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Feb 14, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder are in and since it's Valentines Day they want to know, who everyone loves. They also talk with Rob Bradford about Red Sox spring training and the upcoming season.

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We got first of all you know date two of the degree and ordinary story. Continuing. And I've been thinking about this you know try it -- -- to think of this is not as a friend of glands or as a colleague. This is as a listener. I just tried to imagine life. Without the big go on the radio and -- having a hard time doing so. That's a symptom ornaments because of all the things that happened on this. Radio station during the course of news. A program here it's unbelievable. And it's an ever replace some of them today there's just too many. There are too ready to to replay and it's it's just think it's an incredible thing. Go back as far as I have with a bit ago. I've taken all the radio moments on that program he -- -- -- I'd be interviewed him he's taken it from the very bottom when it was. -- -- only the 9/11 the post 9/11 days and the way the big -- handle all that very serious it's. Tragic stuff coming out of New York. That's the biggest moments that all of -- Boston sports teams have had. In the last eighteen years you know like we gotta give a big -- credit for. Yeah there's a difference -- had never being a loss for words writer and never being at a loss for the right words. No question about a one of the best in the business absolutely I think as as Sports Radio talk show -- ago. And this is from all the stations around the country at various times but certainly new York and Boston. From where we are you know when we actually -- stations. There's been nobody better at what a big -- -- and so you know world get used to that. And now we welcome your phone call tonight to talk about a multitude of subjects first of he came into curiously sharp focus this morning as I was up early. Watching Dennis and Callahan on -- and live. From jetBlue park that we're. We're now transitioning. Into into -- policies which of course you know as most of you know I love all sports but baseball is my. And I'm watch and is -- to bring in players in the interview and interview them. New guys they've never talked to before guys that were not really familiar with Reno Ryan Dempster is where he's in what he stunned. But they had an interview with him and I thought it was pretty good I got a good feeling about him. These are pretty intelligent and I thought again and I have the feeling that he's going to be -- have a positive impact on -- and it showed you noted that there's it's kind of weird -- they do the the coverage down and out during the DNC shelving of the cameras. Focused on the gates for the players command of the players walk -- -- -- to -- back parties at the ballpark and I know it's all part of the the -- in deal in the -- down there. But I'm looking at -- Napoli Newt's in pretty decent shape a picture of his being fatter as he -- -- -- -- he seems to be pretty good shape. And you heard and yet the hot stove show some positive but he about what he would be able to offer. From some very respected baseball sources. On doron hot stove program. And a -- well okay -- tried as I normally do as you try to look at deposit side of things. I thought maybe you know that there's guys this team maybe we could grow very fond of if in fact the team can be. A winner of any kind -- when I say winner after what happened last year. I think the fans of the Red Sox. Will be enamored by a team that wins more than they lose. And looks good try it looks like they're out an effort because I think part of the negativity what's been going on here since late 2011 and even before. Is the the negative part of all that the you know we've heard guys talk about chemistry being Gonzales with a comment Thursday. Saying that the chemistry wasn't good in the upper you know above the players the players that -- fine. I liked each candidate got a great -- hours Gonzales. If Adrian and Burris Alex aging. Easy come easy go these guys -- well yet to -- -- and you said in my Carl Crawford toxic environment you know the thing this prize remote most about what you're saying they were up to watch -- -- Callaway -- yesterday your time when you get out. -- -- dismissive -- -- show William what I do is I get the little kids that we corporate -- it. But I was up and watch that with -- a measure of interest today because I have a feeling I gotta get to know some of these players better because everybody wants to have the mind. A feeling. For their own satisfaction about what players about. Or what you think you're gonna go -- especially when it comes to coming off a bad -- like this and in a brand new baseball season so I try to would be optimistic. I hear the people you know Carl Crawford yet he was -- a depressed state news here. You know and so were we watching them. I mean it was nothing more depressing than knowing Richard hooked up to a guy for twenty million bucks a year for six or seven years. Any socked. With Tennessee's he would think he has out there and that I out of his happy I don't care I do not care. If he hits thirty home runs out of a hundred bases -- good for them because he wasn't gonna do that here he's caught a toxic situation here. Guess what Al I'd guess what car. It was toxic because you -- Because the the the fans here expect a lot more out of their players that anything -- game and I don't you know an injury or whatever. But good Britons are honestly -- any of those guys. And that regard I didn't