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Kevin Garnett bleeds green, says he isn't going anywhere

Feb 5, 2013|

We listen to KG at practice, and KG makes it clear he wants no part of a trade out of Boston. So we focus on that and discuss where that leaves the Celtics for the rest of 2013.

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Most animated very very obvious. Once. Well let's. So then. -- -- you -- -- -- Paul. It was going to do without the best would be. That's what makes. Those made up. So close understood. A plea agreement. That's what it is. The music business. Cost perhaps about deal was. But -- -- falsely. -- -- measure certain things I don't know what to. That's Kevin Garnett -- surge corporate somebody asked him there there's a report out their about the clippers. Corporate interest and KG and -- that's right into question but it was a lot of noise in the Basque party here in essence what he's saying -- -- -- not and -- From not to waive his no trickle. -- -- Paul Pierce is is traded as well you know it was at other words if they come to the end of the the road here and any believes that then. Any Michael quantity he's not interested in doing anything right now. He was asked him point blank if he could envision playing on the Celtics team that suddenly didn't have appears in the third quote no I won't envision that. Part of the year all star right after all stars -- here's some of these things. Part of it is chatter and some of it is real just got to be able to block certain things out what happens is out of your control at certain times. The things you can you can control you control situation comes up where you have to move to get ready for but he wants to play appears. And I think he likes this team. He's a guy who doesn't like a lot of turn over. A lot of movement mean it -- back to the Minnesota days. Bad or lottery team. After you know being in the playoffs for many years and can bounce in the first round and they had -- the Western Conference finals. The loss that the lakers after that they ran into some hard times. Never asked to be traded I -- wanna get it never asked we traded any never asked for coach to be fired that's that's now part of his maker. Is so. Only time he really thought about leaving. Was when the owner came out when -- and said it got to do some things. Don't. Know what's -- okay I'll think about it. It's so unless they are unless they are shoving him out the door. He's not gonna ask portrait done when a -- And here's the question because you're right he's comfortable here he's happy here he's willing to stay here. Any probably even understands that the -- would -- Erica Smart guy gets it understands. Question is what is -- -- get a few weeks here to make a decision. What does -- do. This he stayed with what he's got a crick or was she sick parents say. And I'm not saying I told you yesterday I don't think I would make that deal even though I do like Eric Bledsoe an awful lot and Eric Bledsoe. Would allow you down the road may be to deal. Rajon Rondo may be for a big. There are few if you appeared -- that Rondo is that important in the in the equation here. So we give you that that possibility. Com site he'd have to get more out of that if it. Why wouldn't you right now spend as many hours as you can. Taking those phone calls and seen. What teams would give you so that you can now build. Your next team here because. Can this team be being good this year without Rondo I think it's going to be very different some people like they're better without -- we get into that -- On the other hand even matched you're likely -- Rondo back. Percent to eight. What are they gonna look like next few Paul Pierce and -- year old and you always have to worry about either one of those guys at their rage breaking down. So what do you do -- -- -- if you look at it you've got to assessing your mind can we won the championship this year or next year because after that after next year. -- -- Right and if you don't think you can. Are you willing to settle for -- B a playoff team and may be when a couple rounds in the in the policies. Can you make this that the determination right now about next season. I think they can either right now I think you have an idea. That lie next season warm up these because I don't think they were looking at it as a -- you wind but they may demo they brought these guys in this year they were looking at this year being the the wind. I think you have to adapt to everything back to July 2007. Big press conference there -- my favorite moment. And seeing all those guys appeared in KG pierce and Ray Allen there holding their jerseys at the press conference at that point you said Ari. They got a shot here to win a championship. And and maybe when a couple of championships with this group. So you go back to July 20076. Years -- it right but the original play your way that's my point. The three year window when you're dead you're talking yourself up and repeat that got to adapt. You can't look at -- and think you think Yiddish for years haven't. With the same crew that you thought original -- coming into it coming into this year you haven't shot near sixth. Think they had -- think they thought what you can win a championship in years six. I don't you you you -- it -- -- -- it was much straight up they can win championships starting this year you have. While they might have thought that it still was a rough. I would say it. Not a long shot but certainly early on a -- yeah we're certainly not one of the favorites going into the season but next year it'll be even less. No question about it so here then you have to look at what is your publicly. They wanna see these guys. Go off in the sunset. Immigrant KG Paul Pierce phenomenal. Is that what the public wants is that how you treat it -- its adherents say this year could you won't have the same luxury next year you won't have this. This year you you might be able to get something. For these guys that might present the building blocks for your next championship team. You can not. If you're Danny Ainge you can not