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Ryder and Megliola: What is Alfredo Aceves thinking?

Feb 17, 2013|

John and Lenny think it’s time to send Alfredo Aceves out of town after his recent actions during spring training. The guys also touch on the Celtics and the trade rumors that surround All-Stars Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard.

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Maybe Alfredo -- Savvis could blame his attitude on the weather wait a minute he's -- authorities not up here or maybe through art form in part to a range of John Ryder -- make Leo if you up until like 730 that is the all star game down in Houston speaking of that data used in coming up at 43 he'll be talking with. Paul Flannery the excellent writer best B nation dot com but all these rumors Raj on Rondo Dwight Howard judgment the list goes on non about the Celtics team. -- they'll be coming up that four authority in the meantime will be talking with you about. Really what everyone to get into including Alfred Lewis have a -- some text messages -- detectors at 37937. Give us call. At 6177797. 937. Alfredo -- Savvis today down at Fort Myers -- turned to. Throw a lot of batting practice session. Facing Jarrod Saltalamacchia Jonny Gomes moral Gomez and is this a while but it in there kind of throw batting practice leader is this just lobbing it in the eighth his pitches meatballs and it. To me and I said this with the growth to repeat is in this apparently this is dating back to it the 2011 in the stretch there in September the collapse right oh in. He wanted to start David Ortiz was campaigning for him to star idea at all those different things going on as we know. As the way things finished up the 2011 ended September collapse and is closer last season. Was fine without -- see he wants a prominent role he wants to either be a starting pitcher or closer but more so I think distorted picture right. But is this a problem I mean obviously is prom because. Yeah they -- on a -- not to be a veteran pit telling him now maybe to keep happy Caroline being sound convinced that by the way did -- sound really discovered dried off the bat today with you know even have to talk about that he knows coming. Com and here's a guy like. Geez when they find out that where a federal finds out that signed Omar Vizquel he's really going to be pissed Barca. But it distance at this is unbelievable that he would do this you know what what as devastated. Didn't embarrass himself because he he's he's incapable of that chart it embarrassed the three batters to face and him. It embarrass arrested to any particular pitching staff this and what is with this guy doesn't he get it right out of the gate he's got to do this. And he's not embarrassed right. No no he's not at all he thinks that he deserves the starting pitchers Roy -- -- or is it a priority at. Well that's how he perceives the way to shortly I'll show -- how pissed I am I'll throw you know as he said eat this pitches to personalize yeah provident up there yeah I mean that's they gotta do something with him you said might be you know -- -- -- drew more of those flare ups on the won't be two more John MIP one more and then get them out of town. Byline in my pick his spots might be diabolical -- might be all right you know what I'll I'll start to you know do what they want here for the rest of the spring training -- meet the team -- that one when the -- Throw another management -- I crazy diabolical MMI to let's say in the mind diablo how -- like a bug diabolical. Trying to address his brain in his attitude and everything else just crazy but what is its position on the team they got to close that they get a set up man. Assuming a lower on a daily setup man they say that -- Andrew Bailey Koji your car's data can do it as well yeah. So he's probably think aware of my the fifth to sixth inning guy and spots that. Well that's what he's think I'm sure he's looking at a you know I am I'm just an innings leader of the guys are short -- common in mop up duty or all be one of those the guy can only go five all come in the sixth inning and and and you know exit or maybe the seven -- -- you know that's -- that he's looking at this you know what did it. I I have better stuff I've I've. I'm sure -- running through separate. I've better stuff than Ryan Dempster have better stuff John Black people better pitcher why am I not in the starting rotation I'll tell them I'll show them mob ball throws dirt thrown some lob pitches in the year. Again I'm upset and then. I could talk to John Ferrell about it high opinion of himself on -- yes now I don't minded athlete with a lot of confidence -- wants the role but it's all about the approach aria and yet he has no clue. Or maybe it does it just doesn't give a damn I mean I mean that's part of -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. Pick up his arbitration. It. End up bringing them back for this season -- let him you know go out there on a free agent market to jettison him there was doubt about that -- And there he is -- and there is again doing. Claim the same role. Now that -- that the backside of our service well everything was hunky dory quiet down there everyone you know -- yeah as it usually is with every single. A Major League team when it comes to spring training from those with the least expectations to the highest expectations the middle of the road kind of where the Red Sox are. Every team thinks they have a shot. And then all of a sudden you have this flare up down and a spring training camp although it hasn't been quiet on all fronts and made Milwaukee ST the old Ryan boron and -- that -- something. Pretty much everywhere. We get that that's the kind of unique situation obviously. You don't. That's -- however it where the did the PD's and you know I put this guy Hillary obviously dead yes right but this guy yeah I mean that's been an ongoing story this rough and new. Flare route where the guy who's had a number of them with the Red Sox and I'll -- -- totally different subject saying that there's other issue I'll show only camps but. But I would Derek -- saying I had a terrible when there -- just and I and as well you know and veterans that honesty -- you know I don't but I mean that meant to say well you know it's not he didn't get any younger and and you know they've got a -- third -- they get to third base and that you know or injury -- winds out -- Iraq who -- -- the -- against Youkilis has to stay healthy and -- -- move anymore -- -- that the Yankees don't have any problems. -- Jeter did shed those pounds those pictures where was the New York posters down to Miami with a pot belly lecture on the -- And -- -- -- -- anything Gerrard John don't get too famous. I don't think about it -- about that. Speaking of two famous just one other thing as were title -- stuff. And I last night of watching the NBA all star fisted I don't often it was subjected to that torture last night. I are trying to not a match yesterday I just don't have too much of my social calendar but I would I watched it from start to finish I love Barkley is Cummins has always -- he was on its IM's president and shut up is -- strike about how bad let's abuse. The slam dunk contest stakes it's possible as well as sports that are. Last I was going back to 1988 between Michael Jordan Dominique -- terrific that was they showed -- Bird with a three point knows how to cut to three point shooting congress last I was better movement on Condit was solid with tiger would take him but that was just atrocious I don't know what. It. Like getting edit a fashion here but. LeBron James wearing leather sweat pants last intact classes and I think I've seen at all -- sweat pants and south regional different but then like LeBron doesn't stand out enough. Right I want to make sure they know we announced they seem me be camera picks me up with a -- classes from those pants. I just hope. That that's not the new -- and Ian -- be our government. And I doubt even it if if Shaq blocks on AT&T'S that sent -- what it's. I don't know but we already have the glasses. Without the lenses and now they're on the way I see that other sweatpants or -- -- Russell -- to -- g.s got those -- -- to. Yemen he had he keeps the lenses then you guys you're sure yes positive. Now he's -- he's actually one of those guys going back to the Michael Jordan days that sharp dressers you're right it is eight -- really looks good he looks at those glasses you're worried you were in a clippers scorer for the clippers -- Last night that he's not that 61 sevens and I don't think he's going anywhere no I don't need they said it. All bowl he said that he said I'm not beyond and exercise my no trade okay neither -- I. It's his decision so why does the F you know just say I'm not going anywhere well what if they traded they can't trade me without my say so so. This is not too so people viewed -- says some sort -- have the odd -- side Arafat is he's pretty staunch about. Not wanted to leave now if there was one spotted probably would be the clippers. He's close with Chauncey Billups but. I don't know I was looking over this a little bit more it's taken about this deal a look at some of the sellers -- T Andre who Jordan that's not that's not a minor salary there. And do you think. Spot in the last couple Leo look it up yet again admitted it goes to go all the way up to 23 million. Really point yes panel I will you know they get the do they think they were signing Michael Jordan now. -- Boy he needs good point guard to distributor of the ball and he. That while the clippers general look like a mess when when crisp ball was in play and and yeah particularly DI drew Jordan and terrible free throw shooter. And you can live with a little bit of that especially if you're a dominant center but two. Again as to improve what is low post moves pretty much can just dunk and that's about it blocks shots there. End it there is some promise there younger player second round pick one of those steals out of the second round at a Texas they have them few years back. And Eric Bledsoe and there's talk about two Bledsoe. Go