feel that added few of these guys and it feels fiery yeah they brought it. What you guys in the 2004 season. Full -- on paper you'd say after an animal are. On paper you'd say -- Miller. Really. You know this the kind of feeling you got to market Melbourne until they got here I clicked as a group mark billboards classy example. Because you watch Mark Bell -- at the plate. You say what you swearing -- you know it he received this guy was a real -- got to figure route. Tell weren't swinging at balls down below his knees and and look at bad -- and that taken strikes down the Middle East at camp like and it would push came to show. They needed a big hit pig -- would come through for -- somewhere specially -- so it can be very much. An allusion to the personalities of the players like ability factors is something that. And it is always something worth discussing but. My question -- you the sports fans out there tonight for those of you wanna join the program and we'll go a little bit off the beaten path we want to hear. But right now in the world to Boston sports. As a matter which team you're talking about of the four professional teams -- love. Which guys are the guys that you know we've always had a Larry Bird Robert Parish Kevin -- people -- the people just Dennis Johnson people. Loved him. Obviously Cam -- ray Bork you know every team had its guys. Who -- Over and above any kind of negativity from the fans that's who I'm looking to make a list of the nine mile and a baseball teams. This is Red Sox team now. It's really a more difficult situation because the guys that I love. On the Red Sox like Pedroia. Have. A modicum of hate carbon atom bombs for some reason I don't know people audio that discerning a bad attitude or a primadonna feeling from some of these players I don't really. Read that deeper into what guys like -- our guy was up there on the field busting his -- take the extra base hit to right make the stab. Pick up the ball throw refers to baseball things like your heads in the game like you try to win the game. So you know -- tougher list may be other issues Red Sox team. But maybe by -- of people who develop from some of the newcomers like a little more Ellsbury is an example right. It left to say it and like a fourteen year old girl I'd love to my dad I love Jacoby so keel. You know I'd like to love Jacoby because he's healthy because he's he's played his guts out like he did two years ago and giving the Red Sox -- to win baseball drew Jacoby Ellsbury are a bit of at least nice can't seem nice to me. And I every prominent guys but what's the biggest problem Jacoby Ellsbury can't stay healthy can't state and a couple of freak injuries still. So what I'm looking for this year is healthy Red Sox team we can actually develop some kind of I don't some kind of bonding between the fan base. Because and we the more sport we've become over the years and we have. I say we I mean people were Red Sox fans. Have become spoiled the last decade or fifteen years. By eight you know influx of players who had been paid a high price for these guys. I think go to their got guys it's in our along the way -- been a lot of very unlikable guys that have cost a lot of money. But I'm here to tell you that I think the difference -- likeable. Lovable. And not lovable. From a Red Sox or any athlete Boston's position is how hard they play. It really is. If you're out there -- spilling their guts trying to every -- everybody can do to win negate the of the Boston physically that's the kind of player. That they care about more than anybody you would think. I really believe that about. So you gotta -- -- Gonzales comes town behind all the hype and money. You know -- around the first base bag and a nice swing. -- inspiring. You know and inspiring guy he didn't do anything spectacular -- -- it hit. Walk off home runs for the Red Sox needed to have eight RBI games. You know with two doubles and 20. He was right down the middle of I'd look like you he's do you get a bare minimum out of that guy. From a performance perspective and it and it completely uninspiring do well first half of that season. When he first joined up with a Red Sox who was -- MVP type season. The first half of that season but not as powerful as we thought though -- pretty damn good loving look at but then it just fell off. And others. Just West Coast guy laid back guy wasn't right Korea not write for hero so what do you love is that David tonight's program on ballot Thursday that include conclude your wife your girlfriend. You wanna give me your girlfriend to shout out. On Valentine's Day or your or your wife and my my my wife's spectacularly. Tremendous. And I can't say enough about it. What do you love on tonight's program is 61777. Point 79 degrees and it's particularly from a sports perspective as well. You know on this year's Bruins to. -- who were the guys who -- the apartment Imus say in gaelic say he's going to be green. -- -- -- Right now is not to tell ya sure there's a lot of fourteen year old girls up there -- like -- to -- -- That are over eighteen over -- B Hu 20 yeah and by no bad ordeal -- the patriots. I -- Wes Welker would Bobby Valentine distances. Valentine's Day and a question for him you know they're not playing those and it in the clubhouse this year unlike last year they're not playing those instructional videos over and over again on it they have that back -- you know ESPN and CNN is right that is most these but he you know you -- -- the major -- you have the basics down pat. -- -- you know that's what heat advisory be resplendent strike zone videos and go on the TV monitor probably NC VHS to. 6177797. 