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Dale Arnold Discusses the Mariano Rivera and His Impending Retirement

Mar 10, 2013|

Dale gets into the announcement from Mariano Rivera that this will be his final season before retirement. He discusses his admiration for the greatest closer ever, both as a player and as a man. He even believes that not only will Sox fans give him a standing ovation at Fenway, but that they may even have a small tribute in some fashion at Fenway for Mo.

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While the bad news. Don't we shoot many messengers here. Yesterday when we went to work and the garden as we as we pulled into the parking lot of the garden gave each slip of paper that basically said. You know you gotta get out the parking lot as soon as as the game is over. Because a lot of times when you have an afternoon game those of us who get to park in the parking lot we might parked there and go have by -- and combatant which car. And they -- don't Everest I get out ever is getting it out. And the reason is speak as they had this gigantic concerts set up to get ready for tight because Rihanna. Playing at the garden tonight. Postponed. Rihanna has been postponed. Tonight. For those of you who had tickets. Following her concert on Friday in buffalo. Rihanna contracted laryngitis in his on able to perform her her doctor's instructions. Ticket holders should keep their tickets pending rescheduling information. Tuesday's performance in Baltimore is at the moment -- on the schedule but for those of you who had. Tickets to see Rihanna -- night at the TD garden. Sorry. -- no longer have tickets to see what you have tickets but. You don't -- to -- tonight at the TD garden commissioner has laryngitis sorry. I am the bearer of bad tidings. And I don't mean to -- but that's just the way it is here's the statement I'm gonna make it not a single person -- one person. One person on the -- -- has just ambient income going to be I'm gonna disagree okay while other than that person. I think most people who vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame take their jobs very seriously they work very hard. The Baseball Hall of Fame voters that I know -- in this town care and they work at it and and -- they take it very seriously. And yet there's a segment of the population out there who have hall of fame ballots who shouldn't by the way in my opinion. Who decide to make up their own rules one of which he has. Nobody gets my vote the first year. Stupid. They broke wasn't a unanimous choice for the baseball all the pain some no one's ever going to be. A unanimous choice for the baseball -- -- stupid. I give it to names. Who if they are not unanimous choices for the Baseball Hall of Fame whoever doesn't vote for them should lose their voting privileges forever. One is Greg Maddux. Pragmatic I think his name comes up next year and -- being fascinated. To see and there will be 1235. Guys who won't vote for him. And I I can't wait for them to justify doing. But here's the other one okay. Yesterday Mariano Rivera announced that this will be his last season. In Major League Baseball and I think he's have a guy who's sincere in what he says and I think he's serious this'll be it. Here's -- absolutely. You cannot disagree with this comment. The greatest relief pitcher in the history of the game and second place is so far behind. That second place can't even catch a snip of his exhaust. There was a great stat making its way around the Internet yesterday. More people have walked on the moon. Then post season runs that Mariano Rivera has given up in his career. Twelve people have walked on the moon Mariano Rivera has allowed eleven post season runs in his career. When you look at his numbers when you look at ER race. If he never threw a pitch in the post season if he never played in a playoff game in the post season in his career. He would be far and away the greatest relief pitcher in the history of baseball. You daddy and what he's done in the post season. The person who doesn't vote for Mariano Rivera for the hall of fame the very first year his name comes up on the ballot six years from now. That person should never be allowed to vote again. But the rest of his or her life. There is no one who has ever done. What he's done better than him. Ever. It's a comment that there is no argument for. Even if you just try to be -- -- and by the way. As it's OK I retract my dank passed both deserve 100% of the votes you can't even you can't even think up up. A Smart Aleck comment. Greg Maddux should be 100% of the vote when he's up for the hall of fame and I think it's next year six years from now when Mariano Rivera's name is on the ballot. If you don't vote for Mariano Rivera you should never be able to vote again. I'm not even try to you know. For the sake of hyperbole make this statement I'm dead serious you can't come up with a a single reason. Not a single reason. How you wouldn't vote for him. And I don't know that this is the case. But according to a text or Mike Adams still says Jonathan Papelbon is the better closer. If Mike if Mikey says it and I didn't hear and say -- but it beset. He's just -- Even he knows that's not true. Even Mikey and add as much as he wears his Red Sox heart on his sleeve. And by the way and the left cheek is probably. As much as he does even he knows there has never in the history of baseball. Been a better relief pitcher than Mariano Rivera. It is it's Gary. How good he's been over the course of his career and by the way. A class act -- game you can't even you puke and come up with one of these phony baloney well you know the character