go -- What does the public want right now he can't think that way because if you thought that way six years ago you never would have made. Garnett tree. Because you think about it they -- such a good job. Marketing at the Celtics marketing department guaranteeing himself Doc Rivers that -- such a good job talking up Gerald Green. And Al Jefferson sold -- young guys. That there was some resistance. Among Celtics fans. To trading for Kevin Garnett I don't additional they sold to kids all he only averages more rebounds more than. And Al Jefferson and what about that first round pick we're gonna give up in that you didn't do that after a short OK so so so. At the time the public public didn't wanna make that trade and right now if you hold most self experience right now for thirty. On a Tuesday in February. Black History Month or hide huge secret. You all right now they only give you 28 days in our sometimes -- -- once every four years and it's our right. That's our. Questionable if you if you if you -- Mosul experience. Right now they'd say. I like this team. Let's see what happens people are excited about this team they're excited. What do you agree with them or not excited to see what they do without. I don't know if -- Danny if you Danny and they are and everybody is excited because there's a little bit of change it's something new it's fresh it's different. It's fine. Until it doesn't win and once they don't win people will shut them off and -- in a heartbeat especially if it if it if you're really. Goes awry. But look at it the other way from -- perspective he's got to look at the -- to quietly championship team because. If you let. Years and you elect KG fade into the sunset over the next couple of years to get enough of them returner. So it's not like you're gonna get something to build the next championship -- so is that would you want. -- Or next because unfortunately this is what -- playing with with Boston that's what I mean by the things that's what you're playing with the Boston. It's championship or nothing that's what people expect it's because we've had four. Unbelievable franchise record that if a tremendous success. So if you can't win a championship. Is that gonna be acceptable to your -- things. And you're willing to go along with that knowing that you say good -- you gonna do the right thing. -- -- -- All yours with tremendous respect he leaves this organization is a lifelong Celtic and for KG he finishes with a with a winning that championship ranked. And wonderful memories of the last seven years. Or do you use those guys. To get chips. If you're talking about Iran but worry about Bledsoe would don't maybe you -- -- -- a player you might be able to combine. Who knows that it got out on dream and who knows if you can what you get out there. -- could get something now. You're not getting anything next year they're -- they're gone flexibility. Cap flexibility. If you hold on to what you have right now. Hold -- it get Catholics who is the problem cap flexibility. Might have the greatest player in the world. And you say it won't come to Boston needs to look at it say first of all colds away. Second of oil play basketball. -- of all you got Ron go up there one Al -- Nothing else should get there. Are -- star players and demand your star player outcome that's what we're talking you know what doesn't work that way you know those are Smart -- doesn't -- -- you know -- -- talent I am a is got great weather. I don't know Los Angeles the -- like is just what is great QB Hollywood stars are you telling -- your front -- and they ended up big time stars of the movie -- -- about -- well what do -- not only -- -- -- basketball Dwight -- up I wanna be a model opens the way I want to know what you're there that's going to be a problem she -- have all the cap -- you -- they had. Chicago after Michael Jordan retired what happened. Nobody would -- Nobody would know where they had some money because nothing else. Nothing and that's the problem how do you get a big time stock. The guy who's gonna make a differences of franchise player that come here when you have all the -- -- space and yet again know the players to work alongside. Let's do it let's get to the Broncos are six wants -- -- -- 7797. 937. Years DJ in Connecticut I DJ. They made no room. You look at who. Aren't published book blonde on the on the -- actually treaty Kevin Garnett. There yet Jerry got a lot of activity there and background we're trying to. There legally sound better now. So much Matt McGraw. Yeah a lot of lot of voices have been glad you sound regret. On the L about the Garnett -- minutes. Let's let irreplaceable players and Paul Pierce served. They'll really be released -- even betrayed him away. In both speak Arabic tradition and not signal the the soul of a sort of what they do out there about organization abyss wouldn't. And it would be so nonstop to get rid of Arab. At this point you've been on top but other than anybody else thought that it could even get that even better than number I mean really. Why did say that I didn't necessarily say better than them now would what you're doing Asian trading away Kevin Garnett. For two years or Paul -- for one more year and you're acquiring younger talent. That might be part of you know the nucleus of your your next to run here and or don't don't don't you we talk about the Celtic way. You're right but remember it was Danny Ainge who has said this numerous times that he believes the Celtics made a mistake. Back in the late eighties is not breaking up the big. -- easier to say he can now -- -- and I'm Ahmadinejad here. It's easier to say from afar and DJ of argue with Danny Ainge about this numerous times it's easier to say. Will reds should have done this should trade traded bird. He said the trader parachutes and should have -- Mikhail for the got older and you know there was it -- deal out there we're kind of picked up debt left shrimp and and Sam Perkins but you Tony. -- -- exactly tell me tell me where this has been successful. In NBA history where you have straightaway. Even an aging star. For