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Mustard and Sheppard Remember Some Ol' Classic Stories During their Run on WEEI with Glenn Ordway

Feb 16, 2013|

The last few emotional days with the Big O have brought back some memories for everyone, including Pete and Craig. They share some of their more memorable and hilarious tales.

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It is our number three mustard. And Johnson Larry is helping the -- with all the stuff he left in his office flat -- tell you all the trophies. The lacks all the -- -- award -- dolls. He left is something the editor aggregate aggregate it over to -- you describe that you're sitting over there what did you give us a your word if you're online nurture your turn on the webcam. -- to -- god it's over there are -- -- affect you which ones that want but this -- -- this guy just -- -- -- leg -- or whoever -- can -- different appear with another web camera here. I it is absolutely a -- -- to glance from the haircut from the from the the six constant craving that we were responses chops about. What's his name what's her name -- degrading helpless public policy and -- hot eighty lag it lag -- leg lesbians -- so that we know Erica we talk about it up like having now and this suspect Nimitz he's got red and green on. We're and one leg has been -- the stupid dogs chew toy if there's any. Any mother goose equivalent to glands physique it has to be on the -- The all those ways and there's no question about the round mound of sound very is perfect haircut. -- missing minor minor there it is got little mustache and Pennsylvania Pennsylvania so little -- media. Roger mustache -- up about half a hole was that. He said had a -- detective there I heard there was it the way. That we all wish we had a -- Kinds of damage or perhaps the only hope Bob but anyway we have a nice in studio camera WE. EI dot com and I think the cameras -- right at. The landlord way look you're a hell of a lot like. Of the dubbed the Katie -- kind of a combination hybrid car guy often is the visual to Larry victory on current. That is nice I don't know where they came up with them but that is this bit damaged home he dumped the -- wall. And yes he did have a great civil. But 127. Years it was pushed -- some -- -- -- no question that -- -- mean -- did he jump or did he fall from like -- and -- twenty -- something known fact about him. Well I'll say what I will be having a constant cravings for. -- on the big show but I'm sure Michael will be able to Kerry on the torch in the tradition very well that leader -- room now I know I. Stay in the -- as a replacement but you know when that's gonna be happening like now give me -- just now we're just we're just bystanders. Reduced you know we're just come on the periphery doing our thing and as -- area. As we said a couple of hours ago you heard all the tributes. All the indications. That all the eulogies over the last several days. IE as I told. I sat in the parking lot which I thought that was the apropos thing to do with your journalists in the glanced final half hour. Where better than a place so many people listened to the water line they couldn't get out of their cars. I was supposed to go to Roche Brothers do a couple of -- from my wife I get back my wife shown everywhere were you got you here. I'm sitting in the park like couldn't get out for the last half hour. And the lasts. A tribute. Imparted by who wells but Lenny Clarke. Amazing amazing three shows and basically the -- WEEI -- cops missed any government -- back especially yesterday. You know you can -- departure don't want reported this great stuff right -- -- I know that people somewhat get a little -- all these people on the award weight -- have been branching out doing their own thing but. Just about every one of us can. Banking gradually go plan for getting us started in Boston radio mean every last one of us -- I was actually the first beat trivia question who was the first person -- Or -- hired a Sports Radio Craig mustard bag onto the first person fired and -- and I. -- -- -- Fires over -- this is like you have lost out though while we we thank -- so many great -- not only just as a friend is meant to war and as an inspiration in the business. I just great listening I mean if I were involved WEEI. So many hours analysts out hundreds of thousands of hours a better team you were part of him so many years. The other people never and never thought no Africa has does all I want to play by play and -- in effect. We had so much fun when I was living out in central mass and the -- mr. Bakken eighteen in 989198990. In my apartment a broken into. And he took all my old radio cassette tapes I had some hysterical place by place -- that it differs in smaller radio stations might -- that was high school hockey related. Some great some great stuff that we could've had a blast with that was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it's kinda happened and I loved it I mean it's it's it's it's great and we had so much like -- it was like it was like being on the side filled episode every single