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With the season in doubt, should Paul Pierce be allowed to end his career as a Celtic?

Jan 29, 2013|

We talk hoops, focusing on Gerry Callahan's column that the window is closed and it's time to move on from Paul Pierce for the Celtics. We discuss both sides of the issue.

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Is he started about Danny changes moment of truth next 23 days will show -- he's boss is willing. The deal oh wait -- you and I talked a little bit about this. Jerry writes they have ten game story three days to make their case Doc Rivers does not want to trade away pierce Garnett Bradley most of the other players etc. I would be a tap bottom 2013. A sure sign. But all hope -- lost them to Garnett pierce or is finally over officially. Goes on to talk about the next ten games. Ten winnable games six and all. Seven against teams have losing records only one road game against the team above 500 that's Denver starts tomorrow at the TD garden against the regs of the west. The Sacramento Kings that soap which was to the dregs of the west a -- to -- -- I Jerry writes about that. As -- talks about the lakers tomorrow. That will be the last one at the tree did just before the trade deadline which is on February 21. So he goes -- talk about what you do in this case and basically if these guys don't prove themselves. In the next ten days. Then you have to think about. Trading. Paul Petersen of the Celtics don't reel off eight of the next ten the question becomes why not -- -- At this point it's hard to imagine an NBA player. More readable in years he's durable veteran scorer with a favorable contract them lots of post season experience. He's guarantee just four million extra actually it's. -- in other words the opposite of Rudy today Gallup role for that all of the little two edge yet there. The phrasing he said he's durable. Rudy Gay or black or a veteran scorer. Yeah yes and no with Rudy Gay. Favorable contract act absolutely not. With Rudy Gay right experience in the post season. Not really know. So and make it. Unlike Garnett pierce does not having no trade clause. And why would he resisted trading anyway he'd be going to look at gender getting a chance to win a ring that scene happening here just a reminder they -- three games and 500 clinging to -- spot. With Rondo and without -- Bynum at Philly best argument against trading -- seems to be that well. He's been here for fifteen season he's the captain the truth he's like true Celtic here's one problem you gonna have. In all of this and I. If -- -- trade away. But pierce right now right. I don't think you're going to be able to give back. What you need to achieve your goal because if you decide that this is not working and you're dealing -- away. You're not going for next season you are now playing for the new nucleus for the future of the ball and Celtics so Garnett just beat columns. A side piece here for the next couple years that kind of -- some of these guys and got to show them what it's like to be a true professional. I don't understand how in the trade market. You'll get back what you need because what you need is good young viable players or draft picks that are going to give you those players correct. It's it's not. A good draft this year -- teams that trade away draft picks do so -- -- a lot of reports. Because it's -- Hillary you're a bad team. And you trade away. -- a draft it and it turns out to be the number one and number two pick for another team in your team still sucks your fans are really. Just off you really and in this case. And treating appears to a bad team you're trading him to a good team what's the chances that they good team right now as what you -- much. The the good team if you're talking about draft picks the good team is gonna have picks. That will. Albeit an absolutely in the second half of the first -- -- that -- the last 55 to six picks of the first round. And so the counterargument to that is well -- Danny Ainge has done a good job drafting in that position yet he is drafted. Good. Top eight in your rotation NBA players. At the bottom half for the met you know the bottom half of the first for a Delonte West. Tony -- Kendrick Perkins. We didn't technically craft and the trade war -- of those guys. Those type of players Rondo was -- players. I should have been there Avery Bradley was one of those players. With the exception of Rondo. You've got to get really really lucky to find the game changer at that point the draft. If if everybody else's if you've got. If you have seminary general managers asleep at the -- yet you're far in game changer in the twenties. -- -- -- -- -- More often than not -- gotta get a nice. Solid NBA player. So where tickets usually are you saying trade Paul Pierce so in the future we can have nice solid NBA players. Or are trying to make moves to get to. Where you're in 2008. In 2002 and 2008 you when it 2010 go to the game seven below what what where we're trying to go I guess might not what you try to get it to. Great questions so let's look at it logically. You're not trading Paul Pierce a way to get the pieces that will -- A bad situation around to win in 2013. That's off the table okay so you already had. Jerry talks about it. You're only a book she said four I believe it's five million. You're the books they cheer for fifteen point five. If you keep them on the books for five million if you let him go. In effect you have an expiring contract. In which you only have to carry five million -- next year so you could free them off the roster now much of that makes an awful lot of sense to take a player. That's as talented as Paul Peters and just. Expire the contract and pay him off the goal by buying go elsewhere doesn't make any sense to me. But. How are you going to make that deal the only deal I could see that you could make and helping Memphis makes it. If you do one on one for Rudy -- you -- brought to put up he's not as -- you're stuck with him for seventeen million next -- in