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Dale and Kirk Help Dig Out in the Aftermath of the Blizzard

Feb 10, 2013|

The guys break down the Bruins decision to cancel the Bruins-Lightning game during the blizzard of 2013. In the end, the NHL and the Bruins had no choice but to cancel the game and play it at a later date. Dale and Kirk try to figure out when this game will eventually be played.

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You guys all know that if your hardy new englanders if you were born and raised in one of the six New England states that there are snowstorms and in their. Real snowstorms. This was a real snowstorm this was this was the real deal everywhere all over New England places in Connecticut. My son lives in New Haven was telling me. There are places in Connecticut and Connecticut that got over 38 inches of snow shoot a picture of that house in trumbull. I think what I have and I go for the highest swallow up shortly on Twitter. The open the front door and opened it and it's the entire front door I mean it's I've seen seven and that type by crazy up Portland Maine. Where my sister lives set the all time record -- -- -- today. Ever in the city of Portland -- -- something and think about you know Maine gets in snow now and then and of course in this area. It was the fifth snowy -- day on record in in the city of Boston. There were other places that received an excess of thirty inches of snow. And I think that digging out process the the the process of trying to get things put back together. Might take a week from its gonna take awhile. Yet this -- is like you said there are you now. If you grow up really quickly you've been around long enough you get to eight inches fourteen -- -- my doubts it's gone in two days post on sticks this is legit. This is one of the ones to remember special you know just. The speed that was unbelievably go to bed you wake up the next morning go to -- you think are obviously happy wake up the next morning is our guy. That's the one thing that's changed over the years is that the science of media Iran and he. Has really refined in a lot of ways that don't miss on these things a lot anymore and they don't want second today. You know all they'd be they'd say this you'd get that in it might be right they might -- When they when they are unanimous in in their opinions and they were all unanimous about what was coming in him where it was headed and when it was gonna get here. Don't miss some things like that very much consolidated miss on this right that's funny that you know this past week -- a 35 anniversary of 78 where you know it's that -- -- different world you know. It's coming and did it did it in arrive. It was something and it is something those of you who but if you're out on the highways. I was on 495 and Mass Pike both late last night and early this morning they're both clear dry he wouldn't get a remarkable erupted over to this one so it's like. Was it it was a three -- -- days before you get off the highways and you get on some of the side streets and first of all the side streets are very narrow. And you know it it's a little tough to get two cars through once album. Almost all of them are still snow covered in some way shape perform some of them are impassable right in in places. And you know there is say yeah a citywide. Parking -- spill. Which means the whole bunch of folks. Took their cars and put them in parking garages all throughout the city of Boston as you might expect. Which actually leads me to part of the issue that happened last night. As I was is I was leaving the hotel that nest and put us up in and I was headed for NASA yesterday afternoon and I'm listening to this radio station. And I am dumbfounded by the number of people who were pissed off that there was no Bruins game. Yet know people people -- it was more from my perspective -- it was more that. I was can feel like tell you I had on yesterday I was confused at the way the Bruins handled understanding it was in -- -- call. Account on some updates from the Bruins organizationally -- saying this is what's going on you know this may happen this may not have to -- and once -- was canceled. A couple of calls a million tax people travel from Springfield people driving from -- people were and I think part purely. Was there was nothing else on TB yeah I mean if you don't watch the Bruins what are you doing. Well it and we had came Helio we did have a pregame show on NASA last night anyway we did from 630 to 730 -- -- Akamai and we had camel on -- and I asked him about it. And he said look we desperately wanted to play this game because I -- and I can promise you trying to find to make up date for both Tampa Bay and Boston. In this compressed schedule is a nightmare. And they're trying to find one now they may ultimately have to play this game after the regular season is over and remember the the regular season ghost like April 25 or something. Yeah so is so that part alone he said we really really wanted to play this game which is why I think it took as long as it did. But ultimately what doomed the game. And he says he said we couldn't get enough people in the building to run. Yeah they -- in an and they know full well that debt a lot of people were not going to be able to get to the I know MBTA. Right now commuter rail no no subways so public transportation was out. Because of the parking ban most of the parking garages were pretty fall so even if you got to Boston there was no on street parking that's man right there was no place to put Jakarta parking garage even if you got into Boston. -- whole bunch of people were gonna have to eat the money for the tickets that they had paid. And and if they have played the game. My over under