that's joyful about it was such great chemistry most of the time. We had moments like like the great thing about what's real what was real. Things like that. Now they had MW yes they would tell the story about the guy I chased down history -- -- after western but the problem. What the yelling wasn't yelling specifically meet you suck -- word that word -- belts will be. He was first mostly Atlantic land I the masters there. Or Felger or -- forget -- And he was just being he was brought the F bomb popular loudly and let's talk about Jim Roman you know who's half from the rapper also don't know the story go back to -- right up mr. just across from casket flag in a time and I always wanted to -- -- before that was a good fifteen minutes before that. Some -- noun kid comes up please throw the F but across the windows closed overcast day this cute swearing in east east -- -- saying nasty things about. Not many people get personally by the justice Ronnie F bomb out there were saying. Your station sucks all the general and grade in this that ignored -- a lopsided -- come out -- the -- -- -- -- Of people without obvious and the -- -- wife I just I just I got out night in granite and a Cottam. And I didn't touch in my -- now you know -- deficit you know just you know grow up a little bit. It's as bad note that three up the other story about. The homeless guy with a vodka he succumbed at saint studios who sit there and older men and drank. With -- I mean a big bottle blockage right in front of us with the blue shirt on. Sometimes it was -- to tell you as a homeless guy each shall and and and to confirm this like a couple weeks later. Who's involved in some kind of double homicide were killed two more homeless people this guy and then -- then you know the next season. -- -- it's you can't make it means stuff like that -- I've got the bill ports start at the Google -- Where he had talked about this it was a repeat show on Letterman. And he was talking about it. A particular -- or player. There's obviously after the snowball -- like three weeks Allen's status after it was absolutely. Absolutely is their right at night that the epic loss of what went about his. That was one of the classic I was about classical that was about the classic every Larry it was about a couple Cedric Maxwell might be the -- -- classic and I have to be hosting several times especially when he told. How it was circumcised attend with Paris told me going out to get -- topples -- and -- the story you know our. That may be one of the classic it's about time in fact. Steve Burton. -- -- a -- a heart attack you follow up two or three times and left and so hard that they would Maxwell knew I was hosting Max and Steve were there. And we actually got max's mom on the phone at the name Bessie. And which is or was she was an absolute sweetheart she went on to tell. The entire story about why they lied law young Cedric well it was going for a top model they've got size that Ted it's -- -- right now there's about a guy that comes somewhere but it should be is probably. One of the funniest things I've ever heard in my light the match started felt the story and the receipt along with this. And elegance and get a -- that his -- on the phone to. The Max the other -- and in. Summary and I think they did estimated to have been in have been audio for it at the top I know I know somewhere we -- is one of the funniest stories. I've ever heard in my life. -- -- You know it's funny you bring it up -- in in in I was thinking about all different people who -- has worked with spot in the show from 95 on. You being one of the Colo sometimes aghast by -- -- a lot back in the early days you took over my job which was great at you did a fantastic job thanks both as as a flash guy succeeding. Last boy -- grandy. In the big chair on the -- whatever. But I think I favored guest is Max of all time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other another store that he tells -- -- told us on the year to. There's no match six agree line to to to work and job substitute to a -- he lives here -- and downtown Boston by you know. Number nine park on that downpour about -- that went. But somebody followed him home one night from a garden. And somehow went and yet baffled when I guess across. Where he lives. Somebody rang his buzzer or rent a bunch of -- -- Letterman. It was the apartment building and this guy knocks on max's door. I asked him -- would like at 1 o'clock more. That's what are complacent one on what I'm not kidding you. I am back to the next oldest daughter Beatrice it is. Still casinos to -- like -- C'mon play one -- That pattern in the right. The pattern of max's life being woken up the middle of the night is tell the story about some guys mainly about drugs yes I make -- well what I heard that was the first witnesses all of this. But the top elected me circumcision story and of Jack about the -- follow home talk -- -- -- -- -- across sister to play well -- a classic and the other -- story while doing his respect org about the -- -- -- Celtics. People always remember beat the Johnny most story about -- pants on fire the funnier story. This game wasn't on television that night that's why remember back in a lot of the games were on TV and people forget that. The plane in Dallas -- was -- believe it first year expansion team back then. I -- don't play by play. Don't Johnny John it was a John was up from every game and no no Johnny at all. And it's it's it's well into the first quarter not a study here's some rough playing and -- sequence comes on the set up this Johnny. And senator Johnny -- here. Some plays going on -- -- whatever giant takeover and without. Missing a beat John says. There there -- the criminals without some idiot out at -- up against the wall off. Right. I think the -- -- good -- -- -- with them and let you know once. And I always not to get this out and talk Jake O'Donnell laurels. It all off saying that's and the results pointed and vent line and abroad and I thought I'll never forget that as long as -- -- to the game wasn't on television listening. At night on the -- them with that you know under my pillow. It was like 1982 where you want whenever wise -- Dell's first came in the league and it was his soft and I will never forget. Criminals and while the aid to. That was -- first year Glenn was not aboard Larry's. First championship beat him in the year after when the right switch from one station. 21 another. But you know Glen was always in we have to talk about about his both as a play by play guy at the tail end of -- Celtic association after. Succeeding Johnny. But one Johnny's gills and it in and he is faculties to kind of faltered down the stretch. Johnny obviously has some physical problems. -- Glenn was absolutely terrific. Being both a color guy. And essentially play by play -- oh yeah I mean he was really filling in a lot of the gaps that -- I don't mean to disrespect John because I love Johnny grownup. What the talked to my. I'm happy that I madam and a totally idolize guy who earlier but down the stretch when really did was both a -- -- -- had to play by play guy for Johnny. -- in an end and he could do Bolten announced on you off the year the first on her going to talk. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But a pretty good series up here couldn't do anything down union -- So let's listen a -- -- him right after the Seles gets swept but Milwaukee. In what was -- shall believe on RKO we have bill O'Donnell. And -- and -- only -- him for doing via caller. Anyways he's analyzing the cells this guy's really good. Show coming in that was the first exposure right ahead award way coming up from New York. And he could just do anything. Anything you wanted him to do he could deal he -- do play by play could do color he could you talk brilliantly -- be the best broadcaster -- ever been associated with. Who -- Will land on his feet. Any job you get heated hockey Emery needed either hockey history hockey yet it did play by play from -- for the first few games as well. At some point in a time. Is that a question is done at all and you know I I definitely. You know I like to. He can't know everything about everything what you like to be. You'd like to be able to be personal mr. as a set as you wanna you -- wanna be known as a hockey guy or baseball or football -- and sometimes some mr. tag. Those kind of labels but. Mike attention for me is -- for I mean I've never. Hidden from the fact that I want to see all the when the teams do well college and pro. Always have always -- I'll back -- I was younger I hated to our rights are the province calls for American. That's kind of prejudice is gone I mean I just wanna see everybody do well. I like to BC -- must you be you do well and anything but everything else. Is that but I I've never hidden from that fact -- and I never well and -- always at the beginning don't ever speeches help yourself that's what I have right now I try to be realistic about it some people that I'm not realistic about it but I try to be. What is to voice of reason voice of the fair or realistic at right tried not to get I've learned over the years -- this topics we'll put extra -- and ten years ago I believe me I'd be right there. They don't like automatically assuming it's gonna continue but I just have learned over the years a lot of it's due to Glen and how we handle things that. We justice too much history not just with -- -- by other teams have gone through these kind of little streaks before and it's all come crashed. Pressure -- and I hope that doesn't happen. It pains me what I have to. Severe criticize any Martins. It really does I don't I don't find it I don't find it enjoyable at all. But you have to there are times and places where you have to kill me last year do you think I -- like coming and every weekend last year killed in the Red Sox every single week. And what they were about what they were doing I hated it. By two to ignore or to try to be floppy in and talk about plaques. And and direct a great family experiences I think it's ludicrous them are right he shepherd their respective noses last this just an accord Saturday.

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