nineteen the year after you don't know what you have there. And why do you do that if you're meant this can't you get more than that for the next couple of years is Paul National League manager. Two years much at the -- windows a little longer than that wider than that of human fist or. Yes I would think so also Rudy -- -- in his probably doesn't matter if you're of the mind that just wanna start over with the Celtics. If you wanna start over you don't really care Rudy Gay. Is not as good as Paul Pierce. Every game right now twice -- shall. He's not as good as ballplayers are you probably will never be discussed Bret -- so if if you're looking for. A guy to build the team around in the future. And you're not building around Rudy Gay you have -- -- not retiring. So if you look into the future for your future star. There and that's -- Now you don't think Rondo is that guy it's a different conversation he trait for Rudy Gay you have Rondo come -- health. The -- proves his value he proves that he's healthy in the -- trade him next year at the deadline but in terms of just. Is blowing the team up now because of Rondo got hurt. Gotta have a reason for me there's got to be a good reason you can't just -- terrible Paul Pierce is in his mid thirties let's move on from him. Because if you moving on computers in your bringing in more bad contracts that are really help you either. So I -- got to have a piece there's got to there's got to be a map two dozen western mass at. People are doing right now at a loading up the text like coming up -- Richard two World Cup's in a bunch of them not it is almost a month -- with a bunch of traits out put. But the chances of any human being made are about 0%. He really as you try to think this one logically. And how do you get what you need if you the Boston Celtics and how does that other team -- what what they want. End of the launch were you trading Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce until. Appeared like Kevin Garnett -- not gonna sit there he is decision. To come back here with doc and missed that to do with three year deal even though we probably. There's all monks and maybe it'll be -- might not agree maybe there's one maybe it's not right but he's not likely. Get up and go somewhere else in the middle overseas. And he's got -- no trade deal is normally about a minute so and so that was. An awful situation and he didn't wanna leave. I just think people don't -- accept the fact that Ronald -- out with an injury you kind of screwed -- You really are. It's not like you've made your big party decided where you're going to go you're keeping the nucleus of the old guys pierce and Kevin Garnett. I don't know how to fix right now and I don't know how you blow it up to get what you want -- can you get it appears yes I don't did you get what you want. Richard is really work. I think that advocates gotta run its course I think that's what's gonna happen you gotta play it out. And if you don't have. If if you don't like there's there's a chance that you're going to be competitive this year. I'm I'm winning the championship I'm being very few celtics' entire arsenal to. Feel like they can win the championship he didn't think anything particular championship team he has -- I don't think so Tokyo so. Even if you think we're we're. We're not gonna win it okay. What you're gonna do is watch this team. Now go through its natural. Evolution of the going to be any trades to tweak it in major -- to the court. Obviously -- are going to be treated. These -- and will be hurt when we traded this year KG not going anywhere counting Paul Pierce is. So if you look at one of those guys to move in and let's change it. It advocate requires. It requires. War -- as well if you if you think Paul Pierce going forward is is not a good fit or if you need to start over. You can have the same -- nothing prevents you from having these same conversations. In the -- -- generally it's about all of them being a -- -- because and his were generally horrific to the future -- if you're building for the future you have more time night. You have more time to think about what you wanna do you don't have to do it right now a little everybody's talking about it you don't have to make a move. If you were able to make the Rudy Gay deal OK you're you become worse -- Because Paul Pierce is going to be a big part of your solution. You how you distribute the ball with no Rajon Rondo really it's gonna be the point four out there. And if you don't have him it's going to be worked -- you could go and get. The solution there's a team out there that would give you what you believe might be the top pick in the draft. Or you might be able to get too young players and even take on. A big -- salary of another stiff. To make the deal work -- say let's go let's get a -- A one time so it's a mile long tunnel. You know what was going in my control. This year it's. Business. Something out. Pitchers and see how Paul plays the gonna ask a lot more from here over the next couple weeks and you wonder. Whether the possibility of a trade lingering hangover said. Affects him enough -- veterans certainly it it yeah outrage Garnett and Ray Allen veteran did it affect him out different personality as different personality. Because ray -- the he's really into his routine and I think it if you room off a little bit just like a week to the routine. With just enough to distract him. I apologize if he really has seen at all embossed. On the court off the court and through the eighteen game losing streak has been through trade rumors has been through it would peoples that get a body here. He's he's he's jumping true Celtic to people saying I can't trade Paul Pierce he's alive flunked felt that if at all done at all so. I don't I don't expect -- is gonna effective. Now they're now here's here's the thing that. They really care uses that term negative into a positive guest. He had a shooting slump and if -- still shooting from. Even after the triple double wants on neighbors -- the heat illness had a