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Pete Sheppard Talks Rajon Rondo and the False Belief that the C's Are Better Without Him

Feb 9, 2013|

Pete discusses the ongoing and rampant belief around New England that the Celtics are a better team without Rondo ... AFTER 6 GAMES! Pete says it's completely ridiculous and it's people jumping to conclusions way too soon.

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That's what 77797937. Texas 37 37 -- that the ship reduced six. But Sussman a bit and again another rough -- of -- situation is filled with Pia. Blizzard -- repercussions of the blizzard. Blizzard Nemo when everyone cause pain in the ass. That's what it is but it is. We'll try to get -- together so let me know how everybody's going about -- doing to what 77797937. Though over 644000. People in New England. Without power -- people listening on their apps and on their. Some on to register Brady strokes whatever is available Barry operated radios that mean my goodness. Some of the doesn't exist is one guy who just you just can't get enough vote willow after this more port ran a five way to say peak. We live and Auburn have power couldn't tell a -- snowblower is running or from was -- generator when I woke up this morning. I was happy to. And the kind of frequency with the rest of I was happy to something look at Auburn okay local -- legislative. Arafat was a -- now I just have to have it now it just have to have a power out it's sometimes we can't actually use our. 65 under what generated we went out and pot a year ago I get to. One -- 27. I'm gonna I'm going to address ignited -- chance but he he's he's tweeting -- taxing every every five seconds and you still have not responded to the fact that Rondo has effect -- minus 56 plus minus stat 38 games not enough to prove you wrong. You can't handle the truth. That it does not say don't fraud effort don't address it and had an address this. I said my overall point has been. You can say what you -- around the globe back read many hands Archos stuff that I talked about all last week you wanna just to partly dismissed. What this man has done a gold partner and -- -- -- rating at 38 but I'll grant you that. A gut -- your your stat. Which you have to also. Understand. My old -- point it's sets breaking games 66. Games against some really bad teams. I don't know why people like like people like this this Dexter. You don't don't -- they don't -- at six games all the sudden you think that's a big enough sample size for any sport six games. Mickey big football maybe the only sixteen. But six games in the NBA NHL and Major League Baseball doesn't mean squat without this player that player. Now you might be entirely correct when it's all said and done and I've admitted that -- level tip my hat to a -- that the -- But not to -- see it after 2530 games -- is not enough that's my overall point but a lot of people just don't want to address. Wanna ignore it and wanna ignore everything that this guy has done. Now do I think they have to play differently when they come back I think we're seeing now that probably Rondo can't adjust and adapt a bit. And it didn't have been some things that what did he just talked about yesterday or two days ago. I would with a big -- Michael Holley. All I'm saying is it's six gigs. My god. And also in disguise that Dirk back east sucks because. Just -- dismissed everything disguised as done with this team I mean -- honestly I don't understand I don't understand it. I graduate blob all that stopped ten guys scored again at six games I understand. There is that held a long way to go though that's all I. Ask did you just remember that. I'll give you all your numbers I'll give you stats I I'm not dismissing them. Some of the negative numbers on Rondo. But you can also. -- there's a lot more numbers like -- -- you to a doctor a bore you with veteran newspaper. And that they were -- side to playing this way when he was here. I think the fact that he's not here now and that soldiers not here now I think it -- a hell -- a lot more pressure on pierce and and KG every single light. And I don't think -- much that's going to be a good thing. On the second half of the season. 61777. -- 7937. Texas 37937. Tweet that -- -- reduce -- a ticket with a soft -- once again. -- -- -- -- Are made up either party where he's probably like you said he's watching all state right now. Over a metro and he's doing stuff for channel seven as well and again as I said I just saw a picture of Paul and their task that -- beat gigantic chunks of ice. Ice boulders in the -- attest to that sort of down 26 to it all South Shore -- real. The North Shore up and hot and Rockport I mean just. Just be very very careful -- along these coastal -- Latest that we've heard mass emergency management agency -- up. The driving -- still affect the gonna reassessed every couple of hours and -- -- saying that the last three hours and so far. It has stayed the same just had -- -- -- of course from WI and -- And he was there he's been at the garden and you stated Tom last night the -- abroad and everybody's stated -- that you get to the game and I agree with -- the I think they will play this game tonight. In front of you know dozen people so help -- be you know people live in north then it could just walk over. I still question. Emit a well you know what -- way they won't play. -- if so the players can't get there we don't like him or tell -- there but we don't know. I don't know for fact at how many of the -- players are going to be able to get there is they sell a lot of them live in the north and that walk -- -- say through the Ryder bikes over time not today obviously. But you know how