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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com Live from Ft Myers Calls Pete to Talk Red Sox

Feb 9, 2013|

John Henry has officially arrived in Ft Myers and Bradford has all the latest on the start of spring training. Pete updates Rob on the snow while he is in sunny Florida. They discuss how the Sox can turn things around this year, what the pitching rotation will look like and more.

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Back here is a must have a job to Joseph but they're not here Larry is on vacation next couple weeks and we still don't know about -- mustard and hope he's OK I'm being -- -- -- on the areas. And call them. And text and tweet up. Mature -- about it we rat -- currently on the does but I think it does that FaceBook. That he. Voted oh please okay what get a -- to do know that once that is that we have so much comets went 779. 737. Texas 377. -- that -- -- -- six in the drug right now from a Fort Myers, Florida. Shock rob Bradford hello rob. For a group of prefer prefer what you're Twitter handle. By -- he shot three to six. All right I know everybody knows there's a hockey UN Twitter and I followed you -- it do for you are barred dot. People everywhere should know that you're going to Tweeter. I later I put -- good try to I try to Iraqi government of the people rob like yourself you know I -- a -- about -- other media -- and like many UB BWA snotty threads about like that at all I know you're not so much right. Don't want to hear from us I think it's blog and I I enjoy the interactions I yeah I you do what you bastard you missed you missed the blizzard. I didn't yeah I've missed it I remember that I'm I'm calling my fairly constant need to fill up -- know the temperature here and make sure the powers. I intact amid a hang up immediately -- you can go. Right so it's like seven degrees down there right now 69 that not -- me god course it is it's it's really. That's a little bit to go out making sure everyone sit back call. And giving whatever and you reach him out of Fort Myers -- -- out -- about. And I saw from Twitter that -- John Henry arrived a couple of hours ago. You have Adori -- yes it's these honorary were excited degree really hadn't heard from him throughout the entire policy. So it could do know that he's -- around or not I guess people wearing out to make -- yeah on Monday com. Yeah also legally because of the code nomads into the Terry Francona books have been honored -- Well good let's let's talk about that regular saw -- knoller and accuse -- of you were channel for yesterday and I don't know if you I don't know if you've talked him yet rob since the book came out put. It though I don't know priest. Playing to the camera plates reporters that he shocked that some of -- stuff but he can't again. He can't be that delusional of course I mean. That's -- stop people have been talking about for a long time -- a lot of white any of this is surprising to him. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and -- big surprise Paula you know. The it out alive and obviously he has been a lot there's a lot of truth to it doesn't eat them and good. Well quite often and so you you're gonna come out and say that that sort of thing I mean can you would you expect anything else that is. It was kind of how they react to -- -- -- the nothing could surprise the other than the -- that come effect. Andrew -- Out on the general public take a -- but then there's other things other than that it's not really -- you'd probably react to the old. Yeah I mean there's some of -- I mean but there were some parts of that book that. They've been documented -- have been you know. The things that you know the focus groups the author and you know -- catering at a catering to the pink cat people and they've taken bloggers lined -- to Terry I mean. That's some scary crap rob that's -- Yes -- no question he's going to be I mean I think confirm the Torah the book. I don't think it's any ministry -- Terry Francona want to takes dig at the ownership group who. He has he still has problems -- and there are issues with players and they keep Cadillac alone. -- -- -- -- -- -- a glut fest between the two of and I know that they probably had permission -- that Apple's well. But if there's -- blood motive or no one motivation but it is our chief motivation. In this sport what it is kind of get. A big hit fielders in and that's exactly what he did so. All the things that you referenced stolen goods certainly didn't. But you know -- -- that -- how would you describe -- go to that got way. But again -- held every room. That it had to work right or maybe some of the players have worked out some of the pitch a little bit but you know my expectations are to descend to for the since the end of the season I mean everybody they signed free agency wise of the right kind of players I thought they would get. Yes they overpay for a couple but beat besides that. They gut the -- that I thought