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Seven in a row without Rondo... small sample size, or are we seeing a trend here?

Feb 11, 2013|

The Celtics continue to win without Rajon Rondo, and we continue to debate whether or not the Celtics are better off without him. Haters vs Rumpswabs... who you got?

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-- and obviously. -- -- and we use that argument Rondo does so many different things. Very. For some sort of sport could. Start. Los Angeles. We're. House and so -- so. -- social. Practices and there's more people. You don't know you possessed that this poster person that knows like public. Yeah. Group laugh. -- He didn't -- Newton are entertained by her entertained. Our show this is this is what -- pretty okay. -- if you guys. The anti Rondell Michael can sum it up -- -- -- would they hate their -- right. In -- -- to people. If they're better without Rondo that's fine it's a it's a great story that if they wind up winning the championship about Rondo. In you're right. It's okay. I mean I'll be happy to great great story. They lose they lose there all star point guard and they win the championship without your also also point guard and rookie power forward. It was really contributing beyond the numbers. That's a tremendous story everybody's happy. They just something that's something this is something but I think what's happened here. Is Doc Rivers has spent the majority of the season. He's tried so many ways to call out the team. You know after the abrupt and gain the the brawl that wasn't Chris Humphries didn't -- up into the stands by Rondo. Called the team's soft. He said they're gonna have to make some changes. After the disastrous trip never blown out there blown out Detroit if you work. So what we have to make some changes here this is I can't put up with this anymore -- delicacies has been trying to. Light a fire under this team try to get some consistency. And what happened is that it all came together. In the fund returned. When Rondo. It just happen that way it happened that way it's not like Rondo was preventing these guys from having fun but it looks that it looks like that. And that they got they got an identity because they were forced to get an identity he if they had collapsed. If they had collapsed. When Rondo went down and lost six or seven. Then they would have even larger problems beyond the record it would be. Danny Ainge would would learn that he had he truly. Mentally weak team. I -- think that was gonna happen I don't think they lose six out of seven also didn't think they went seven in a -- I -- think they were done. Without Rondo I just thought I'm in there have trouble and I have trouble advancing in the playoffs. It's without profit that's the bigger picture here and that's one of the question I'm asking years. Because you're right we should be happy the way that they -- playing and enjoy the ride it's been a great it's been a great ride so for. But the seven game streak is included six home games in the NBA home court is everything. They're bullets or stretch over the next few weeks with a gonna play a majority of their games out of the road. What's the other perform on on on that one but the but the bigger question is people out there that that believe that they're better off now without -- Do you truly believed that this team was built at the beginning of the season. A BA contender this year one year window you truly believe they're still -- For the championship. Are they contend for the championship. I don't think they are without want to answer I don't think they are answer right now has to be yes -- -- We'll wait -- yeah -- -- graphic on US -- question is governed it right as well this is fun. -- seven guess what I've ever get -- it was as good entertainment you're gonna get in an NBA game regular season game. They've got a seven game winning streak do you think the answer is going to be no would you pose that question. Even up to the -- won't be you know. About this one and needs some time away. This winnings are supposed to -- and depression clinic. He needs this heat from people. He needs this. -- pictures. I'll make him grow up it'll make it'll make him roll up a little you'll come back -- And he'll be ready to lead this team as well as he says he. I think a lot of people agree with -- -- produced a lot of people watching it seeing all this at the back totally different. We placed -- he's the point guard operates with bolt. What are you expecting Robert people were that texting is here today complaining that he ruled the ball back. That -- games for specific reason time. And after I lost art are telling touches the ball. Strategic move that much more by an art dumb stupid thing to do. It's a Smart thing to deal. Critical you're critical of him doing something that benefits that he. While. I just don't get I don't think rod is going to come back and suddenly. You know going to you know hatred rehab here he's gonna come back and he's gonna suddenly feel the love and feel differently and be different. He's the player that he does. And this is a great and a seven. Game run it's been terrific and I hope it continues on -- it's also the question do you really believe. The -- more poverty and under for the championship. Without armed than the takes over games in the policies. Takes -- again and post season games are so different. From regular season game that's why you watch teams like Golden State has done it over the years they have a pretty good regular seasons and then -- -- -- -- flop when you get into the post season. It's a different scene. Totally different game and that's where Rondo can break down a defense. In all by himself. Right now just does go back this for her to -- line. This is an analogy. Detectors as it's like when the Sox got rid of Nomar. Better without an all star. Different game one the world's here totally different guys find it then they got rid of Nomar. No mart and just leave. The -- he kept people in return right. Or Nomar who helped