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Terry Francona dishes on the Red Sox with the Big Show

Jan 23, 2013|

Francona comes on to talk about his tell all book. During his final days as manager of the Red Sox his trial and tribulations with ownership.

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I back Jeremy big show. -- why and how it'll be like the old days here with them with you know he's the coauthor along with him jealousy. Of neo brand new book cold rankled the Red Sox years. Some interesting stuff with your Red Sox fan and you were around during this. Phenomenal period of a great ups and some of some downs toward the end joining us live with a full line. Is -- himself Terry for economic talk to you again. Ground -- and Greg congratulations. On the -- on the clay Atlantic. Thank you -- Is this signatures in time for the book to come out I got the feeling there's a lot of great stuff from the book this and that lightning stuff to some fun stuff about the the eight years here this anger there there's some. Little pissed off the way things ended. It comes out now when your getting back into the baseball world as a manager is that a little uncomfortable for him. Well in a likable things big all com. I'd I didn't quit date and and what it was like work one writer liberally to our right. All. Sort of my. Model. Let's start result on this the start of I'll. And then they'd -- hey Michael just changed his questions to the senate you know I don't now are. Are you concerned that would be. And I was I was I was out of jobs. I basically got into the job with the history and yet and they approach me and like -- have time to do it as we got that adorned it was actually kind of fun. And I talked -- job with the Indians -- the arrival -- his book was pushed up not to do me. So we have also a little bit. It -- a -- -- still closed down in the book looked on probably last August so old begin to double to put the timing of the dust up to me. Have you heard from John Henry or -- Larry Lucchino. -- personally I know they haven't spoken publicly. But you you would had a pretty good and a couple of areas in his book -- her from those guys. And you want I don't I don't I didn't feel like I I do it as much as maybe people I think if you read the book from from front to. Back in that'll get in the right perspective I don't really feel like it was that. You all I I think iPad touch on how -- -- it and I was very supportive without and it. But I didn't really think we're so people sort of critical item will be looked away. But I worked hard -- -- them away and -- good owners. And you know and they have not people registered -- night I had some issues with how things were able. That doesn't mean they're bad people that battle. -- set all that but I'm not sure they're gonna view it that would we ask you. Picnic and I I I spent a little to nothing -- back. Well Weis said but I think you're cute take it and read it in the right perspective I think it makes up. I'll ask you this the Bob -- peace comes out. In the Boston Globe and obviously there was some stuff in their -- we had to interview with few windows in December of that year and you're still pretty. Shaken up by that you would talk to hole -- you had given them some some stuff off the record that he threw it in there but there was some stuff you said only a couple of people. What is known about and it got out. We're working at work here -- like almost two years later a year and a half later. You have to know. We're the leaks came -- -- You have to actually don't and and I thought prior -- -- like you know a year too much stock to -- who helped me you know we're going to have to. I think a lot of people wrote -- trying to find out a lot of -- here and what Google me -- good that was. Sort of stops. The joint even in this book Q you talk about the conversation -- had when you're in the the Verizon store whatever and you're talking to Lucchino looking I was gonna get to -- -- -- For the hundredth anniversary and why you ever had the phone on speaker phone I will never know in the in the post or maybe you can describe that went to it but you'll just. If -- -- about the whole piece I think by now you've got try to find out who set them. Well again it all over the years ago an -- For the hundredth anniversary I was actually -- -- -- my phone text that's what the most beautiful. Andrew -- the young kids that -- unexpected. -- called -- Can be important topic to -- up to lend to -- A speaker phone it -- it will. Elevate your -- -- a little -- mostly -- -- happened probably a million. -- -- -- -- What -- -- to clarify -- or elaborate on that because I think when I said UN Adam pretty good I think the comment about them you when you said baseball. Baseball the hobby for the mandatory for them they like baseball but they don't love it now -- not -- you know there -- not gonna like that. I don't think that's I don't think that's saying anything that is disrespectful. Mean. I says appealed to salute the way I feel they've come in the game they'll leave the game and missiles what I went through to -- my life and I'll also -- statement to the bird that older. So LLC battle that was disrespectful I I think that's just -- feel. You think is gonna be awkward when you see him go to baseball writers' dinner is that on Friday or Thursday or Friday market tomorrow so I what do you think is going to be -- they're gonna be there. Do you think that's going to be an awkward situation. So. All I -- I don't really talk to -- anyway. So all it probably would be a little awkward I'll let you know when I got the Cleveland job so relaxed expertise and when they hired John -- percent to one back. No I didn't -- -- You know I think she I think she didn't -- illegal foreign -- -- -- -- pretty