and -- top part of -- Paul Millsap trade -- away like all these deals for the -- I can understand what the clippers have interest in these deals seem great for the clippers. Yeah well and they also seeing you know a bit champ ship. They're driven I guess. Maybe not I don't think so. They won't they're -- about -- well it'll -- added Kevin -- -- -- now I guess he would have that that changes things and why didn't conversation and I agree. But you know it's all talk so far. And a lot of these rumors sometimes than the rumors. That are out -- the real trade interest is the rumors that you don't hear about that usually the case that's true. An Israeli agent stated that that actually is accurate will be addressing all of that would Paul Flanders coming up. At 430 in the meantime your phone calls are welcome here whatever you wanna get into. Whether it be. The disaster that was the all star festivities. The I don't expect that on a -- there the only way that that's gonna be corrected. And unfortunately this is the case is if they pay these guys. When LeBron James Blake Griffin now go glad you have merit pay an extra knowledge and -- -- the only way for that to happen and the other thing is. The reason why LeBron James doesn't wanna compete and said the like better Blake Griffin always even though he did -- ones is because they don't wanna be shown up by a guy like James why leader Jeremy Evans or something like that. Well first drawl I. My first concern -- fired a super size is an injury okay jumper over Karen jumper over a guy. You know and -- landing. I mean ACLs have been blown out what lesser after the match. Home now I don't think those guys want to compete anymore I think the dunk is dead as the contest and you're not gonna get any calls and what are you saw last night John -- you the only one watching. While the the agents. Of course in the team's fear that but. Now suffered an injury. And in a dunk contest yeah I -- just -- over the -- of our -- last night Jeremy averaged just jump all over it ain't got any of himself yeah that was ridiculous and Terrence Ross. Behind the back I I I was joking hagel what's marquis was involved -- marquis in the old jazz center died in March -- the ball to Jeremy -- I was saying what's Gerald Green and do -- they gonna bring Rik -- -- pacers center is gonna go back flip dunk over. -- a -- that those who don't haven't we seen all the dunks it can be done by human being by now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- First candidate says yeah -- and then all of a sudden. So that kind of loses the luster would jordin was do -- -- it was you know yeah Dominique did not -- out the first we would authority. I got a week that he it was the grass out he really like sabathia and that. Yet and he can really -- -- I'd -- let's get to the cause here's Bob whenever Bob. I don't advise our if you wanted you want to write down the dunk contest -- And something you know actually I am IDB and I haven't seen yet and I -- -- will calls were quickly. This. Can't really have every year because -- bit there are no. There -- -- Don we haven't seen yet that's what they said yeah you know everything has been. Exposed and maybe you do it retreat inside Vietnam possibly put. Something on ESPN radio as. Brought something that was fascinating that never happened because of potential injury but -- -- -- you all know one of the new one on one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or maybe do something the last that you bring in like an old and and McCarron well Alzheimer. Maybe someone from like that you know their seventies the eighties than their plate too hard to North Korea and three rehab -- Jordan -- -- -- verses and elect a magic and LeBron has something. I don't know about the seventies and eighties a lot of guys try to put on little weighed by -- it would always be aesthetically pleasing seventies. Would not network too much. But I don't wanna talk about the potential for a trade. Because at this point is pretty clear is Celtics can't compete for a title. And after Garnett and -- retired there's no guarantee that that people don't know gonna come here on their own I mean the reason Garnett came here is because. Bureau -- hill is that Minnesota or and they were able to side and Ray Allen before you can sort you could ever and I I'm not a big Dwight -- hand but it's very very appealing to -- of a future where it's. He Andre Jordan. Eric Bledsoe Dwight -- on this team. I don't -- could ever happen but that. Well they would they would nav both Jordan and dead Dwight Howard your pick one. Well I thought I thought the trade was you've got got that they aren't Rondo for Howard Garnett. Four Bledsoe and possibly pick. That would be that would be the deal but you know I can have both those through goes through and I think the Rondo Howard dead deal. Not happening not not not a shot there are now allies that. I just I eight. I think that a couple of different reasons one in the us they do is somebody's gonna stick around I would do it. Because a lot of people talk about