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Greg Bedard, Boston Globe, says the Pats need to reevaluate their WRs and DBs

Jan 23, 2013|

Greg Bedard joins D&C to give his thoughts on what the Patriots need to fix in the offseason. The Boston Globe's football writer says the team really needs to look at how they bring along receivers and defensive back because the current system is not working. He also points at the Gronkowski injury as a key reason the running game fell off against the Ravens.

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As we -- the segment as we do every single week mid week mid show that means Greg Bedard Boston Globe joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible and let me just start by saying. People if you want simple answers and explanations. As to why the patriots lost to the Baltimore Ravens -- -- -- that he got hurt. We've got hurt -- wanted it more often -- wanted it more or Ray Lewis inspired -- cards columns and Greg -- in general is not your guy he puts together a wonderful assessment and breakdown. They -- called an autopsy of that game. It's sites miss tackles quarterback pressures tight -- sub par are run blocking. Allowing Baltimore to stop the patriots run in their favorite pass defense not to mention bonehead plays by dentists and Tom Brady is a rather extensive. List. -- what jumped out that you more than anything in this just one number one -- and this is a little off the beaten track here but. Deion Branch played almost half the snaps. That's not good is it Greg. Now you know and look I love Deion Branch we all through the home we all problem and but. It just execute your game as a reason why you know when. Some who get hurt people would ask well beyond coming back lockers intact and global blog like not watching in person and watching tape like. Know what. Popcorn ready which. Which Deion Branch I mean it -- it's not good enough what does this 2000 having its jet -- against the -- that -- felt like watching that often I mean you basically. It was the same exact game plan. On the the jets had in 2010. And because you don't have a healthy rocked. And you can't run the ball. It was easy pickings again in the beyond just. You know he's just. -- debate should have a point 223 year old receiver on the back end of that roster. Who can -- a few things on special teams but is being wrapped the entire season. For a game like that and and instead we got a guy that. We've been basically music inept cover up there so. -- out display but the big thing to me that jumped out I was watching it was. They the patriot inability. Home and at times it looked almost scared to do it there inability to -- get the ravens nickel defense which they played almost the entire game. A beat in the -- really picked -- field thinking that the ravens would play their base 34 defense like the accident that the week before. Bomb. That's what looked like -- believe that they actually stopped that but again that nickel this is why. They need to recommitment to the running game multiple -- all these tight end was specifically per game like this and they completely fail particular. Your most not most interest to what your more interest in paragraphs in relationship what you just said that means the ravens could take care of the patriots run. While in their preferred pass defense Tom Brady might as -- had one hand tied behind his back. Yeah I mean it was just like what projected 2010. They were able to dropped out and -- states. Switched up where they -- double him Ezra you know bracket walker the kind of mixed things up they did a great job just like the jets did. -- and I and I talked to archived at about after the game in the locker room for a -- -- -- on no -- That there and I and I asked about. Com became plain and sitting at home one point they had eight different pressures he different coat -- just call on consecutive plays against very. And that is exactly the same page out of the jets' playbook and it in the playoff game and the patriots answer was to rededicate themselves for the titans and the running game. And get Brady understand or be able to do you play action and my work I thought that -- of the Brady was that an -- bears but I also think the Brady. I didn't put this in the called. I -- the Brady looks scared sort of middle of the field against armed Ed Reed. I thought that was a factor even though there weren't a lot of moments there most of the -- the ravens were gonna make him beat that. Him on the edge. On a windy day. But I did think that there -- few times the Brady com. Declined to throw down the middle just because you agreed. Back to the run game for just a second. Who man and Hernandez how bad were -- day. They were terrible beta I mean you know if if he just cue up the first I don't know couple series com. They McKernan has absolutely got. Thrown to the ground I think it was armed wartime by Paul Kruger. And in the first half I mean you -- trying to block and don't. -- just put them in shelter them out of the way in cool man