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ESPN's Flip Saunders says the Celtics aren't too likely to blow up the roster

Jan 28, 2013|

Flip Saunders knows what's going on inside the Celtics, and listening to him, it sure doesn't sound like a roster revamp is on its way in the wake of Rajon Rondo's injury. Flip also says the team may lean more heavily on up-and-coming young guys like Jared Sullinger.

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3-D NC fault lines open we'll talk with -- 61777. On 7937. But first things first joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Former I -- coach with the Minnesota Detroit Washington currently in ESPN analyst -- Also advised the Boston Celtics Saunders joins us on the AT&T -- good morning -- John Jerry Boston -- particular couple minutes. Went very well pay out just off the top and and an article for blocking your aligned with this organization how much more difficult. Did -- job just yet. Well less fancy -- challenger. There's an identical we're challenging him. If you guys are back doctor extremely positive in the Virgil and I am sure that there's you know disappointment but it -- officials have. Opportunity and challenge and don't have to hit -- it staff course he'll change how they play a little bit -- you can't play the same when. Ms. Miguel like Rondo -- that generates 40% of their their options based which what he does he underscored rises shutting people up slow. Don't change a little bit but. If this is back like -- -- that this. Be any excuse -- himself and his -- in the organizational players that they can't go out completely and. -- out to say this is a challenge from an X and -- -- pointer in terms of reworking of rotation part of the challenge also is to convince these guys they can still win without Rondo it's sort of an inspirational type of challenge right. -- that election but that doesn't have better players and pierce and -- Those guys they feel that it is based also they complain they can win they're both going to be hall of fame players and when it's all team players and you change. Yeah that that the leadership American. An opportunity to Jason Terry who lives maybe not lived up so well a lot of people thought you might do covered the Boston I was deliberately bit more into a the solid rotation as far as minutes and what are the expectations are going to be so we'll change a little bit they'll probably come more defense of -- Even more so now. I think I really believe that dot will probably have to do more at play calling. Where we had Rondo. It was kind of extension to him on the floor in what -- -- pretty much run the show called plays and now it is probably going to be a little bit more. Calling plays. You know from the sidelines. And I think you'll see more of the -- short period to Paul Pierce you saw yesterday and Paul get a triple double and probably put the ball in the cage in the post more Clinton people playoff haven't closed. -- what would you do if you were Danny -- club if you were Danny -- would you look at this is a lost season without Rondo and would you try to make some moves geared toward next year year after would you trade Paul Pierce. Well that's that's the more difficult question you know. I know that -- Cali are still in doubt feels with the players he can't ignore out the next man up and blindly ignore -- they -- they can win. Can they win a championship. Well you know he beat Miami last night O'Sullivan in India liquidated last year getting to the finals. -- how are being right there and -- -- and -- -- six game and kind of knocked him out of the we'll get them as a big news that's a big question because you look at right now Rondo. It's operated. You know tonight at ten month process to get back and when you get Specter you back at where you were when you left -- mean we're we're seeing right now Minnesota which. Ricky Rubio he struggled coming back a little bit just that to where you want to be because. I'd like agent Peterson's football basketball players for games and seven days he had no rest time. And and also you have a lot of practiced hard to get to get into your rhythm so. And that is there anything back here -- days of where he lives and left Boston's. And when they kept the -- captain Larry Bird a little bit longer maybe some people thought that you could have traded got some form. They would do that yet -- huge rebuilding process well. Obama captured. Directory value less secure -- -- probably endless let's see we can do that Steelers has been so resilient over the last couple years people have written a mosque that is. We continue to sideways. Two win and in toward the playoffs and in the street and Roosevelt for the playoffs they're built sure. -- days' rest in between their preparation came in when you get Garnett give Paul -- those days rest and playoffs. They play Italy and led. Better energy level or in a consistent basis. I was gonna ask you about that that conflict that natural conflict between the coach in the GM. -- -- decides that -- this year is hopeless and on the move on and trade appears he's gonna get resistance from doc has. No -- in an obvious got a long term deal and he's secure as he is. Every coach is thinking about the next game or at least the next couple weeks not next year correct. The other as a