critical -- those kind of -- at a -- I'm the other guys have really talked to anyway sold. Are brutal obviously it would be. The Doc Rivers shared an interest in story. The other day and he said. What he was teasing you about that 111 Red Sox. A sad day he he text you say Tito don't screw this one up this is supposed to be a great team and he said you texted backer called back very quickly and said. Some does not quite right about this team that was very early in the process you remember. That conversation with doc and in what was it. What what you saw -- like. Not exactly popular -- detect a lot back and forth and I was obviously comparable -- doubled him to trust -- so much. And he would confide -- -- -- and he had words of wisdom that. For whatever reason -- -- -- -- so good that he and his timing was impeccable. But I just never felt that all of that well the -- team. Now for got a personality that stopped -- and for. With the team we -- we had talent and that chilled for a while but what -- never have that team that charitable outreach on the on the field. And I -- I would right from the beginning and that we worked as a staff we ever got there are enough and -- on meet and I that's why I was frustrated with myself. Why did you would take a short at the end why did you take the high road at the end specially when now are you willing in this book to reveal all the way it really came down at the end when you were fired. What -- I wrote at the time. Big I don't think it's really that much difference -- I said in the -- what I was asked. You know that I didn't feel like fuel from the bottle -- that -- -- I would -- I think I signal light bulbs. Armed I didn't think it was a time to get in all that. I took responsibility for -- -- for what comes -- ability to -- to to get my point across players. I'm -- thing you know as things happen and you don't remember now -- that this had happened yet. Cable we have -- -- the press conference I was pretty much in reading I burst open now robbery award -- At the Bible story hadn't allowed -- it's -- unfair that lead out. To address -- happened. What are your current. Makes sense what what are your current bosses. Think about this and you feel like this book will. You have to address it with either either. -- Cairo or the players is is does this book have any. Affect on you as Cleveland Indians manager you have to do any type of explaining collaboration. Your current job. Well things like whole article guys a war for what related artist I did this book that I shouldn't become a pop -- -- to -- some time. And I you know him and wonder what report came out the Sports Illustrated they are called to look at so this isn't really what the book shall -- out. I -- -- are some things and there are so I kind of knew this might happen. And they've been they've been great limits -- nothing that you don't like nothing in my opinion -- you out you know until about a club policy and so the sanctity of its its -- ever subject that we wanted to talk about. I'd be -- and talked to a player. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you had been fired by the Red Sox and immediately hired by the Cleveland Indians as opposed to working for ESPN for a year. Would you have written this book. -- all of them at the time I would look at the other we wanted to. Because of what we did this I was fully invested and I thought that was -- way to do. -- I ask you about a few people wanna ask you about Bill James did you have an interesting story the first time who dealt with a -- in Florida. And Theo when the the baseball operations guy had some you know like a frat house or whatever. Ryan -- stand and you playing cards with Bill James and apparently needling him. You're old school baseball guy you talk about that in the book with you when your dad and taken that road trip. On his last year or whatever so those stats of the computers you kind of you know kind of laughed that. What was that like and what was geniuses influence. In your managing during the years you were here. Well I don't think it probably appreciate what you thought I didn't -- over the stats actually liked but I mean I enjoyed getting -- relations are just -- -- -- -- Built like a bit standup comic in the next -- Which we all know that on the and I don't think people we appreciate myself to you work but I can surely -- When when guys have the ability to make me think about something and I appreciate that. It's so you'd probably have -- her from every era. Really good -- It up -- -- let you know how did this and and I did read the book. And and the right okay but I was looking. Back at a about the courts -- little long there's not but no outlet and I act like. The it's in the book. It seems like UN -- field that relationship is very healthy it seemed like a balanced relationship between a general manager -- manager I think very early in the book he said. We're not hiring a middle manager and he was explaining it to the owners were hiring a partner. I -- comes out now -- there a point. May be out late where. It was good for both of you guys to -- you both left. He went to Chicago and jobs went to Cleveland was it good for your relationship for you got to separate was given to the point where. You needed a break. Think so I think it's OK to say that I don't think -- what we need a break I think it was and it was time to leading goal. I'm I think the -- or whatever it would go to oak. And don't just because we broke left the same time. On the web -- away use. Com we are pretty -- relationship. I say that I mean we we have the ability to argue. We have the ability to talk through things we have the ability here to each other it would always -- -- they -- we're going to go. In a place like Boston blew up three years I