9370 to Texas at 3793 -- planet Mikey show Lenny megs in the house as you Lenny and there. -- Agnico joins us from every wants to of course you just walk me he's like Brad for a minute of seat time is Bradford. If there is Bradford. It's -- -- drive it together. They -- are those two we aren't there in cahoots. That's funny sugar bear. What is stuck in traffic Perry says news who's directing traffic. And what's this crap right here by you rub of the Fedora which settled bottom view. Viewed during the the the the black -- all good scouts were doors that in this. I yield good press guys always had that the press in -- -- -- take the press pass out. What I wanna scalp and replace it with a radar gun yet so it is this the first time you've missed via I'd miss it. Is here for the and that they knew if this is this is all planned microphones bust this is off. Kiki -- viewers -- whole -- -- -- vote. I haven't BS Nader debate showed just drops right off that they. Broken. Yeah I was all play and it was it was it was basically the equivalent though as they said the last episode doubts. Leave me hanging for the next if you have kind of yet who shot men and had missed an easy guess Scott force. Well out -- you know with a minute his reputation could be it could be. -- list long list us live here now to escort about the duration units of safely. So you were down their spring training and -- majority -- is -- an overall if you give -- a feeling of as the -- -- -- -- you get you to find it shocking Mikey yeah but there's a lot of optimism and here is their core subjects right from the top. If it I don't know where is governed from -- -- -- from atop the bottom sides. But you -- I'm gonna hazard a guess that is exact same way. For every single team immediately I would say yeah let's -- heart just break a -- -- deposit. The -- I mean it's -- -- -- in a fresh start IQ I can confirm the grass was green clean slate in Lou royalties Joaquin to stranger's houses and with Hitler like. I -- middle -- Brooks is a guy that obviously this team's gonna have to count on them a lot of somewhere 345 somewhere in there right. Immediately it. And he's coming off off an injury but yet you don't Jackie's OK okay I mean he's just that he's been swinging he's been swinging. For the entire offseason. -- he -- no ill effects from that wrist problem but is there are such are definitely -- and quality it is one of the hardest things again baseball is which is the middle the -- -- it's it's arguably the hardest -- to -- yeah more so -- top of the rotation pitching and he hits the ball hard you know the analysts -- customizable. I was. This is a guy who. It's not like he's getting little cheap it's anywhere like necessary -- did all season in unison you can only hit hard and hope they don't catch -- Mikey and hit it where they -- you guessed John I'd hear your gas poll what's your -- for wins this. -- -- -- -- -- -- Bloody day 8084. And he thought he -- tonight eighties mid eighties and candid account -- from what we got here really -- you -- -- as yours traffic and get back into a few. What are you up in Boston sports as a fan not as a journal most -- showed that I part it's it's time OK so I got this big purple heart. That I where every Valentine's Day and that for some reason for gas like couldn't commit my big purple heart on them. -- that there was something that says there's great. So we'll look that's better than I just used other assorted blow. If you looked at it but at all Boston sports pick three guys who you'd be you know he -- I love that -- You know Guerrero. -- -- -- The other coach just freak but look at what -- was -- talk about it that and that is a gallon here and act as popular -- on YouTube as well about it. Policy a lot of Brad marsh on currently the law okay discuss it like you know leg a lot of that -- this victory be the gritty fun loving kinda. Guy here now so yes so Brad Marchand would be one. OK it's like the way he -- yet. I really love Welker. I love a RO Welker is doing at a mean I don't love -- but he's good. The and you'd I guess to get someone on Celtics. Who loyalists calabrese play still play for -- Annan plans for a common -- Now Avery Bradley. Yeah they rally what -- you not carollo Paul -- know a lot of you are used to you are used to cover the Celtics locked backwards levels on and Kenny Anderson I laughed really the gap because you -- ask him anything you Marcia Marcia. -- don't -- it recently he's been Gary's or my favorite sports finals of all time was Kenny Anderson his mother's fiance. And his. It and they asked his fiancee. He called -- bell last -- hey you'll you'll be with Kenny no matter what no matter what he did and -- look on her face of what was I don't know what are you talk about that those Tammy from the real world know where artists who developed upon the data -- that -- This -- massages every basketball wise idea now located just just -- -- -- is Valentine's -- and -- who's the hottest Chicago world. My wife. Now he's down nicely done nicely done excellent industrial users Christmas our product that'll pay to -- for any other appointment spotted join us real well I was that is excused absence. We'll see you next soft stone -- it was a great show yes there I -- I -- I listen to it every time success I tell you -- you know you know how Monday Night Football put the face is on the boss yes we put the faces on the -- of -- gas we -- out of space yeah. We had so many yes it was incredible and Costco Boris demanded he put be put on toys so that's good it's you had a good run that no thank you are for all your support rob Bradford everybody.

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