of the game Mike couldn't vote for a that doesn't even exist. There is not a single person. Who could justify not voting for Mariano Rivera and I used Greg Maddux is another example he should be a 100% next year's well. 6177797937. As the telephone number -- hop on board if you wanna join us. Baseball is on the table as well we've also talked hockey and basketball and football and that we've been all over the place I'll be here till 1230 that's when the pregame show for Celtics basketball and remember I told -- this that stop the -- Highlight for today. Jim Ross works the second quarter of today's game in Oklahoma City with John grandy. Follow him on Twitter at at JR's barbecue he's already excited I'm reading his tweet here big day on OKC. Broadcasting second quarter of Celtics -- game on radio with app Sean -- BP BP. Even Jim Ross is excited about today's game -- the entire hour on whether or not CM punk is gonna end the streak of the undertaker wrestle mania. But I probably won't. 617779. 7937. You a couple of -- is a -- techsters says. What is -- Rivera's career blown saves total and -- -- trying to look it up here. -- sixteen. Post season. He's been on really good teams and he's been a big part of really good teams but he's pitched in the postseason sixteen years. His lifetime record is eight in one. 42 saves. A zero point 70. ERA. With five blown saves in sixteen year. Right. In the post season. Five blown saves his very first career. Post season blown save game in his first season as the clothes -- the Yankees. Five years later he blew a save against the Arizona Diamondbacks in game seven of the World Series. And everybody remembers the Luis Gonzales little leader that you know barely made it into the outfield. Ironically. The Red Sox probably did as well against him is anybody. 2004 post season he blew three saves three of the five. And -- of those came against the Red Sox in the ALCS. He is. Unbelievable. What he does. And his reaction here at Fenway opening day of the 2005. Season. Red Sox have won the World Series to teams being introduced at Fenway. He gets kind of the mock cheer from the Red Sox fans because he had blown two saves in the ALCS. And he's got the big smile on his face any tips the cap on the mock cheers became real cheers. He is unbelievable. How good he has. I mean he has he has that good. And there is absolutely. Not a single person who has a hall of fame ballot in their hands. Who was ever going to be able to justify. Not giving it to him the very first year. Cities eligible for the hall of fame and and I said Greg Maddux is another one who should be a unanimous hall of Famer. He is the most dominant reliever in Major League history in my opinion. He saved at least 25 games in fifteen consecutive seasons. Posted an ERA under two in eleven seasons both of those numbers -- records. His career 2.2 one ERA and one point 00 whip are the lowest marks. In baseball's live ball era. He is as good as has ever played the position. And he is one of those guys by the way. Who even Red Sox fans. Not only respect but I think really like. I think you really like them. And yes to the text -- who says do you think your guests standing ovation at Fenway. On his final trip here absolutely. Positively. He will absolutely and and the Red Sox to their ends they're really good at this stuff they will honor him before the final Red Sox yankees game at Fenway this year. They will make a presentation to him and he'll get this. Everywhere he goes in Major League Baseball his final visit and all of these different stadiums around Major League Baseball. He will get and deserves. Whatever tributes. -- that teams will give him and the Red Sox will absolutely and one. -- -- the calls we go 6177797. ID 37. Kate is in Westfield -- Tatum. Not a bad -- -- bill I'm doing great thanks. You know my original follows what was the patriots but -- aria I spent the whole time after hearing you talk about it. Try to figure out lotteries and why. It would have people to directly to all of their very first ballot I can't I mean there's there's not that. I mean if there's if there's a single person who doesn't put his name on the ballot. You know I just sit there they're up and paramedics now. Maybe not the -- putting your personal opinions you think critical the first ballot. In my opinion absolutely. Now he won't be unanimous. And I can see where he wouldn't be. Medics should be unanimous won't be Rivera posit terribly should be unanimous and -- Yeah you're you're really Culpepper they'll be unanimous. Well I just think there are those there are those adults out there and and I've heard them speak before well Babe Ruth wasn't you know a unanimous nobody's going to be unanimous well -- stupid. The -- hard for me I mean they've understood that for personal approximating even. Think of someone who even is that strong and their opinions and you actually a look at that inspectors -- elect yet though the government. Well text -- texture here 'cause I said he'll get this huge ovation his final trip -- Fenway in the and the Red Sox will honor -- texture says think again he's a Yankee. And he's different he's totally -- -- -- Here are a -- could be out -- -- that's a good ball team that's a good call I would I would respectfully give him a great cheer his last visit to Fenway as well. You know they're just real -- now I'm well thank you got experience horrible. You learn it -- otherwise I'm not pitchers they have are spared an article -- I women here critical watch you guys out every pimp game. You guys got a eternity and that you put him -- like -- still low -- may be a tiny little bit. Get a lot of milk feel