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Hey Manti... Lennay's not a woman, she's a man baby!

Jan 24, 2013|

Wow... this Manti Te'O story just gets more and more strange the more details (and audio) leak out. We put the man/woman issue on the phones to a scientific test.

Transcript - will not be 100% accurate

Michael there are devices right that's fine -- a little. Apps and your iPhone of course that allow you to change the sound of your voice is that what you're thinking when you're talking on the phone when you're talking to on the phone to. The love of your life somebody you've met on. Online FaceBook whatever it is. And it sounds like warming Mets fans some great things smarter now but she's probably using an app. It's probably guy and talking to this guy we'll have to make himself cycle for the it would crush your mock ups of now it would first at first they went after a year and went public two years or three years it would work on it it will probably would after a three month. But not after a month or two which you can three years there three years at the you're confusing -- Hewitt when it's all here to. Two separate issues one issue is does it sound like a woman or not the other issue is. How long do you fall for Michael are two completely different stories on my phone here and leave you voice mail message it's cool. Really don't do that it has already does the meal with him every -- because of its award OK so I'll tell I don't know I don't. That you can do it's easy. -- -- high -- How to do all of these different things. I mean you go along with the war. Three years should -- it's what -- -- -- it was the guards Jordan ever since I've seen that before that the moment it -- no. But I should certainly -- -- -- -- the -- ordered didn't because you've probably read the reviews before some movie review and that movie. And you saw her. In the -- she was attracted. Nobody wants to know Peggy on the the MasterCard spot discover card -- you realize who -- the use them. With Peggy drug haven't seen -- -- attempt to us as an advocate of them with. Yet it's now. -- east Jerusalem. Post at this. It and with its current OK it's OK not that old commercial -- yeah because it's popular and I'm thinking it's on -- -- -- -- but if you meet somebody. If you meet them -- -- -- -- I'd say if if one of the without -- artists are nervous or listening to the show right up. Writing down might stop by a guy -- and Ike could pinpoint. Man. And looking forward girlfriends. At all don't trust you with some I don't skaters artist every -- I'd just adjacent to fifty bucks and what it's for Italy from the sky and Nigerians that you do that you. Sent -- -- got deposited to bring out. And other stuff -- now. Think to sound like. It's another it's another thing to have holes correct. This certain things women say that. Some think a man. Would a man thing to say these things some man. Yes some national and now we're on a suburb cannot summon our -- I never wrote OK why why doesn't his lawyer why don't you don't want. When you think all the roads why would you thinkable crossroads all we -- -- -- -- -- on to throw your -- and a right turn you right here you are one -- the -- the the best collegiate. Athletes in the country. And this goes on for three years to the point where based on these phone calls. I'll guarantee you they'll be more phone calls noticed you only when you your original four are coming from him. Useful and they are probably the ones that sell more like a -- but what does some little like me. I would she finally she C Shimbun a funny breakdown. Yeah it sounds more like him. They all didn't sound -- -- I'd pitched as as that for three years. I don't feel I have a bigger problem with the crime -- -- it -- to -- we got a lesson to get rid of her -- -- ago I got out of the public this. But it -- cross country. Somebody else to answer my phone I've made my choice did OK okay. -- got a great point. Cranky Yankee but it does anybody really believe that won't do. It. -- -- at the line judge on the that's. Got no access to apps are our deal we Trace back. It turns -- have accidentally traced back twelve -- in the know have been under that even after all. -- Three years on top collegiate star. You're going to talking to the media would she used dripping down your your cheeks -- talking about her death. It. -- -- adult but he's don't he's a complete double but NFL team are innocent men. Did you guys and I. You -- can make fun of it now. Next year patriots Monday coming up we're not gonna bring the blow -- doll shows how -- they go wow. It is. -- the -- I know he'll be a rookie and try to shut our rookies what human interest Monday. And every week but in the world doing this before we go on and in the hallway talk and other people. -- which is now. And its people including college all right into -- consumer. And now it's short that. The hang with the guys. We think it's. -- go up would you say yeah you're probably -- in doing homework. And -- -- -- live or die