they would get. To me it doesn't mean squat. Unless Lester Buchholz and Lackey are consistent I expect a 500 team about expecting anything more than that. I'll be pleasantly surprised for this particular year if if if they're past that I think 500 dog keeps in the contention maybe the second -- -- at least -- people. Somewhat interested are you feel about that what are your expectations going into the season. Yeah I agree you have said that -- that this you can go to a different way I'd ever seen he might get where you come and say. Oh you don't abuse -- asserted that could actually contend that much to this but the problem is that. They -- have a lot of thing go right for them to contend they only have to have a few things go wrong went down they're go the other way and I agree. I think that typically should pay proper rotation is very important by. But it seemed in the debates and I think that's the case to go up and -- division I think got used to make it. You can even take -- out of lineups and their commitment you have not often. -- which team it's gonna be able to get the most production out of the top of the rotation and and you know and at least he's our last and -- seem quite sparkled at their best in the end it there -- able to get back it up well OK okay we constructive conversation. But it if not then it's going to be a long. I'd just just up the subject real quick about it's been a pitching you shocked. About the way the Seattle Mariners handle king Felix given that kind of money were two years left on his deal. Are shocked because they have a big deal and if you're gonna be accused -- -- going forward is that for the what was the past -- for the Seattle merit. And I understand -- need to beat the franchise and the need to take a look we're committed to winning so we're gonna find what -- -- -- the best pitchers in baseball. By contract like they're. -- are going to be few and far between with pitchers. And we've seen why we've seen firsthand why they're going to be few and far between because teams are gonna wanna commit -- -- -- like amid. All -- dollars. Because pitchers as pro football idol the pension. And even Felix Hernandez is -- that he would. What surprised that you won by the target at the milk the contract. Says he has some sort of injury in pain he gets some sort of issue. So they'll invest that much into the picture could do -- -- here. It's a risky risky thing especially when you have a team went to meet players and you can get a crap what the players but it died and probably. Build up a pretty good foundation for the future. You it's it's intermission scenario also speculation that you know some -- -- can make 200 million dollars in the next couple years -- Macon once every five now are get a two million dollar contract I mean. I I thought might be several years ago the post kinda deals market happen anymore but that it's just an elder. -- but that's a bit -- PP that it could be left so -- And obviously Felix Hernandez is a very very special player. But we've seen firsthand. What happens when you look or what can happen. Who would you give up its WTO and it -- it's also very very special player. When they acquired that didn't work out Carl Crawford didn't work out. We've seen -- pitching contract how it worked out long term. -- -- -- Very few -- especially with pitchers -- Few of them are able to live out a life of their contract and -- that's what Gillick the next level type of contract. Which Adrian Beltre will pay off -- GP Beltre whoever it or here's. Two million dollars. Well actually got turned out to be a good deal. But it's -- six W deal we commit so much he died which he I know that the send a message. But if it's a long term I can met with the objective of -- How concerned right off the bat should Red Sox Nation be -- regarding David Ortiz. Because these are you talking about taking -- very slow which I understand that I get it. I know wasn't like a ruptured Achilles heel biter -- be honest with Iraq every time not so much we takes a swing but every time he starts third. Rod or trot out the first race Dominick on the cringe because we get that they're feeling in my stomach like it's it's just about to go bad. Well a couple things is that number one you're talking on the other day he's optimistic. Although the ball where he's another -- people to do things that you were enabled it to you earlier yacht is he's feeling you make progress. You -- a little bit I think it's bit cautiously optimistic you're gonna go into camp. And kind of see what -- epic -- -- flow. Now that you -- should be concerned I think if you get to the end of spring training. And you're still having pain there you still having issues you should be concerned because it's been a lot and but I'm gonna try to reserve. My opinion -- -- seeing him it seemed the first week to week when you start playing in games. And that we can kind of see where -- that. But can do another thing to consider its Egypt -- Dominican for the last month because