it's got a link to get her against the middle linebackers. Any life. The requirement of. Well I had to look I have said. You know what the corners and not -- here Kirk you'd like a good you know all I'm saying -- mr. opening up a lot of similar while we. A big bear deceptive speed power and can go up and yet. Well it's deceptive speed it's not outstanding speed and look I I. -- I had I understand but they're faster than than Hernandez's I think. But I I've said this before about Hernandez. Because he's got that TTE at the end of his name people get locked into that I don't really think he's a tight end on this team. He's a big wide receiver man I'm telling you won't fight so empowered to pick up pick up their speed just a fraction is the state wide receiver could be good. It is what it from the outside looking in bill he'd be really. I I have no issues 'cause I think he almost does it now Keith I mean I know they don't call him that now don't get. Caught up and in some of these -- titles the way some people do because I agree with the -- he plays big wide receiver basically now. He is spent a lot of time getting Papa linebackers so appeared through wide receivers you don't you have all that -- that he's still spent a lot of time and are by some that aren't doctors at play guitar. I appreciate call -- thank you very much 6177797937. Jason is down in Connecticut hey Jason how -- I don't doubt very well thank you. I'm so I'm never -- an -- you're right on the spot. But a one thing nobody spent talking about panicking they should be talking about is beyond where Barry baseball career he just a phenomenal human via. And can be from that fact alone he deserves to be and I'll say. Well now it -- you don't I don't know -- and you're right about how great a human being he has you don't deserve to be in because your great human being but it absolutely adds to the total package. Agree maybe I'm over dollar -- and a Red Sox Kenyan elders and their mediate you have ever liked it ever there. On but on another note the WDC what do you think that I US based chances are tonight a what do you think. I'm have to be done for America Medicare a little more about mr. Obama. I don't think -- America will ever care about this tournament I don't deal. I do watch -- actually really want now why why would that be and and I'm not arguing William -- I'm curious why you think that way. I I've actually get paid a lot about that you just meaningful baseball and marched. LA and being able to wake up in the morning a lot to baseball game and you know beat somebody who works from home have a baseball game in the afternoon and marched. But awfully -- -- national pride. Really. -- because I mean. I understand you get to see a baseball game that matters as opposed to these spring training games that we're watching right now. But but first of all the fact that it's being played during spring training all almost. By its very nature means it doesn't matter. You know and and I understand why you have to deal with now you can't do what he can't -- in. During the all star break nobody wants to do it after the season is over and after the World Series is over so you don't really have a choice when you do what. But I gotta tell you outside of the United States I think it's a huge deal within the United States. I would bet you Jason we couldn't find five people who could name more than four players off that team right now. And it. I see I -- that important because you look at you know -- Puerto Rico the Dominican Republic or Japanese Japanese team you know these players are our director crowd dark. Phenomenal. In the crowd left leg of the phenomenal game and they just weren't. There. If they were there but they weren't Darren and I and unfortunate. Yeah. And and for those people who care about it and I know that they're there are people like yourself Jason who deal. I gotta tell you in this country I just think most people just couldn't care less. It it it is it is exhibition baseball for us. Even though it is absolutely up a tournament that you know carries a championship and carries a trophy at the end. I mean it helped make Daisuke Matsuzaka even a bigger legend in Japan. I just I I don't care about it and it just. I watch it when I when I come across that you know I stop by UIC it. It's just it's the sort of thing where when you see it being played you think and these guys and and I guess I'm -- you're looking at this fight again on ESPN for about the fifteenth time. And I guess it's a minute mattered to those guys but. Why. And by the way I decide. Which org is it. It's not Garth it's the the youngest org plays for Canada. Who -- win one of his coaches got hit -- water bottle. Or by the dugout. Some Nim rod and a lot of bottling it and -- it and org picked it up and fired back into the stands well yeah that's good move that's that's of an intelligent way and I understand you get all upset -- you got to be a little careful about. With the one I think that's a good idea and 6177797937. Text line 37937. Text says did the texture you know the one who said forget about it easy Yankee. Did the -- forget about the standing ovation Joseph Torre received at Fenway remember coming back from his health issues. Carried the lineup card. Home plate at Fenway Park got a huge standing ovation at Fenway. And got emotional talking about how the Fenway fans treated him. I think that there are certain members of the New York Yankee -- Alex Rodriguez his final appearance ever at Fenway Park he -- get a big standing all from the fans in Boston. Derek -- positively Mariano Rivera. Absolutely no doubt.

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