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Former Sabres enforcer Rob Ray talks Bruins-Sabres and shares some stories from his fighting days

Feb 11, 2013|

Rob Ray knows plenty about fighting in the NHL. The former Sabres enforcer joins D&C to talk about some of the rough moments between Buffalo and Boston this season and also shares some old war stories.

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-- Just inside the club and on line. It's. This -- it. It's. Campbell good up a little more to -- Wanna find out whether. The referee because they're all of the men and try to instigate that might do. Throwing punches. Some of the drives -- -- Might come up they don't do anything about it but eventually third saw the ball. Real nice job there. Thus sabres won the fight the Bruins won the game I guess they carried the day I'm wondering is rob ray who joins us on the AT&T hotline a tremendous grew over the Buffalo Sabres tough guy. Does the analysis on the on the broadcast we do see stuff like that -- like a little -- upon where you wanna get back out there you miss it out all the contact the competition. Are you find yourself playing Olympic -- bad happening is you start you occurring mr. -- body movement and totally forget about torture actually post revealing their so not good it's. When he gets -- it's exciting you you'd get a mostly involve the way you're the player also. Were you surprised that Scott and Sean Orton didn't throw down last night. A little bit yeah I thought. You know -- authority that. He's he's pretty proud guy that you know it -- in their business the way we we performed -- is. You know something happen you always want to try to get back to mr. it's apparently not settle those corporate more. Mentally for yourself time to get yourself and a place where. Okay it was a mistake or ago lockyer whatever has to prove yourself. Yeah. I thought and other older might have been a chance she's you know actually couple's side of it. That -- fire came together in. And at one point John trying to tap on the back -- -- certain they were just kind of smile at each other so I think -- more. Okay -- respect -- may -- -- now or better percent that he needed more restrained him sort of simple side. I think that's part of minute ago surprise cut invite somebody I'm not sure sure and I expect -- -- -- important because Borden. Might still -- the recovering from the last -- out what they -- how good a fighter is Jon Scott how bad players. -- you -- it at a fighter he is what I liked about them. To -- and -- fighter he she'll lot of guys who weren't quite negate -- especially talk guys look at battle over. So there there's an aircraft is it all and forward a little more but this guy has an active you know kind of betting his knees -- using his big tall long body. You to keep in the pre -- -- there's always look at that you won't -- he's not talking and -- in -- Richard reform accepted slight -- Well he's fighting the whole time and he is the fact that beltway -- the player out he. He's not. Really horrible that they -- than being a simple. It's almost impossible to make mistakes sometimes -- just goes up and down as weighing. It's not and so part of the -- -- -- buried I would try to do too much you know her longer all the ice and they felt that different from what he has. I I have I have a lot of guys that I go to player Lloyd -- you understand that any playbook and it limits. And and in most cases -- -- -- -- are girl Margaret Carter -- -- go -- So far this year but there's been very few -- at times where. You know they've been indicated. A liability and I -- anyway she performed lately of salt pretty well. Makes quite summed it was from last time these two teams -- it was seven a four goals left and right and -- a -- one of the great game to oversee individual efforts. Diddy sued up was he like a healthy scratch the last letter what we -- we never saw arm never heard him. Yeah you know the last couple days. They thought to have been banged up a little bit earlier this year. Come -- and he's not been you know the same way you is for the first even 7810 game. Thank you -- -- back tightened up a little bit -- this from you know playing so much you guys have not had a break in between and you know the punishment that spectator experience that you gotta get up autocratic -- going into those various. He gets a lot of its success from the front of the net please take an atomic -- all the time and and I just think it's two point worries a little tired -- anybody got and a little bit occult or play that game so we values. It's it's very noticeable that line is not going. Because we don't have a whole lot fit to back it up but I if you click here so far. We're talking with the former sabre rob ray rob your favorite top three tough guys in the league right now on why. It's got a lot of them. I have like output Johnny got in there you know and analysts say that -- couldn't go on art you know art and I do think that these. I like Kuwait like -- say how he fights he -- the score runs everything in front of -- I dirt there are about a guy -- think he's he's the guy it's. You'll understand that. You know do it. I think the Big Dig a little Lotta these guys see you as a reporter somebody who has been around a long time. The guys that understand where into it when not to. Are the good ones and when they would make it involved a fight you're you know losing the plate that proves that you came back you know your server