you wanted to try to oh in the cold weather particularly. Well you know when people comes around. You talk about that orchards and and and so you could see a lot more fly over paid days off per. Might be so still a -- way in April after -- what's the witness that we don't retreat now about a half. An -- out of law and -- -- any update on will Miller Brooks and and his his status. Began very early I understand that went well what do you -- is now. Are you ready to go he's been hitting if you. Still I think you'll hit the ground running -- no limitations in and also John felt good yesterday but Mike Napoli law what you limitation due to -- he's been running on treadmill. Getting out what it was no problem in terms it is mobility and flexibility. So what you ought to be here today actually. Actually gonna work out this start work -- being on the -- -- there. At first bases there for that the caution is that some depth at first -- But I -- Widespread who obviously wanted topped off outfield prospect but not -- member of the non roster invite chief this year and everyone wondered why law. Alex gets reported that he had a gun accident. Recently discharge I just keep okay I gonna prevent him from participating at least in the first part about a two -- camp. Well that's that's that's. Good to go. Back and -- the drama begin already existed so it's it's it's it's it's just unbelievable. I think a lot of people this year -- going to be watching Jacoby Ellsbury if he can stay reasonably healthy what to expect out of him we saw you know flashes of MVP type season. Couple years ago big tail off last year I thought obviously and you know what I expected out of him this year. The other thing the big mystery it's a fascinating it's a fascinating -- a look at the blog that story -- through this team's bye. Ali because what you did get a perky wins -- losses. The different contracts. What you're going to be. It's so I wish I could say hey you know I Jacoby Ellsbury going to be. We have no idea -- and all we haven't got one year right now that you're about why that is and say hey you know what. Just -- -- -- goes Eldridge is out at forty years he has. So the -- and will he -- I really speed I have no idea what currency practical joke. All I agree via other anybody does I just think it's it's it's hard it's a hard guy to figure out because you seed. The talent is there you see what the potential is and it's like you said it's only happened really one year. Well I think the first thing that we're gonna have to look for it kind of what type of how the ball to -- not -- got. Being heard that he. In two years ago when he had a big year in the big power year. In spring training you could tell there was something there you could tell them both coming not a you have I think about three home runs that's spring. So that's the first thing we're to -- -- down here and obviously staying healthy not probably a setback spread to me that's that's where you start -- -- there. Is it going to be anybody. Under a microscope more of this at least the start of the season in the spring training that John Lackey. Well I tell you why you dropped the first steps in that doesn't mean anything at all MB I no other cliche drives coming to chase. But I cannot remember a guy where I came into camp that I recognize. I saw my first I do not recognize them and you -- he's committed to returning better shape -- ought to want it ought to wait. By Altria to get it doesn't make a difference to you get on the -- -- you're going to write utopia under the microscope. But all we can do is take what we have right now and right now he's been to -- Substance DRI helping you would be restricted too much appreciate it to ground running when you can start to get a -- Didn't need to not only to be closer to what he was when they when they signed up but it immediately split up another rebuke grind PepsiCo IQ -- I think when you look at the division. Despite being one of the biggest single tablet starting out which which -- -- into the -- spinning from your starters. That's why -- your children to respect this year because they don't got you can do not try to duplicate could be very true because. A guy like -- it's like to go over all other Charest spoke a whole lot at least look at this 230 innings. So I think that's what -- eat out all black you against. Yeah I totally agree with you about the Orioles later they had to talk about boss' look at went their way I mean obviously the magnificent bullpen last year. But the record a one run games it and lose want to playoffs you know it's so that and that's kind of a freaky thing that they didn't deserve replied that you just don't you don't see that. A very offered a Major League Baseball a team that has that many one run wins. Yeah and ended but it really do much in the offseason and you look at won't be the number two starter I think it's. Go to like 120 innings that's and it was just too much. That went perfectly for them whether it's the bullpen stepping up