wasn't any better and this is calm you know one of the issues. That I had -- stretch I mean you've got to remember that. Com. You know part of my review after the dolphins in the season finale game was booked the patriots are put in a lot of areas -- you know -- there is that they -- not -- pats offense I was questioned whether -- enough weapons and also. I've never bitten on -- whoo man train they just you know he's had his moments like it's actually have a couple might sketches but. You know but boy they really need kids stadium. That they sign from the giants who should be back next year mean that is the guy who can back up robbery count because he can actually block. I don't know I still don't know why -- didn't play ahead whoo man. This year I don't know which is simply speed. But I mean what felt got in the game at one point looked like advance to man because he was just getting owned by the -- -- he wasn't physical not that. When you fail at places like data -- Woods is encompasses the whole team that if you're not up up up front. He's just not tough enough in general on I think it finally Spence. Whoo man for fouls but it was way too late I don't know why it felt wasn't playing more I thought it was a mistake for for a good portion of the season. And so they missed Rob Gronkowski obviously in the pass game but even more so in the running game -- opinion Greg. Yet in my home I had a bad night and reluctant to elect was kind of compiling numbers Tom -- shaped by. You know they're big -- big reason why they lost was that they they picked their. This game as the as the time where they have -- their lowest amount of explosive play. Explosive is panel passes. More than twenty yard runs of more than ten yards and they've been great at it. Just about all the name you know you can look at the games they struggled -- -- There were articles -- not they struggle. They'll have three explosive passing plays and you're running plays and I'm not counting the Ridley fumble led to the ball. You know when gronkowski was in line up for the colts gamer including the -- came to put most of it. They averaged four point one that it was important one explosive runs per game. After he got hurt. 2.4 two point to you it just tells you right in the value Rob Gronkowski. You and and you don't want to have to -- -- Ballard is the answer this but they have to be ready for this every year gronkowski is gonna get hurt. He's a big physical guys -- gonna take a lot of hits and it he's gonna he's gonna watch a few more games from the owner's box on -- and. Yen in Hernandez to the -- bit Tom -- You don't meet them I thought that Shiancoe or wind blow I I thought that -- -- and I think the team did to. I cut debate about -- who could be that guy that backed up Hernandez got the flex move tight and -- and I thought that was why it's. I don't know why it didn't work out but it was obviously a misjudgment and down they didn't. And really make up that point I'm I don't know what you can really do but what they did almost. Talking with Greg Bedard Boston Globe to point out in this as well written and well research called more than one out of every three. Tom Brady dropped backs the patriots allowed a quarterback pressure to the tune of nineteen which is the second worst of the season. That is -- to want him to not be under but no sacks so sacks. Right yes imagine that just shows you that. Why I think -- are completely overrated stat department pressure on the Arctic that. You know I think he was moved off its bottom and you know look in the patriot didn't do that nearly enough. To Joseph Flacco they had they're -- second lowest. Since Thanksgiving in terms of pressures. The only other game that was lower with the 49ers the delegate lost. So yeah I mean Brady was under I mean it wasn't crazy pressured -- to knock down a bunch. But he was adopt the spartans but bastion Ballmer really struggled on the edge against. Gruber and -- -- that -- the other guys they actually did decent jobs number it was Tom Brady. You know the morning acts. Would have gave up and knocked down and then never. You know a -- time for the ravens just got the patriots with. Free blitzer which we've seen the jets do in the past so. The overall protection. Wasn't good enough when victory when you when you factor in. The lack of weapons to Israel play nickel. Not really what all of our marketing people at eight times and give Brady office spot. That's not good -- beat the patriots. -- you -- from that from your standpoint a lack of depth at the offensive skill positions cornerback. And defensive line left the pages of vulnerable against the worthy opponent. Who could scare them in the and not make the big mistake looking ahead looking forward their Greg what do they need to do we talked about the just there was talk about it. Our list was in -- cover corner of -- believes. A big strong intimidating saved the a a big wide receiver. Well where in which a top priority and -- goal for for the steam. Top thirty -- for me I guess to be targeting media