who contributed. To even if you want to make that case if you wanted to make the case I think it happens sometimes you can take a great player. And trade enforce it to a three lesser players in overall -- thing happened many times and sports on. They didn't do that is lost him. They haven't had anybody. Well they haven't -- and they and they desperate right now for a bit and how do you get the big Michael you're gonna give up one of the players UN out right now. If you gonna get a -- somewhere so you gonna give up Courtney Lee. I know what happens do you depth in the backcourt. Because that's one thing they've had all year just what they they can afford now. But they are rooting for Rondo to be heard that they had an injury to one of their guards wouldn't be a problem because they had a glut of guards and at the time Barbosa was odd man out. So Lee had been hurt they would be in he would have they would -- okay. -- Terry it would have been all right just so happened to be Rondo -- and I don't know they have that depth now where so much depth where you can say okay let's just go ahead and trade. Courtney -- Even though Rondo was out right now -- they are so fragile especially if you're talking about KG and Paul -- they need. To stay healthy the rest of the white. And at their age. It's hard duke to -- ablaze and -- and have some type of at least small nagging type of injury. Channel worry about that till I urged Johnny Cranston, Rhode Island what's up John. -- in -- and Michael I don't know it's a giant great. -- -- I'm well it's actually the -- her body in minute what a way to Graham island Sunday that great he's on the it in the right now and that outlet from -- Okay they athletic -- quick couple point about an election about Rondo and he anti Iran goes and how -- put it forget you know obviously last year. We had a tip the beat Miami and that you think operative it would be exceptional. Let -- get in the western and a man obvious call from a I'll call and then wait driving back and score and at what point swing and caught them a little bit and I game. But everybody so not like about that seven game win streak and critical look at the strict schedule I mean read at a six it was strictly -- -- or without number number seven game losing streak. And you know half the teams we play where contenders where we've had some good substantial lead against a really good team like Houston. And I believe we put the next and a and a and we also beat Indiana vote for the top. You know eighteen -- and conference. And that we are going to be seventeen recently where ornament non contenders. And maybe repeat a couple of the contenders by one or two point win -- blown lead down stretched. Press all right domain you beta if you -- given a great team last night really really strong in the nuggets. That have been on -- roll so it and that I think there are no -- your report in last yet that that I think the nuggets are. Are built in that way that this is the kind of team that their fans like where. You're not just relying on one guy he can't point to one guy and it -- George Karl was and where the game. We don't have an all star and they can that's kind of like a badge of honor form. I agree it they just have a lot of really good players and I think that's what Celtics fans are seeing now. With their team that. They got a bunch of guys in seminary guys -- can come in and help the team win. And the ball as whipping all over the place you know lot of possessions. A lot of open looks for people. And I think it's it's caught on people are excited about this dial I think when they think of Rondo even if you're not thinking of his -- his stoic nature on the court I think people are just thinking of him handling the ball dominating the ball right now everybody's got on that. Before before he was a guy who was the maestro he was orchestrating the offense he was the quarterback. And then suddenly that went out of style when the seven game winning streak propped up. -- I I totally agree I think it. Not -- -- that -- gone out but I can definitely say you know when he comes back he can not take the ball out of it and completely. But you sorry that -- -- -- 42 you know 4842 minutes you know and -- -- along and point guard maybe give them a little Amara in. How your guys currently had that -- out everything on her plate but right I'm -- Portland what are we. If you plan a different system right now. Totally different system what you playing with -- on run in the interest and -- laws it was a system that I think. Doc Rivers was trying to develop because every time Rondo left the game the team would fall apart so he was trying to develop the second team to command. And operate basically without a -- York. So to many. Why wouldn't he run both systems. That was originally would Doc Rivers was leaning towards that's where you wanted to go want as our point guard. That's where we go -- our offense when we go to the bench we don't have a true point guard shall we change the system we operate with ball movement now. And it changes everything. What would you wanna do both. Terrorist can you -- Rhonda what you think that this is gonna work for you. It it's gonna work to to a degree until teams start figuring you out or you start getting tired worn out as you restarts in the fourth quarter last night. Think -- at your team now -- easy for the other team to defend. I think if you could do both of these things. In the scheme would be Elop had a rough day and -- right now. And he could run off at first system with a point operating -- we're ready breaks down the defense and you're setting everybody up down on the block. Or you can go to this when you go to the bench. It is the best of both worlds would advocate of a better chance right now of what eagle -- I do believe there are. There there are the Rondo haters out there. Is that the Doc Rivers is taking and he. If they weren't much better off without -- much better off in this system running this system without having -- -- ball. And what direction this