing. What a way to collect. What's -- long as Ankara from Miami to think long and the big left tackle yeah. Now I know Ballmer is developing in the treatment get a reasonable -- his pride and hope to develop a beat up that language. More -- an adequate but it could look at it over the -- And ever so they were truly dominant they had. You know back when they had the full -- have sort of been picked up that rush. Brady had a little bit more time and if you -- -- -- years you don't -- eight. Welker so it's a salute because they're fit too well quicker. And so they -- to -- it was a dropped more than what it's a well armed. Then you have I mean I don't -- definitely blocks you know but in the remembering another -- -- reality condition blocked and is well I just feel we have talked about the draft. And mainly because it's doing offensive linemen defensive tackle. I think those almost two years they can address the draft -- good at. You know at the -- stick with that part of it free agency. Corners safety wide receivers. That. -- -- done too well there now -- a fair point Miley point about renewable or back use public keys. A lot of these rankings these stupid free agency rankings of -- with he's ranked higher than Jake Long Jake Long was. Come out of Michigan you've seen in the next great left tackle the economy injuries and saw the top 1516. Free agents and football. Or five of those guys can be offensive tackles -- Ballmer and Jake Long and -- Smith and -- bush Roger -- bush -- So maybe Ballmer -- to the cracks will be to bring him back you -- little hole the guy from on Minnesota also in the top twenty somewhere. I don't might spend the money and Jake Long. -- offensive line or short he wanted you want to draft a guy it's worked but you wanna throw rookie into the -- next year. You know with Tom Brady and has -- to begin down -- you know but that's one of those things that Scarnecchia looks at film at some of these low priced lower level freeagent. And says I like what I see this some technique issues they're that you bring this guy in for short dollars I'll correct the full work -- correct this self correct that. And I'll take care. That that that's that's it that's a strength of this organization Dante Scarnecchia let him look at all these. The -- -- -- the top five look look at the next level of guys cheap dollars bringing it down -- who can you work with. That that that's and he won't protect Tom Brady but -- we gum all Lester look at these names at some point needs good players are. Today than ever -- stayed healthy. The makeshift line for the most part yeah but question marks at performed well and you mentioned earlier haven't get. -- supplement your free agency class with some of these guys -- on the last couple years. Maybe offered by Eric Winston is that guy Eric was that was released op played right tackle would be a fit their regular place -- wanna spend that money. I Danny's in Manchester on Patriots defense what's up Danny. They -- -- good Danny what do you have today. Well look I don't even think -- case scenario proved that came out much grew. Up with a question -- In the top two defensive back on the ticker right now. That are currently signed you would say Ras I Dowling enough Alonso Alfonzo -- In you want to expand to mop up what they are too high quite wide receivers. In that you can bet the -- to battle. I'm I'm saying bring back Sean Smith is going to be one of the higher paid quarterbacks in the draft might in the class I'm saying you signed him first and foremost. On my list of defensive moves and at wide receiver if you're cutting Lloyd I have a safety sent. A civil wrong landry's a hard hitter and also drafted the kitty -- Florida and a first round. Our picnic here you might consider -- I -- approved a defense tactic that artists are the back in the back there -- the -- so what are you doing a lot. This shot will go can't lose. Number what target I don't regret that might bring him and started say -- -- -- but the narco intriguing quarterback free agent. It -- like you see human error with guys bring a -- structure built. But those three batters -- -- -- that people fly in and helicopters respected there. They spent so much money on offense quarterback quite yet they got good quarterbacks they got a -- up into black who probably the defense. 87 -- -- what and to get it in -- the you know. I know I don't give up appointments. At the end long drive killers it was a panel -- picked -- it's like you're forget that he's -- score. The fact that ether -- Amen preach. Lose to bring this defense of Gholston human your big -- free agent market. It's been -- money that we will see if they see him get Osi Umenyiora. Right and Freeney Abraham these types somebody to register Edward Jones -- to break our you know it's already and other -- Chandra Jones safety Wilson. Bolts and -- I don't care Smith. Whatever it is Grimes. Well whoever. Talib. I -- safety two corners and -- defense event situation got to get after the quarterback 4 o'clock tomorrow before on 6177797937. The AT&T next month. Is 37937. More your phone calls jacking -- -- -- at noon local anymore. Seven very passionate call for Danny and Manchester Connecticut would not blue 93 point seven WEEI and his plan was. Supporting your plan for patriots free