was 2000 people would -- elemental law. And that was probably I probably go under yet that would have been -- tough -- but but that -- and that's fine and in your -- but as I asked yesterday I wondered. You with the possible just to play the game just don't know France just be walking great we're just gonna play a game. Yeah I mean theoretically they could have done that but ultimately they couldn't get enough people into the building to war we just worked just just -- -- also the building just security that we have to have a certain minimum amounted to staff a building. And camp -- ultimately they couldn't get enough oaks in to be able to work and think about it. I mean most of the people who work in the building I don't think -- -- within walking distance of the TD garden short not. They would have had the same problems how do we -- there's no MBTA right even if we can drive and we don't placed what our car how -- we get there and and that. With just the group of people who could dig out of their yards and a driveways and be able to physically get in -- ultimately they just couldn't go. The NHL did the right thing as much as the Bruins wanted to play it. Because I can promise you make in this thing up is going to be a disaster. As much as they wanted to play at that -- I was just. I was dumbfounded -- number of people who were pissed that they were gonna play the passport for Tampa I mean -- -- -- on Thursday night right. And I asked Camelot -- how did they handle all of this and he said you know what they understood completely. You know they actually got on a bus yesterday morning and got to the garden to doing -- morning skate. They might have been the only vehicle on the on the streets at that point right they like it was a pain in the -- they were originally they played Thursday night New Jersey via. They were supposed to travel here Friday. They saw the weather forecast they mold their travel -- they finished the game in New Jersey Thursday and I hop on a plane flew up -- that they'd be here before the storm right. And then you know -- the game supposed to be 1 o'clock yesterday it was obvious that was never -- but they postponed it till seven. And then as the day went on it became clear that that wasn't gonna happen either. They actually got on the bus yesterday. They bused to New York City they play the Rangers tonight at Madison Square Garden they went on a bus to get there Bruins like this this morning -- got out last night plane left at about 10 o'clock from hands come. They got out last night and as Brinkley was joking. Lisa when was the last time somebody says I can't wait to get to buffalo -- and out of this whether it's -- district and they got ended in a buffalo last night it's true and tonight is the the big bloodbath rematch for a Bruins in the Buffalo Sabres at first Niagara center. There was nothing else that could've been done here that they could not have physically held the game and for the limited number of people. Who could -- walked to the game of those who were living within walking distance and good for them they would've had a night out they would had a fun time. The vast majority of people would have had to eat. They're -- also like you're walking from you know your house you know downtown mobile mile on -- sidewalks and -- mean it's that important element oldest and a mile for you know for Guatemala half it's -- -- just you -- -- -- It was a tough -- set that Watson updates from the Bruins -- no problem with him canceling the game Republican HL to appoint to -- Kim Mitchell took. He really long time to arrive at that at that point I think they were trying to see if they can get it in and they were debt because temple was here was a process work -- they've known my four. We should have known by -- 4 o'clock look it's a disaster here. Well once the -- and and they actually called the game like 3 year yet 3 o'clock am and what whenever laws that when the governor said that he wasn't gonna lift the driving ban until four. That's when -- okay. We we can't get people -- you know we can't get our PD boys -- not -- that night really the fans and the people and as much as they would have wanted the fans to be there. They couldn't get enough people into the building to work as soon as the governor said the driving ban be lifted until yeah so that's when the NHL said look we got a choice we got a call this thing. The ice I look at the two schedules yesterday for a few minutes and just that that -- as you said that's the tricky part I mean I'm sure that's also part of what. Took them awhile was it is hard to find a spot -- bolted to players sought one of the -- and April I think I've found maybe Dave report. It's definitely cost like -- CD maybe the day after the in the regular season. Well and I initially I was looking just the two teams' schedules. -- came up with march 28. Not realizing that there's a concert at the garden the night of march 20. And you know you can't possibly play an afternoon game there. Yeah you know get the Florida and get the state -- get things situated -- can't do it so. -- they couldn't it march 28 this out I mean basically. The two options that I see here is the Bruins have a trip to Florida later on. And you try to you actually give up home date yet he could do that play it as a road game down there and and in effect like two days down there instead of the one you're scheduled -- he could do that. Or you try to jam it in here. You know at the end of the regular season now -- certainly are you would think are going to be two teams -- in the play offs. All ass so I mean absolutely got two teams are immune to playoffs in a shortened season he sees the coming games. Playing a game after the regular season before the playoffs