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It's Sports Saturday, and It's Nemo Mania! The Blizzard is Rocking New England, and Pete Sheppard is Here to Update the Latest on the Snow

Feb 9, 2013|

Pete Sheppard is in for Mustard and LJ on this cold, snowy winter morning. Nemo arrived yesterday and is still in the process of leaving it's mark on Boston and all over the northeast. Pete and the "Sauceman" John Saucier do their best to update you on the blizzard that is one of the worst snow storms of all time!

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And we live here why. Anyway haven't won yet. Holy macro. I'd say good morning but I think the response. Overwhelmed in the movie -- why don't think so. But anyway -- hope everybody is at least safe and sound. What gonna tell you we're. This is unbelievable. This is unbelievable. -- phone number 6177797937. I tweeted out last night -- today you know anything that we can do here to help. We will do our best we'll keep you update on all the -- -- rundown. Sussman has -- join me just a minute is well if she's over them. For channel seven is. And aggregate. Talk to John -- -- is also gonna have his own show tonight if we can get here. Between the -- have -- -- seven despite his debut tonight is talk show host. But anyway it -- shepherd I'll be here until god only knows when. -- -- to hang out the latest that I can tell you about the the storm gamble we can talk sports afterwards mix and -- stories about the blizzard. It actually officially has been as you know. Dot a blizzard and the reason why it's now officially blisters because the fight they had three consecutive hours of 35 mile an hour winds. And just a quarter mile visibility or guest wants those. Item one factor that in the meteorologists say that is officially a blizzard the first one and in Massachusetts it's 2005. Six worst storm of all time. Boston has about almost point two inches of snow right now again at six of all time was to really guided a really you know they have almost thirty inches of snow up there. In some areas and you know chips and horses horrible and -- or just capsule ridiculous the wind -- last night were fifty to seventy miles an hour times I mean it was unbelievable. The latest on mass emergency management agency memo. They said the driving -- and it could be an effect all day however. They are going to reassess the situation over the next two to three hours so I'll keep the poster would that. The MBTA. It's suspended. All day for the departed to a Joseph present or he says it's -- -- at this -- to -- its highly unlikely. That the team will be writing at all today don't count on that district -- at the top of the hour talk about Governor Deval Patrick abroad to -- play tonight. Against Tampa at the garden and he is strongly urging the Bruins to cancel the game -- that's gonna happen. But two posted on that as well obviously -- flights at Logan until Sunday. And that's you know. Get people just mostly concerned about -- in the driving ban bonuses that it's still affect -- you know possibly a 500 dollar fine if we get caught a year prison. So we just -- worried of the orders state to stay off the -- on a much or what's open anywhere and just going from. And affect people the courtyard Marriott in Cambridge last night they did a great job at a very early yesterday and wanna deal with Vick and -- let me check in at 1030 supposed to be three. -- great jobs like this on out there and it was on the computer most the day on Twitter and FaceBook didn't. This in Iraq -- people in just opt in a situation like to see store driver moral driver Mass -- from my area was on the twelfth floor of the hotel. So I was kind of you know thrown in on some kind of half. Serious half of when he updates -- from my hotel -- best record and then around 5 o'clock currency and it. Beck -- and barely -- memorial drive. And most people -- -- the -- pretty clear it seemed to me wrote two pretty clear. That I could see from. -- go from -- 1 o'clock yesterday make people really did a good job I think the public works. People have done an amazing job thus far and you really have all the while people up here. I mean to deceive thank you again even today -- even my car parked underground. At Samaria they still had a comment plow. At the end because there was just drips of big -- a personal right in front of the garage so -- it back up and -- that McCain right away and plowed. And that's -- the plows on a western have a -- station here. And the Austin Brighton area and a lot of appalled I mean there icing up a lot of these plus commute these guys are working their butts off. And I think overall -- a really really good job. Hats off to you guys -- neighbors out there plowing streets in any capacity to and a magnificent job this is absolutely brutal. Absolutely brutal so again -- the drive again according to member of the mass emergency management agency is gonna be reassessed in the next two to three hours it's still on as far as I know. And no flights at Logan. And that's about it and auto parts of parts of Paula being asked to evacuate have a lot of friends down there are used to live down there. And I know how dangerous it can be an old people what it would domino look at the water. And I'm -- don't do it. Don't