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Pete Sheppard - Celtics in the Playoffs

Mar 9, 2013|

Pete Sheppards talks with callers about the different opponents the Celtics could face in the playoffs. Would it be better to land the 8th seed and play Miami right from the start? Or will this Celtics win streak keep on going? Listen here to hear all your Celtics playoff senarios.

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Our championship Joey or Sports Radio WEEI six point 7779. As seven netted 37 text that 37. 937. And you could we be at -- shift three to six. 647 settle rather be able to adjust to the Celtics presence I'll play we return next year of that that is the big question that is the big question 617 and keep bringing it up over and over again that's why. There are those up there was say no way. Which I respect and there are those select myself post say he's professional -- he'll be able don't we don't know we won't know. And that's why he's not think it should not get traded next year at least not at the start of the season for several a couple of reasons one. What GM is gonna take -- go to wanna wait and see how he responds after coming being out for most of the season obviously. And then we gonna wait and see how it themselves wait and see how he adjusts with his new teammates next year so that doesn't -- it's -- not get traded for the season starts. After the season starts what what Quincy. -- -- It's exorcist -- was dumb because sees what it's about what would I do you feel about the of Perkins for agreeing trade now. I still think it was dom says a 60 because these would have won that you're still won't win a championship this year either. And she's way then went with perk could still sign green after hard issue may be ray feels more connected with -- -- -- which appeared staged a -- so sure about that. -- -- -- -- -- what separates us how many games in the rog let's Celtics have to wait -- -- change your mind about Rondo you need to answer that question. 617 that's all it does it to that question you -- -- -- all the answers not gonna -- this year my friend on the time to have to say it's not going to be about this year. It's going to be about how he would just next year to the team and we won't know until he gets back on the floor right now -- sit back and enjoy it. I just I'm not gonna sit here refuse to paint this does it's a black like pass a real brush our Rondo previously. That he was responsible for every single loss at they had him it's actually ridiculous. Absurd. Deadly disease or some responsibly of course it does sort a lot of the people during that time that the first -- tell you that I think it's it's that crazy. The guy get that you get fixated with these. Issues and I'm I'm amazed. That's that's that's not a simplest blaming one guy in any one team. And any particular time. Last I checked. You know teams go -- losing streaks in baseball. And basketball and hockey usually not pinned on one guy. And somehow -- just become the whipping boy. This year. Because teams fourteen and four without them and -- a six game losing streak and out here wouldn't you say go back and go and look at those games look at it again. Rondo is not solely responsible for 68063. It's crazy yes it has some responsibility. Social -- guys. I think that killed -- one of those games all came down except the Detroit game came down to a couple of possessions at the end. -- just to open your mind. And enjoy witnessing now I am enjoying this. Brand of basketball I'm seeing from the Boston Celtics exciting. I love it I hope it continues and nothing would please me more. And to see that wiped the smirk of LeBron James space and everybody else from the Miami Heat if they played him in the second round. Hopefully. Diver battling while hopefully though -- state. What the daughter of the succeed now I don't wanna see and have the ball back in the eighth seed got to bed at the Miami the first relative that's gonna happen but. But you never know that's when they I don't want FC. I don't wanna see -- play Miami the first round some somebody called yesterday said that privacy -- employment the first rock as if they say to -- to play and let's just get it out the way I play him. But I say. Why -- in the second round when maybe you don't know maybe something. So that could happen to a to LeBron James or somebody in the first round playoff -- -- somebody else of course at Texas tech's realizes she's such a complete the -- read you wish harm and everybody I'm not wishing harm on anybody. I'd rather see the Seles beat Miami at their best to be honest with -- I'm saying you know bleep happens in the playoffs sometimes. Crazy things happened. -- six point 77797937. Text at 37 9370. BIP -- three to six Thomas and sell up next here on WEEI hi Tom. I don't think it's not our year. I'm sorry I looked and I can't tell you click OK I'm not a good feeling to reveal the winners on that