how they gonna get the -- there. Well enough to play game. But barring that I do think they will play for the reasons you know I've talked about -- -- -- reiterated the view. And it's a great story you have heard it several times about -- in New Jersey is playing Calgary McNabb haven't walked over and there we're on to the perimeter before people's names you gave him a gift effort and that's that's two referred by. A lawsuit won't be 354 people. At the garden tonight is knowing how crazy hockey fans are around here you know. Who knows I don't want guys to weed out Texas earlier said he doesn't care he's coming into the game. I just on the way apart. Idea park and at the Rogers a full -- free parking so where do you park. You know -- you have and you -- on the north and how bad this park over -- a question very few very few of the apartments and condos have. Extra parking some of the restaurants if you going on it was a restaurant maybe you might be able guest spot. -- some of their not on the street but in the back of restaurants some time some of the restaurants -- Hanover street in Salem street prince street have. Ours or are over street mostly has couple of vote -- back Alley lots and you can at par via. Proper but other than that whether hell you gonna park. No -- know MBTA. Unlikely that it's not going to be running until Monday. -- shut down until was released tomorrow. And again driving -- is in effect right now as we speak so he can get lined up to 500 dollars and and a year in jail 6177797937. To 277797937. It and for once this beat that -- at W got to listen to trapped at my mom's in Lincoln art from. RD. Pay as a -- the effect that that she's there Tuesday for -- -- -- I'm being out totally honest with you guys -- I -- all of my parents you know they're they're elderly have a 96 robot that lives in the same. A complex that they do and my sisters and -- hopefully you can get shoveled out Steve -- Eagles driving bin O'Reilly I don't care. Help pay the fine if she gets pulled over. But you know it's it's just tough because they don't have cell phones and they have electric phones and obvious you have no power -- -- -- it'll hopefully. They're okay. Back to -- here's a job on the kick up next here on W we Iowa job. Pete sharper how you know good job I don't -- -- on respect for you comment on it electorate -- Euro -- Well I -- and I can and I plan ahead and I know I -- -- I agree Ottawa up in that we get into the conversation -- shall hear and bill today to tell their kids in school. -- -- A look at all the respect for you Obama won't smoker or a bad area that appreciate it thanks Uga -- IQ IQ global leader in their -- or what are hard to keep you want. I'm not I'm indicate our industry is not the guys -- I got like nine. Not his biggest -- -- -- every -- -- really heavy wet snow. Please let me you know we got man ten -- but the governor -- Shot the roads yeah I mean. Attend -- to go you could -- to shut the road I mean an end to win the last night it would free agent on the ground and the roads are shut it -- LO UR a might have been that way but I certainly in I have to say the -- last night I mean -- you some of the pictures anyway it was for -- pretty. We're pretty horrible by it's only the second time it's happened in the last time app was -- the 78. -- -- -- -- Let me get my conversation if you give me some harper backed forces it is such that they beat you couldn't be more wrong -- this -- available -- -- -- The CQ I'm making a lot of the people would defend in this team that Rodham making it you think we're seeing Robert the player at bat. But that's like I I think Rhonda was touched by god with their skills he's amazing what he -- TOP focus. That Red -- -- -- all the data without -- Cabrera was better shortstop and basketball as well. A micro look at it because it point by player you feed off each other. Why would not like. This huge beating up and not being in the at a movie they're getting into -- -- deploying a better brand beat Ottawa didn't X. Remote but you couldn't be more. Immigrant. -- job I'm not disagreeing what what you're saying as far as that goes well I'm saying is. It's only six games right now it's only six games as a long way to go back and I know you're not you're not one of those that says. Again I'm not disagree with somebody appoints. Overall to say that this team is better off without him I think it's crazy you can do you can criticize his game. And and and certain points and I agree they want but -- remember. -- -- -- you're not you're not you're not a lot of other people are saying a lot of fantasy that one off the team trade them they think they're better off without them I think it's crazy. -- -- benefit to listen you guys couldn't quite Joba walked in the you know we only using up 45 -- certainly you guys the bully pulpit. What I'm saying to you with most of the call trying to get into the competition. I think they're not getting enough time that the fact. The best player in the anti is so talented but on defense team would have Batman yet gotten out with a young players. He picked 2% -- the type of attitude -- -- available. What lies is terrible ball OK and a member of what appeared sitting on the sport been able. At five seconds left and a playoff game that they don't -- commit any -- beat up. I mean an adequate. And if you would -- he has yet national -- in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And playing our. Aspects of the game. Definitely thought Rondo is the the -- leave. Look I'm not arguing that ever played -- there at that for college I appreciated thanks for the kind words it's six games and four teams they played under 503 were horrible. We were horrible