purpose. It's crappy job. But. You know in most cases you know they promoted -- that injured I tried sort of look sharp because that part too many times and and you're one of those guys that. He knows he understands that part of the game and not -- who made you know -- stay away from clarity and others that I don't even bother with that he's the kind of guy. Are so many things but he talks both within the game that he gets. And you know those those three guys are their content that we. It would it would you do what you do for a living for so many years what these other guys you just talked about during that -- the morning skater after the morning skate and go back to the hotel is there much of a factor of a fear. And anxiety and nervousness on what is expected of you tonight. My every afternoon that would work part of it. I would much rather have the pressure that turn up the score fool everybody in knowing that I'm gonna go into the building. Former away and have to fight some enemy army. To fight somebody you'll have to -- anybody anymore. In the patch you had the -- people every terribly plate trial. It will lose. I don't mean I had a leader they come Q after the game and well why didn't happen we needed in app that the game -- it would. Well don't care what game white didn't detecting so. Ought to please metal in my -- like you do not believe it it's it's it's awful it's awful. It goes through that and sometimes the days leading up to review Robert. -- look Sulu Lucic Miller thing yeah these guys that all they heard it looked from that night till the next time replace the Bruins. You know are you guys -- -- about what would be and there are certain individuals that had to do something that night. And you know about the long period of time that that would reduce our farm my. -- Who gave me the most anxiety on the morning and again on the night before a game. I -- -- one guy. And I can't say there was one personally bigger -- vote or anything like that they're all the same any given night doing this job. You know I can catch Igawa may put down a very excited we get fired at the very -- that can gamely to do the same thing to -- -- and I think I understand that. End. You know there's other breaking aspect of the they're like I beat this guy because at some point it's it's gonna come back -- What was your record against Lyndon -- -- -- Although we had the privilege of fighting me. Yeah I think that it that the. Right you know a lot of work we put them now I'm I'm -- there and we we we -- -- show off the record their ordeal we -- Yes he's not. So although it is not that body in a potentially. Ops think could be something in prep. -- they give all the new and damaging information about the effects of head trauma and CTE. Do you ever. Rethink a look back or try to assess you know where you warrant how you feel on and have any fears. Internally about what you do for living for so many years. Are you need to let it every time somebody comes through in the such a public I would hear about somebody doing something or something happening you're you're really start to think about it in any talk -- other guys about it and you know fortunately you know -- You know it's kind of -- -- to compare whether it's something you deal with that as a matter of getting old. And it or something they come from the game that night the political all the time every time you -- -- -- barrier -- get border. You know you're asking you try to be prepared and try to make sure that that is not something major. Now I mean I've been pretty lucky I think you know editorializing it's but it. You know I've never really add to that point had been suffering in public other than and I united than normal just aging process. That's all this information begins to build and CT Ian head trauma and all that sort of stuff do you see it time down the road rob ray with a National Hockey League. Severely eliminates or attempts to eliminate. Biting from the game is a possible. And I don't think so. You know it's an -- and -- we've heard Gary Bettman park and you know any question about it yeah. You know he's he's there really won't say you know it's -- we got to deal with get rid of Wheaties you'd call it tactics that the side of you know would -- work with their student and figured out in the end he believes there's a place sports -- ID to it's it's in the unique part of our game. That nobody else as a -- and I think. Purely it's split all the way I think this may -- overtime it Mehta went away and -- -- -- go to the league haven't stepped in you know you're not seeing I can remember going general idea where we're vulnerable outgrew it and you know get reports that night. You know coming out now you might get street fights and in my. Is that. You know -- all seem so I think we had seven plate all last year or hole. Or -- scheme so that that's not a lot that's I think it's take care that there on its own. Just because the players. Urology and the coolest anecdotes about you -- -- say that's not many professional athletes heavy rule in their sport named for them but you do it's called the rob ray ruled -- -- of explain that. -- -- -- -- -- -- This can't take on you're close to take that ticket on the ice. This there was nothing to grab the sweaters all that's a result he removed the helmet removed sweater so that they made them hi all their jerseys down back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It doesn't but on the court anecdotes about used up many players