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Tom Brady's career is OVAH!

Jan 25, 2013|

...and other witty retorts. Witness the overreactions to Tom Brady's playoff career since the latest playoff loss.

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I CKC -- ESPN Boston UFC east yes hi. He gives the option is not accurate Obama yeah for all patriot fans out they may wanna strap in that the seat -- make sure it's it's -- strapped. He gives his case online today. That Tom bradys did Klein. Has begun. An over the next three years we are gonna watch the same thing. That they watched out there in San Diego with the -- -- founds. That they watched in Miami is Dan Marino faded. Into oblivion in the last three years and French markets and as well. Now is -- I disagree you can -- there was all the numbers out there and clearly when you get to. 36 and that's where Brady will be for next football season. If you look at the past and you look at -- you look at Marino. You look at the production numbers did diminish in those last three years to -- the game is different. 36 right now is the new. Thirty for 49. While I wouldn't have -- I would 36 without -- as the number 83 years I would say year. 36 is 33. Because these guys are dealing with different conditioning they're protected now. Much better than than certainly to market -- was protector or bouncer even though it were a lot different quarterbacks beat the crap out no worry about it. Game is over that deal. Nowadays you can -- the quarterback. I think he's that's what I think he's missing the point I think it's much different than the -- talking about. Bret Favre was born I prefer it was they were running quarterback pretty doesn't run pretty doesn't have to move out of the market. Brett Favre needed his legs to actually be productive. I don't understand his point about. Dan Dan for -- Following the -- And that's. We're gonna see the same thing -- and palazzo is it's -- differently. Tom Brady. Completed. 68%. Of the past year. So you -- -- out all time high pursued to completion percentage was. 62 point that was good -- -- Bogota and I don't that was good okay that's the highest. Completion percentage. If you really want excuse me 63 point two bodily changes would still second that there are. 63 point two followed by 62 point you wanna know. How many touchdowns and -- interceptions. In 979. He plays in sixteen games. 4082. Year. Of 62% -- 44 touchdowns when he politics. So what I'm -- outcome and then coming into this equation -- crowd's into. It and Tom Brady. Is a superior quarterback. I'm saying yes about our senior -- play in mr. Fazio our -- -- -- so I think if you wanna go with the comparison and this is a better compares. -- -- If you feel like if you feel like Tom Brady. Is gonna start to lose something as -- as the inches toward forty years old. Then you -- you make the case that. -- some more help. And we look at John Elway now we seeing John only great quarterback he was a winner he went out as a winner. But he only went out as a winner when he start to get help when John Elway was in his prime. So before the age of 31 it -- in the Super Bowls. Big key he waited yeah have you never running a running game was all on him. Take a team to a Super Bowl he -- every he would drag a team. All the way to the Super Bowl and then he'd run into realty. And they get -- That I was apparently running game throughout Davis changed -- that was a pattern -- in the got help and then he it was able to win his last two Super Bowl and in and get out of there so. It if they have their argument is that the New England Patriots can no longer rely on Tom Brady as the one he got to be. Like the sec you've got to be the second guy's guy -- somebody. I might I don't know it credit for adding I'm worried about Barry's data bus -- tickets different 36 now is 33. In the old days that the did the work outs the the food the conditioning everything is totally different. The rules are different the quarterback is protected. Urged Joseph in Portsmouth a joke. -- -- -- -- not to can buy them fortunately. I the other -- disagree what you thought it. I don't think the patriots make it would not so global as long as Brady at quarterback. In the Atlantic in my arteries. I think the future in the NFL. Our guys like aperture. Russell Wilson and Eric Rogers can move to re still it is not pocket passers now he would have felt it. -- -- I mean you got you'll play. You know -- a gamer -- watch the Super Bowl on Sunday on February 3 yet so can't predict who's have a quarterback. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If I can I doesn't -- Columbus and that and I am certainly concerned what's his name. Now. I did not give in all honesty given that I look at. -- -- out though aren't we leave you don't know you know who the other quarterback who's -- and Apollo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Expand. And and it. The guys have done this before with that guys construe that can extend a place yet you don't that we we heard at all. A couple years ago when Michael Vick came on the city did we not. Jody you still there is still alive now call meaning -- -- you that's great but. I don't that the pocket passers. There's still -- -- for pocket passers in football where you could make the argument right now that RG three got to learn to spend more time in the pocket unless I'm running. If you want to