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D&C open the show talking about Ryan Braun and PEDs

Feb 6, 2013|

A new report from Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan links Ryan Braun to Tony Bosch's performance enhancing drug operation, although it does not directly link Braun with any specific banned substance. But Dino and Gerry say where there's smoke, there's fire.

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Honest to god I'm not kidding I'm trying to remember the last time you and I sat here at 2:3 minutes after 6 o'clock. And began a program that we -- for the next four -- -- which was going to discuss. Games and wins and losses and performance as good or bad. Predictions. Looking back analysis game breakdown. What is the last we've done that it is has them permanent show maybe you're Reese what Mel hall where we have not at least had to deal with. Fakes and frauds and liars and cheats and people trying to get around the system and I -- god bless them. Let's Armstrong A-Rod Ryan brought Ray Lewis to justice who is -- Sports just in sports now. And and well I think it's encouraging in this regard is they've been exposed them to pick how many years. Years that we said here look the other way and and paid tribute to these guys and fondle these guys and then. You know bullied him bought there. Their crap. -- of how many years. That that the likes of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens Lance Armstrong. And Ryan brawn. Got away with it I mean and at some like Clemens and bonds and and I'm struck almost got away almost. Escape -- and you know almost -- clean getaway kind of like the guy from the following its -- its -- it is. True I mean it is -- -- talk about that it's a good thing. I think this is really like Ryan brought really encouraging. Please for -- links team right -- think ten years ago twelve years ago fifteen years ago and -- this is rhetorical. He had been caught he'd have been exposed. This fraud -- -- 11 MVP already. What -- want -- -- 41 home run titles it won All Star Games all stuff -- -- got All Star Games he demanded hundreds of millions don't make money. At least now we know at least now we re we're learning that he is a fraud a cheater a drug and what does that say in this day NA. When all the testing is in place and the exposure is out there and the frauds have been exposed as you say the Clemens and the bonds of the world. And yet it is still going on to this degree. I mean wouldn't you think that the A rods and the bronze and the people who saw all the stuff happened to other people would say. Now. I I I don't wanna be blogs and wanna be Clemens I don't wanna be disgraced yes I want succeed yes I wanted to but they don't want to wanted to make a ton of money. But didn't see the risk here in all of them the last couple of years. Now now excellent for two things they're cocky and arrogant and it's notes self legal catch me they won't catch me they they got money in the thick of they go to these labs. That would that this was the first day we talked about this guy Tony -- insult Florida. It was called. In fact Victor Conte. Called it I think Balco. SE or about cosell Al goals Florida right so I'll preach. So in your mind understand how the testers to stand ahead of the policy Michael -- an expert and that now was bright and Ron's alibi. And experts an expert does Tony -- I mean this is not a doctor's not. Alleged guy. But his mind -- he's Victor Conte he's gonna help me. Beat the test and and -- arrogance of the book Brian Brohm. I mean first -- and arrogant bastard anyway blame in the FedEx guy when he -- lashed do you blame and that the evil FedEx guy. I I hope he goes down in flames makes me sick when people see you know people we know say. And and he you know he's the he's. Got -- he beat the rap he beat the rap he'd beat the -- some foolish. Arbitrator. Decided it is Tupperware -- illegitimate and and you know and had a problem Major League Baseball has since been fired. Since then let ago that arbitrage harbored there. Who gave them -- this past releases of these hell. And get away with it and get an MVP and get a hundred million dollars and I hope he goes down in flames just -- on clemens' -- -- -- a good thing. This. Let's look back oh. Formally on the good old days when we didn't have this problem. We can really ask is what it speaks to about the good old -- it it that was right that it was rocked with with all of this going on and that we didn't know because based on the exposure. But the bad guys the cheaters the ones who have been caught had suffered. And if it's still going on if A-Rod continues to exceed Bausch and have nineteen injections in his ass and take every known drug. Performance enhancing drug known to man. Means that must've been going on. A far greater number that we ever knew what we weren't paying attention to what we look the other way and let. And this is different now were the worst he's you know as you get this. So that is synthetic testosterone and you don't have to inject it is -- system faster and it doesn't turn your head. It is big -- shape and you know right on strong