start not easy either but I mean listen this is. The life of a blizzard I mean this is the stuff that happens. Now the the Duke University Blue Devils are supposed to play at 6 o'clock tonight at Boston College. They were supposed to fly to Boston yesterday they scrapped those plans as you might imagine. On their plan right now is to fly to Boston this morning. And and play the game at 6 o'clock tonight. At -- form against the BC while while we just have while we just. All agreed that can be -- 86 BC 61 night and might not as they what did the X is saying everybody -- the air fuel helps -- -- I you might be right although possibly the travel. In the infield somehow maybe. Celtics are supposed to play today. Their opponent was supposed to fly in -- game's gonna go on I have not seen anything from anybody that would suggest that there's any issue. Except you got same problems. He's still MBTA is still shut down right. The other still parking cars on Russia. So you're gonna have the exact same issues and and you may ultimately. At the exact same issues in terms of getting workers into the building for today's -- and at 6 o'clock current. -- -- Any idea about the MBTA be heard anything be read in. They're saying they hope tomorrow. That's what I the last word I got was it's not going to be today right so that's not and did not get that tonight this game the other game according to what I've seen now. -- so what do you do if you're going to draw save its public season tickets right you live in framing -- the only game. I have no idea I mean I'd I'd I'd I have no clue how you are you -- -- -- -- -- closed the deal. People who were working the game last night faced they're gonna face tonight now again everything I said. They're gonna they're gonna play the Denver Nuggets according to a text -- got into at 1:30 this morning right they're here. But you know you had both teams in town last night too and ultimately couldn't play -- the -- you know the real tragedy in this whole weekend. -- besides saucy show last night. Sorry but if the security at left is. Statement -- birthday party. All. Six -- Crush wow man -- -- you try explaining that it was six -- -- older though -- -- said -- the Bruins are playing they had to cancel to -- postponing -- okay. As long as the Bruins where she gets -- that says OK so but that's the -- so I can run around you know. I've blown it but yeah so if you get a snow date for the march 2 march 2 -- -- on the schedule marks its. You know how hard it was for unified all of the schedule a few extra hard is a good point you know for two NHL franchises the -- on the schedule with its fair. I text says here if you're going to the Celtics game tonight you get dropped off and picked up while the erratically you can do. God you better have a really really good friend who's going to do that you live in Andover. I'm gonna drive it down governor drop you off I'm gonna go kill a couple of hours than a minute drive back and pick you up afterward. I mean yes and I -- she could do that if -- if you live in you know Lexington or ten minutes aware that people point drive for an -- I guess I just don't go why I don't know how works. -- are people he said 2000 for the over and we have another day. What do you think. Like 5006000. You know -- How could be that can't. It's hard to imagine without public transportation can be much when there. It's -- piece things happen unfortunately. I called the NHL yesterday when I got the -- nice it has never happened before. Two teams were in a city. And they didn't play the game as brick and I told the story of the doubles Calgary game in 87 right that was played in front of 38084. People because. Two teams were there they had played a game they did play. And -- Frank Brown from the NHL opposite to the best of his recollection. The only other time he could come up with where this happened a few years ago there was a hurricane Carolina. And the Carolina. -- Americans actually lost two games because of hurricane rumbling through there and Lisa and I'm almost positive. Montreal was in town. Or one of those two games that guy and needless to say the only other one we came up with was 96. Bruins were in buffalo to play the sabres. And late in the afternoon of the game. The giant scoreboard it's not a -- -- to the middle are nicer that's right. And needless to say it would been tough to skate around it so they'll ultimately had to call that game. Bruins were in town sabres were in town but you couldn't play because it was a giant scoreboard in the middle of the ice surface so they had to call -- -- Would be hard there you know break out plays good television but you know. See guys through center right. -- -- -- Pot every year till -- we'll talk with you guys about whatever you want. -- the Celtics are scheduled to play tonight against the Denver Nuggets I believe they will play. It will be uninteresting gathering there at the Boston College Eagles will play tonight at home against duke. I don't know what parking situation is there but there's no mast track and offer. The folks going to Conte forum tonight because -- eyes still shut down and of course the Bruins do play tonight they got to buffalo last night. The sabres were on Long Island plane last night in and they flew home so ironically the Bruins were in buffalo before the sabres were last night. And -- the big bloodbath rematch takes place tonight. In buffalo the Bruins in the Buffalo Sabres 6177797937. As the telephone number you can text this -- -- like. All of what you -- starting out at 37937. Would get to the -- that he will talk about -- every -- find out what's going on where -- -- its daily Kirk. Sports Sunday Sports Radio WE yeah.

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