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Ian Thomsen, SI.com, says we probably won't see the Celtic make a worthwhile deal involving Paul Pierce

Jan 29, 2013|

SI.com's Ian Thomsen joins D&C to speculate about what moves the Celtics might make in the wake of Rajon Rondo's injury. While we'll probably hear a lot about Paul Pierce, Thomsen doesn't see a great deal coming involving the veteran forward. This could be an opportunity for Boston's young guys to grow together as the new core of the team.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTV Sports Illustrated NBA writer Ian Thompson no one is as well connected with the NBA and Boston in particular and our friend Ian good morning Ian how aria. -- -- -- on -- a quick off the top of my head question whose job is more daunting at the moment Danny trying to fix this. Pro personnel standpoint. Or -- trying to adjust to life with x.s and o.s on the court without -- Oh I think it's totally dark because there isn't much that -- can do about it. Or maybe they should do about it I mean should he make a big trade -- try to salvage the season and I I don't. Think they will. It doesn't make any sense that they would. They two pronged approach coming into this year than I mean it's clear by their actions they want to give themselves a chance to win this year but they also wondered. Lay the foundation president next era for when. Not pierce and Garnett were not around in there he told me. Last year in that. One reason to bring back those guys to look forward to having him back. Letters to have young players playing in the presence of and guidance. Also -- -- that had won the championship and worked hard every -- especially Kevin Garnett. So alone. I think now owe it becomes obvious is that the way forward. You know you try to do the best he can this year but you don't trade up and the thing that has any long term value tried to do better this year they couldn't -- trade. For somebody that they see is -- in the future or or for draft picks or something like that that I can see them doing that but. It can go out and get some guys it's 34 years old it's gonna help them. When a couple more games secured to succeed applicable. So even if the next ten games -- 23 days before the trading deadline they go like one and nine used think this is still going to be about tutelage about letting these younger people these these eight or nine new faces that Danny has assembled for. Ostensibly the future the learn how to play Celtic basketball under Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. All landed fickle one and I'm not there then. Everything is more so on the cable sports trading away from peach piece. You know book the one guy I don't think you're ever the tree and what he wants to its Kevin Garnett goes. You talk it would Grousbeck in stock and everybody cared. Mean wickedness. Kevin that credit for raising the standards for the entire organization cross board there and so laden. In and when you think about Kevin didn't want to leave the timberwolves when they were awful and he felt betrayed. When they told him that we'd -- to -- Obama touched a low number younger pieces. And the -- great relations with not so I I don't see him. Wanted to be traded and and -- I don't see them wanting to trade him and almost electric Bill Russell -- -- -- the story I think because. They want to trade him in the past. I think he understands that he can be traded. In and I don't think he'd make it stink out of that. In and so the so becomes is it that goes downhill fast but I really don't think it will go about. At least but it does then. And think -- look at everybody. Except for. Except for Iraq. About Bradley and or sellinger we a lot of trade proposals. Ideas in front of us here from different people different media guys. A number of them include. Good young player like Bradley or -- DC either of them being included in a deal if if pierce is the is that the guy that goes you thinking goes alone Ian or does someone go with them. You know what I honestly Carrier Dome that think that to misconstrue that it's so hard and making sixty million in that can be so hard to find a partner. Can take money does -- five million dollar buyout led police from next year but that's a big. Now on the money for somebody to -- cannot play especially. The new luxury tax is going into effect next year. So. I I doubt that. I really get I think we'll hear Pierce's name a lot and all the -- and actually I really doubt that that they'll make a deal that's worthwhile for them. It's hard including Bob Bradley sowell entered that's where I'm sure they're gonna be really careful because you just don't want to make a lateral move where. Okay you're trading. Saw soldiers part of the deal and essentially all your -- from including -- in his efforts trumka well ballot. You just given the way the bird man though because here. He'll be hoping to get somebody is credited him somebody could grab -- with the first round pick in the -- -- -- -- -- think -- -- -- -- look at -- I look at. When -- -- -- big deal for a reality Kevin Garnett years ago they have been building up there -- a -- competing doing it and and that took a long time and then it gets altered their stuff together so they can make those kind of deal. They have not. Invested in entry in these concentrate now that's obviously been trying to win championships last year and they're just not ready yet as a team. To compete against all these other teams we have been making not content investment and that had been planning for the future on that