out. You know at the ways emotionally in the beginning he changed them anyway. -- -- -- -- Red carpet -- US. I don't know our -- -- the the interview coming up through that kind of -- the laws that will. Place a month before after 3 o'clock this afternoon we'll get to those which bills in a few minutes and if you missed animal. -- It's that simple. Text. -- guys are awesome. A little bit of Notre Dame -- -- what do what do what do freaky and to receive. -- time and lot of things going Notre Dame Q would never imagine Michael all these guys to get taken with with with the phones. And paying. And the money in Amber's used that went OK so what do you do when. Do you believe everyone overwhelmingly. Well -- -- if you are right now collision like topic you can put the technology and say you know. Were tight for staffing and -- in a recession. Coupled -- the -- to. Add some goofy milk. But I can't really answer a question of nervous and a situation. I think it's always better and cheaper to use your match I will wait until quite yet -- -- -- reserve -- experience like that. But here's here's the thing to -- Any court in an interview. With -- -- I -- Jeremy -- sat down with him for two and a half hours and still couldn't commit to become a camera for a minute. But. All this time fighting -- camera. YE his attorney agent told not to don't care workers is gonna give it away body language is gonna give it away on him. Through our camera or whatever now because the first interview didn't work they thought they will skate off the first of -- the weren't. -- that he's claiming he thinks the kid is genuine and believes is Laurie. Well this is this is one of the national and warm it. Katie Couric and Jeremy ship I hope one of them one of them. Asked the asked this question. -- You have phone sex with this person. And I irrelevant -- relevant version or any other questions that the phone. In identity of the big part of the store any phone question is above board giving that it that it -- releasing those voicemails. Let's go home and you know Europe is probably -- I'm sure. -- -- you're not hundred -- -- heard to -- and so -- just talk about the -- you are under. It would -- it is to us as -- is a football player. But he couldn't really talk football. As one day because -- he -- give -- away and he -- like in the intricate footballs to give away some legacies stay totally away but the music and -- stay totally away from. One. Are guaranteed -- where's that. This I didn't I out of that uses them. I haven't used in -- you know what does that opened -- that you would take about that woman's voice and music and I knew from now on. Well whenever you're lock up -- -- it would start with a the voice those just avoid it because you -- -- Reynolds had a burger all yes I don't have large envelope or yes I well I know you're weak points. Out or thought about what you and I know you're always got this -- This too we constantly -- married and right every every don't know you that. Every producer of -- thank you every producer and director of America. That call up this -- we got the subway and. You've got to move -- bad apple at all Ben Affleck and Matt Damon 200. Wahlberg. Have you got a movie. You'll need an actor made a good actor this guy -- He didn't use that applicant didn't use that he auditioned. You get -- -- already 500 hours as Obama. This guy's incredible. It's got be you put him in your movie be great for the remake of mrs. doubtfire golden glow. This guy is this guy has talent. This is one of the crazies I've seen I've seen. I think Jamie -- Act like a woman. I've seen Dustin Hoffman. Act like a woman Robin Williams only heard this guy for. He's got an overall. 500. -- as a woman and he was pretty. Or maybe a stupid Notre Dame kidnapped all right that might have been guys noted everybody reported the Indiana Notre Dame -- captain of the policy naive dome -- another undefeated football team for a -- way to the first and the last day -- the first time an NFL quarterback double pumps on him. -- It's called a double move. Please. If -- NFL general manager play action fakes of the fact is struck -- broke through the do albums. And you've got to bring him into an NFL locker room. You don't like that's gonna play into the into the into the processor the drafting process. I mean these -- care. In our -- -- our current resolution. Aren't Smart card. Game. Yeah yeah. You know why you don't want it that's a woman. -- you aren't adding one -- at Charlotte community support about it. -- It's completely your problem. -- -- -- -- -- It is and you're trying to think in any -- here I know that your partner in North Korea with a -- Why they're. Honest. I don't -- anything going on here okay and then I'm gonna back Aaron. Its parent. Child on you tomorrow irony commentary. Piece change. In other news that chick in The Crying Game is really -- and yeah I mean man he's added that movie. Music scares him. Right. I'm sorry -- I'm not I'm not buying up. You're buying a hearing these voice mail and you are I don't. Want about it the first drive yeah when you start -- right about here to give. It's slower and it does -- and around the course that it. I think -- of the whole elaborate scheme is just -- off. It's just a little in this is what Taylor did he gave -- up -- kiddie corps -- hundred hours but he gave these optic to kiddie corps ball now they say it could be 2000. 