to cover deficiencies in the starting out winning one run games. But there's just too much side are you don't see them competing with another team that the division. And finally respect with WEEI -- jobs or rob Bradford who's down and a sunny Fort Myers and and Daniel Bard as well people going to be watching him in what's his. What's his calm overall you know move right now and mentally where do you think he's that. I guarantee it's it's become a global alliance with a Lackey -- position which -- everything right now the first steps have been positive steps. But we just don't know it's sort of open. Right now as we speak. And insult I walked over there and so a lot of little ought to matter as -- agree -- -- did two years ago. If you are you just don't know but I after everything -- said after target to unfurl bottom. About its Howell and everything that you say OK you know what he's taking steps in the right direction. But you have no idea until you see him back from the field and the other part about -- -- yet an optional it is no guarantees that you can make fifteen. But I'll say that jumped out to do eighty or 9798. With the control. Then -- -- even though you have a credible -- you -- -- put a -- stop because -- shows me that you were turned back -- -- couple years ago. And -- like -- -- one more question about John -- loop area -- Red Sox skipper and this is the guy thought would be here but I probably since the middle of June last year I really thought. He was going to be Europe at you know for this particular season what. It the commercials and you know they're gonna play guard and -- gonna run fast and you know that literally about. But getting all these guys to do that and he's saying and doing it are two different things but you know what. -- I do believe him. Where he says I do think this team is gonna be a gutsy. Team -- gonna have to -- -- expect the runs are going to be anywhere near what they've been over and we've been spoiled the last you know five or six year reaction last. Really up since 20032002. Even. The runs -- -- that at least this team's gonna have to win some games. Off four to two. I think five to three if possible and whether or not you know that Tom Warner -- is sexy -- they need sizzle I mean -- that just when the game. They outlawed outfit and said they can run as far as they want and they contrived aren't they want but it because we put out of it. The starting pitching got the holdup in excel dad is going to be a tough stretch. But I I do you think. Is that the mindset and I think the respect is good which is that you're staying because I just they've been with its. A lack of respect for the call but I keep in touch screen and played substantially over the course -- -- and SP I mean it. You always watch said the collage always wanted to retire after the guy you know you don't wanna be that guy right right yeah after Francona. So I think that helps it helps -- he knows you guys outreach respected by these guys. Epic comeback route starting pitching I think it also helps with I think he he can understand the -- of particular parts of the other day -- -- only yesterday. They that you're the manager chart for all to think what look at it and say hey you know what I've seen you -- your best. And this is what you have to do to be budget passed in and really a new guy who was in that situation would be able to do. All right rob great stuff on -- talk few members of you know you beyond what 45 days of every you know and why god is the certainly a lot to discuss this Red Sox team of people going to be paying. Very close attention so effects like -- and that's got everybody forming and they enjoy the sunshine. The decision he. And the and safer but we'll go watch out for what happened Buick hoped we would crater. Dallas just was we were Greg today -- -- never called or didn't tax anybody or or message anybody so I don't know I just hope he's OK -- we never got any phone call about anything just to show up so. I was coming anyway I came in yesterday the town. I got my hotel right at 10:30 yesterday morning were lucky enough to check in the courtyard Marriott down the street and in Cambridge and you know -- And I knew it was going to be you know horrible. Or so ago and it still took me for almost forty minutes to get your just going a mile and a half and it's it's it's brutal it is brutal out here. Over the party at the courtyard last night. -- what the Japanese restaurant was open there was very nice and I was I was I was back in my room at 8 o'clock or what's in the the Miami clipper game and I just went online just trying to to a you know -- -- only someone is only so much you can do you know fairly reflected in the overlook hotel on the -- you know. It's important you know -- these people who like oh -- yes yes it looked like you know. All right people who feel appreciated and -- -- Robby -- begin at a Annika rob Bradford W yeah -- doctor opera break 6177797937.

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