have a long you know and fruitful NFL career. I don't think it's been proven that that running guy. Can do it for long periods of time that the quarterback that can stand in the pocket -- defense. Effectively be a mobile quarterback without having the Great Lakes to war. Has a long career. I still think I don't -- is that anybody's disprove that here's Michael Connecticut Michael. A guide it after -- -- -- Apocalypse Now. I am tired of these people thought in Tom Brady. And -- a lot of the season I realize you're gonna -- Yet backed him on Sunday did it look back give it a -- what is commonly used to edit what it. But look what that -- done for knowing since he's been. -- Super Bowl appearances three Super Bowl win at first I thought everyone retires I'll look back at that you've brought -- wing patriot football. -- Yeah Michael you -- you're missing it what is he done. Over the last eight years that's. And and I understand he's struggled but. It's not like we have -- it's -- a quarter. But -- think of the first seven games that he played. And he won all of those playoff games and he couldn't lose and people or were saying this kid is -- early eighties are believable even the first team. Our Super Bowl game which John madness that they're going I don't know what he's doing you know exit. Should be taking a -- if he wins that game. Now let's look at the last eight years and let's look at the record and we have visions. Of games in which Tom Brady went out there and played poor for Tom Brady didn't play anywhere close to Tom Brady levels. What right it would -- IP they need to bill. A better team around -- what they are great team around him by what Michael thing about John Elway was. Bill -- -- keep it here it is billed. What he's got the most potent offense. In the national -- a polish defense etc. yeah potent -- that's what it is about them. If we're a particular color preference. -- it's the defense -- wouldn't didn't property Jeanne recoup our younger years. Repeat it was great. You know they they were. In -- opportunities -- often you come and. Or -- but Michael the -- of forty get on offense. Or receivers people kept on saying Tom Brady good receivers because he's got a budget no name receivers right now why. That was spending money on the defensive side of the ball and and I think also you we get a lot of about. And there are a lot of text here. You guys tell me I think it is obvious next Monaco a lot a lot of text he had a lot of text but I think. It's -- apartments is like a hole I'll call Peyton Manning -- the prompting. So Tom Brady has been homecoming king and vice -- complain or to -- are. I don't know who that guy was in your school. Guy in my school. A lot of a lot of people liked him a lot of haters because he's popular. He's good looking. That gives great grades debit got a nice cars that you. Now what in the bigger it may no no was it maybe I should get lucky not right so. I think that's what's happening with Tom Brady. A lot of people are our politics or are you guys are just protecting the golden boy it is it's not. It's not that Tom Brady won't won't decline and decline it will happen and -- see it happen and it will respond to it. Just keep throwing darts and saying this is going to be this going to be the year that's going to be year without any evidence. -- -- -- Imagine what the these parts are going to be like when Brady is finally gone on here. Well. Well but they represent. Really represent the people the they want to continue to -- in for example for him by justice. I wannabe a -- specifics or you guys know Pacific. That you guys overdo -- here. -- -- What you guys that -- It's. That Tom Brady is nothing more than a system quarterback who benefited from being coached by one of the greatest. Of all I know is that credit is dangerous on what you did it is that just -- stoop -- that 1%. 5% to. That was the line that people do have to Brady haters yeah that was the line people -- first year he is Raj is the system quarter partly. -- -- -- -- Now if we saw that twice in the course a vote. Of the team on Sunday night which he. You know ran into an official and another time he should have run out of bounds or even run into the end zone he couldn't get slow slow he is really slow. Don't you Logan man I think census -- I'd rather -- Logan Mankins for -- it's a vehement personal I'm Carol Brady eyewitness that. There's no question about a government sets to be. Like after -- but you can't know they'll prepares he's all. He has great mobility within the pocket is a great fuel -- Wuxi shoulders so that he can you know drop it on the left side were guys come off the edge and miss that you sometimes you sit there went -- How does Freeney and -- It happens because. He just moves a little -- -- a little bit there Marino used to do that really well I'll and is married a guy. I released the release was crazy -- that most -- The British release is really your -- -- -- know -- that -- and -- now we're going to be accused of protecting the golden -- Then we should at least get the opportunity. To -- shoulder and -- So in other words we should be able to switch. Was with -- -- is what we showed us what I'm John I don't know what you read to John Albert -- it which which which aren't as good idea. So we should interview Brady and the -- I certainly I disagree that our. I think John Jerry would have an interest paying forty minutes -- Bill Belichick and I think we have a great -- I agree. 