need. And -- take. Will be out of the equation right now but he is going to be freeagent I would think. And I would doubt that he's gonna return just because -- looked -- -- troublemaker liberty noses -- How many chances you're gonna get to take a swing at a big contract and went what other better time is he gonna have a concession on -- contract and right now after being a you know a good citizen with the patriots and playing really well you know it would have -- him I don't even take the patriots call until. Free agency to -- wanna know what's out there. You know I think yeah absolutely. Cover corner is an issue I think that they need to. If you bumper at safety I mean I was on the Ed retrain and I'm sure that. Nobel check -- is if given the opportunity would like to bring him and just because. It is difficult to read. But he's not a good -- or he's got to -- -- I'd rather Bernard Pollard. Now I thought I was on the I was on the -- trade until. Until this game. They need -- physical safety that can rule the middle of the field I think that the patriots need to. -- with the mindset of you know what we don't mind if you. Personal foul penalties going across the middle it's gonna help us defensively which obviously the ravens didn't mind then we saw the effect that had. I think that. You cover corner they need -- A big cover corner of any brought I Dowling to do anything just about completely apple. I think that they need. They need at wide receiver they definitely need kind of day. All -- needed -- wide receiver big tall and lanky -- guy you can catch it long and short on a moment. Where they're gonna find Mac guy but they you know they've really got to stick a big pictures the biggest thing overall as they need to route reevaluate though they're. Their development program as far as secondary. In wide receiver because. Right now it's not providing any group whatsoever and that. Catches up would you answer. Do you think they think they're all set at pass rusher with Chandler Jones and now think of rich. I think well -- -- you know that time I think they realize in this has been an ongoing needs and the beginning of last year they wanted to give a a good. Interior pass first -- baseline jumper and the main -- They screwed that up Weathers the name game Alabama it was a little bit of both of them to the medical department didn't do good enough job on -- But it's on the kids from the -- Understood yesterday to a futures contract and he's that type of -- the -- 64300. Pound. Like grass -- telling though he's he's he's turtle time is it not. Part of a heart attack. And could play well that -- is that the that the. If the other there's a bunch of people out there and Boston public act -- the patriots -- 300 pounds about it are Axl. But up but I think that the under the patriot should pay attention to access about the actors. We'll see I mean look -- -- pads on and whatnot but he definitely the type of data they need but I. Look guys. -- I'm one of those illnesses like. Give me more more absorption I can't have enough I would rather pass rushers than cornerback and -- and Belichick as does not. Believe I mean you know you're on top earning -- championship game in new problem is starting Justin Francis an undrafted rookie of the workers. You know maybe next year -- but you should be event this this year. -- you get the defensive line two out of five I watched the game the broadcast not once but twice noticeably absent. With the name Vince Wilfork for -- the announcers lips how did he grade out. He did fine he just wasn't them dominant. And he you know he did apple like most of the from the line there was a lot of bad play there. They just couldn't make -- and you know I think the biggest difference in this game a -- was. You know last year we also insisted. Against Matt -- and Marshall and a my Italian it was much better this year and then Matt -- was much healthier in the game. And I thought a couple setters in this game I thought it was an AM. It was tutorial on how to place and honestly I thought Matt -- and Ryan -- -- -- spectacular in game. And bolster get a lot of credit. I'm we've done this just about every week since revenge on Greg we've gone through the Wes Welker situation various scenarios it's and you wavered have wavered you know -- depending on the week. Where do you stand this week is Wes Welker coming back in a -- is this it on the one year eleven plus million dollars there's again and -- long term deal. Also the before this scheme. I was leaning towards what's walker on main. You know contract -- -- three year four years whatever. I don't know how much this game factors into it -- Let's just say that you don't. Personally. -- -- personally I'm back in the undecided column I mean it's not. You know I think he's very valuable I think they need him I think they need to. Make that decision now elect you know which way the offense going again. You know I -- see where they were going at the beginning of the season with Hernandez and gronkowski in the inside and -- an adult men on