play can consider -- -- here. And and it's more financially than ever because new logic. Well they have -- an eighth place in the east and most of that all of that was -- -- they lost six straight before Sunday. You honestly think in that dark Danny and the whole crew looks at this team and thinks he can make it run in the second half and thinks he can win a playoff series or two. No no. The team that went. This has 32 lead over Miami last year. I would submit reports starts on that team and undergone two. And there's been a lot of frustration with the supporting cast. So in in the big complaint one of the big complaint was that there was no -- Toronto. So those three page he had them all up. Against. You know Miami. Has been coasting that's going to be going better Derrick -- is gonna come back Chicago's commuter. Danny Granger and come back in the end they're going to be better. Andrew Bynum says he's feeling greed on the other days they're open he's going to be back. Maybe even before the all star break there what two and a half behind Boston's lead like that last swat. I'm Milwaukee I was sits on the pole and then yesterday there has the Celtics. In bay. People think that they may contact Eric -- puck into -- -- -- guys are shooting. Below their normal percentages and the -- got our reporters on the -- those terrible and or so years playing better just recently and the best defender -- lump on Leucadia would Al. With a knee injuries to recover and answered it first got here he's playing better. Milwaukee actually expects to play at least as well you know now if not better over the course second half but not a fluke what they're doing they're not playing over their -- at all so. You put all that together and you know it. There's a lot pride on the Celtics and docket is tremendous coach and maybe they can and make the playoffs that. -- anybody -- talk about trying to make a run and pianist -- We're talk to a sports Illustrated's Ian Thomson and Ian when all is said and done. And this community -- plays itself out for point guard. The last man standing at the point would be Courtney Lee Avery brought Bradley or just the old simple answer all your web two point forward. Well Paul Pierce have to be that guy and he's tremendous at it. And it's continued he had it is age. Do it night after night and then Camille the stock rather bail me that's -- key undoing past being the guy that big gulf war I mean that's. That's the easiest -- that's the guy that knows them well. Players -- your organization wants them feeling mutual. Amman. And then he had some good games last year. I just in making got -- there once. You know he's indicated any interest in doing so to -- he. He's a little bit. Help coming in from the outside he's not even outside really look. For me -- this tremendous in that role. It's -- can he do it every night and it might almost be. You know appeared to struggle at times during the first got here this may bring out the best in him. Not create his own shot which is harder for him than it used to be. But creating for others which is just tremendous that and -- create for others who might find that there's more room insult she too. For what it's worth Denny said yesterday Keon -- and while considering coming out of retirement Ainge said yesterday that the former Celtic guard is not an option. -- -- -- means it's not an option now or not an option ever but at least we said yesterday with a reluctant to try to move. Forced the point guard thing and Avery Bradley because it would somehow compromises defense at the other end. -- -- more it to some compromise with the team on days they just don't every -- it's not a creative player. And that's how he became. A good player last year as they stopped trying to force them on and and then simplify the game forum. And so he became the guy that it scored off the weak side made the cut to the basket -- occasional street corner and like you say to people dishonesty right -- I I don't you know. I think we're what that does is the -- and -- you can -- me equates to everybody else. When the when he's off the -- Jason Terry as you guys it's gonna have to lose. Do this you know he went before he went to Dallas he was supposed viewpoint card that -- didn't really work out here and -- -- -- But it. I remember seeing him during the NBA finals he made some terrific. Plays for -- he need to keep passing -- -- -- five. Very typical back and passed out that you executed for a treat -- that won that game. Can he do it all the time nobody can happen -- more of it. I am honestly if you want to talk about possibilities for the Celtics -- to -- to -- -- might improve here pierce. Might be more important as a playmaker and I I. I think Jason Terry now who's going to. Play better because ruled out can be crafted specifically for him he had the vehicle to clear now. Instead of having -- fit into the system this system more has to be built around him and maybe he'll feel more comfortable now maybe we'll see more petition Terry you. So your guess is -- nobody goes not pierce knocked on that nobody. All. I did I'd be solely to get to that game because it's. He's. That is what makes him great its job is that he's not afraid and so many of his rivals in the league are there really worried about. The backlash that -- That the GM it looked like he was the computers you know like he's not afraid of missing shot in this case he won't be afraid of making. The difficult call but it -- look at them I go back years ago they they were ready. They were right in the trade the right trade. And they