a youth movement two years down or three years down the road and it turned out to be successful where you get rid of a star. And you get. Flexibility. You get an emerging star and then you continue. What you're trying to what what you would start the first place we -- not gonna continue to ticket drop okay we take a drop out and about what went. All the alternative -- our -- I DJ what does that model ever worked well -- under your. Ever until we can find the time that I bet you yeah well what we'll look it up but I would say this Michael the alternative is that you gonna take that gigantic drop that. And the question is do you survive as they did do give -- people willing to hang in there when you take that big drop drop -- PLC. A big drop could beat out one way that you get that expression as. Year to people to -- -- in the Travis being negative and connect haven't been appropriate department heads and we have right now. Where's bill was so dangerous to people -- -- scared to play out right now I mean. Just because of the human that we don't know book left below 500 people that the other teams that are an individual more -- -- -- -- -- -- from the lakers at. -- and you're saying that but I am I'm not sure that's necessarily true. Right now without Rondo I'm not sure that's necessarily true I don't I don't think teams. You know look at it that way. I mean right now -- -- of this critical -- in the called already now honestly steadily build and not think that it would be a disaster to give it to anybody right now man. -- you know what I iRobot. IRobot disastrous danger and put. -- wouldn't do it at this is this is about what it depends on what you get county not gonna give it. You'll never get which are looking for I think it's a play -- you can not yet when you're trading. Great players who OK let's say -- previously great players but they're still very good. Paul Pierce is still a very good player Kevin Garnett is still a very good player at this age. You're not gonna -- yet. That that guy who's gonna take you through your bridge here where you go down to in thirty and 5229. PP three in -- in that same guy. It just got to become a star. India headliner for you for the next seven to ten years gonna happen I've never have to. For -- YouTube brought this up we are in year six next you will be -- -- what they thought was a three year program. Do you have any faith at all that they can win a championship compete for a championship this year and next year. Each -- six and sense of what was supposed to be a three year. About a -- you know people is an OK Marco saw. What like bloody bloody events for -- but not limited that was draft goes OK okay body -- They traded plotting not because. It was time to break up any thing hatred of lot -- because Jerry West wanted him desperately. Did -- get that off season. Is Kobe wants to get Shaq. As a free agent. So that's not that's not an exhibit deduct that a great player world in the lane that created in the Lincoln street Cha. I trader Jack and our end and what happened that they they compete for a championship and they didn't aftershock. Of -- -- it wasn't it wasn't in lines to publicly traded Shaq in the bay. Suddenly got that they traded -- right Kobe was on his own right she won a championship in Miami right. And then after that they win out Nate -- made another trade for Paul -- In neighboring India they have all the guys they have -- -- them and hold. Link but gave them the flexibility to be able to do it not o'clock PM to help that I would say this or outrageous out of this Los Angeles but certainly the lakers do it remains to be seen whether the clippers will stall we'll have that type cashing in -- used him. But the lakers are in a different. Situation because the lakers can clear -- cap space. Opened things up and get players to come out there to that to play for that French far more than they will with Boston. You agree. Now Boston was warning if Boston was winning I think you can get another great player if -- already had we shot -- -- up. They got Ray Allen out here. With Paul Pierce and they were able to attract -- -- on the -- because now he said I can win in Boston wreck but he wasn't gonna -- until I get rail I think LA with the lakers it's a little bit different. I think you can get guys to play for that French. Yeah because it causes in that city right stretch that's right that's right much different. But I you know I look at it and no you really have to have. I think that the best way to do it. Is to hold on what to what you have here. And then let it -- get credit score -- -- a -- it dice. That's the way to do. Because if you -- Rhonda. And you don't have other players that he can feed the ball to to set people up. He's not a guy that can shoot from the outside he's not a guy that can go up there are necessarily. Scored 32 every single night. Now suddenly you have to bring other people and more Rondo has less of value at this franchise without having. -- employers who go without the ball -- can't score. What you think about this quickly before the break through quickly are. Most controversial trade Danny Ainge has -- -- most controversial tree which guys as he let go traded away. Where you say oh my god I can't believe he did that careen. Out but we -- able so perkins' work. -- -- Completely different levels of what we're talk about it now know of course completely different no question. So. -- want -- worn out by the time they they did that deal. And -- A piece a -- a significant peace -- he -- occupy interior defense end and handle -- allowed them to play a lot differently defensively on the perimeter. -- -- You can still win -- helper. So when you talk about trading KG in trading popular what you're talking about training that you're talking about trading KG for. Two years the last two years of his contract for Paul Pierce the last year and a half of this country. You can play it out I don't think -- can -- a much -- you can win with this team right now specially. Knowing the situation with Rhonda.

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