and that in in any sport at B rule name for them but you do the robbery -- you want explained that the people might not know. That's that's pretty impressed me that's what I got to play -- -- from -- Well it'll I would never as big as a lot of the guys they had this fight. And you're if it was when it first came here. Playing this lord that's not politically coming here when they got it it today that's what we wanted to do you ought to do it or not if we do great he got a chance player not been. You know see you later so he did it and I had to experiment to those guys those experimental. At that time -- in -- Putting up on security secret meeting on their way arms and -- -- all that kind of stuff that. You know yeah you try the experiment didn't work Iowa always has found that having a big your Jersey and and not trying my shoulder pads on that you know they grab on. Saying it's gone and they got nothing to hang on you and it distracts them because they can't keep their round or anything so. It worked to my advantage for you know and number -- years so I used it. And they're really it was as a matter of survival that's what -- -- in and just try to find what works for me because. In most cases you know I was six inches smaller than most guys you had to deal with so. Yeah it was at that -- the -- Joseph was loses those trying to find a way to survive. Before the tied down jerseys became a rule what percentage of -- would you say that you would lose your Jersey -- your shoulder pads. Our I would say probably 95. Many. Yeah yeah I would say the -- you got it down to an art there -- started doing that. And wanted to be that you'd you'd pick if you -- -- the beginning this kind of record holder in and everything would just you know seemed to fall off. Yeah dead end and sometimes we that you didn't get Gadhafi you are so so. If you constricted and and maybe they can have a wide as -- Oakmont that it didn't always it you know it's where your favorite city kind of an X sometime when it didn't because you -- soak up some -- You know falling out when it did. Did you ever see or hear from the famine in the -- and you pummeled in front of the bench. No but you know I would actually. At. I was actually up my parent. That perhaps cleaner and there was there was a show law and board of the French channels. -- it at that guy out there that I'd never seen him before that agent started and YouTube and it was on French but it checked this fact out and actually part of afterward. And now we're interviewing -- bit. We should do them now they're doing effects especially when an actual -- expected it to that protect the identified at least sit and talk to receive -- -- -- I'll -- he has some affects some long term effects. -- I don't know what ask rob one question about Brad marsh and obviously he goaded a lot in to a penalty. He's could be the most. Irritating guy to play against if you -- on the ice. Playing last night from buffalo plan any game against marsh and what would you do about it. I don't think Google like candidate. -- yet as. As somebody played against them yet you -- of by somebody our -- Cheney's pretty darn effective and and I think that. You know people keep myself under control of taking early himself that that's even better but it looked like when a guy and it's obvious. You know he -- -- look at him to back up the way he played some part. We look at tackle letting you run around -- people a little blade in an electronic thing. And we look at it some tightly packed you've got a record out console like you can't just run around and be that guy you have to drop -- -- get that -- By -- our position he's he's. To the -- or he doesn't really have to. I would expect them to and I'd like that's almost even better because he played terrible. And discord in here it take its amazing how. He would -- brought in for probably. A period app but later -- -- mock burial at each other back and forth acampora. And I'm -- in the middle of it and you know he -- he was under your skin and and Steve all of the guys that that's -- -- made a living playing that same game. But. I think prevalent one media talking argument plate would everywhere McAuliffe last night. -- a finally rob ray back in the day you won the F King Clancy memorial trophy for leadership and humanitarian -- why is it that the tough guys. Are generally the nicest guys on the team. Well I think sometimes -- I respect her. Position a little more you know things didn't come easily to a we had to battle a way to get to where we -- we just couldn't do it on talent so I think we knew I'd get to the point of being in the NHL due respect to allow our. Because of what you had to go through to get there and and and more than anything I think we understand at the same -- make the player. In reality there's some great players and people will like it and you're not going to be that great player kilometer -- They'll turn to but if you didn't give back to them the way these fortunate that. You know I've always felt that I need to and I continue to do it now around there alumni apparently we try to do great things that way and -- -- guys involvement. Now I I think our guys -- -- a guy that played its role fully respect the opportunity we've got a lot more than than some other people. Rob -- thought conversation we appreciate you taking the time this morning we'll talk to down the road. -- -- Rob -- with us cal -- AT&T like AT&T four GL TV.

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