agency to -- Gholston. And up in the highest paid safety in football you guys -- back aren't a problem that. Quarterback you want us Chris Gamble -- and agents Adrian Wilson is he would cost as much. But continue at some point were you on the Gholston -- before prices about the -- market is still a semi -- with a price goes for the -- overpriced -- of number two on -- list is Chris Campbell former Ohio State. Product like the Panthers released and sort of nodded her head get out makes cents quick Oscars Campbell up a list yes we can't. Looks like well maybe -- posse post and his agent. Is saying Chris Gamble pulled him last night he wants to retire here in the National Football League. Had been banged up then maybe not as productive as he'd been coming out of college but most people pop the Chris Gamble of being nice middle of the road defensive backs on it for some contender. Out there but according to Jersey Anderson of the ESPN. Poston the agent says his clients can retire. So I think it's still very deep market a quarterback all the guys that were cut last week plus the guys are already there. But cross one name author Chris Gamble so so much in effect I -- when -- talking about Wes -- today Joseph. -- -- It sounds like he is. Outside. The window down nice -- there are Bob's at a car talk to Bill Belichick Bob what -- have. Well I wanna say we did talk about the same of the last five years we need it -- -- ethnic and apparently Belichick the retreat. He's not doing anything about that a law was what happened last year and addressed. In more than happy to have. You guys. -- -- -- Two rounds you can -- -- Happy to just win the vineyard in you know the ball in the The Beatles. The chat and happy about that -- The market change the fact about this forever. Obama knee issue just sort of glossing over the fact that he drafted Donta hightower Jim Jones and a first round last year Obama spent 21 round picks in the same draft in the same side of the ball on defense. And what that. We get to starting to rookies it's starting NFL and in another kitten Indian table Wilson of the K enough funds of better. You know at the defense is improved from the year before last year if forced on rookies. An important totals and in stark who yes -- what point point seven points a game with top top half of the NF help or shore. It could be better but it was a -- about a major upgrade from the year before would begin to rookies like Lucent one who was -- the second -- Jim Jones. We're going to be talking about this next year -- year out -- that's the way it is what we're all smarter than Belichick you know. That's basically what it that we know what they need he doesn't do it at. -- a bump and as that sarcasm -- coral smarter than Bill Belichick the state thinks we actually are smarter and that if they if Belichick would. It offensively and blaster offensively in science -- draft Jones look like or how the draft the -- -- Jones. First round draft table will tell is backing gets -- -- high -- yep I know pick in the first round 21 and 25. Those -- a second round draft table Wilson. Comes back and a third round Jake Beckett we don't know anything about it -- I will seek -- Abner. My guy low -- ever going to special teams guy that cash back have neurotic than Alfonso debtor. So you know. You look at at the first six picked. In -- -- Jeremy ever okay seventh pick -- up around 235 okay wide receiver but it's seven pick six -- defense defensive players. And you know -- -- special team but between dinner and Wilson. So -- was the end of the year. Wilson is safety there for awhile. And start but he played again -- Jim Jones -- To say that he's ignored defense. Got a tough to say especially at though looking at last year's defense when he realized it next week. They're exactly what people want is it more that the defense to a lot deals might hasn't gotten better at the speed he thought to give -- -- -- that they made an improvement last year. But that forgot its strength was defense and coaching you made is -- with the giants as defense of coach hall fame defensive players horrible what a game planning is the bill that's comparable. That it took it to really last year to spend the draft currency on defense the players. -- both players to get better and make the defense better it's more so that then. He into last year saying lashes at the worst example of it. At time and then on top of that he realized the problem during the year. -- draft pick a fourth round pick for Talib for a player. All of the defense last year -- I think it's the worst thought I make some bad arguments okay. But that's the worst kind of make argue about the steep and see where all eighty pushed all his chips in what might be needed against Teddy KGB and rounder he went all in. It didn't win at the end it was the Baltimore but he spent trapped currency dirt the year before the year on free agents. Already on the side of the ball. -- her again this year that's what we wanted. 61777979378. On a football start the show what the -- -- 2428. Hours -- free agency why not welcome back talks in basketball jacking that ball would join us hopping Celtics weakens albums split. A couple of games against the land at Oklahoma City Jack McMullen.

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