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John Henry speaks to the media from Fort Myers

Feb 11, 2013|

Mut and Merloni react to John Henry's first official comments of the 2013 season. Henry discusses Francona's book, the hiring of Bobby Valentine, and the organizational philosophy.

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-- -- our -- load ID three point seven WEEI. Physicals today. Pitchers and catchers reporting Red Sox spring training in live all week. Will Maloney who's probably -- give -- it was a lay land there were you set up this year for the. We are sitting in the radio broadcast Booth -- believe -- at the beautiful. Mainly south of -- it's amazing to communicate you that your Fenway but you know the weather's nice and -- snow on the ground and people everybody down here has power so you know you know back in New England -- Afraid it was Davis apparently at -- is gonna -- on the mound you're afraid of Davis does. Trying to kill people in Illinois safeties Nate Irving city just kind of a here to stating an amount by himself literally in the unique. Throwing balls to the backstop with no catcher. So album. Dumpsters is a bucket of balls right now OK on the mound. It at this huge field were pretty much nobody is he's all by himself for -- bucket of balls throwing balls that whole play. With no catcher like full -- a 100% aspirant ya know so you know we collect and Alfredo which is sort of goal and afraid of world. That's how we do things right. I do question was your ability to get out now I gotta be honest when -- -- the storm hit the duke and we we all -- -- 2 o'clock on Friday. And the feeling was the same out by Sunday I want you won't be an issue was ever. An issue whether or not you're gonna get out okay that it went out and well it's always -- amiga was involved left and right flights being canceled a -- every twenty minutes now on to -- time -- -- not a problem at all rolled right and kind of connected through JFK and -- -- down here for Myers beautifully last night about 8 o'clock it was nice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thursday to -- things that only half the -- it's it's you know it's like a quarter mile away from a few hours stuck -- the capable guy. That's -- using a strength in numbers don't -- the fairly you know it's nice. -- without power until Wednesday Thursday it that's the word organ from the governor there. Absolutely -- -- -- we the same governor who we believe they make Firefox you believe they -- up the roads down joke stigma can leave that out Friday's that you can't drive after 4 o'clock it was a day. Appalled -- -- -- on one's gonna come back in a lot wondering and actually canceled the Bruins game because the MBTA it was a money could drop until 4 o'clock in the six and not I'm Andy stay off the roads. Which is pretty amazing thing about the -- that's our AP it drive you pay taxes are sorry you can't drive for 24. Will actually -- the -- Saturday night you know it is mostly aunts and important to note though. You could see that it was you know that it agreed to a community about the wrote that -- the roads need to get people. Locally but it actually prison for years we know that make it -- rest -- weekend. The missing -- revenue dollar effort arrests and find the marketable as someone that -- it only made it all okay. They -- The helicopter actually fly in the snow. And how that happened in the practice surprised. The bridesmaid at that thing at all wheel drive -- LG flat and helicopter. You're going to be OK okay I'll ticking by and it's noble -- The big deal I got -- let's -- Arctic it'll. Beautiful man. Let's do this because this is going to be a lot of fun for a lot of people because this spring training at the -- spring is here and it's it's now. John Henry I start the entire thing off today by speaking and I am curious whether or not he'd get himself. Any favors -- -- asked first and foremost he was asked about the guy was that the sale at least on the list of he agreed to hire Bobby Valentine was asked about. Body via its hiring earlier. You know it's always hard to say how much a manager impacts performance but that. You know I think I think combined Valentine is a great baseball manager great baseball mind. It's it's clear -- in retrospect that he wasn't. He wasn't the right man for that group last year. And so -- can't blame and I don't think you can blame -- for can you blame. Blame months. You blame the ruling. Larry Tom. But I think he should manage again and it'll be great manager for the right team. I think that. You know he came many didn't wanna be disruptive. And CNN has his own coaches probably and a perfect world he would've. He would of -- I would have done some things differently if you ask him I think he would have done some things differently coming in. And but it's just it's just didn't work. Holy mackerel no it didn't it just say all that with a straight face that you're you're sitting in their next -- talked with C. Was seamless sarcastically saying this or is this the honest to God's truth out of John Henry's mouth well all league mound is below what is that a sarcastic about it. He's a good baseball -- well -- -- listen -- on what you -- out of Bobby Valentine I'm sorry there were a handful of good baseball things that he did but overall. He was a disaster that he would work on a different team like what he says I