the injuries -- Dwight Howard and he does have the back in the shoulder issue wishers are concerned but at the same point. He's a guy that. Went right and he's as a miss that much time -- he's played a full season just about every season -- -- -- -- talk much tougher to find the dominant in and when he's right best setter at right game then then appointed hour. I believe he has some problems he says he has right now I don't think he's that Jake and and at all. Com and you're right if you get him or help out I'll take my chance I wouldn't -- for one year you know one and -- kinda contract you'd like to have around -- three years. But. And obviously still young you can be so dominant you know -- just not on straight I don't get it. Gas has said in the the concern is he changes his mind every other day go zero to do you know he's DR Jerry Jordan has. Point after this season you know 2122. Million. Left combined it over the next two years I here's bill and Melrose say bill. Hey guys -- absolute collapse I watch that at all our game. And in my pocket he's in Arabic -- -- -- the whole thing -- that's that's all of this this and the question I have these guys. What why are we supposed to believe that this year that this -- is -- practice manager for the for the red -- Because I mean to beat it showed that there might not and why didn't they accurate receivers -- it would be shored up bigger part or we sort of figure authority last year. Well you know what. That -- John I talked about -- few minutes ago I mean it might be they had no takers may be his reputation precedes them and not everyone knows he's got some talent -- got a rubber around me can do a lot of things but he wants to do what he wants to do on a team maybe he's made himself to over us at all. Com and eat it doesn't want a secondary role army no knowledge say spots out of but he did have a guy come in with a -- that time they are yolks are quick entry Newsday -- go one mile deep dank. That he's. He wants to be secure our least know what he might be going well too bad he's been too valuable to be one thing. And unfortunately he's probably gone doubt you want to be closer. Well he's valuable enough I don't think he -- I think you must be a starter he's valuable enough. That he has that versatility but he's not in their -- good enough where he can be an -- defined role in the starting -- actually is not a spot for and I do believe that they discussed the Savvis I'm sure there was internal discussions. I would bet on it and I'm sure that they talked to John Farrell. And an advantage -- didn't. About a Savvis specifically in him coming back this season and they thought well you know what. Different manager John Ferrero and got to rein him in possibly. Will see an iffy. If he throws -- -- -- has some problems and spring training we'll just irritable. I have one more shot want to strike one strike already in and I'm sure that was the approach that they -- gonna take. The ownership of approach even though it's just -- at some -- -- pitches in there and who knows what the conversations were between a Savvis and one -- -- is the pitching coach and and Farrell after the case. The common Savvis down. But to the one thing this team is heading into the season we'd always very PR conscious and extremely. Protective as far as looking at the of the clubhouse chemistry and in what the perception is from fans out -- they don't want some stubborn potentially if you're. Oh or the appearance of it on the team. You know Farrell said what he had to say obviously -- Khatami is very pissed about it already right -- issue travel and incentives however. We got to hear from the service not I mean what is the possible reason you know something series your first time on the mound these guys updated at this swings. Thought to Saltalamacchia was up person who else's the batters while the matter with our -- looked straight guys are gonna have. And NDP made a flash out of an eighty I is that if if he's still stomp his feet and still upset. Dissent about just trade him. Got a sense some sort of message here well it's if he's apologetic or has any rhyme or reason for this they can't be any rhyme or reason that you would embarrass that the rest of the pitching staff (%expletive) off the manager and -- -- -- three bad if they were supposed to have against you think zero local. Andy is a little bit Loko is just 177797. ID 370 to Texas 3790 -- seven your opinion on Alpharetta with Savvis -- -- the -- they're an action tonight. At Winnipeg looking to bounce back from Friday night's loss at buffalo where they got off to the fast start which we don't see typically and then crumble in the -- Ryan Miller was terrific at. Facing another team yet another team that Winnipeg. Where if they want to coach to stick around the dead and another situation just like buffalo where their coach might be. Getting fired sort of they don't pick it up so we get to the -- Celtics in all these trade rumors as well we can do all that in ninety seconds no --

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