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John Lackey isn't apologizing, and doesn't want an image make-over

Feb 6, 2013|

We talk about John Lackey and his continued unapologetic nature towards chicken and beer. Consensus among fans is that the only apology we need from Lackey is a solid, 13-18 win season with a low ERA... can he deliver for the Red Sox?

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Bring up this because I was I'll give it to. Abraham hit the piece today. About that John like original like a piece that I did on. Interest. That. Peter Abraham has what he refers to see where. You were personal incident interviewees are ordered his first extended. Are several interview in several years where it John like. And I did it is -- And you I'm sure probably remember this but we years ago when like you first got yours first year his PR people. Came to our PR people. And they got together and decided that John Lackey really needed to. Set up a good reputation in this down. So they wanted to put John Lackey on with a us once a week. So. We put on the first week and a course India I think ruined the whole thing because he probably said about the 62 were shorts. And we kind of played dim backlight. But the next day the night on August. We started playing -- for sure is. And this was this was the interview to. So this -- would you say three weeks and for three weeks to a camps to. For two weeks and suddenly John didn't think is doing him. Any good but he -- At that time -- certainly is gamblers knew at that time. That there was a a perception problem for him. And I think it was that stuff and actually kill the law so we try to have fun. It kind of even told Lackey got a tip them off that. The best boy you can deal with the stuff is gonna have fun and joke and you know -- on your self and stuff stuff like that age to get -- From the beginning he seemed to get in the something. Went awry where he. Didn't figure it out or didn't -- I -- who say the shift and I couldn't agree with -- that. We all know that and we're -- you see Peter -- -- and the players the team. Loved -- like that I want to have a a vote in there fourteen president or you know some some honor John Lackey would win. The players love him. And think he's a wonderful teammate more people were fans were bitching last year. That he shouldn't be out on the road they -- anymore see him in the dugout where they didn't wanna see him on TV on and -- any of these road trips. It was just the opposite that club the players. Love the guy. For it -- we've seen the guy with with the worst body language of of any player ever ever seen out there and -- seemed to show his teammates up and get his players say. Not true. That when he comes back to the dugout he's apologizing -- hugging me the most how is. That this guy is so beloved in that clubhouse and not be the only thing that's important. And yet. He may be -- most certainly the most unpopular Red Sox player right now. And he may be the most unpopular. Professional athlete in this right. How does that happen. Or you know -- happened. Eighth but if you're confused by -- if you didn't just don't get up. How does how does it happen on it I'm short happens off. In the flip side to examine this this this has been the Lackey situation is normal. Where a guy is like my teammates and -- buys it. That's that's what a lot of outside what's out today what some examples come in and out to but I may be some of the listeners detectors. As I can't think of a lot of guys put out their -- by their teammates and dis liked his mulch or is this guy is Spotify. Fans nick short happens all the time but here's the here's the one that's even more interest into me. Is when you have guys. Who have a good reputation with the fans in the media. And aren't necessarily. Embrace -- teammates because -- would go for days seem to be. All about being ambassadors in you know. Make it themselves and we -- with a self aggrandizing and the whole thing and that teammates -- of phony phony like at all. So I think that's. -- think that's the interest in one but. If if you look at our JD -- linked to him and J. D. Drew to a dangerous -- acted like -- I think J. D. Drew is -- I know I will tell you that stuff and I I do know this from first candle that they liked. But he thought he was kind of for for they thought they are fraud -- right now they thought that he was a guy who many days Korda played. And did so they did -- rushed him they like him personally. But they didn't trust him as a teammate that he was gonna be available every single day that he would at some point. Let them down simply because he was one of those guys that couldn't play. Unless he was a 100%. I think players felt bad about -- about like having I probably about J. D. Drew and having improved for the most part fans like Manning there were many fans. And talk euros might yet Adams. Who thought Manny was despicable. In any time Manny came up it was a 5050 thing kind of like our -- conversation yesterday 