think that's kind of the ultimate compliment. Something I think we all suspected during the run here that there were times and feel later called it feeding the monster. That this organization because they had become such a huge machine here. Born in the pink hats and a lot of people that were part of Red Sox Nation. But they had a goal and you've talked about a B Europe and Theo talked about it being sexy. Did that ever get in the way did that ever issue too often that they were bringing players in here. That would get -- six -- in the media world. But you was a manager trying to put into what you wanted to do every day wasn't necessarily the best. Not and they go never even knew about that stuff so they don't -- -- from I don't think we really brought brought flirted because of that I think that is up. A little bit of well I think they want to certainly approval ratings and things like that they did some surveys. But I know we all try to bring implore you ought to win numbing spell more job was just don't want to make sure they ask a question like it was going to Japan. We're going to Phoenix played exhibition game. I want them to give an opinion I want to give an opinion based on win baseball games and that's that's all I care about your first look to it but I was like charitable. I can get a much of stories in there including the that the church where they wanted you to Wear the shorts. With a duck boats or whatever where everybody's gonna Wear the same outfit obviously could so they could sell up so the impression US this is my impression I was a reader reading the book. The impression laws. That that was kind of an obstacle you're telling me. That's not really the case can you do have a lot of. -- -- I don't think velocity or big I mean. The -- play General Motors come -- and I'm -- said you know what Beck who cares but I mean I was probably a 52. You know 52 exchange. -- old you your -- probably didn't even give it a whole lot of flops. They do have a lot of interest whether his nest and NASCAR Liverpool. Do you think that distracts from being. A focus donor card or do they have too many interest that prevent them from just focusing on being good owners for the Boston Red -- Not all things -- that the real brutal or psychic said that the book. Problem the way I wouldn't have written the script the way to end it I wouldn't permit that would probably partially. That doesn't mean they're not good owners because I actually think a really good owners. You oil like I just again I was disappointed. In some of the -- so my communication told them I was very disappointed that doesn't mean they're not good people morbid at all. Is it really is a relationship over what don't what those guys and last summer taught you before the book came out you hadn't talked -- -- think that was last summer. They're probably not gonna talk to you tomorrow get ready for it they're they're mad at you -- -- do you do you think you guys will have. A relationship began president chapter no pun intended. -- probably not I mean I'd I'd John. Stopping answered my emails and stuff like a long time ago soul I would say probably not. What you know again I'm not really sure why that happened but it did so Mubarak. What did you think Tom -- had one description of what you told him in 2011. You obviously had a different. Recollection of vote of what was said how would you have liked to have seen it in that year if they came to you what may or June it's that you don't want. We're picking up that option would you have felt good about it at that time. If they -- -- yes. -- -- but I'd promised to load ever bring up airline never -- and sprint again your -- would've been -- What did you have a an idea and that in 2011 where did you have an idea. That there was no way that they were bringing you back or did you think it was. However without thought perhaps I just again we're playing our baseball lives on September I didn't care. About -- me about stuff like cut to a meeting. It is we're trying to William. You know I was frustrated him and I -- a -- -- so I didn't completely I didn't even want to come back. So yeah and there are still the worst time for that and it was on flexible deal that would see people and media and dealt with quickly. -- -- -- was many the most challenging player you've ever had to deal with. All I I think so yeah I mean again news you know that little party and its -- Quirky and probably partly triple winner charger -- a burst on to literally be trying to. -- you -- -- -- to the book about having a lot of the players. Kind of deal with -- did that kind of then toured the air toward the end with many where. Players got a little sick and tired of doing that. Yeah I think so I think that's when you're a nuclear arbitrary because a page. It was whatever was causing the needle in the club Oswalt was more than the production on the field. And almost I'd probably move home and you know -- would you trade a player -- student pay as -- you know I think that speaks volumes. I Tito's great talk and catching up with you interest thing book fascinating buckets up here bookstores everywhere you can get and obviously in the and the song. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As. Good as it did. You order it always Indians and this year. I also Michael we're we're gonna try a -- will be a pretty soon meant. I don't certain I don't know what sort -- dry. Don't do it for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to have both of would have cousins and uncles and aunts harassing you can look at the dugout. Actually two if that's the problem. Nobody wants to see that I did a good luck -- -- -- like you know with the SE -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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