do it's that you were -- well. You know and and and most in any coastal community in the South Shore. Or North -- for that matter wouldn't wouldn't go anywhere near the ocean today -- in less it's it's an emergency. Because it's December asking people -- -- evacuated constituent is is undergoing high tide at 10 o'clock this morning. And those of you live on the coast no way high tides can be used in the you know I've lived on the -- island -- and I've seen -- obviously masters with the help of five years so. It can be absolutely brutal. Just use common sense and -- in I'm not telling me that you'll -- -- common sense stay put if you can. And others about close to 400000 people just under 400000 people in Massachusetts was before mass. That are without power. So. Hopefully that will be. Which can be resolved. You know sooner rather than later obviously if you have elderly relatives or friends you might want to check on them if he can. And I'll be honest with -- try to get out of my parents the last couple hours can't do it they have let bones. So arms and don't have power -- a violent. Threats frustrating isn't it try to try to get a hold people it's mostly the mustard and Johnson's show now Larry is -- vacation. Greg haven't heard from Greg hide or hair of him that no idea where Craig is or what's going on. Matt you ever heard from right. Let's bring and and again we're gonna take a lot of calls today and you can share your -- stories or relatively light because it's going to be one of those days where justices -- this is all. Blizzard talking we'll be Yankee talked it is usually -- to be belligerent talk 6177797937. Ms. Sussman is their right. Did you hour I'm doing all right our you do men got power knocked cold and amount work so that's good side for a lot of people. That side not the case of most recent number of the end as you mention I'm here at channel seven -- of our employees and all -- our staff released state hotels. Downtown last night a lot of or -- have been working for literally 72 hours straight. It's been out quite interesting over here but just -- the latest exact number of power outages in Massachusetts. 398913. People with out power at 70%. Of the town of sandwich without power. You mention -- -- The good news -- will -- yet they did get dumped on with snow but as of this moment. Only eight homes and lost their border with no power that's unbelievable that's great -- for city that size at the second largest city in Dublin in eighty Holmes. Don't have power but still very very lucky the real concern right now Pete. Is it 10 o'clock the astronomical high tide is coming in and that means towns as you mentioned likes it to a whole Plymouth sandwich. All that storm surge is gonna hit. Over there and the governor and -- emergency officials are not mandatory evacuating but they are encouraging very strongly if you do would want those towns what's -- whole -- to it. -- percent which to get out of their before that high tide comes -- Beverly along the coast before. You know they can be bad news. I mean I've that I would I lived on it for five years -- and then we've dug a rock -- last couple years I know. How bad it can be over there and it and it is it's annoying people like to go out and look at the water during storms that -- -- -- -- the water come over the wall. I never quite understood that by people wanna get so close but they do it. And grab -- grown up Narragansett, Rhode Island believe me. It used to happen all the time not just for the -- arcane type of storms that we -- and bad nor -- but -- it would happen all the time. I never got it I never understand what you wanna park their car and look at the water come over the wall I just don't -- purpose in doing it's it's very it's a lot more dangerous and people think. Now really is and it's one of those situations especially today where you really need to heed the words of the emergency officials and the use the email but why would you wanna go look at that when you get sucked in the ocean and when -- a 35 mile an hour winds and 21 point whatever don't -- eight inches of snow to fall to Boston that you mentioned this -- the six -- a snowstorm now. In the Portland Maine. They got close at thirty inches. And that's an all time record for the city of Portland Maine which is saying something because in Maine that a lot more snow that we do here in Massachusetts and much more than it grow up parts of reality at least. -- -- along the coastline so if they're setting records in Maine you know this is serious storm. No question and just any other point too about the ocean again. It's not even -- the water you have to remember and I've seen it there a lot of rocks again thrown up in the year that you just don't seek common. And I can tell you this have you lived in any coastal town before you know you see you know pretty big stone -- too big not -- gigantic boulder Silva but big giant rocks. That get one across history can get into parking lots I mean you can get seriously injured. Just like even to you to produce even if you live down here you and you know the area district well I'll just go for a second I just don't door. I'm Tony I've seen too many accidents before cars get destroyed. You know kids get hurt you know beaten -- -- coming over the wallets if