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Red Sox Left Fielder Johnny Gomes talks about being a journeyman in Major League Baseball

Feb 14, 2013|

Boston Red Sox left fielder Johnny Gomes sat down with D&C and talks describes what it's like to bounce from team to team in the big leagues. Gomes also went into great detail as to why he's nothing like Kevin Millar.

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Welcome back my friends sets though -- Fort Myers, Florida all you people in Boston jealous of us being down in the warm temperatures can take greatly in the fact that the kind of a crappy weather data and -- like it's going to be a lot of indoor cage work. It's our number three -- number two doubles and Kelly and joining us here broadcasts -- new faces many new faces a Boston Red Sox outfielder Jonny -- John welcome nice to see yeah. -- How to go so far. So -- so. You know just one day and today's the physical so. It's haven't been in Florida spring training in a while yes. And Goodyear at the reds in the days. So not used to all this you know there has been 88. Long line. Irascible mr. Woodward irascible Red Sox over the years almost seem to be sort what -- right from Ted Williams yeah as to Jim -- the back of the people. And it was almost sort of the Red Sox way to be. Resistant TB. And and approachable difficult difficult -- You ready to keep up the addition I don't think I heard -- it and that is what we hear Johnny I could be difficult period and it varies from meeting in -- by. You know one of the things I don't take for granted it is you know for one it's our outlook and -- flied out you know skills aside you know everything else -- Allah and be here. And you know I'm not it you know dinosaurs so therefore. You know being on the other side defense and not too far removed from grown up -- California two teams right there setters the giants and you know when news. Com gosh don't you go into a ball game you know one a foul ball well just an eye contact from players. Look atom as hustlers as -- their cartoon characters are robots right you know. You know don't forget those days and so now that I'm here in uniform you know -- an opportunity acting you know to the PH from human mean if you. It says in the clubhouse this is one of the greatest clubhouse guys there are beyond you know your love of the game and in in your your roots in the game life experiences has shaped the way you decide to approach -- correct. Yeah. Some bumps in the roads and adversity. A heart attack. Jeff -- well yeah rarity check out one off you know thankfully if you had to check up heart attack against do it when he -- -- it's gonna get another whenever 62. But yeah I mean you know I'm grateful for any I'm grateful for that people I have around mean am grateful for my health. I'm grateful for my skills and everything. So their Florida take for granted you know in. Can it be exhausting quote book living everyday like it's your last win every game like that you Latino absolutely. But the same time you know from the road I've taken. You know nothing is against you really not hit the snooze alarms that true because you don't wanna miss ten minutes of the day. It is so. Funny that -- I did say -- interview last night. And I wanted to take my alarm pro at a cost of Vernon and it just went right back yet but I yeah everything's aging you know -- you about. But. Gosh you -- you know assurance that it you know a couple of times but I mean it's true story you know I don't hit it and I mean. You know how how tired are you there's a Starbucks -- on the notre. Associates get as -- yet what what. What for dodger clubhouse demeanor take I mean it is or is it jokes as it just in relating in what what what would we see of we were in the club off watching you. Meet and greet your new teammates. We'll I mean. I'm sure you guys are the best of friends at all outsiders you know that's. Yeah it's -- you know but you know I mean I don't care what professional -- you know I mean if you're working with your friends you know. If you're working in a healthy environment to work and a fun environment. You know the the performance. You know. -- you know shines a little bit. I was go back to a little you know metaphor mean when your voters old on the sand lot to a result on the basketball court. You got two captains here one of the captains you know we've picked. You know pick the best player and you pick your friend yeah you know that's who you're right your -- home with that you're going to dinner with your parents or go to -- get -- -- with them all -- -- you know so. You know that that's how it needs to be you know big -- -- I mean. You know when your playing Little League Baseball and your your best friends pitch in here in the outfield you're diving during that ball right you know on a percent. And with -- said if it's the other way obviously might be steps Lorie might be you know markers here you know again