should go manager of the team I can really I think it yes somebody at least -- to beat that team. Majority of the games next year -- Maybe things in my school team I don't know but as far as you know him being a baseball mind that maybe he's just sort of it's it's passed him by I think we all agree is a bad fit for -- -- and it. You'll when you start mentioning in the the blame. He puts it on the guys and hired we all to release it into how the hell can you sit there. Into an interview process we don't know in depth they are like six hours at a time you bring -- back for second interview and after all that. Who the hell would ever think that this is the right guy for this group. Yeah and and that's that's the biggest fault. -- me to put on the players to open ended their number two but the people that initially hired him and sat down with them and met with limited yeah. He's the guy given everything they get a deal with internally with this team with these individual players. Maybe if I was gonna come and cracked the whip elect is anyone ruffle any feathers so you know you get a manager -- there's one ruffling feathers doesn't wanna name is -- coaches to satisfy would be going whatever this organization gives them. But yet you want him to be firm with this group it's impossible. You know -- -- that the group kind of found that out early on we knew that back in April some of the comments is of people made about this -- so. He took the blame that he was a -- for the group and with a once the blame for so. As far as him being a baseball -- is probably just being is -- baseball -- out these -- All manager bench advantage against get the manager get him based. Not everything you -- saying when he interviews him. It beat perfect -- -- that was there a youth team -- -- and is going to be to a CAD it's sacred heart who laments that -- a College Baseball let's get over a lot of teaching part loves on the ideals loves all that stuff but a Major League team. I don't think so I think the question becomes can go about John Henry why did they hire a lot of people would tell you is because of a PR standpoint they wanted to. They want to have a guy that was going to be a story with a team wasn't very good. They felt like Bobby Valentine was going to be historian that when it's the hiring of Bobby Valentine and John Henry very much defend the thought that his team signed anybody. Based on public relations earlier that morning. Yes. That was so. On. Certain. Consultants suggest these -- -- I have to laugh because. That's just laughable. So what about ratings and vote. This is the shift in philosophy is resigning is now ours -- call now and things like that. -- I think we've been over that ground before I created a lot of news. Before. By being honest about it and you know it's it's ludicrous to say that we. Sign any player since we've been here for PR purposes that that is just. I don't think anybody. Would -- that and if it's asserted it's just ludicrous. Well listen -- at all due respect to mr. Henry maybe he wasn't in those meetings. Because you know you can look in exodus from day one in the -- the John Lackey signing at the time he looked instantly bring in a pitcher but it went against everything. Everything that Theo Epstein has preached since day one and and you know we all knew Adrian Gonzales when that deal was possible. The was gonna go get that was the guys he'd love forever but the the call Crawford signing look at those two individuals signing crock Crocker a black Lackey in particular those two particular. I don't think we're you know obviously acquiring guys that can help team but it didn't fit in their philosophy things they were saying for years just didn't. Why. A follow to that marchers asked the question. Then from a from a spending -- six figures. On a PR campaign to go figure out what people like -- like about your team what was that about is that you are related job immediate. What would have been better quality today better serve our company's got to do that don't thing. Sure she. Lot of companies that go commandments and surveys staff and the like and don't live as it likes Patrick -- -- -- -- -- -- maybe the results of that it may -- you act emotionally ain't gonna go overboard from those results that when maybe sometimes you can -- some issues. But I would like to hear today is just and now this is the bark up the wrong -- with John and because he wanted. Carl Crawford and he didn't look at it I would like to hear yeah there was a time where we get off track a little bit but if you look at our off season this year. There is nothing PR related about it yes we -- that we got our eye off the ball the state take a terrible baseball analogy. We looked at PR we looked at ratings look -- what would draw people and now. Relies that was mistake we moved on instead it's this defiant we never did that way that you point out -- Crawford a particular and the book does a good job. Recurrence does end up winning up those two guys. Completely different. Jordan could be perception of ownership. And I think -- The Francona book selling. So. You know you guys are still here and and fans. There's still coming so. I don't think the I think it. Last year was definite setback to finish last place something I never felt. Team. So that's what we're focused on. I know people can say that we hear brand oriented and do word. Revenue oriented but the