50% and leave me alone -- 50% and that is ridiculous unacceptable. But within their clubhouse before the Jack McCormick incident within their clubhouse even when Manny had his moments in there were several Manny moment. For the most part. The series and that's again we can't win without him. So we will accept some of the quirks and and in -- for David but there are many fans wait a -- they knew what he was -- -- was matter of fact. Varitek in that book. The the -- book you can see some of the stuff especially with Varitek who apparently you know got exasperated with him at that it's -- I think. -- -- What he was that was a great players there but he was also a guy that was gonna screw it up somewhere along the way they were always fearful of that. The fans on the other hand I think probably had that same split. This guy is beloved in the clubhouse. And he's despised. Outside the club well. I don't think you look at it -- John Lackey. Lot of his teammates like him. Because. Evil when he doesn't have his stuff. He goes out there and have his best stuff from the haven't had his best stuff for for many many starts in Boston. He still goes out there. He's a grinder. In the club house. He's a guy who's always got the joke. -- when you go out after the games. He's a guy who will not pick up the tab. You know he's just one of those he's just one of those guys. I usually. Don't allow him grow -- he loves apparently young players rookies exactly what you're saying buy stuff for them. Picks up the -- all the time so internally that's why they love externally. Here's why fans have difficult what are his numbers from Boston went well triple -- the numbers -- part of -- but how about this and now. Abraham writes 2011 like he was the center of the now infamous. Fried chicken and scandal. On that he was in the clubhouse eating and drinking during games further bruised his reputation. True heretofore. Lacking is on apologetic. Quote you just take it for the team and move on he -- the whole thing was blown out of proportion. It wasn't as big -- deal as it was made to be but that's Boston. Everything gets cranked up. A couple of notch on the restaurant -- -- -- everything he says it right to hear about everything he says there is for -- an amateur this that. Like he's too freaking office. Because everything -- just said there is absolutely correct first of all you just take it for the team and mobile. Nobody wants in the clubhouse wants to hear you rat them out on guys on that team so he took it for the team. Any -- don't. Think in the clubhouse the fans don't like actors he's not apologize -- play every game right the whole thing was blown out of proportion it wants. He's right -- chicken didn't lose it in 2011. That's symbolic. Ditching its symbolic. Of why that team failed in September. But it's not the reason that the team failed. Effect that would be surprises he jumped up -- -- To -- a bit different he's right about that it wasn't as big a deal. As it was made to be but that's Boston. Everything it's cracked up a couple of not so much I think that's on us do a sports talk shows that's on the media and -- the -- -- the fans and fans out there. Don't think that you're not part of it because if you're not calling if you're not talking about the the beer and chicken we have nowhere to go -- guilty. That's what makes a great like two quick things before the break -- -- will continue in ninety seconds but one you talk about it being wrapped up in Boston different level different intensity. It is clear in so many cases on the same Boston is the only. Great sports and mean it in America I think it is the best though. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it is nice place to spears is great place to visit here's an example yesterday. Baltimore had a parade for the ravens. Sent thousands. Of people -- the area went to the -- how many people went to separate. 200000. I can explain it -- quite know what happened when the patriots -- million. -- 1000003 City Hall plaza so it's just hit it 200000 at the -- people. But the 1000003 obviously different level and that you brought up beer. John Ferrell somebody should ask -- we have -- we should ask that question is gonna put beer back and I don't play out of bed -- a -- and answers yes. I current report on I don't think it's a problem and a lot of people are gonna bitch but that was not what happened in 2000 all of -- here's what John Lackey should've done. And he probably would have changed his image out there. But maybe he's -- and maybe. He's just being honest and he doesn't want to play the disingenuous. Team. We're gonna -- Editors of time. And in my -- -- uptrend -- The other thing he had deaths of tough things go on in his life and then Nam word got out. That's some of those tough things that were happening life. The way he portrays them wasn't. Necessarily. Accurate and people started saying well. Maybe he's got to the DB in his own life now is not really. The upstanding guy that we thought he was but here's what