teams I'm just saying it's not a big enough sample yet to go nuts with that's all. Martin -- and some good points about it is notes some of his. You -- call selfish whatever it helped pass the ball off when he when he should be go for the shot -- I I don't deny any of that stuff. What I cannot understand I mean they all have you can critique anybody's game but to say that you think this team is going to be better off without Rondo. I think it's insane dog and he wanted to -- and -- -- his game but this particular team I don't deny that. I think it's I think they're showing right now that when Robert does come back he's gonna have to tweak his game a little bit whether you're mature enough and can handle that well that's that's going to be sick. -- raised BC now the reports I'm hearing some people that covered the Celtics is that. He's kind of been humbled by their Jack while talk about this but in Maloney who today are being humbled by this experience. And hopefully he's a Smart enough a talented guys can it go and a lot of people that brought Dallas defense Sox. In case you forgot the guys gone for all defensive teams two forests and a two seconds. I believe or second in the third by the 21 two seconds -- defensive team. And you know and I know that times this year is defense wasn't great neither -- the team but if you read many hands are you brought some great points up what brought about last week. About him and the team looked at was starting to turn it round at certain times or just it was just inconsistent it's just not all. One got. And I'll continue to say she'll just be for 25 games and I'll become a believer. And I'm just I'm stunned sometimes about how often people. Jump on and off the bandwagon after a six scam I guarantee epic one or six game losing streak all these people that say they -- Other that that that's stated you know they they didn't suck what. Well probably and they are gonna jump right back god does not know but maybe Rondo is needed I mean it's it's. Why would we overreact for six games I'd love other play I think it's fun they're entertaining I love the gators have been fun to watch you know kill the lakers as always good. Over the games that in other blew big leads on him you know the school funding to watch I'm just saying six games that's all. -- -- -- -- Little the little thing will be six incidently. What that is bad enough since -- seventh at seven sites that ignited threes that. A case excellent seven please stop it. A very drastic I'd read your tweet earlier you protectorate. Northeast at minus at plus minus that -- -- -- this year until lets you address that argument. You're just talking hot -- over 38 games yet that's like the fifth time I've read it to I've addressed it. I grant you that number five what you fail to realize you'll grant me that six games is too small sampling and you refused to acknowledge that the man. Has been an incredible talent on this team. Especially the last couple years you just wanna dismissed. Everything he's done the past because of the thirty -- your your stat that your obsessed with. Minus 56. The a a bridging that I grant you use that 617 I agree I -- a tip my hat to your -- you. You know you've been texting at a nonstop the last point four out to what the guys who lost keep watching a lot of numbers in the -- -- -- -- from. But seeking a suspect that's they've stopped. You know again it which you have to grant me you have that you wanna completely dismissed the man's career what he's done. How important has been to this team like god. A must see doesn't doctor indicated an -- to make some changes -- comes back next year. -- Somehow does many people or delusional thick and all of a sudden this team as a shot to go back to the NBA finals like six games sample. And maybe they can -- six games is not enough for me it should be for everybody. If you've seen this before from the team's. That's what 777 -- seven not eight or seven back to oppose Michael Boston Dexter WEEI repeated for credit Larry Michael. We were abducted people stranded analyst and it's now. Appreciate it thanks I appreciate -- best the best Bruins could. Maybe yeah. A lot of people and not gonna have power to watch on TV that they have -- phones in the laptops uncharted mine topic conference start and it's a good prospect game. Game one nets and dot com for those kind of people. I know maybe they might. I don't. Want. It. By grey dots it's a good that's a good it's a good thought and maybe they will do that I mean I wouldn't put maybe able to that and it's certainly -- -- darn it greatly during the break during the break also -- -- and that rights the rights of their that's -- that's where accountancy if but that's something they might consider. That's why I called up earlier -- wanted to try to help someone -- bill that but I that it really wanted to tap the power peach -- behind because. In a lot of credit to be elected and that's what how things like that that he's hit the ball roll them. It is now on this going to be start would be rated title wouldn't be back in the day at the -- will let you know. -- actually no that's when he was the best so what we'll see we can. Like. And I receivers river Bob -- Bob is the best in -- Fred -- on television John pierce back and they and then with. And -- with. Derek Sanderson later ought to be a -- just river were very blessed around here for the hockey -- have a Dell does a great job jacket with a great job. But they have I think you're the first person in the media and public. Basically even discussed being -- -- the -- notes that it's it's. I love it I live from at the grown up from Rhode Island ever watch the -- every until thirty my dad it