just start now you may. -- make investments and getting ready to make the kind of betrayed him too -- And I just don't see that the Celtics with so many two and three year contracts on the roster and guys that have yet to prove that the work the money they're being paid. And then you take into account next year that the luxury tax is going up really high here -- that -- computer taxes going and then. The whole week is obsessed with that stuff. And and a lot of the topics contracts -- -- Beatrice contributor corn and he'd been through that period that window. Where the luxury tax is going to be -- snapper so. I I that they could be very difficult as suddenly as it and try to sell guys certainly are so popular -- -- week also to. You a final question for me do you have a theory on the maddening Jeff Green will there be a time when four out of five games easily treat. Yeah I think I honestly John I I cut it a big break. Between how we came to Boston trade for Kendrick Perkins -- And only heard about was. Oklahoma City was true contender Perkins because they needed an edge and he he. So now he comes to the Celtics know they're doing is complain that we don't have Perkins anymore and it's on him. He's never played for the team before he has to step and be the guy that was going to help -- stop LeBron and win the championship. That would that can alive and then. The heart surgery and last year and trying to recover from not playing for a full year and he got to these deals often. He that it agreed to conditions that few others who take. A while to recover emotionally and confidently -- and to not be worried about anything when I watched Jeff Green actually kinda thinking. The only possible forward summed -- best place its drive to the basket felt like he intentionally do that now. I think he's with the right coach a guy that believes in them is gonna get him stopped thinking. Eventually. And start playing the game warm water. Affirmation. You know some of the -- gay community can do it again. And again maybe maybe without Rondo on the floor and there's going to be a need. There's going to be less worried about how things are done more worried about getting done now and maybe this'll be more opportunities for him. Is Ian Thompson from Sports Illustrated thanks for the time always a pleasure talking basketball with -- we'll talk -- down the road. Ian talked to Dennis and Callahan AT&T hotline AT&T four GLT eased a little weird kind of way. If you're working for the future -- you don't -- anything you'll yes core group sort of -- Steve I'm telling him with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Going forward and let them try to grow up between now and the end of the season and whether that's into the playoffs or not matters not. You're you're improving this young core group that all cited too sorry for your contracts. I guess but pierce isn't congress isn't. I still don't get the logic behind not trading pierce he even -- your point forward and in your best player at this point. What's your argument against him. Because you want via this new group of Celtics the evolution or group of Celtics to function under the pierce and Garnett as long as they can -- this entire year. -- what what hey hey that doesn't take into account what they didn't act if he doesn't think he doesn't think there's anything of value to come back that's going to help you. And -- his idea a new idea by heard correctly is that if you trade -- it would be to bring somebody and try to chew over the top and help you win some playoff games here and he doesn't think based on you lose appears what you get back in return we accomplished that I. Think if -- -- if we go past the deadline passed the 21 and they're struggling. And there in eighth place or ninth place or and place. With the young players will learn lessons from Paul Pierce 35 year old peace plan out the string. I mean he's giving good effort night in and I -- but that's going to be an -- but it was more KG thing according to one of them did they knew he. The Celtics Ainge doc ownership wants these new guys to lower under Kevin Garnett what -- Garnett would approve a trade to a content move. What if -- -- to LL have closely -- knows that better than anybody and flip says he hates change he would be dragged kicking and screaming at a Minnesota but he's got three years yet two -- -- -- -- Thanks and their -- rebuilding what they hit rock bottom that's all. Young guys in -- trial will argue shortly it would -- I'm -- Of course not yet but that could be enough -- require some going to be contender going to be a playoff team. And on the teams are -- Charlotte's not require going to be a good team. He's got a before and worked out well. He was reluctant to change last time he changed it worked great as we look at that say. You know what I was wrong last -- women dug my heels well. A lot of these trades we have in front -- -- include Kevin Garnett and all we really know is it would be up to him now would would be but -- may -- Maybe it's recruit him like to call its candidates would qualify that you know he was from there a contender and just get juices flow into -- there trade yet to see a lot. Big big big trading -- All the white guys and and and Brandon Roy who's currently -- he needs to and replaced knee replacements like now. He needs -- like now -- -- he's in better shape to Brandon -- is all right a quick to -- lines opened 6177779837. Steve Smith to the city 35. About a bright. Not reduce MIA outlook on what it right now.

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