you've gotten old came back. And and you that I look at red actually -- my my eight. Their -- lead acting insulin do that but didn't get to look at how I've seen in front of and I and I can think of myself what is this guy he's like. Think the college. And I we'll. Apply that album. Well it was very easy to say. Last year the Red Sox. That that that -- looked it looked nice that we saw the loss columns what you people he would get a dig -- you had a look at. Now we -- to start with three teams and it was fourteen to 56 and it was like seventeen to how to jump all over done the last couple weeks. And they -- -- in the last month of the season all those teams were playing one another there was no way the Red Sox had a shot last year catch in my opinion. You know to get that wildcard adjusted to date they blow it. They blow it and it -- -- that correctly. And my little need Bragman -- that he had and I don't think he could figure all permutations that would have happened. When they play. They get how -- each other out control according to adapt my exit. But it. Any. I call -- too -- yeah sure. We're a -- look at ease off OK you can get after the -- -- -- -- control or hope and missiles in the end. -- not a morning commute back -- can yeah you can in the name -- ethnic. -- than anybody else. He'll find open people don't place we've got accidentally like that I think the thing we've known Ray Allen and -- Kind of distorted. Well over destroy the examiner have certainly was a factor taken race departure no question I still think -- -- to. I mean I think -- thought he'd have a better chance to win the title with Miami also think you know playing golf in Miami was big race -- huge golfer. How sorry and I know I know -- Rocco had got no there was friction there with -- I I understand all that. I -- edit by and that that's that's one of the factors either want to be second fiddle you wanna come off the bench. You know is a need and if -- off the bench you're gonna do for the Miami Heat which he believed and he's right had a better chance to win the title this year. All the while others and -- think -- -- -- the other in the -- collecting and have been did you green collection. -- that that Dmitry agents were being made betrayed. Weight -- any other of playing Hamlet and young much and I'll. So it's not a question to look at what point you know you should -- I think about it. Because when he really -- pretty little island of what I was thinking to myself. He's sort of taken conflict embarking -- but not me that it isn't passed different let me. I really really cute style yeah in the great thanks Tom Holland go to IKEA. Are my friend thank you very much six point 77797037. Texas 37 IDC 373. That he -- three to six yes let's have a question reports out there. Again we're talking a lot of different things they -- every guys want -- so much discussed with the NFL what direction report to be in the show. What direction would you like to see the patriots go in which you actually like to see them signed Welker you wanna see them more -- If they move on do you think of Mike Wallace type would fit in here well again which -- four million to play. With an cap space -- think they should go the defense of route to -- Gholston. Should they try to -- Welker and Wallace and hope for the best what to leave that they can re sign him. It just may be -- and had read about Dwight Freeney James Harrison be released by the Steelers. There's a lot of different. Anquan Boldin gonna be released by the Baltimore Ravens that seems inevitable now. Because just want to pay cut was about the -- get about the cap it with him have been about seven and a half million little over seven and a half million. Four this coming season. So that's not gonna happen -- -- signed a deal so we know what direction. Would you like to see the patriots going here. During the free agency period which starts here it's 4 o'clock on Tuesday collectors said the legalized tampering period. Has definitely begun. Your thoughts on that is also knows. Brought them abroad to kill in the Philadelphia Flyers were announced three nothing in the -- in the second period sickened Kelly empire with goals and in the year the first. Red Sox have thoughts. Buckeyes some adjusting -- -- yesterday about Clay Buchholz in the pacing that John -- promised and certainly. Made an impact on Clay Buchholz because his time between pitches was cut way down from about 28 seconds so last week at this time. And did much better pitched three scoreless -- still everybody worry about they would Ortiz. I am very concerned about David Ortiz. And your overall thoughts on the Red Sox and what you like so far. In about pre season stats and how carry away we get one way or the other as I mentioned one way Jackie Bradley junior the other way. It though and in the case of there closers are hammering and who's you know got lit up my -- expecting -- son early next week. He didn't use as an excuse you have today but are concerned about them as your closer by what you've seen -- -- train so far. Nowhere is happy medium 6177797937. Texas 37. 