if he's such a great coach why didn't need to get this it's -- to -- candidate nobody wants to blame them because they like him. Ground or -- figured it out. What what what he then do. He what would you go over to a couple things he would do one. Which and they wouldn't know they wouldn't wait after a made basket they would. They would suddenly suddenly -- and you get into the front court and we'll get the ball -- Iranians Rhonda. Israeli it's still going and Rondo sands may make some changes the changes may be off of this baskets you're gonna have him quickly leak out and you're gonna have somebody. Asked the balled him he'll get into the front court. But instead of assist which you gonna end up as having him go to the whole lot more -- -- what -- command until so you'd change it up a little bit. But see I think they like everybody likes Doc Rivers and they don't wanna blame Doc Rivers ward they wanna hate. On -- on Rondo it would have been great I mean now that we have this revelation of what would have been absolutely fantastic that. If when they made it to the conference finals last year. If they had this growing strategic move take Rondo. Off the court. -- series goes seven games. -- Miami. Might have won that thing in five games with no Rondo. Because there were McGee was -- game -- that don't forget about that about that don't you know I don't know you're not allowed to drink of the game you know like -- a positive thing. If you bring a positive things he's done just the nation because he just does wears him down his plodding style and does hogs the ball in the dominates the ball. That and get everybody else involved the ball doesn't move. So. Last year. When you like this team and you liked him -- like him last year haters not like the last. He's taken out of games six and Boston for LeBron it never happened at. 65. To -- to the playoffs this year that's the one thing that I would take from these seven games. Is that I wanna miss the point I wanna him believable I don't care what anybody says -- ball movement of he crystal ball movement still have image point. But I would probably not necessarily -- -- him. And forced him to take it up -- the -- I would push it especially on on this I would outlet pass quickly to the first guy. Out and then. He leaks out early -- one. He collects so when he -- -- involved in the rebounding processor which rebounds going down but from the his written logical way to. People forget the negative -- they're going down. This is a team by the way that's not a good rebound -- -- his rebounds commitment if you do that's the one thing I would -- here's Jo-Jo. And Joey. Jillian such tactics they're like -- -- to remind. You. Arctic but I'm. If you. The question but it something I always wondered. I'm getting input while we had a -- Patriots that typically because we thought that it their objective is this -- at this point as possible. And possible outcome they don't always go -- true sort it out instead of just the actual point. Kind of questioned the -- -- question did you describe says it might be what. -- we're not stupid is not a stupid questions. Com because the chances of when is the last thing you see somebody disappoint after care. It's it doesn't happen so you're automatically going to get seven points virtually for every touched. What are the -- what what do you what do you think the odds are in the in the two point conversion done -- only -- one down to do it there are a lot of teams down to the in the goal line and takes -- to a three beginning to get one. Shot in there so let's say you hit it 60% of the time right. -- Sure you gaining -- that is automatic the point the point after just so easy -- I think there's a time do. Time to go for -- but to do it every scoreboard. Shows that -- The only way you -- you you can tie and you know you can try not to -- you don't take the lead with a -- to there is -- I think that's one thing that chip Kelly's gonna bring in college and he well. You'll you'll go forward write a book says what you do on the chart there's no reason go for two year. But Abdullah exposing its board feet. Well I'll get -- -- -- -- and all those fans are great to -- it it's all well and good. If it works for you but if it doesn't. -- -- You lose a game by one point and it turns out that you were trying to make the two point conversions that just automatic it. You will get crucified -- about -- the -- way he now has gone to another level texas' would MJ. Bird Kobe or LeBron James. Let thirteen losing game six at home after going up 32 -- so. That's on. Rondo or is that on fears that on KG. Who -- out on that rumbles out -- the LeBron James and his brilliant game six. Wanted to -- big games we've seen. You know you've been alive for if -- -- -- for twenty years it may be the best big game you've seen one of the best. No matter how long ago. And it's in the top five top ten big game performance. So who's at all and that's an audience of. Convinced after reading vote in this stuff that they just. Each store like. And I'm not going were hurt many and what we have today because I think. I think he's. I don't think it has anything to do the color scale I think they just don't like. You certainly. Get that attitude to just don't like him. Because you know if they didn't like to coach. They -- crazy about the code to -- beat up the coach right now the -- -- at Doc Rivers you're an idiot why do you change the softens along time ago if you knew what was gonna happen. But I'll tell you was wait until March 12. Well let's let this thing play out you've got a very small sampling six of these seven games have been played at home. You've got a couple of good teams that were hurting like you or. You play in a year apple you -- that -- to put this thing let it play out I'm still not convinced. Even know I'd love what they're doing right now and it is fun. I'm not convinced that this is a better team. As far as overall goal that's win the championship without genre and.

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