it'll get on it yesterday could be more write about it. Everybody wants an apology. Everybody want anymore. Are they do still yeah I think there's 111 I think John Lackey could have come a long way and I'm not saying that he should've done it. Because it would have been disingenuous as evident by you know which quotes today. Who's standing by standing by his teammates and it it's obvious to him. That he doesn't need to be loved. By the -- so Joseph Maddon talked about Eminem and that the net please. And -- -- but it's a really nice things -- as he was with them as a bench coach and with the Angel has the angels. And said you know just a wonderful guy and everybody everybody loves him -- endorsed. But if he came out in this piece where he does it next week when -- -- them oh inches or whatever. He says this is a lifting you know I'm really sorry about all -- -- it was. Bad decision on my part and we're all on me and I didn't put my teammates it was a bad decision on my part again I apologize. I'm gonna make it up you know medical bust my ass tonight. You know had some injury problems. I am I I'm I've got all fixed up here and my elbow feels great I'm ready to go doctor -- and I'm gonna give you everything and I apologize to any one have you. Who felt that I let you down in 2011. They would feel excited that we -- these phones some with Britain's got. Don't be excited wrapping -- another example what -- certainly -- of it was of course you sand right now no because Jerry -- at times to athletes do that Michael. They basically throw you yes they -- state they they. Smoke pot smoking your face. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can't say things like. But if he did that. But people would buy into and give them a second chance because let's face we don't want the team to and they probably. Cannot have a real good season this year. Or the the ceiling that people flank where they can challenge for a for a playoff spot analyst John Lackey has up pretty good -- Gotta have a pretty good season and had a great season but pretty goods would be willing to buy all finished this guy. Not just standing by it he's basically -- in the chicken and beer. Was not the factor. So much to -- -- in my any of my teammates and not do the apology -- are also out to people if world apology tour would you feel. Better. About John like well also keep reminding you when you are raised the question earlier who were those guys who are like by the fans. And not like -- teammates and vice Versa like credit he made them by the fans of one of the Texas is that rather. Watch John Lackey sit on the bench in -- chipped -- in drink beer and listen to. Dustin Pedroia OK he's got a problem Koppel and put put George got a problem. And he's got a similar problem -- that the fans of system right now as a great player he goes out theory bust disaster every single game look at it gives you. -- is all. He's terrific -- He's turned out to be a fun novel's second -- and the one thing that he lack. As he was kind of a small little chubby kid when he was in the minor leagues and couldn't really run the bases effectively he suddenly become a terrific British. -- -- he's improved his game dramatically. And let's face it. He's probably not starting with -- awful lot looking it is it is wearing -- size and it gives you was all but. He showed up. The manager last year it -- the public off -- and instead of coming up -- the -- a couple I'm so sorry and so now he cleared it up apparently with Bobby -- He was the one guy that was able to at least have ongoing conversations. -- Bobby V about it but he didn't do enough with the fans just -- Are there any duties took advantage of the escrow amount to a little bit there a couple of these -- -- -- I felt like -- aren't. 01 Texas which affects -- well over Marco. What Texas is Glenn. You don't like William Shatner. Like. And here are going around a bit more as Chrysler vs a pretty good reader which you and I don't think so but I now. I need added. The callers to step up today because some money on the text -- was calling you guys out in this is not very nice. Texas has remembered to callers are small percentage of your listening audience. Many of whom actually work for a living and cannot call for -- Also at that do call. -- their ability to articulate is any indication. Consider a high school education. As is zenith. Of their educational desperate. Only -- almost -- let's go again put in my column man what dropped a public thought that was going on I would like to talk to. I would I would like to talk to maybe Collison and Michael I would like doctor -- -- -- being unfair. It's difficult I would agree that a small percentage of your listening audience -- Small percentage -- as well. She become the judge and jury now as do -- the intelligence. And she -- right. These people would do state you know the good judge the other people like you know they're always. It's a little conversation. And -- that you are willing to do about -- the skeptical. Article