the outside and that made them or more balance and probably a little bit more explosive. Are they gonna do that I think I think the -- now are going to be back in the quarter of. Working in the Arctic. They're gonna go to free agency I don't think that they're gonna attack them and don't I think that the they're gonna play nice to west and say look. You know this is the situation that -- with the cap com. We love you we want to retain you we just can't -- attack right now we have Sebastian -- we got to take care of mum some other things we have to do so once you go out behind you you're about -- Gamble -- okay and Woolsey what happens but. I think that they're gonna I think they're gonna have to slow play that a little bit not think that. They need to think about what direction and wanna go with with the offense and whether. -- -- part of that I think could be is I think these valuable just in the amount time he's on the field. If not in the training room. A combo wore out here the patriots Tom. Believe Greg this requires a guest about on your part of the ballpark figure if it's history your deal for Wes Welker -- think he's looking for like ten million a year. Thirty million for three years more or less. Policy last year they got to a point that was like a -- was. Five years. Somewhere in the ballpark eking guarantee you'd and men. I actually kind of fell apart on the back end a little bit so I think you're looking at. You know four years twenty million dollars guaranteed now and probably about. Eight -- nine. Average per year could get. And and and and you think if he goes out he'll he'll find -- in the B a team that we're willing to pay it. And then comes back to the patriots they'll pay that kind of they'll pay twenty million guaranteed. Not necessarily -- I think adult -- west that I don't that don't necessarily do it but I I don't know what I don't know what about you for Wes Welker out there I think he is valuable and I think he will have a there will be a couple teams were close to depending say look I need about different from my quarterback and we need to slot receiver. We don't happening Aaron Hernandez or Rob Gronkowski work in the middle of the field but having an 83 there would really help or often and so you know we're gonna. We're gonna go to like an average you know 67 million dollars a year and up that guarantee you and she brings it down I think that we do you will find. It is a hard won gains Greg but. Is much as he loves Brady and likes it here. You know there could be a team and we've talked about this many times like Denver like Green Bay like New Orleans to Dallas that looks really appealing and you say. I don't wanna leave Tom Brady but I could go to Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees that's gonna look pretty good true pretty good -- to a freeagent. It is but I you know those teams you mentioned especially Green Bay in -- You know they have their system and they have their guys -- you know I can tell you green -- -- player. I'm a smoker they've still sign any free agents come and may have you know Randall Cobb and they have their own guys but there will be other teams you know like I concede. I think he would fit nicely on the team the cowboys. You know that -- -- I think that walker mixed -- you look. Some good as much as pretty makes walker look good advocates you know I think it's a symbiotic relationship and I. Com IQB I know Brady wants him back I do I think that there is a lot of value but they got. They figure out if they do you bring west back what are they gonna do with the president early and worked things that don't think big quite had it. Down and any court at any point during the season. But a question for me at first blush what are your thoughts about Tim Brown. Same bill Callahan sabotage the Super Bowl so Jon Gruden could win the title. Yeah I don't know about the sabotage our -- That story did not shock me just because I've heard stories -- I mean you know Al Davis was just. Brutal workforce for coaches he'd -- dominated everything I mean he. I've heard defensive coaches say -- you know and change game plans because there wasn't an uplifting and you know there wasn't up passing going into a Super Bowl. If they're gonna run it forty times I can totally see Al Davis -- in light. The rate is playing in the Super Bowl like -- You play. Late in just state work on the ball sixty times you're gonna do it -- you're going to be fired or whatnot I -- -- that I can't beat bill Callahan sabotaging. It not. On the -- of winning it should -- the coach a cutesy. Was that was -- -- Al Davis imitation. -- sort you have to be doing one. That's Saddam that's my Thursday -- Greg -- needless to say we've enjoyed our time together and in our listeners have as well appreciate it worked with a lot of fun and a very informative thanks for good season. Thanks guys that have I had a blast and both -- again next time. Greg Bedard with doesn't -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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