always watched and I just love Obama big hockey fan. I love hockey east and a victory and hockey summit similar bias because of you know I had it right into the conference as a whole. You don't see all the teams and well. -- -- I throw a little while whether or Islamic call from Koreans than any data out of meat ball might you know exactly -- that one. That -- -- told -- that probably people worried about Tampa Bay and yet you wouldn't in the probably going to be -- home team. That's nice that it's going to be tough to get. Your dog where. Why it's a tough to get the players their army some of them want to live in north -- -- -- block. But I mean some of them don't and I'm more about how to Apollo all of the can field a team. What's the rule what McCain not to -- it'll be -- -- that. Currently -- -- parlayed it into what the rule on that. I think the rule the rule is. The rulers I'm sure if they had if they -- twenty guys they are sure of were nineteen guys that shall try to play the like the I was talking about. With the New Jersey Devils and the and the Calgary Flames some years ago. -- -- one point the only head you know fourteen or fifteen guys there and liberal said no way we're not going to knock life and finally finally they got they got to get a hold of some of the players and as you heard -- go tell the story you know McNabb -- in the locked in a couple miles to the stadium. At times so it's it's going to be -- it can be real tricky situation and not -- system. I'll show people that live in what within walking distance and have tickets Sobel gladly go boy. I mean -- -- drive and we're -- market. -- -- It's at right now in middle school -- thought this isn't it at all I mean you spend money you can't get to that game tonight. It's I think most people say would agree with you I buy than -- and that would call might have of people texting and sending going to matter a lot. So we'll see -- a -- -- WEEI bill. Dormitory or lawyers you develop our department from along the -- -- -- lowered down to we ordeal. -- your department apply to repair and. While ago they've done a terrific job the articles all around the public works -- -- -- and Boston -- their asses -- the last you know. Point 436 hours into the terrific job. Similar from Hartford limit order book for Carolina -- And you know all thankful for. Hartford's always Daryl -- always paralyze -- it's not small its army have you seen it would drive you drive to Connecticut especially that area -- Mean -- if they are not doing construction on 95 for the last you know thirty years is there ever not a traffic jam driver to Hartford and it's ridiculous. -- -- Applicable adorable portrait which it just worked out the current and -- and especially -- push for sure that harper is that the sign that you want your round like that oops yeah well yeah. -- -- leader -- what would your art program. You don't. -- much. It's -- but I think apple uses. Art call up while ago yup. But it took like Rick or Robert a couple of but it -- -- in the week you all are fantastic. Well liked the wearing a musical world. That alone. Arctic in the brilliant guitarist. But nobody can catch up. And -- to consult expert Bob -- the chemistry off import you know or artwork ordered -- needed to go into now. And a record of other part of there's a little. Chart. Parents all dark or reduced. Government has set up into. I don't I audit that's true the people to say -- -- the beat -- pass the ball too much space should be looking for the shot more and I don't I don't disagree with some of that. I I just disagree with the -- you can criticize parts of his game and I debt that. I'm saying it's only six games without him right here you can bring a ball -- any time -- one -- -- Bergen up that is the but not the the minus 58 and number in thirty games fine. But what about what he's done it all the last couple years a guy has been phenomenal they don't go anywhere near come close to the Eastern Conference finals last year without Rondo on this team. He was clearly the best player on the floor. For both teams on most given night she had a phenomenal series like a phenomenal post season last year. To say overall overall but this Celtics team is better off without Rondo is crazy you can talk about him having its weakest -- we come back next year and -- doubled. Disagree with that. But that over with somebody -- some of the public to say that they are better off without him I think is insane. Gotta help me Burke or John endeavors but -- the -- terrorists. There eyeball test you hear all report to city and it's meant to write a -- brokerage at all without -- cynical -- -- I watched his team and the what do we board now play out -- out -- -- and -- -- important we -- for time but it -- November Simon -- I -- -- spoke to. But like I -- a while Margaret he couldn't back mr. -- that a -- say it but it's up to their -- at all or. Well established he knew there and that seems. Where at one point Jericho went quite detrimental employer -- It would never -- it it would Rondo employed him appear quite that bad large aggregate all seem bad. It was all -- What I also they go to. Ball. -- -- thanks for the call appreciate that -- words I also think you have to factor Rand. It -- nine new players on this team. And -- that's a big part chemistry as a big partner. And yes for the six game stretch ready early estimate that it did to the ball moments spread the defense is better a grant to all that is six games 6177797937. Text 37. 937 tweet at the ship three to six are quick break we'll come right back we'll check in with -- yes -- as well are right after this Sports Radio WEEI.

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