like Colorado. Don't want that. Every once in awhile and say you know I hear this all. It's bells. Just cross section are small percentage but -- cross section well of people who were. There is good text here and I agree with this text 100%. We don't want an apology we want production and I think that's it may 2011 it it doesn't make sense for anybody to apologize for that now darkening give us anything. You want it as a Red Sox for and you want to team to make the playoffs and make the playoffs. Some of the people that you were mad that are no longer hear -- -- Adrian Gonzales for saying it's God's plan. That they didn't make the playoffs as a matter effect of saying things like that he had been traded to Baltimore he could be in the same town as Ray Lewis. So agent Gonzales you're mad at him Josh Beckett you're mad at Josh Beckett he's out of town. To be put it like Kevin Youkilis Kevin Youkilis is at a town. Nick Punto and hurt anybody but he's out of town too so. -- is gone to Google thought you know he lost control the clubhouse Jason Varitek is gone you know as a captain he should have done something. So I mean it doesn't make it makes sense for anybody to apologize to -- -- to the next level here I'm gonna say it now put me on record. In February. Put me on record saying. This. The can be good team. The Boston Red Sox are going to be a good team because. US for pitching. Pitching pitching pitching and got pitching college get a former pitching coach here. As your manager he chemical so yeah I'll give -- to improve due improved. Improved pitching a little bit here's a guy with a play any second that you -- -- got a plane. Any know some of the characters that you want to what you wanna see them and prove he knows what their strengths and weaknesses are I would agree Brett. So US war more pitching. They improve their bullpen. That's don't want one inundated improve and they articles I don't think they've really improved their rotation because they have two guys. They have two guys here who can help -- weren't available last year -- -- -- Ryan Dempster. Free agent pick a nice signing correct. You agree with. No innings innings eater yeah he's Italy that's on. I think he's okay he's an innings -- he's not an impact pitcher he's not a top of the rotation guy that's gonna turn things around that affected anything he showed. A lot of a struggle when he came over to the North American as structurally to Jerusalem it was for long he was uneven or anything. But probably short overall people all news struck. Got off to a got off to a poor start. It was pretty good that was that laps that although one game playoff and then also. Lucky. Iraqis -- Outs. Seat but they need black. So. And I know people are hard or down on John Lackey right now. But if you if you are right Michael and that this team is going to compete for a playoff spot going to be as you said good. My keys -- gonna be good to you before the best team ever. But let's say you've finally lets you finally get -- now. Eventually you know I'd say it was already finding I don't that is the best team ever and there is -- what you repeated now as ahead of water -- -- your body into. Ours is and you negatively disposed toward the high post and you're not what you did at the -- so let's say you're right. For them to do that. John -- has to have a good. So instead of everybody trashing on John Lackey we probably should be sit nation and we we hope this guy's arm is okay. Annika is out as terrific here. Here's what's worse -- -- trash -- them nobody's praising him. Right now I think the Red Sox in -- and that techsters right. They want production. So it's not even doubting Lackey raising Lackey it is. Indifference and tell. Until given a reason not to be and -- not to be and I think that's what we are with the Red Sox. You agree attempt yet -- our masters cup last offseason will be that way in April. Right now. You're not really sure because I think this is one of those. -- they had an off season that a general manager that other general managers can appreciate. You know as one of those subtle thing it was a subtle offseason -- subtle improvement here -- subtle improvement there but in terms of hears that word again sexiness. Added it'd really get it down from a sexiness perspective but they could easily be a much better team so. -- and -- -- in might be giving. Props from his colleagues. In other general managers offices. But for fans right now. Still got to see them on a field and still got to see some things to become. Well I I think there's apathy out there right now they've got to get off to -- A good start up the phone might get it to the -- against the Canadians got -- it to the Celtics as well will give away a pair of tickets today. To see the Celtics and the lakers. Tomorrow night at the garden will give it away today at. 520 today will give it away phone calls coming up next the six point 77797. 937 could always Texas at 37937. Rating action.

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