fact who -- wins and losses. Well listen he did the -- what you said what you wanted him to say that we screwed up he did. He came on -- your general view that a fact or not but he came out. And said and told everybody that we got away from my core philosophy when we first owned this team there were certain things that we believed in. And we get away from that in any was pressed on that and in -- Vista was very simple solution why. Any simple you know but sometimes when you have success. You know and that's a good thing and you move forward in any book we weren't Smart about it and we got away from. And I think any reference this offseason we tried to get back Hewitt's of that thing that you wanted him to come -- saying he actually did. We're gonna hear that ninety seconds Lewis and Fort Myers we get all your phone calls at 6177797. 937 that's the phone number Texas right now on the eighteenth tee -- line at 37937. You'll hear that comment from John Henry and John Henry. Yourself in the Red Sox any favor for the comments today that your calls next. Again. Be this week he took responsibility for what happened last year but I think again. You know if we -- part of the responsibility. That I think there. You haven't done this. This is as an organization. It is that we haven't had the kind of depth. It turns out. It's. That's one thing that he's worked on we've -- this year. Think more in terms of -- -- to plan more for an injury. But it's it's difficult when you have your best players injured. It's it's even if you have sufficient depth it's hard you play out what. John -- speaking today. From the media about twenty minutes loop. Now he spoke yes about twenty minutes in real quick. To a given a -- update he's now taking batting practice. On the big -- some interest. That was thrown in balls here -- instinct is that he's taken BP so. To give you the full world of one operator with him -- my take awhile he's ready to go through. We got a set of about twenty minutes it was adjusting because you sit there and game shows he's right right next on you know on the talk about the book in. He thought that it was fair with him but he did think he took shots at Larry and -- and the and -- the tone that there was some nice things that need to be confined him anyway he has indeed read some of the book. Like Larry. -- -- At least somebody over there has read that book and and having heard some of the comments and listening through. Some what he had to say at some level I think that he did help himself. I think that when he knowledge is that quote you just are coming back here they got away from their core philosophy quart of ice and put a lot of the blame on the ownership that any of the blame. On -- -- and by the way but the blame on himself put the blame on pump probably a layer Lucchino. That's something that fans that want to hear at some level write that okay we screwed up now I would admit that their PR driven. And I'm just being I guess a pain in the ass because I want them to and we all think -- was that at some level. They all our PR driven -- body can admit that we screwed up we moved -- but from a baseball standpoint. Those are quotes that I think a lot of Red Sox fans. Have want to hear right that we got away from what got us where we are -- reestablish that yes offseason hopefully were better it's called humility sure. Then there's nothing wrong with it you know the -- caught up in it. Okay the ratings are through the roof they were selling everything Rick -- they were trying to -- grass because it didn't matter. Is there on top of the world and it happens. I mean it just it happens a lot of people you know even even people back and you know ninety's early -- an -- making money early 2000 president just everything collapses and got to regroup again go back to the basics. So that's all you want we talked about this before as an organizational hole all you want is an even individual players. Yeah listen we screwed up in the past I haven't performed at a high level we've made bad decisions in the beginning of nickel they're coming back you unstoppable band. It's an adventurer and took some responsibility earlier in the week about last year building -- but that's. -- does have is a difficult thing to do when you don't have. Big league ready minor leaguers. You know because it's awful tough to -- appeared free agent market we can sign anybody. You know myself just look at what every offseason for me you know it was it was a -- right when I left the Red Sox though -- look at different teams that would give me good you know look at the infielders. It's eagle where's the weak link to where is the one guy that maybe is injury prone or there waiting to perform maybe the growing impatient with this guy. Where's the best chance for me to make a big league club not. Wish the best place of eagle plane AAA and -- depth. It's tough to attract in any of these types of players he's role players are gonna help you would have been gonna sign a great player. Today the succumb the Boston decision to bench for the first two months case is an injury you're our guy that's difficult to do. For me the question is how long's it going to take is to get back on winning track back in the playoffs. And -- there's no doubt in my mind that we. We had a core philosophy. For a lot of years and we moved away from that philosophy and it's it's hurts -- it's it's definitely