shooting slump before. Rondo got hurt before they were any rumors about blowing things up and Paul Pierce. Being a big part of it so if if he continues to struggle is not like people are gonna say all of the reason these strange series so poorly is because he's thinking about a trade value with. He was he was shooting poorly for awhile. I don't utter -- -- people and I've heard this reference numerous times and Jerry did the same thing talking about how readable. His contract this understand that he's making sixteen point six I have to look it up but somewhere in that vicinity. You're gonna have to take that. Money in or churn in a trait. And it's more likely that when you can't get him return. You're gonna take it from multiple years. Right right so. I don't see way that's beneficial to you. Now might be beneficial to the other team that wants to unload their stiffs who were being overpaid and send him to Boston. And have a deal that they can look at next usually get a cost him five million. But it's gonna be five million of dead money next year. And we're going into a situation where you're gonna have new luxury tax ramifications. Next year and the year after -- similar. The -- some of the stuff go to with baseball right now. So teams are really watching. The payroll watching the numbers because any if you go that luxury tax limit -- gonna pay a fortune now. The teams are gonna be careful of it but it's not like you -- trade -- Paul Pierce. And take back the draft -- zero valley. Zero dollars doing it. And a couple of young promising players waters making three million dollars and the other is making four million dollars deals like will not work. You've got to take back. All of that money that you're sending up to the other team in the way of trade. Now I'm destroy the daughter out there. I don't I don't know what the answer is that's why I got the answer here normally the answer. I mean none of the answer for. You'll have you'll have an answer may help heroic -- -- you'll have an answer. Do you think if if Jeff Green. If you tell the future of the -- so he is still. Got to build around Rhonda. And Jeff Green after Paul leaves. Is going to be your starting three you think Jeff Green with starters minutes. Could become -- yeah I think that's the question of but the franchise right because at that that's really I don't audience. I don't know there's nights I watch him. And I think he's going to be a tremendous player and it's just nice to a lot of mileage on what it would have to Jeff Green. I don't know. If you give him that time given 3637. Minutes the game easier starting small forward I don't know. There are times I say he can't play defense and watch him against a tremendous player the other day and he's given it has all the guys score. But he's fortunate to work for I -- Do you think going into the season anyway. Even with the cast of characters they -- and edit all of that instrument. That really. The key to the season was Jeff Green had to take his game to the next level and at this point Michael. He hasn't Durbin -- when he as the Oklahoma City and certainly did I thought the other -- he struck the other day you certainly did. But -- got it anywhere close to anything close to consistent. I think that's fourth on the list. In the top three things analysts are obvious. One album is not a place -- Well the top three. And Paul Pierce. Continue to play very well in KG continue to play very well -- continue playing very well -- that's it you were still talking about. Of the stars of the team right in -- -- it into every Wednesday is an important role player but he still role player while that but I can't -- way to Courtney Lee and everybody else but it really comes down to you're stars on the fact that you've lost to start. And I understand the people have some frustration. Not toward Rondo or a year exasperated with Rondo out of whatever news. He's an all star player he's a legitimate all star player he didn't buy his way and the team he certainly did not charm his way onto the team. All star player and you lose that guy hurt everybody W. Also included you to shut its doors on the team OK it's all about stars on the team and I agree Steve they was on Steve -- was a with DNC today. He's trying to compare last year's team to this year in the team that to Miami to 7 in the Eastern Conference by. He should have forced arson that gave it four stars last year OK you've already lost to a storage Ray Allen is gone. And now you've lost Rhonda a case you've got to -- stars -- have -- -- -- -- -- OK but that that's what that. But you have that type of level player -- but this team has come up to ray Allen's level. -- -- this year Ray Allen in the playoffs they have. Ray Allen in the play all the overall last season don't get it -- -- a terrific let users but if you got to go to that series. Gonna be that specific and that you had started the Australia didn't have and we're starting out there Ray Allen. Ray Allen where -- -- lover and I did great things for the Celtics -- all time -- was not great stars I had stars win. And maybe if he was greatly beat Miami they went through -- jumped -- Daschle so that's what it's all about what's all about the NBA it's all about you star's. And that's why they're much better in the post season and you did they -- -- just greens gotta get to that next level. If he doesn't get to that next level that they've got a nine and a half million dollar year. Who is OK so can he. And those players that are okay that you -- nine and a half million dollars or waste the argument and they read I think kill your cap number. They -- -- that's what they do they don't give you the leverage. To go out and get somebody else to fill that spot which some of that money back you get that type player for three or four million Dollar General Graham line and he's got to become a star and I think we thought -- going into the season it's at this point yes I took a phone calls next six wants out. 77 -- 793. Cents.

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