thrown balls or you know vice Versa so. You know when you go to battle with your true friends and family you know things things happen quicker. It doesn't sound that hard to be really good clubhouse kinda good guy you'll make a lot of money in home by. Maybe -- -- by Major League Baseball standards that your you looked -- me get you go a lot going on in your favor here. Why don't more guys have more guys like you. Your great years. To report you know people's you know Washington try to game this week you know your your throwback player. Like and playback and I don't know throw -- you know -- a waiting game right you know I respect the game and of them -- throwback. But. It's interesting where the game is going right now with so many young players having so much. You know hole you know and be given so much. It was so much money in the draft and I guess it's it's really not their fault I mean these kids are so good you know I mean. Back in the days you played rookie ball in -- rookie he played a double triple -- if you're ready to go your 456 years in the minor leagues in. -- -- a -- -- -- you have -- rate double you know now kids -- just jump in and yeah I mean you see with some young talent they are that did. So on. You know they come up with you know the -- on the -- -- radio. You know -- you that 500 -- that's ones and your life you are we believe. The starting left fielder he would do you expect however that that's this year is this going to be you were you face righty and lefties -- and are considered full time guy out there. -- this is you know what -- grandstand and I don't know you know people were you know jumping on -- for too much forever. Do I expect no in my ready for yes. And whoever else is in competition for what field expect to get 500 you know that's like me saying. I expect to win the World Series. Are -- I don't know but you know you gotta set your goals and edit you know shoot high forum. Would -- I sat here and said. I hope like -- 250 at bats and I hope we finish at 500. Into CNET -- -- -- we laugh -- that -- inspirational right now but when I say in my ready to play 162 yet and the healthy enough -- what 62 yet when you signed here. I assume you have other options. Is there an agreement and do -- it said not written that said. In -- guy and left and we're gonna let you gonna play 120 games 130. Yeah I mean when you hit the free agency market obviously you wanna go you know where there's the most playing time in -- ago. Where you know the opportunities -- or rise the most. Would that -- instead an old manager Lou and Allah when he said this is a results driven industry. The results are there you play. The results are there you know play com. I've never been and his starting job. Have had starting jobs or any of them you know. And all those jobs -- had to be you know -- and you know stuck with. You know one season with two father passed since -- read -- Central. You know every single day I came to ballpark I didn't expect my name -- really. But you know I've yet to its -- its way deeper in the game right now it's earned what can you hold the job to every you're somewhere else and you win. You win every year like Mike can't -- -- someone say he's invaluable we need him let's keep the 34 years. Well I think from what I brought to clubs you know. Doesn't really shine in a single season. I would say if you we need to Beijing in. Eight market club. That kind of shines if you do in a small market team it becomes a Cinderella story and you know considered lucky. So grant that I had three division titles in the last five years oracle real lucky but he can't do it again and they -- exit Saber metrics is on again these days. You know. There's no Saber metrics for chemistry there's -- Saber metrics for winning receiver metrics for all these individual sports and I think. You know there kinda. You know. Not really benefit me you know I mean -- guys look at me. On a piece of paper might not really shine where you're at my track record may resonate -- band went on for ballclub in Malaysia. I find it interesting 32 years of age Johnny and this contract the just slammed the Boston Red Sox is the first multiyear contract of your big league career. Not ideal. I definitely that I -- sing it for your supper every year. Today -- you see some of these some as young hot shots and they noting that to go to arbitration yet you know just getting locked up. But I tell you what fortunately and unfortunately you know what bounced around. But -- you -- about surrounds and for me it's -- you know the youngest organization in the game in Tampa it's -- for it or oldest organization in the Cincinnati Reds. The team -- rupture for the Oakland days you know I've played in our capitol in Washington. With all that being said I've played under -- -- Joseph Maddon Dusty Baker Davey Johnson and Bob Melvin. In these -- from all those guys. Played with guys like Fred McGriff and Tino Martinez Scott Rolen Jim