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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on Rondo's torn ACL

Jan 28, 2013|

Jackie Mac joins Mut and Merloni to discuss how she found out about Rondo's ACL tear and what the Celtics point guard said to her moments before he was informed about the injury.

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What it would -- -- -- view what rubble of that debate that. I asked about that they'll hide you've been there well. I felt let me in the leather belt you'll look like it was all the that it really committed to do. That he says well -- gay movement global rotated out that it did the right. But did he tell me about that. But -- what that that they are you surprised me through -- yes Richard I did go by the new York and now you'd rather be here by you the -- Instead of that what they cute guy that doubt that I'd go back about what you do we. -- might go. Hi John Rondo said the U he's coming to play into it. Now some people ran with that and said hey you never know maybe an ACL tears not that bad. But it'll be 910 months now likelihood not -- 93 point seven. WEEI we talked to Jackie McMullen every Celtics Thursday when breaking news like this happens for the Celtics and right in the middle of last night Jackie can you explain you know I read your column today it's a great read because. -- ever read where. 88 columnists or reporters basically telling a player you might have a torn ACL Rajon Rondo. And it it got too bad it went that way isn't it but it certainly wasn't my intent what what happened legacy yen. You know he -- in Atlanta body hurt his hamstring. Wasn't even thinking about it needs. You know what the band is that I did come to my leg but you know didn't even really have -- check them out when -- went out played two overtime did you guys now. Which came out the -- until it -- out Saturday night. Barely even mentioned the leg you know makes it past and Keon and funding goes to shoot around. And he's got and I expect on the back -- the can't think of he's convinced that the hamstring. And doctor McKee and you know -- salmon course he knows right away. You know sit on the side to doc I think distinct story we -- get mentored him right he is definitely not playing today but they don't say anything to -- they don't know yet. So -- -- -- up like everybody else like in the game and then -- the other rumors start fine on Twitter on the -- email I'm blog. That he might have been torn ACL on so I thought I'm gonna go down -- -- I can talk to somebody plan it would take on on this is more important in the game. I locked down I go to the tunnel. I come toward the locker room and there is so I guess that's. And I said you know they've -- have a torn ACL what's going on he said -- that would give me where I come from -- said. People are reported that I I don't know secure he said ongoing right now to find out he said. But I could be walking around like this with predatory the Italian court. He -- shorts and a pair of those slides and he looked good just walked along right next to me that it will look to be moving just fine. And he and I said look you absolutely could people play on torn ACL they've done it before it. He's the -- -- could look at feels funny but I I don't know what the next gone on to let me go. I'll be back in a -- on the one an African American and -- coming right now what my results back. And you know to -- later just -- came out said. Toward a deal done for the year surgery and it. -- -- A little bit surprised that -- when you did realize you were actually preteen and who's. And display job normally intend to blame them you know I'm a reporter and he was the man of the hour the minute a minute and every -- in front of me so I do what I had to do. -- I wasn't aware that. You know if -- -- -- the weird thing is that none of the Miami Heat players -- -- -- the Celtics played duke but everybody in the building you know. I yeah no effect on the dollar package on court -- and they we're back you know behind that area. And they -- -- -- that she not run up to everybody knew except for the team and the player and that's crazy. Yet isn't it strange and you even. -- doing wade right in a hallway. Who is coming back you know they go back sometime in the third quarter to use the restroom or what have you and at that point. I'm -- in Toronto to come back out because he's been given the devastating news. So I'm just sit there and a colleague bide my time with all the great security guard that the Gardner -- bunch of guys who were hanging out there and here comes the -- he looked at recently Bulent. -- -- went for -- he's like what's gone not. This -- torn ACL and he he was immediately just now because you know what as he said we've got bad history with the quote. But he never ever want that either -- see that happen to anybody you could see in his -- that his concern was genuine. So he went back out in the game Jones came in through couple minutes later in looking at Saddam and that's that's -- is about Rondo and Paul Peter. Clearly at the end of the game didn't know until -- -- Jeff Green as well. Do they think. Pretty stunning stuff it's just. You know it's just kind of the way with social media and the way -- -- to get around. And I've heard from a couple of friends stated that he can be likely you know that he should be break and that story today. I I had no idea who -- who didn't know I'm just asking questions. And so. I need somewhere along the way the communication broke down between the Celtics once they got that news. Somebody glad that news before they told Rondo that's not me I don't know what that would make that. It goes back to Friday night me in the midst of that team you know looking back on its suffering their worst loss of the year heavily -- seven point lead employee at double overtime. If the injury occur where people think it occurred in the fourth quarter Jackie -- I played twelve minutes or so and NBA basketball on a torn ACL Friday night. But you know what believe it or not but that's not quite as uncommon as you may think. Like my daughter had a high school friend who played a whole and entire cycle soccer game with a torn ACL before he knew what was -- Dick Dick tricky injury that they're different than. You know if they a torn Achilles or something like that where the it's instantaneously it's and that -- Potomac yesterday that you know he tore his ACL. And the next day felt so good he did you know what you -- message that you're wrong there's some you got -- given the wrong diagnosis but you'll find. Because it's a weird injuries. Tonight Doc Rivers after the game says -- not write the obituary -- yet but I think when you look at this team. But we're terrible for the -- began the season but the best of seven Jackie this pretty much cements it doesn't. Well yeah and you know we've been talking about the team all along we weren't even sure which -- they had what it took to win a championship I think we were pretty certain that they didn't. You know what I do think there's enough guys in there who are proud enough and have been around long enough and the -- Who you know is -- really kind of a never -- kind of -- I'm not gonna bet against them that don't make the playoffs but I just don't see how deep they can go. That you know they have some. Problems that aren't gonna be fixed by. It's not it's not addition by subtraction. By -- Rondo he's your most valuable player he's your most talented player at this juncture of his career. He made things go in an elite player and you can't tell you certainly going to be able to replace him. How different do you think Jack and the Celtics will look on a game to game basis without Ron noble offensively. In defense of out of. Really different completely different and I have to play a different way and I think both Danny and -- knowledge that yesterday now the question is. You know -- was talking about. He's sticking union playing he would tell me afterwards his press conference. They had what you called his quote no point guard offense -- that they were working the second unit had been working on that for the last few days and he felt pretty comfortable in it. And I think you're gonna see Barbosa who of course has been hankering for more minutes I think you can see him get more minutes. But but it's not a true point guard on that roster that you guys now also at some point. That can bite -- in the -- You know we've talked about this team before with you we have a caller really -- asked Jackie. You know he says that Rondo so disliked in that locker room as can be good thing and nosed team hasn't come together but. Any true do you think that anything any -- out. Yeah I don't think it's like the right word I don't think that's it and all he -- to look at run as a different kind of guys he marches to his own gun he makes mistakes. He infuriate his coaching staff I think it probably -- GM. But but you know Kevin Garnett is with them as much you could be with anybody there -- -- -- can be Avery Bradley lived and -- by every word he says. No maybe some of the other guys get a little frustrated with them at times and I don't think he's disliked O'Donnell think that's a fair assessment. Of his personality he he -- he'll -- stubborn like all the great ones -- I mean I was having that conversation attorney -- yesterday before Ronald -- we are talking about Rondo before the game and -- night -- tell me he's you know he's one of the elite players in the league and don't kid yourself every great player is stubborn every great player annoys the living daylights. I think he made and it started fighting all sorts of example the Celtics great and all the things they did that drove him crazy when he coached them and I can tell you. You know it's well documented about bird it's well documented about Jordan -- -- document about Magic Johnson the kind of things they got into with their teammates so. I don't buy that did the idea they're better off on this is no way you're gonna tell me that. What about some of the guys the guard play here in the back -- there have been disappointing right Jason Terry sure hasn't performed at a Barbosa not happen at playing time -- and it is in good comfortable. Is it one of these say no excuses Detroit funny now go take. That's draining you know what I'm I'm glad Barbosa is gonna get more time every kind of put that in the game something good happens he would your classic energy guy now the problem will be. If you have to -- extended minutes. Maybe the value he had he diminishes write some guys -- just. A great guy to bring up event for those flashes but those 78 minutes states -- -- came -- -- -- -- make a big shot they make a big play in these and obviously an active athletic guy. So. But -- that simply twenty minutes amendment tree can give you the same thing. Bradley's bid if you don't they're gonna ask him to drop a little younger than they wanted to they've been talking about wanting to expand his role. Remember when he came and doc had him pegged as a point guard. And then realized that partly -- okay he's not there yet and I need to look at him in different way well he's gonna have to grow up on the job a little bit here. And and I think he's up for the task -- do. I think -- the most pressure on himself -- mean because yeah the idea. And then going out getting a Kyle Lowry or some video through on the point I find that right now unrealistic and so okay on this roster. What's the best combination of Bradley and Courtney Lee for a nap backcourt I think that gives you the best chance to. You'll be competitive defensively and deal the struggles you're gonna have an office. And remember Q you've got you've got up here who is you can call whatever you -- column a guard a point forward I had to handle the ball a lot and always has. And it's only been a release -- for this team and you know in talking to gain any after the game I think he's like look I'm. Obviously we're Christ salute Rondo put. We we prove we can play pretty well without him over a short period that we can move the ball we can get. We can score you know it's not like they have been able to play without Rondo but of course the concern -- Over the long hall what happened. Because in the short term these guys there proud enough they're good enough they've been around enough that they can you know they -- scuffle along but. But for how long as the -- How does this injury Alter what Danny Ainge might wanna do here next month. Well you know what at this point and I came away with last night it was this bit it's particularly ownership little. They didn't have Belichick and -- I mean its zero interest not something they wanted to do. And even I just don't think that was has been on the