hurt -- Last year I think was. The beginning of trying to put us back on track. In the beginning I think there's that trade you know that that big trade try to get them back on track that everybody will admit that they they were the team that they wanted to be at that point. Well I think you're also talking about eight team. Can really go nowhere but up -- they talked a lot about the injuries -- that's been a theme will keynote talk about the injuries or anything else I just think admitting that at some level. Probably got away if mart target -- and a focus back on that is huge for this group and I and I also think what's going to be huge is not just John Henry speaking but. In idol -- spoke up here to Dan -- couple days ago. He's got to go to the saint -- gone through here it's always got to acknowledge the book man you said John Henry did today. Some point these guys have to address the book in its totality you know it's a pretty. Big shot the organization and battery can joke about it and say get a treat me pretty well there about Dan was unfair with the -- and Warner. The guys have to address it here and apart the first couple days for anyone has a harsher. And they well you know leeward last night did you haters gonna be here. -- and I'm sure Larry will be here and Tom will be here you know this was the first time I can remember. When. All three of them didn't sit down together. -- usually it's sure you know the three of them sitting down and addressing you know the media. As a group so this the first that I can remember John Henry by himself coming here and talking to the media so. You know again small sign but a good sign realizing -- succumb to address some issues distinct. 6177797937. That's our phone -- can text that's on the eighteenth tee decks on 379837. You're hearing what John Henry. I had to say today getting your reaction to what John Henry's comments and he deal -- -- pretty good the organization megabyte coming out talking today. He also spoke about loving baseball. The ownership of a team how that all goes together with the -- -- I don't veiled comments on. Stuff like that. I would leave that it in your hands. -- -- you've been around us for twelve years. I'm surprising Cohen has. No actually I can coordinate comments about. I'm surprised nor has he comments. We would have to defend. Ourselves and so suffice to say they love the again I don't wanna be defensive. Students especially about some of -- really is ridiculous I mean that's. That's really -- A big part of Francona spoke -- laughed and that's huge part of Francona -- where he says. I'm not sure how invested these guys weren't baseball on its there everywhere he can say. That Terry Francona spends time later in the book talking about how good the owners were given John Henry credit but. The minute he brings that stuff up the minute he brings up much -- they love baseball. That's a shot at this ownership group and you could tell there. That he may not have read the whole thing but he's read those parts and he's clearly offended by that at some level on G -- why you have to. Bring our baseball credibility into this. Yeah I think it takes a shot in -- no question about it and it's a big shot -- -- That to me. You look at an owner right how many people they love baseball I mean you have to be an owner of the team to love the game I mean you you will appear live your life and have your job you still love the game of baseball -- I do think. That John Henry loves the game of baseball I think all of them do but it's a business and as a business side of it that they got to take care of you know it is as everybody Robert Kraft to set the bar right that's -- but he wants the owner they want -- there. It it this is -- to lead patriots that is it that's your only focus you might have a little things going on but there's no question. You know with the with the dedication to focused around a craft has of the patriot that's what. People wanna see and it's just not with everybody I mean nick has got a lot of things going on his life you know it you could talk about focus. Police at -- what love of the game I think that's voice. Just laughed it off. -- is live in Fort Myers getting -- basis -- seven is still hitting. Is that we still get right now he's actually he's off the field now and always going to be doing next and be looking forward to do some grounds crew on the keep an eye out for the data. We're live updates on -- -- 07 throwing balls to know catcher -- nobody at practice. On the first day Lou is gonna be there all week -- take all your phone calls at 617. 77979837. You can text us on the AT&T -- -- at 37937. As promised. Your chance to win a pair of Celtics tickets this Celtics take on Chicago at TD garden -- Says tomorrow ended the game is Wednesday night. I text the word court the 37937. Now be entered to win a pair tickets of the game. Tickets for the season are on sale now purchased tickets visit Celtics dot com. A call 804 NBA picks of is that TD garden box office again. -- the -- court CO URT. To 379837. Right now for your chance to win Celtics and bulls tickets and we'll come back. I wanna talk about the rob Bradford Jon Lester com. That popped up over the weekend we talk a lot about Jon Lester and about some guys getting it and for Lester. Still some stuff in there and he does not get to that next.

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