Edmonds. You know Jayson -- You know young guys harper Strasburg. All the guys over in Oakland and have popped champagne in three different cities you know so. I'm. I'm grateful I really -- What's the connecting thread the three between those three teams where you pop champagne beyond the obvious of you know guys having good years and people staying healthy is our connective. Kind of tissue that that holds all together. Was he wants you know twice and and three times. -- that are not there there is a lot in common you know there truly is. You know -- kinda. You know compared to hitting my. How many different ways are there to hit home runs and talking like stances and lies and get -- -- and get below hands yeah Ohio although elbow and side you know. Outside. But on. What you break to -- down to like inside the strike zone what you bring to swing down. Now you're starting -- fall through but what happens you know in Leo Mazzone is very very similar. To -- you know grant left or right handed but all right handed you know and say here's the same. So. You know over here in -- your marital aid -- animal -- you know and then last year you don't know whenever it. Doing that Bernie dance all the stuff I mean there's a little similar you know little quirks that you gotta have. You know but anyway. All go -- manager. Who's the best that was the best manager in the best player who played -- and -- Never never never lie. Rate my managers today's truth obviously of those -- said you know Madden and Noah dusty. -- and you know Bob. All of them first class all -- well decorated. World Series except for suvs and as a player and a manager. Best player. I mean. Coming up with Tampa you know back in the old days and agreeing Munis and I think -- the first overall pick you know for parents -- years right and storming I came up with you know Josh and putting Carl Crawford. Rocco Baldelli you know all those guys and then have a chance or the red -- got Joel Otto. You know over and watched in Strasburg. Did you think Josh Hamilton was gonna be able to keep it together and get it together and become this player did you think he was just going off the rails -- news. And -- news getting back. He. He's an unbelievable guy he's. I mean I think you know people -- away on the native -- -- he did in that path that he took. But I mean he's doing stuff you know it is human beings can't do you know I mean. We're talking a guy common out of that that dark place that he was in field hit balls further than anyone in the world I mean he's one of one of things in the world you know others. Thirty teams there's not all thirty teams have a guy like Josh which even brings it you know small percentage. You know elected Jim Edmonds you know Scott Rolen at third you know world decorated only -- you Martinez Fred McGriff. I mean so many great setup in the you know be around and -- is about. As well. Yeah you I think you play against -- of the writing on the hill opening day when you've been in the lineup. As a result -- in the right then let's talk about it to -- nine last year against race was that an aberration or you just the -- going to be that type -- platoon guy forever. Well that that's again you know this that that bank and you know. Not hiding from but it's tough when you break Dan what's the name of the game and in the game it is time. You know. I think I was fortunate this offseason kind of shine because. The Detroit Tigers try to struggle in the World Series for things that I did all year. Talk about it lefties turns out -- lefties tough when he got varies Hedo and balm Gartner. Having great games against tiger is the best team in the American League he got the tigers who have five days off you know. And -- have to go to the World Series you talked in the out of -- platoon player mentality where you would. Go to Tampa face David Price sit for the other three games going in new York and -- at the short game. So now you've got CC sabathia -- 45 days' rest you know. So those are my two starts in a week in and media catcher righty -- -- chaos and I haven't faced a write in nine days. So my first at bat timing timing and bad timing and -- that fourth that the day's over. You timings on track for tomorrow batting practice are you here because as sabathia price. Early and the reason in your mind. There's actually a lot more -- he has -- involved -- -- to victory in Toronto. Yeah more price of some reasonable and that's true you more -- -- you do that you got to try to do here last year. Not having nine or two and of the top thirteen winners were left handed American League. So when you talk about again you know someone who hits lefties. Those days off for everyday right right -- days you know yes CC sabathia and and you -- mark early to get David Price and -- you know more the young -- Those -- days off I mean those are days where. I have to get in there and -- column Randy Johnson days -- for lefties at least that's for you