questioner figure. There are reluctant. From what she started the beginning of the year in training camp in the message that you send your players in the -- -- was -- week. This past year we re really lowered we made some -- Got -- apparently. Better pretty good draft some young guys -- solider. And we're developing these guys communicate I'm playing a personal situation to. It to make a run with a parent comes so. These next 23 weeks going to be very interesting I didn't feel as you did they have a lot of -- -- back but also to. Paul Pierce and to KG and so what is it probably sit down there -- and seeing what the temperature of everybody hasn't. And I haven't and organizations. Source ownership on the concerns you have that benefit all parties. A Flip Saunders if Avery Bradley is asked to do more offensively offensively whether that's handled the ball club play a little bit at the point. Does that in anyway compromise his. Kroll was on the defensive end. Not as -- action because you know what happens a lot in the bracket is put Avery Bradley have a better. Guard and allowed to have a good point guard that he was starting. It was insulting and probably is coming back after the chamber probably cultures so. What I look at positions that people play a lot of attention to -- guard. And so you don't have Avery that you can play him and put them in a position where he can actually guardian of the water that you. Such as that you benefit electorate should that's the thing that Belcher offensively that you want to get him out. In the lanes and running because he's such a good -- at the end of the break. That's -- I think you'll see Paul. -- ball a lot more I talked last night actually and -- -- you know Miami -- that we lost to Minnesota to Los Angeles in the conference finals. Sampras or got -- Troy Hudson got hurt at no point guards in games 56. KG was like point guards so quick -- end it there what happened in a pinch. KG can help as far as handle the ball to brake pressure. And keep your turn -- down which is is going to be a huge factor. Nobody is close to KG then you flip and what do you think his disposition would be if he found out or told the we're gonna move you even though it's going to be to wait a -- A championship contending team do you think that would sit well with KG when -- what -- except that he has no trade woody -- except the Trent. Our KG's. If it well in Minnesota originally. But when the situation came when he was in the an opportunity to get to Boston and they know what bosh and still of course she's. He opened up in in open arms. I I really believe right now that he's it is very much up to you in -- fox Wesley Boston KG has. The creature happening definitely changed. That he he always does it -- we -- players in -- trading under. Released or whatever just one of the that's kind of innate nature and -- I believe that he he believes in the Boston Celtic and I believe -- about -- -- they talked and talked about him finishing his career in Boston otherwise it probably would have you know just. Wrote into the social. And we wesun the best of Jeff Green for. Launch stretches yesterday played 42 minutes he was on LeBron most of the game and just -- -- his -- on both ends of the floor. Why do you think Doc Rivers can't get that kind of effort can't get that kind of performance out of green on a nightly basis. Well whining is. You know he's he's just coming back I've always had this series. Larry Kantor was hurt when I was in Detroit question is probably the best trainer. Rehab guy you know in the NBA in that area that -- level player is hurt. What happens when they come back and they start playing it takes them gradually. And you'll see what they were there are two year after they actually start coming back play. And and so I just think even though he had the surgery. Well you know bounce -- over a year and he's coming -- -- still he still. Coming back gradually and into every day as a -- -- -- -- Oh please think yesterday it was a very. That it went -- over the over the -- and -- now it's Sony's gonna get their confidence -- -- what I liked about it yesterday is that. He's got Denny took a huge charge which -- huge -- and took a hit in the chest and everything else you know I was worried about the guidance in the -- heart surgery. That's their first -- of the -- the physical. Pounding him in the hourly and react authority reacted extremely proud little. I think I answered back and answer nobody else in this little building block and I've always had this thing in the NBA you know there's bad news about bad players in this good players and every change it when you have a good chain and you have. Some solid guys and you give. Those players opportunities. In the in the roles change sometimes of slurs and this. Could be a blessing. Bird for Jeff Green and had an opportunity and to really step up because they're gonna they're gonna need some extra offensive punch and maybe give -- -- It's a final question for me what's the ceiling or Jerryd soldier who could he become if all aligned properly for the -- He's so different because our biggest change so much. And that we've become such that politically right a lot of terms are not athletic players. It had a problem but he. Or maybe I -- quarterback sepia Paul Silas you know an undersized player who can