6 o'clock in the morning 630 -- we'll -- -- talk about how Brady that we should talk about it until next year that it wouldn't person yeah it was -- different way to do -- showdown elect 6:30 in the morning got to do in person. Now what they we will do. That would warrant shall -- at all all week which will be here. Interview boom were interviewed Tom Brady Jonathan Steele. You be hole. -- destroyed then today. Considered here and along the Foxboro and -- the I love the idea here a -- the -- you're running -- I'll put at least eight. It's great local life. Large Richard Jordan here a lot card I'll put a little suggestion box outside -- of regular public. -- -- Johnny. I haggard is not all Islamic court -- Are you guys that Brady. No -- a little bit here a little repair and park great mobility in the pocket. I think yeah you start doing that now a lot of -- what I see is what he -- a pass rush doctors and now. We'll cover a ball real all the time well. -- that. The -- would mean being. Leading the league and in getting sucked. No I agree I agree that do their -- -- does avoiding. He had a quick release. We. -- a follow -- very quick release and he had a pretty good Frontline by. I think a lot of current now when he feels pressure he's not an -- down into all the ball cover up. I he I think he used to get additional and stuff but I think I'm not around a lot the last couple years. I don't think he -- I think he's been one of the least. Touched guys the one thing that he does do is he ends up on the ground. At the end of a pass play on many occasions. Because he follows through on what he does is he'll he'll just follow through the past he knows he's going to take a hit. So we -- himself for he did he doesn't perfectly. I love that -- I had guys. Got more for you here and AT&T -- and I get rid of Brady. Anyone who wears them thugs shouldn't Lieberman and OK -- -- autos but if we're both sort of serious Brady is grossly overrated. And loved by the media. So -- does -- belligerent jester but where those guys because if you're hated by the media. Fans love you because they hate the media. If you're allowed by the media. Fans hate you. Because you're loved by the media and the hate me -- Got to be somewhere I got to be sort of rhetoric of -- but maybe we discussed our -- number eight. Over for people appreciate. Our apologies if the fifth and I want apologize ahead because like I said few the other -- skills -- -- -- -- sucks at it yesterday. I haven't heard a lot of this stuff music if you look at the exploration in and nice yeah but -- fuel -- their pitching machine is loaded with them to. Now that we brought up this piece by Casey join everybody's just piling on right now -- -- right and we're getting calls and people or or or are all over. To the point of the talking about comparing him to -- -- Are what one is calling pocket mobility has really become. Happy. Lost has become. Happy feet. Got to be kidding me quarterback you guys watch the quarterback we -- watching here. You've got to be kidding me. I'm watching any of the stuff Bryan -- and Bellingham Bryant. -- that's an important the patriots -- the -- -- -- through the seventies the eighties. Right to Brady at them and a better quarterback. In the leak ICL -- that nobody that I want the active at calm cool collective. Unit to gain the weight thing and -- Client. Elsewhere in the -- you know where to put the ball. I watched them his whole career is nothing better there's nobody there. These people don't know what you're talking about. He's in the best -- England ever if it they want something different I remember I remember. Tony -- Hugh -- Horrible I like to. -- -- The only reason I like the -- -- and look at what it took it down field gap it wasn't that great but at the personality. And the drive to do. We're like food and so like I like to get -- to -- the sidelines. But you. Guys. Out it would be great. -- -- I limited San Francisco game those who are not allowed -- things. Zoellick was a terrific quarterback at Maryland. Whose great. Great college as of Wednesday of people. She right now. I am not seem distraught often people to -- this drop off no what is apparently is coming is coming. They're right about coming but maybe here maybe to -- don't know I don't see -- here now that that's the point try to make it's coming we know what's coming because. Is that just the way it is the way you can force you get older and in your body falls. Apart and you just can't do the things that you did when you're 303233. But I amazed at 35. What are you can do he's a Smart quarterback. -- was 34 years ago. The mobility hasn't changed I disagree with that call. I don't think anything has changed with his mobility within the pocket deputy Ron nobody could. It was -- -- Enron. That part of it hasn't changed that we're here right now. 430. Here. Need to get up at 4:30 in the morning. To get here by 6. In the morning show interview Tom Brady then handing. Brady -- -- -- manager and my. Mom. Was talked to Tom Brady today. Think that he had would you guys like to hear from Tom Brady can talk about some of these things that you hear everybody laughed chemical. Well -- -- which -- cellphone game it would happen doctor but short of what got you accounts last year that last game if got a few things this.

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