505 and effective. If found here. Keep this stuff up his voice probably get these voicemails along. The future. -- gave these up. To Katie cork why because they sound more like a woman used to 5000. You'd think that you figured out they can maintain that. Home. Figuring out. Certain. Yeah now let me ask you you can't let you tell me that is as solid it to work by the outbreaks -- -- Poll that. Bong do you. You'll see milk. That is that is. And these people in the hallway it here ratings. Convinced them. -- hot -- and yet it's. Got to be -- -- one modest here yeah. It's so warm I don't yeah -- So you weigh in Amman. Love is blind. -- and apparently three years it was. This stuff you know that's that's why -- guide through the opera cry in over the followed two years you couldn't take only the voice mail in on the boards and out years that sent them. Come -- out -- the. -- and -- -- on T tomorrow early commentary and he can. A few tickets -- woman you know what it sounds like. That I can see the Adam apple move back. Under the they -- -- illustrate -- the female. Sounds like a really young I'm not talking about nineteen when he tells a -- -- it sounds like kid I was just gonna say that. If it were me and I was listening to this. I would say I'll get some fourteen or fifteen year old it. Who's Paloma may look young -- quality little -- that's what I would think if I heard. And so what she goes Stanford. I just aren't they have -- I would have to hear a little bit more count percent. I will sort out deal man a woman what you think six settlement. 77 died 793 set him to a female different weapons and public isn't limited you know very honest with Lebanon before the guys are very similar to -- where I am good -- whether or. Some people that you've talked troops and the women -- and I mean to him upon. Haven't actually requirement I got -- -- -- great Britain and see that's why they -- big man that's why I treat them. All this I don't I don't discriminate I treat everybody the same. Your equal male. Of female -- to I don't know -- soon. Buckets they're too young public that eleven year old kid from Houston did you write that a woman to. -- a record seventeen -- I think a moment I think it's possible. That that's an adult. Who's giving us a child she I think that's very popular it's too quick at eleven news oh. On the eleven year old quick. On the whole. Not like that no not like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And overtime we'll look at this what do you give me one more voicemail from this this. This young woman in the more -- alien and you're going to -- Irony here I know that your powers in article you are. A burden. That I didn't hear anything in a New York weakening on the Internet -- -- Legal issues. He tomorrow -- any moment. -- And it didn't happen. And I don't. And doesn't enunciated so well no she doesn't enunciated a regular staff it was just comfort that the figure out what she -- kindergarten. You'd. -- that would be enough you'd be enough for me -- -- this -- -- -- know yes you know. Well balanced on any buying it to women. Would you buy into that. Thank mr. That -- up. With. That not that that. Out of it was -- like bill -- Out hot. Our great. -- -- -- this is on. -- If you're -- out of Belgium and right to comply. It won't get -- -- well over. 100 or anything else that I see I think his performance. In a game where he actually played really good team -- team that's probably the closest thing he's currency. Tool to roll off it was. Was what he saw in the championship game was all -- Don't like you know who else was awful and -- that he was awful and terrible -- -- tackle Richard. But but this this never goes. This has never part of the story mentality of an -- when the national championship game which -- So was their defensive line off. -- -- -- Watch what happens -- offensive line just remember all those names the plate and national champions you'll usually are usually here and they'll all playing unbelievable -- support a great okay. But that's also how you have to judge him as a pro player. You can look at him all season long it's it while he played Oklahoma to -- a few games get -- -- a couple of I think is a good player good player he's not -- -- on top five hiring paradise are great reader. I'm telling. The patriots will have. An opportunity. Draft him in a first round you'll be there yeah I agree and -- -- you and you wanna know something. His stock may drop more. From what you saw against a really good offense in the national championship game. -- the fact that he got duped for three years with some -- call. Trying to convince -- -- one. Burton. Richard Peabody LL rich. Only rich. And a and a woman did you buy it. Hey so why act at the voicemail an hour ago and I'm glad I applauded just kind of I admit that I got back to my card just the radio. He has no way out this leg I -- See you might be like most other males you wanted to believe it. You wanted to show up aren't you a people person when I first -- -- I think it's a female of the Texas and -- -- John Henry. A solid job and she -- it -- -- little bit like -- and. -- -- going on -- weakening continent I'm Aaron. The left -- here and there. -- Pilots you go Britney an hour ago we think it's Brittany col Brittany. Are you and you say no I'm not actually. Why you may not pay you know it we don't let Britney we can't trust anybody -- more acute and not know you'll see that we don't know I'm sure you know OK now. I don't know ID to prove it but we know -- but it's gonna take it on and it's gonna trust you that you are female which are common. Still -- and I'm not -- three years trusted that talk on the phone. After about a minute and a half a minute gone out of Britain and talk to you order. A -- I wanted to ask you guys did you meet your back out why if you are not accurate or edit out there that I. I think about that -- might now we're actually -- -- That you're African Americans. And you know not hit very well like you got that. I don't know him. Not really the indictment last in the -- happily. Are you saying -- fixture of this African American announced. Now. Can I ask that you could sell. -- back. -- They always. Don't end up -- says he treats everybody the same. -- hurt Charlie Wilson Britain. You -- Jersey Kevin and I you know Charlie doesn't mean you please you Brian and Charlie Wilson's. -- -- -- -- -- And brother of Oklahoma. We played itself as you know there were sisters what people think Brooklyn and that's it. Got to go out Brittany. -- -- -- what you do what you mean it. It seems to be optimistic that you could tell who was on the other and that's all right made its stake. That meant that elements of its past. -- -- let's have a 77 I'd settle at 937 -- to make show here's the deal. An hour from now Jack Edwards will join us in a male voice I believe. And we'll talk about last -- Bruins game slow start but man that was a great great hockey game last night. As Jack will what will talk to Jack about -- an hour and Danny Ainge will join us at 435 war heck is wrong. With the Celtics it's the Celtics and the knicks is Carmelo Anthony comes to the garden tonight we'll get into that would do any age in the meantime expect your phone calls next. Do what you want. -- -- -- Are you tomorrow or any commentary. -- you can. Well we did in the -- heated. That's all right Jamie not to tank well it's not on the face of. Similar to young team and told. Sony can ask. Thank you find that Jimmy. By the way. The deputy shuttle like Michael Jackson actually just play well and again it's that this will probably by about Zimbabwe. I think he's a man who wasn't right he -- -- I believe that yes. Intense and he you know compete tomorrow -- commentary. -- to audition right so why is that so difficult that. Michael Jackson -- entertainer thing. You and try and it is -- problems trying to do that and I don't know what he was trying to they got I think that's just what -- -- -- I birds altogether than ever figured out what you started. -- school and you don't want this to be a woman. Because the story is that while they have bad news -- and that is one model. Are we already know why don't you know why don't you want it to be a woman. I I don't carried away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is crazy now now the people who lost out in the details sweepstakes. Dr. Phil and Oprah there's gotta be they've got it they got a dimension. That -- doesn't have today -- -- recorded her interview before this New York Daily News story came out. So now Dr. Phil and Oprah can come back and -- Come -- talk about this and Jeremy -- -- you don't usually talk about athletes who get themselves into trouble whatever. You why. The violence czar fights at a bar whatever. And they have to do from that point on. Live with the consequences in many times they're dealing with the consequences with the law in the national football they have a commission of your favorite. Is that we're in this case. I don't believe he's done anything against the law or anything illegal. But -- The aftermath of -- Is the laughingstock of the country would have to go well. -- the National Football League next where you -- to travel around the what you gonna be little room. With 53 other guys that you're going to be traveling out on the road. The laughingstock. Man that laughingstock. But imagine the endorsement deals that guy's gonna have until now however it didn't course. He's gonna have a whole field especially only willing to that and seeing -- with the personalities in the various series. I'm very series -- But if he's willing to make fun of him so he's willing to laugh at themselves. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's already got part of what it takes to be a successful pitch man. Recognition. If anybody in America who doesn't. -- -- the guys aren't meant to articulate -- a sponsor. Other than a cell phone company records apparently you can't lets you. -- Anything to have to do with authenticity. Integrity. -- direction and anything like that. -- -- you're hitting your board it. It is going to be here. Here's what might you might be right Aziz he's got a drop and this team likes taking those guys who dropped for some reason whether he. Want a bad back. Or get duped by -- -- for three years who choose a woman -- -- -- eight. Hey governor of that state that yeah I'm a bit but checking let my opinion. Whether -- a woman or man -- -- -- -- But I expected it sounded like a woman. I think it was the virtue quote well requirement by eight to the Apatow. -- -- but are not bad not very good liners very good line. Announcement that it's not a woman authority and that's what went out of -- -- his line well you know the more the more you listen to what the more it does not so important. Identity. There you -- identity theft. -- or. -- other other dragon speech recognition. Grade. Christian mingle. And he. But he can do. You guys that's an idea here's Tracy in Providence in the chargers. -- -- -- -- Got the great maturity. -- I did that -- street -- Although it although -- secretaries journalists are buying a scale note that Tracy's one of those names that can either mail her feet. Right now she sounds like a woman that would a month ago by now and I -- -- she's -- she kind of story. I -- really email Carrie at the back -- a lot a lot of people think that I'm an addict comic the -- on the sound. But I want to -- -- -- to make about it all now. I mean eight and going into the -- people that aren't that easily be. Our Google like an eight at eleven only got into like -- spilled it on TER. I don't eat eat a lot -- let -- elect and a crazy here that the employer opt out 800 hours -- -- high end. I mean initial Matthew is like it and it went eight at the. -- don't know they they talked for 4810 hours at the time. So but that's what. You can't get it up like. El Al. Unmet need I'm Howard somewhat to get that back that it. It's crazy. Ratio for our league and then there's still more to this. There is there's another shoe to drop in the older out that there -- that we're better not serve -- -- -- Or go to all this years ago we we we've got enough that we -- also -- -- girl you know -- it was just too much already on -- more. There's more than matters more. There's no way Tracy I wouldn't I wouldn't believe you for three years but did this don't way. That you're gonna believe that the little clips that -- Michael when you hear that voice and she or he'd have to has to carry a conversation. For up to ten hours. Through a period where she's claiming. That she has that she was in a car crash. That she had leukemia a telling -- that you're -- Over eight look at how we're sitting here questioning it. When we are at the 152 clip iron -- So. Andy your band went out more about mega ball from Symantec should be the sponsor for been verified -- At the great one telling you. And -- the endorsement possibilities are endless here for -- tied to -- I answer right away here's Lyndon Springfield -- some dude named Linda. Little Gloria. Do you on -- no. Way to Latin on the -- you know moment. Well you expect my leaders OK. To -- -- you. -- -- are there with -- Michael Jackson State thinks that's what I would they keep tearsheet sounded like Michael Jackson. Black -- against saint. That. When that person was talking about day. This same person on the court African Americans I work which one year old heavy game other colors and none of them enunciated. It has to do that age doesn't have anything to do it anything counts elk. That person out like a twenty. -- But I younger and genuine and say that yeah -- wouldn't unmanned. Because you know to be all and Egypt's president -- In a lot of women who have -- deeper -- is now her. So I. What does -- I'm not there are certain how -- they felt like I mean I tactic I can everyday and at that point sound like. -- -- Okay -- I -- in the Bank of England Linda's legit IQ -- in any of these voices don't religious and she's which -- I need to gimmick. And it's to god that I could use it to doubts the plains of corruption in the court system and is on her this was this was that is that -- Barbara Johnson -- -- Johnny most impressions versions do and. It. She did majority most -- the -- -- include with your opponent and we had a couple industry. Boring boring boring I don't I'm sorry Barbara. -- was 777. Seven daddy 37 Jack Edwards at 335 we'll talk about the Bruins and we'll get -- to listen Celtic stuff. At 4354. You would do any change I need to gimmick. And it's too I got it that I could use it to douse the flames of corruption in the court system.

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