937 and then this the Celtics -- theirs they said they continue to impress. Paul Pierce is unbelievable game last night once again analog in Owens and Terry green -- it's a clutch threes. Bring with a great block connecting the stupidity and brilliance that at the same game of Josh Smith. You guys happy that trade wasn't made was brought up last night all over the place again that that they almost went down but didn't and I'll be honest with -- I'm glad I'm glad it didn't. Josh Smith is one of those guys I think you use your love we love among one idea and him in the next night. It sounds -- You know he's a lightning rod and Josh Smith would have a big time lightning -- here are your thoughts on that would -- -- Paul Pierce in the number one pick for Josh Smith glad they make that trade. I am a maxim maxim nailed -- I had my doubts. Would listen to Macs run essentially of Michael Vick show last week or couple which week and a half ago. I wasn't entirely sure would have watched his game now. I mean last year and in this year. The last couple weeks he does some amazing things and then he just makes you wanna look at the television and he did -- the second thing last night brilliant at times. And other times distraction to what the hell is he thanked him for guidance that talented. And not much to criticize about the -- those lessons in the one thing Arabic I was it's a little bit there -- a lot of give up a lot of dunks last night a lot of easy baskets last night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But though offered Smith a time for going off. NT two to be easy layups at times last night but you can't -- here. He is and -- -- criticize over the last eighteen games of fourteen for they really easily. And boasts more losses -- me tick away the Laker blowout. I mean to Denver game was winnable Portland game was winnable. And they played really were some really really good basketball I think the two most depressed when they've had during the stretch were. The finale on the road trip against Utah and then and blessed that was impressive win but the game against Indiana the -- it was very very impressive for a two. -- come from higher comeback to beat that team at the start down the stretch and and that last play call by doc was just actually brilliant that went to green. So we'll see how far this team goes right now what -- the succeed. And -- I don't know how far you guys want this team ago I mean in the standings before the playoffs start. You know after their 45 got to like him as a home team favorite. Against anybody affair for no question about it. How do you feel about them going forward after that like I said I think they give the heat a run for their money. I coveted beat them but I think to be highly competitive series in the second round. Or would you rather have a stay you know you go the way of dropping. You know staying at a six. And maybe play the next is a three I certainly the Celtics in that series as well would you rather see him. Has a seven maybe go up against Indiana and a seven game series which I would not like the Celtics in that series over seven games. Or rather government is an eight seed to beat by athletes face Miami the first round get it on the way it's a couple people of Texas and and and -- stated before. All this is on the table it's all up to you -- Let's talk about between the NFL the Celtics and the Red Sox and the brewers or whatever you guys like a vehicle five. Let him -- to join me at three will get his thoughts on all these issues as well. Jim another to see you guys lined up 92 break in the back to -- right here on Sports Radio WEEI. Against -- there's really nobody here but it's got to agree. Updates that you're right we're in the district of other. Slapped with the right man at the alarm clock they had a blocked out. Not only -- chip -- quietly Nicholas day. -- -- Freddie Mac would follow last night Celtics in overtime and once again getting it done as a brief they Atlanta Hawks 10701021. Man if you're an MBA -- you want Atlanta and the Celtics play every. Single like they just have the that is that is a match made in heaven from an entertainment standpoint aptly out stain or some. Some great defense at times on both sides some sloppy back a sloppy basketball last night you know looked sloppy basketball but remember the with the Celtics beat the bulls have really ugly game. Last month. That was sloppy and boring person sloppy basketball last night it was sloppy and -- like they've got would I would all over the place. And there was steals and three steals and and another -- steel there are several exchanges there was it was just. It's fun to watch for an MBA France -- 77797937. Texas three -- my knighted for his seven. My beloved friars went down today in overtime