it happens and it's it's it's much worse I know looks pretty and everything it's fascinating it's a freak of nature type of thing but. I don't know intelligent it's not work that. We don't what don't majesty of the update in terms of injuries and stuff that you are knocking on wood and fingers are crossed. As of right now no major injuries no deaths reported in this storm which is a godsend and I really think that the governor -- on the roads. And it's been a big part of that because not only. -- they've been able to clean up some of the storm mess but really the role of super slippery you drove in this morning. You don't about it once and that was so that was when I was -- right -- -- over the bridge and in Cambridge and literally probably about a mile from here -- maybe a mile and a half tops because I still took me it still took me -- forty minutes to get here the state of Massachusetts has just under 4000 pieces of equipment in terms of clearing snow. It's a little bit less than that that's not counting little local municipalities and city of Boston now but. At 3800. Snow moving pieces when you've got snowfall amounts that exceed two inches per hour. When you do the math there it turns out that they cannot keep up with the snow now at parts of the storm. We were at four inches an hour in the real heavy -- last night so are we cleaning up from the slot so it's not the fact it's just that. The governor doesn't want to Alter on the road because he's worried about -- is one that's always a big concern but. Just keeping up the big snow it's come down is that constant challenge. And -- start to catch over the now but still you know I'm sitting here. -- top operations center in television studio and every camera shots all over the that the city really all over the states. And from what I can seat and just going outside this morning downtown the roads are super slippery. There's haunt us all over the place. The best place -- snuggle up -- the radio each -- right now. Yeah exactly exactly and joins us here about. And as I was saying to a mass number mass emergency management agency they're gonna reassess the situation as far as -- driving -- In the next two to three hours but I've also heard is a good chance saucer -- that they know might be in effect the entire day. Now what they're gonna do and I -- arguments in this beeped in now about three hours from now officially gonna go while. And assess the situation is -- probably going to do is talk to the state Department of Transportation also beat. HOC. And are really get an assessment of how much snow they've cleaned up. How all the roads look especially some of the major thoroughfares Mass Turnpike route 193128. Is those are always you know you're very busy ones. And try to make the decision regular people while their rockets it they're really it's tough haul right now because how long can you say to people. You take don't do you -- people who were stranded. At places that need to go some where you really gonna say okay we're gonna start at you know 4 o'clock on Friday and not -- drive around all weekend. But at the same time. Their face of the season if we do people go comedy class is moving and after respond to it make everything now much worse though. And it is like I said I mean there there roads redouble Merle drive western app today which is again about a mile and a half I had to drive. Were you know a -- plug guys a public works people doing a really fantastic job -- ahead. It is almost it's near impossible for the attempted to try to keep up. Especially with the drifts and everything else I just if you don't have I mean don't go out there on -- sucks it really has batted and it it took me an -- -- -- forty minutes to get it go a mile and a half. Are reasonably plowed roads it is on its just not it's not worth it site. And I understand why they would keep that driving ban in effect because he gets stuck and stranded and everything else and then. It's about to suffer the rescue vehicles to get out there till it notes and they stuck sometimes I've seen that in over the years happened in the past by a to stay put if you if you unless it's an absolute extreme emergency. BBC solicit police rescue vehicles bottle and yet they were getting ready spur some of those interviewed all the mass state police on Twitter made some really interesting pictures right before the storms some of these. State police emergency response no vehicles they have looked like some sort of a Star Wars it is in putts and then their -- -- up. Just like your regular state police cruisers so. Imagine you know you're stuck somewhere -- pelican apparel walker that looks like amassed a police cruiser -- a savior that's building -- can imagine there when I saw those pictures. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Data so working on cleaning up the gut all the -- they've got vehicles off the rails they've mean. If they're gonna open of the bus service of Roosevelt weekly -- which is not the case the sidewalks and out to be clear which is. Not the case but then the train -- -- -- probably got two or three weeks ago people and we had that real real cold weather the Green Line. Was shut down the morning than it was shut down again in the afternoon just because problems with the T. We've got -- -- antiquated subway systems in the United States of America it's the oldest subway system from Boston Police not saying they don't to a great jumps there really do. But when stuff like this happens it's not just the problem of the snow on the track they get a lot of electoral problems so there could be all sorts of stealth. And I think that the T shutting down. Is too -- number one they also to clean things up but number two. They really don't need people out to bow in a storm like this. No I agree and obviously over the mentioned -- at Logan are no flights and volatile tomorrow maybe. Maybe. No converted from regarded that's that's where I have not heard differently and all the flights were canceled for today yeah most I would guess the most likely going to resume. Tomorrow night Logan Airport they really try and you know it into law over the years of course. They they're really trying to flights out as soon as possible so I would be surprised if flights are. Back tomorrow but once again we have nothing official as of right now all flights for today canceled as. Marked a hockey tonight this is a tough call to let into this situation before and usually how it goes to the visiting team makes a good talent tip basements and on the grass this is that a game in New Jersey. The other night they -- the town late yesterday. I'm not mistaken so usually they will play the game and I know I understand too that the garden as had a -- with a Beanpot game before. It's happened with a -- doubles game I think deals told a story when dale was doing the double broadcast back in the day. It was a game here at the April like 500 people left in the stands. Off 500 people go to the game and gave out free T shirts or whatever. They did but it's it's it's a tough call I know Governor Deval Patrick did you report the top of the hour. Is urging the bronze canceling I'm not sure if -- man that's that's going to happen. It's possible -- say it is possible there or -- -- game up obviously from 1 o'clock to 7 o'clock tonight. But I'll tell you it into my experience is usually the visiting team makes in the town like in these situations they usually play. As good music see what they do that I think a lot of it hinges on the travel ban because. Gupta -- 171000 people going down to the city to watch the game now this blizzard. I'm sure will be many less than that sell -- 1010151000. People who still would go to the game in theory. How they gonna get there was -- -- they do get there. You face in the the arm probability that some people could be stranded downtown or out the gardeners -- T. Where they got apart it's it's a huge logistical nightmare. But like you said beat the lightning did fly in last night ahead of the storm. All teams are here there are waiting to play -- -- display this one with no fans or -- -- -- possible and -- the deal. What -- like I said it -- it has happened before I I put that may be 5050 right now that that they'll play but. I actually there's a chance them and until we hear differently the game is on a note -- into the governance at -- he's urging liberals to cancel it. Will soon be able to keep you posted it partly as you said it will be logistic nightmare. To get there. But also to be the -- wanna get the game and they understand that is hardly going to be fans. And you know there's -- -- the game but. Imagine going to that game and getting sucked in regard you talked about -- being outside of violence in the Beanpot and I was stuck there and only -- was -- at the -- we might see angry public agreed not to a couple of free Beers at maybe -- -- but now is are being bought teacher out there. How about you went and got stock just for the consolation game that the -- to third place maybe always in law and Ari Sussman asked him by -- you know stay with a little bit of work at a rate but it and one to pick up on calls and bring you back on. That I going to be inaugural which deals that Belichick -- up back on that maybe after your blog BO watch ourselves -- be all right just Aussie is also gonna have his did you talk show maybe. Here later today. From 57 today for an end but it's a must Johnson this is their show color resides publication next couple weeks -- mustard throughout their. -- Getting folk outs or are you don't know it's -- -- secret mustard or Hillary is let's hope he's okay much or try to make it in today and this is the teachers speaking here. -- -- -- -- And it's it's it's it's right now it's difficult ticket all the my parents tickled my sister. All -- anybody right now it's kind of frustrating and my wife's at this point what was he smoking I don't know my -- it was a 27 half its draft. Outside our door. In the -- earlier world a -- earlier 27 minutes away from the station usually when it's you know. We -- in traffic to back -- you despite your party's right. -- pearl was deported to get to a it's a clash or get to take a quick break welcome back to a couple of phone calls against number 6177797937. Text. At 379371. Text ready for me while drivers that once that it's that XP -- sort of wrote it's 4 PM long night. Guys are doing a phenomenal job. What if you guys up next beat Shepard on -- -- -- EI blizzard sports Saturday this is the teachers speaking here.

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