know that's kind of how I got the rule was written you know you know we had. You know with patent re you know Johnson was -- Back -- -- -- -- you Ryan -- right you know and then I was one of the few guys that have been doing that Austin now I can hit lefties. And it Wright do now you know it's -- inclusion. Johnny said that day it's tough to appreciate what you do what to bring to a ballclub in just a short sample one year does that mean we appreciate you even more second your -- it's a year from now. I sure hope so you know I mean it would be nice you know from myself my family with organic and all you know how tough it is drive and across the country and you know. Pompano place in -- and in other ways Sony's two years old history for different periods you know -- -- votes you know would be nice and there's two ways succeed in his game you know and separate these two things down and you can look at the the big guys -- -- What is opportunity. You know you can't succeed without opportunity. Not many guys going to the all stars. It's you know which means in the opportunity. Into -- jobs here. There's not many too many guys in the all star game that are on one year deal you know. When you break down. Us as players mentally when there's no job security when you go for foreigners changing views and and you go for Ford has changed -- treaty. You go for Ford house and they grab the prospect statistic which use that stuff into. You can't shine on the bench so there's opportunities and you breakdown -- guys in this game you -- bills are you very. Venus in the hot shots just those two things -- opportunity in jobs here's. So would be next those exit isn't an insult when some -- and good luck term. And guitar com and you know. I know how to win and it takes to win and I think first and foremost I want you know and that's one battery that. The reason I signed up for this game doesn't everybody. No I don't think so not anymore you know I think people play this game you know for. The same calm. -- finances we what would you please name for the money in round. I -- offering right now on -- and I've seen some. Kind of old timers you know. Love the old timers and it was great you know where it is last year net you know the only team with you know. Only one of two teams with three straight you know World Series and there's four or. Before five and just being around those guys -- the three hero and so -- you know and then. In ninety team with the reds you know of course it's. What I do during. Would you thing abruptly with a big content. Though it is yeah is Leo and but. It's over your head -- the -- right right you know as a way over here it's gone so you know about that you know -- simplifying its crew of the shorter throws and the dish you know it's. Stop guys from taking extra base. And you know it takes a bad hop off the loss here felt all's well -- This new ballpark -- is that is is a replication of Fenway -- including the wall here are some of you spending some time on this field are behind us. Sure hope so -- know. Would be helpful but around you know ironically enough players that I came up in Tampa. Made through the system fairly fast in the minor leagues got trapped 2001. But the Durham bulls as a AAA you know affiliate for Tampa and they have a green it's blue all actually but it sustain you know dimensions as this place. So. Is it big -- and oh -- you know -- probably have you know well over 300 games you know underneath that wall. It was funny as a youngster is 22 pointers or about status room noise -- and myself for the Red Sox thing. So. Not a battle that wall and you know I've had fun with the law but you it's very easy to played out wall unit -- -- yeah so that they get -- -- mode you know have more and have you heard. Some people expect you to be the next Kevin Malone. Can more exactly when -- really good friends somehow I had a feeling yeah we've we've known each other for awhile. But we just can't be compared to teachers on twice as good look into -- and he actually he dyes his hair through guys I did not die in my hair he frosted that's -- terrorists it's -- guy you do that in this along need to Barbara out of our jobs. It's for two -- their fate. I don't have fake teeth at the I had twice as much calories -- and then. Three inches on the forms over him like -- others actually nothing compared with him and speaking of four arms and take a wild guess here you like you have COLT forty -- somewhere in your collection. My son's name is Cole hall and yet. -- show that. And beauty yeah is my kids. Coal. Call Zoe did you go to the same tattoo parlors Josh Hamilton he has I think always in mountain you know again luckily for -- -- -- yet. Will welcome very good to meet you look forward to work to see -- -- park when that would all picks up for real north appreciated oh but remember osu afterward area just don't know Dennis and Callahan.

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