against UConn it was 63 to 59 which release oxygen loss to UConn twice this year and over time. Buster brown by a point BC by three early on the season with six -- basically laughter. Penn State in UMass. That's still sitting understood them to the big east tournament so -- -- -- I -- I cannot wait out basketball. Usually the NCAA selection show would be like tomorrow night. Somehow we're -- late this year because always saint Patrick's days you always remember it's either. Last year the -- first or second round vs Iran games on to patch Tuesday this year seen -- days on the Sunday. Which is next week and that's elections Sunday next week. What -- happen I would lose a week. I'll get it I mean. Part of my annual ritual is like watching NCAA tournament games on Saint Patrick's Day the best is one of the first round game first round date particularly plane. Now it's going to be like what the ACC Big Ten championships on Saint Patrick's Day on Sunday is that going to be. That's can be that that's the point 777 nights ever gotten through -- back to the phones gyms in Brockton agent. -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- -- -- Q -- you -- crazies was not what my -- The believe it should on the whole by the lawyers call backs -- Volatile province and you -- right guys my post from -- Narragansett and remember the great problems in trouble always vacuum of authority -- -- -- locker when they -- what people don't realize that include gap that guy Iowa. -- -- spread -- other on the 9161. -- 63 when they and I T was like to a national championship was a better of the better tournament the entity NCAA back then. They're so once -- could -- the big goal of that you would say that but up. These bright side what assault -- YouTube fart haven't you need to do when you show what. But idea. Made a nice people -- old. Ice are all watch it on what to believe me -- And the passing incident who was decision. And then. A role in the rookie we have Bob will -- a young -- he made a nice pass to -- Kelly and other -- -- help you up but I won't -- what this is about -- them out of their previous the end Michael back up. -- Celtics all the blog you know beat me even local people about but. -- any -- it was statement in you know people want democracy to get younger and they wanted to wanting an achievement -- -- idea. Get swallowed bravest. Dick Clark plays a schedule arsonists if it didn't sensational games by -- the guy isn't. He is and -- ballplayer -- No he's not no he's not he. Stop albeit he's not helping this team play I wouldn't I wouldn't be afraid it will that was that was due to the clippers up you know the it actually wouldn't key issue. OK he's that perhaps a player but I'll look at doesn't stop all of the other guy is -- -- I don't recall won't keep a young player battle. I think it was my assistant fat and get guys like Jeff -- but the issue will be given the other gadgets such a. Yeah Terrence -- -- -- without a doubt Crawford so far been up and down their -- -- -- since they've gotten him where he hasn't shown up at all and -- he was okay last night what are. You out they -- couple games to put some zeroes up there and and Williams to -- you know -- -- they'll definitely don't help this team and mean it takes a couple of takes a while -- -- real acclimated. Not a new system here but yeah overall you have to love which received from the Celtics. Picked up some eyesight -- body it was about Mikey Mikey karaoke at the halfway. Shut -- down one night. It was great that night they'll had a blast -- -- everybody. Thanks a lot appreciate it's -- once -- 7797937. Here's -- Rivera today. What -- -- but once I had political all of the couple I don't bomb the world looking a little bit don't you. At a rate that you like to advocate -- start completely rebound. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I I Vicki asked him what he has to do is not worry so much about. Called for the ball. After every time if somebody else rebounds and bought him and he's gonna have to adjust his act a little bit about just moving the ball passed the ball. Up the floor are not so much more about him dribbling it up the floor. And you know do what they're doing now is jobs the other moving the ball would go a different guys touch the ball. It's just estimate a couple of my -- a couple of many adjustments now whether he's able to do that professionally I don't know I think he can. Some others -- he can't -- -- I don't have a crystal ball up the way and see what. But it says that the people. I think is like I don't doubt that looked up at police stepped up what. What what went around when you play any input guys you want the guys in triple doubles he was the guy won't let that put the line. I got right back and that's what it was enough. Thank you do that there was that god grant -- right now because I'm getting ripped out what -- Grand Rapids I don't know. Complete -- document became ill so -- -- noted that ultimately didn't have a knowing that all that and get out some local and they really -- put into. That's part of it but the end but the anti -- people tell you that. You know triple doubles were selfish triple doubles which I don't necessarily agree with -- I understand the part about the assists I think it's actually some validity to it there's no question about it. You know he was more heated times more about getting the assists. Then and doing the right thing brand and he can't -- cannot deny right now this particular -- the guys that they are moving the ball around a lot better. For the most part I think they were stuck come around tortilla that losing streak of little disagree but I -- the go back and watch those -- -- it but overall. Right now you cannot deny the moving the basketball the way everybody is involved. The days right now he can't deny how well that -- -- -- All of that -- not relevant to games. And I appropriately criminality that Bob Garnett didn't really -- beer is. I know what I said -- it. We do because that would play even. And these other guys as an open new players. And Pinault. Didn't -- that based out of the best they just like laughed you laughed at the end of I its app and -- that you didn't. -- -- -- look at the end of last that they went on silently but because when they probably -- -- -- I think I think that the the like actually I didn't get it. I think the leadership that lightly -- and we have been trying to get anyone that does not like -- The finale is in the history and and it doesn't like them. We had a team meeting that it has that it was that like to certain certainty. I don't know it's emotionally -- a -- called the most national and even most local media people. All except the ones are just actually -- the Celtics the same people it does take the Celtics and Red Sox and it doesn't matter what they do they're gonna hate today. I think most national media people out there that cover the game full time in most local media people out there will tell you. That this team is not better off without Rondo. I don't think any GM coach out there would tell you that herself to better off without Rondo. Now they'll make the same arguments that Ingrid that some fans bring up some listeners and I understand that. About him being selfish at times they've they would agree with -- of the denied that but to paint this. This this this you know pass to -- brush that everything is his responsibility -- reason why they lost and other players were involved. In some of these games. He had his deficiencies there's no question about it and frustrations I get it by the blame it all on him I think is just ridiculous. And to absolutely say that they would not have started to -- I mean I don't know I don't have that crystal ball. Knock and say I don't know if that would have gotten there were quickly. As they have. You can't deny fourteen reports fourteen and four. I'm not willing to play the apps -- game that it never what happened. And -- right about green get more minutes I mean soldier going down a lot to do with good as far as though a lot of people get minutes out of the play of and of the did the the continued great play of green and he got Terry and leading. The way they're playing the most why I'm I'm very impressed court in the last couple games it was very very impressive. On the way this team just attacked they make you make a mistake on the -- to me and they make you pay. They make you pay 61777. -- seven ID 37 text that 37 under through seven to meet me at the ship. Three to six lots on the table the Celtics again let me know your thoughts what direction you want a seat the patriots going particularly regarding Wes Welker. And if they don't give me some options would you rather see and just go all defense and not a -- about the offered to -- get it they got enough once Dexter said. Roy get the break breaks text video appointments elementary to come -- got apologized and said start talking about. The -- running game. And bring back by committee what team you watch it last year. You want the papers change -- how they run the football that's insane. Hitler really was their go to guy had a great season. The rain and and and no one had. Embolden eyeball that some nice public nice gain four or via patrons is well. But you what I want what had back you want the patriots to change how they're running the ball. Those three dynamic guys back they're basically. In Vereen and a reliever rain when it that's running back by committee guerrilla style I mean. It was the the feature back. -- gotten great contributions from marine and would that I want to be treated damn thing as far as -- but what the seventh best team. One of the football last year huge. Makes a huge difference. I want to change at all 61777. -- -- not a -- ever beat -- and at WTI sports Saturday quick break and back after this.

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