rebound as super hands and I can do a lot of little things so they had to pick somebody. It it might be admitted even before your time I don't know but it's you're just sort of rebound -- president has has great hands and I'm catching ability. The -- -- the -- in the leader you have great left and continue to get better what I like about it is he's he's seen me play a little artwork calculus the more enthusiasm. In I think that's. You know that's a big -- because you want the young players to bring enthusiasm to change. But they're also seems to be an -- awareness court awareness of the ball seems to find him I don't think you coach that if you just have but I thought. He's always had the idea that he -- in Ohio I'm from Ohio later it was pretty aware of his situation. In he had that when he and I actually had that when he went to look. When he went to Ohio State it's -- seen everywhere ago there was always the question would you be able. To doing pitiful level for Williams and and I wonder what to -- wouldn't be able to do the same thing yeah. That's a question of him coming out in the union at this point it looks like he's progressed so very positive way. I'm before -- go flip 24. Days to the deadline yes or no does Danny. Do something and I mean something big. I don't think so no. I think we're gonna hold -- They're gonna give this one more. Yeah one more go over and I think the idea that they that they feel that. We can see where that takes let's give these guys an opportunity to play together. And still though they're in the -- that they haven't been somebody who probably still do some analyses and there's so if this season didn't go at it it was electric. As a follow up question I want ask ask one more via this new band of Celtics all these eight or nine new guys this doesn't look like a team has played forty games together there seems to be sort of a disconnect does this provide an opportunity to get that right flip. It does -- the thing an exodus from here a few times is that. Boston has a very intricate -- consciousness. More more -- than most teams in the NBA and what they rely on rotations. And sort of have to trust factor in and so many times when you have eight new players. They're all trying to get that in its in its it has -- to have such a trust factor defensively. In when they're sitting there when one guy breaks down it looks terrible and everyone has broken down starved essentially one -- clicking like they were yesterday. The defense looks like its -- can -- can stop anybody in so. It's one of those things at the more they play together we can continue to get better and better. I do believe when you lose a star player. Like Rondo it does bring a team together they know that they have to play and everyone looked at the player higher level. And they really got to play as close to mistake free and they can't because there. You know the level of mistakes they can but it still have success. Becomes a lot more diminishing -- few -- example bound together. Played more together become -- become of these terms of a -- -- hopefully that they'd been fast. Good stuff interesting stuff Flip Saunders we appreciate the time this morning thanks for much. Others at the -- cal -- AT&T AT&T four GLT -- take away my takeaways this guy. Is who -- the bill yes I mean he's in and is an idling and how this works like Magic Johnson when he owned the lakers and it was on the network re talking about the lakers. He's an advisor with the Celtics he knows how they think he knows how it operates and he doesn't think. Anything's gonna happen doesn't think it has the guts to pull the trigger on a big deal he'll get but don't you think. When -- goes down it changes the dynamic to the at it from -- and so teams are calling him now who might not meant calling him right for -- exempted. And as he put that on somebody wrote pierce is as treatable as anyone in the NBA yes. He doesn't have a big contract is over -- is guarantee four million next year. A clutch player of veteran player a guy who could score. Mean they're going to be Colin. For Paul Pierce and in the -- I mean that's going to be more than one offer for Prius. Why don't she do would accurate but don't you think flip is smarter than the average bear on the subject that and he says. We can happen probably -- -- athlete as a reference right because a rivers doesn't want to happen and Danny and and darker they work well together -- McKnight. Talk about it. And in this if they don't make a move allows two things to happen and that is. Try another kick at the camp -- I -- which I don't think is gonna end in anything but ultimate failure at least a fourth championship is concerned but doesn't allow these eight or nine new Celtics to figure it out because they haven't -- point. You know. Trillion dollars all of them the time the commitment the the opportunity precious little goodness I say -- right well here's your chance you know we'll -- picnic -- a senate yesterday you're. And he played his ass off and Lee same thing you say you should chance globe and earned it and they don't have to play. -- in the meant little looser and freer numb and I'm I'm really straighten up or lost want to lose our 92 time out right back to your Fuld called weakened back in a minute half.

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