table here recently I don't think they were ever at a point where they're like you know what. This isn't working we're gonna blow this sucker up and that means you -- -- brought -- I don't think they were at that point. So having said that. If you were gonna blow it upload up to -- -- trading Rhonda. So if you were never really penetrated to begin with you sure as heck aren't gonna trade him now because he has a torn ACL in his values went through the floor. So I don't think it's gonna change anything in terms of that now smaller deal. We know that -- has some value because. He's got five million dollar five million dollars guaranteed next year. You have to think you eat -- keep it after July 1 I believed then and I'll become guaranteed fifteen point three million dollar so he's become to trade chip if you want. Because you can trade in another team can wave and an 85 million. He becomes the valuable trade chip that -- KG get the no trade clause. And then beyond that who you really gonna move that can be super significant. It's spare parts after the gonna bring that Lee Perry don't look I think to make that are going to be able to. Creates significant -- Jeff Greene's contract is a tougher team to stomach Jason Terry's -- and so. It goes back to Paul Pierce and you'd -- -- that -- dynamic more than any of us do between ownership and doc and Danny. What's that conversation like today because there's going to be at some level that nationally the spin is. They can't win this year trade up pierce and everything -- can do for spare parts and draft picks and everything else but can ownership. They wanna go along what data they wanna keep this team together get a playoff rounder to get those playoff gates and say you know what. Whatever happens next -- happens next year we're not gonna trade -- players. Yeah you know what I kind of hope that's the way they go I think Paul Pierce has earned the right. To retire here and to be done here on his terms and I know that's -- sentimental thing in their businessman and I get that. But I think that makes sense on a lot of levels clearly he's had to struggle this year we've all seen it. And they're asking him you know last night obviously played economist -- me last night with the game we're winning for a whole bunch of reasons. A whole bunch of reasons all the good ones and I'm sure you're gonna either they -- minutes curtailed here in the next week itself both pierce and Garnett so I. Would -- good Paul Pierce helped somebody absolutely. But but I -- -- is gonna be in a hurry to deal and I just don't think so I think it's just early yet. We're all going low the landscape has changed dramatically I think they need some time to look at it and I had time the trade deadline that you know. It's not till February 21. They had some time because they aren't let's look at it but -- we've got and now little happened to guide. It seems we'll start coming out of the woodwork because they're gonna think let's let's take the Celtics have a -- let's see what they're thinking it. Are they get in are they -- -- -- how are they ready to move a guy like you're so let these games come do you would just sit back and see what the landscape that you don't need to do anything right away it's just. I mean there's no urgency in that regard in my opinion. The name most text of the show today's been Delonte West -- that relation to locate the Celtics and Delonte West is that a possibility or on the point. I just don't see how guys and it's not because Delonte is counted and you know I know deal -- to pretty well I always root for him. But they're just too many things that come along with him there counterproductive to what this team is trying to do the Yankees had two shots at a here. I can tell you for a fact that the second time. They spent a lot of time with a lot of late night phone calls. A lot of sleepless night worrying about where Delonte was what he was doing what you gonna make it to practically going to be able to fulfill its commitment to that team. As much as they may like him personally and -- his toughness and everything else is he is the really worth that effort has he done anything in the time that he's been out of the league. Two. Solved some of the off the court problems he had and then we all know you can federal problems. And that the kind of problems that don't go away. So has he been able to get kinda counseling and help he needs to straighten itself I don't know audiences that. -- great stuff which ran a three today ESPN boston.com. Right in the middle of others John -- story we'll be talking about it. I'd say all week Jacqui thank you so much we'll talk decent. Not Jack McMullen ESPN boston.com joining us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T forgy LTT. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible ask about Delonte West because been Delonte West and key on doing. -- one texting in about dueling as the guys -- -- the Celtics now admits he's out of shape. And seemed like a long shot to come back in as the Arctic -- Lou where it's just that he's still a shape but scouting uniform to wanna guess -- these guys the work with the team. That's the story I'm most interested in going for is what is that debate like today. And health point in the Celtic offices. Here at the layers of not wants to win he's competitive he always wants to win you want the team that can win this year no coach. No matter what he's getting paid -- can pay considerable dollars right. Doesn't wanna be of Albany rebuild process -- -- out for the year trading Paul Pierce might lead to rebuild. Any change is on record as saying I don't want to read did you know I don't while lead that dead in the cupboard full. Instead of trading off pieces and -- for the future you know you'd be writes extensively today. He -- stage -- what you're asking about that the winning for now winning for later he had that the GM. Then you have ownership. -- is a great owner because he cares so much about the steam. He doesn't agrees with -- he goes on second Eagles on ESPN. He goes on money matter shows right the guys invested financially and emotionally in this team. Is -- Grousbeck interstate in. Trading Paul Pierce the -- -- -- helping make -- back into the retirement thing but he officially would have been traded. The prospect wanna give up.

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