city. Seat -- Cabrera era for that matter. It's easier and and in the commit these guys Tony bosh is -- trying to stay ahead of MLB and that whatever. They're doing it to some extent. Then there are times like this. -- didn't. Report the confidential test no Fareed. But since then he -- that he has no note either Ray Lewis sequel let's arched so it's work and it works of ethic and once the chemist guys whoever it is Tony Bausch and bush discusses look we got to test you passed. You know we get the masking agent we get -- -- system oh good. They put cool little notebook out and they forget it's all right Mary black and white or more than one ways to get more than one way to catch these guys which is how I think. Ron is gonna go down our -- -- tell them. We'll get fifteen games I think they're gonna get fifty games but again ten years ago Bud Selig would -- the soft and say he doesn't help you get a base. Paul -- -- -- Doesn't help your hand eye coordination. And an appointed -- a I guess the reason that they are doing is they've been doing it successfully without detection for a long record of talking. And there is a certain amount of arrogance -- are certain amount of U can't touch me I'm ahead of the law Mike got Mike chemist is better than -- -- drug testers and so if they go through season after season after season. And make millions after millions at home runs after home runs and nobody catches them and they pass every single drug test as did Lance Armstrong as did Ray Lewis I guess to -- to sort of. Don't get out on top of that I won't get -- -- top of that Ryan Braun got a little last year yet hit one of the highest. Positive levels of testosterone -- ever recorded. And get away so what does he do currency kissed I'll do I'll do it again -- -- a where -- -- again I'm and and you don't think of this pick the guys notebooks. Are going to be a gonna turn up at the local -- a weakly -- megabyte you don't think of that you say. Cause -- compete. The protest. Away with well guess what does more than one way to catch again and I'll say this of the two excuses one from. Right and brought last night and one from -- earlier in the day. Right and bronze while this fraudulent as the day is long at least. At least there's some sort of I guess you could say logic to what he's trying to say as opposed A-Rod. -- is saying those. Records those journals all those notations with my name next to it and all the drugs are forgery. That's that's his defense Iran's offenses those are -- telling friends next -- He forged those now at some point in -- might have to explain why this guy Tony bosh has an important new -- all that time and all that energy and all that effort to write all those things down next Iran's name just to screw him over I don't know. Why in process. I went to Tony -- during my suspension. As they consult sultan as they consult but this guy but I'm gonna hire to tell me about testosterone levels and ratios all those kinds of things. As -- mile to my defense TJ Quinn from ESPN. Heard that excuse from Ryan brought -- had this to say about it. It is a stunning thing for him just saying it has hardly hardly actually less qualified. -- less credible. -- botched not only doesn't have a medical licenses. Although he tells people he's a doctor. He was connected to a player who is suspended for PED used for years ago. When Manny Ramirez was suspended it was -- and eight CJ description. Here in Korea ought to get out of trophy which is a banned substance. That prescription was written by Tony Bob's father. And so he goes to Tony Bausch and says to us I just want him to consult it to overturn my fifty games maybe you go to guy you know who knows that dirty and say you know I'm dirty but I need your help -- if I mean is there pipeline -- this -- consultant or or he. He helped. University of Miami sure players and Ryan -- is one is going to be a bunch of more and they're all gonna get fifty games lessons. Guys are to get fifty like Manny -- you get a hundred. I I think though it's it's encouraging I think baseball. Is gonna come after these guys come after him hard -- especially -- because than you know Selig and everybody knows. He got caught last time you get -- -- because this is eighty arbitrators -- well he didn't you know leading the FedEx I didn't. Whatever send it quick a quick enough. We went through all this so they're gonna come after him extra hard because they know he's been cheap and they know he stole an MVP -- a and and you know and great season all star appearances. It's it's a good thing my question is when it was a red sock and -- analyst that's not gonna happen isn't. I don't for -- -- they don't do those kind of know. No not our team out on our on our team and our guys know what to that end do we need to recalculate. What percentage of guys using -- in Major League Baseball. I don't know that's a good question about it. The good ones the great ones who didn't need to do to perform the bronze in the Clemens. And the sources and the and the bonds are doing it then there's the guys who wanna be great and and work for a while because they run at the -- stars. What's the quickest -- it's the guys we really don't care about the jags are doing it try to get a level up what the Red Sox are Red Sox have an alibi in one regard they don't have any of the great ones yeah let's anymore so they don't but you don't I don't know it's good question -- -- Likely an and this is one of the reasons that we hated bonds and Clemens because they were already great -- -- -- this argument they -- hall of famers before the begin taking -- yes which makes it even more but dirt bag because they wanted before they wanted to be better they wanted to be greater they wanted to be the greatest athletes for the did the PT days. You much more inclined to your Brian -- back. You spent eight or nine years right bosses in the minors and you wanna get to the show and make a million by Mike Napoli Mike Napoli has already these guys well I wonder. Does anyone still think. That. David Ortiz is 54 home runs and 137 RB in 2006. Which is the year before. They run it fifty in New York -- at fifty in New York is laughed now. Left to right and now on David and and they don't think that was widget is the guy. Who went to truck today because it was on the bucket list via poppy pop pop pop up. Now I understand the truck thing. If you do. You know it's it's a sign of spring and all that nonsense like Groundhog Day right. But the is it really on someone's. It lists that it if it and I saw the movie bucket list he joked about it airplanes and Kleiman. You know mountains. Mount Everest and I mean you're doing. Pretty wild things I don't know I don't have a literal bucket list but as things elected to Rose Bowl game would be one. Not truck -- Rose ball that's a good one night I went the Super Bowl in the Rose Bowl it was pretty cool. But there's certain things the masters sure haven't walked the no outside or inside line to blue angels which almost did to -- screwed up that was on my bucket when you could still do that -- that was along time ago you could sign up to do that again and and no -- chew on and -- -- you good luck in game make sure that the camera. Consider puke when the cameras in the depends which direction it fit it helps to have a mask and yet you credit your -- -- lovely yeah that's definitely on my about it that's I want to puke in my -- And I know other people have looked in on the wanna eat certain things and there's different levels of -- excitement and accomplishment in venture on people's park atlas but did you deep. You. So that I was assigned to so it -- of course is it on my bucket list but but but it was to see that trust the people earth simple -- and receive the truck they need to see the sunrise -- -- -- they don't need to go to Victoria Falls and and and NC you know 300 foot waterfall we -- like -- balls -- -- -- go to Fenway and go inside the wall or go home watching game on top of the -- -- watching game you know in than in the John Henry seats are all from a luxury box. Those things would make sense to me but the seed that truck in the whole family. As a picture right here in The -- and its 52 kids taken at a school for the day. For all the people that take pictures with the truck. I've I've been around -- times in a -- days. I don't get that excitement especially when they just -- 69 games simple man simple pleasures -- up the mysteries you guys are we over -- is that the and a wheelchair yet. Couple wasn't the last thing has bucket list. What else to dispose -- bucket list elect eat it like heated friendly society is -- Denny's Grand Slam breakfast at a I don't know what what. -- go to ticket -- go to go to Hampton beach on -- Ottawa police in the comments that go to Boston feed the ducks it. If righted a duck boat if you block ballistic may go don't don't I don't know that -- but I like as a doctor if your book list includes. Agilent truck -- can't imagine what else we should try to -- -- both. Populace but look at us. -- As pompous maybe just do everything else sick Rundle. Dick a Rundle he brought his kids grandkids and great grandchildren. And 76. He's in wheelchairs can liken it looks happy is from the browser thrills that -- was simple -- may request he wanted to -- -- the truck I got you right now yes -- part what else would be -- to park is going to rock day. Is on list he's not my job and answers that don't slip he's not jumping out of an airport no -- no but I guess he might have already done. Could be that's was in a wheelchair couldn't. So that's 1777979. The 37 Dennis and Callahan just pass -- who bomb has written the big story on Ryan -- for Yahoo! Sports. Forget which was just consulting bought at -- of these idiots in the media news letter marks earth she's -- -- at -- Years that we do that just hold out. Wait don't -- passed judgment yet. Why not -- put him in prison. But Ryan -- names in the drug dealer a steroid dealers ledger next to me -- Baxter a rock -- and Melky Cabrera. -- swing at it she gives him since when athletes say that the athletes -- had. Their name might have been yeah books and -- line but their for the grace of god yeah type of thing. We talked to you in 92 ship passenger Wednesday 45.

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