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The Patriots, Champions of the regular season

Jan 21, 2013|

The guys take some calls about the Patriots dominating performance during the regular season yet they're unable to carry that momentum and success into the playoffs it seems.

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-- planet -- show 60777979837. Hours driving from Providence. Up route 146 some way to check of yesterday the rumble seat. That's by the way the Budweiser girls at both locations were awesome and -- absolutely adorable. In both Protestants -- The good enough for Oprah about an hour and a half to get there but I'm driving up through rule 146 and there's a place before you get to mil to -- barrier somewhere. And it it -- the wrote this consecutive road signs the first one says. Chalk a longer road. Through it sounds like something you know you might find. Floating refrigerator -- pool. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Purgatory road. Andrea Lyon have been -- -- hell what is this where am -- this purgatory thing I just couldn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Erode -- -- -- you know why why I want my mentioned and -- the -- and how -- I don't know why they wanna bring attention to it. But it's kind of weird little. Consecutive signs too of the -- a weird little bit too much of that shock goal can leave lead to purgatory -- -- -- by mental. Me and Israel hi welcome demands bill we're manly men and decided Death Valley -- you're really gets spooked or Death Valley. In Death Valley is the hottest place in the United States -- Who also the lowest. News sea levels have been below sea level or whatever it is. Up protester says Pollard has a charity that sounds like a place where he launder his bounty money at. It since and it very well. Could be. With -- that particular guy. There was something else about Pollard and I was commissioner just it just slipped through the cracks of my mind the open cracks of my mind. About another reason why we don't like Pollard but I'll I'll think of it -- promise all -- I notice. This is -- -- irony of the situation. Everybody knows -- league -- the policy of a very nasty dirty player. Who tries -- -- people. And then he has the guts than not stick to go out in public make a statement about. Tom Brady's protective leg kick against Ed Reed who I think can live through that. Say oh he should be thought of all the people in the league to talk about finding people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Speaking -- which. After Ford and half hours call your doctor. Mike purgatory each chasm is off FedEx it's a very cool place somebody just tech text mean it. It's Pete has a reason for it is purgatory chasm is the big -- boy. Off FedEx Mikey when you're 1943 Stan the man struck out eighteen times. Eighteen times. Credible while that there -- only played five games. I don't know principles if you you have 603 at bats -- Patio in the service and full year as he did face so he almost that he would had 500 home runs Abidjan today years of service you know would not that it was a request -- hall fame and it's not. Let's go to Kevin in Providence, Rhode Island where I was yesterday and that I was at -- -- Kevin where where you. I'm glad that sorry I asked where was your dog. -- -- -- he's in the Obama. He likes to be on the radio it was a -- kind of dog is why I'm out. Yeah nosedive and yet the gray with a generalized and -- It right yeah right dismiss -- yen on they apply. The green and get that confused green black and. I'm calling programs for the first time they've been does have a point now and -- -- -- callers have brought up yet matured. Well last night we brought by more points then that we lost compared -- war. Regular season losses yet. So I'm just thank him. We. Our great regular season team but we haven't been able to brilliantly we used to back in the post season they you know a lot to doesn't -- well. Yeah when you got a lot of proof to back up that theory especially going back to 07. You know since 07 you've got every reason to make that argument and it even though you know people talk about that the -- some soup -- oil we have Thomas so many times in the -- Brady had what marched down the field and put the patriots had two minutes to go in that game that so don't -- fault Brady. For that he did what he had a -- put my head with two minutes ago and the defense lost that 07 Super Bowl but in general you're right the patriots have been. Not nearly as good. And you're expected to -- good policies are playing the cream of the crop of the teams but you don't expect him to win more than I think they have in the last five years. Well and I guess my point I I think back in the day. We used to bring a lot. More than. We do now defensively. You know law Bruschi Harrison state police to create turnovers and -- does that change chances to give up put up more points. But Cilic Brady is given up. More penalties to give. The other team actually chances to put more. Was a -- knocked -- not converting a third who is your yesterday there was of the patriots had a bad day in third down conversions I think they had seven -- fifteen. And that's not normal for. Did you. -- in the shotgun every third into every parent to do well. My my point is that normally 32333. For. You know second into that matter they be able to convert that they've had a very good fourth down very good third down conversion rate this year and yesterday -- was -- was absent are you gotta give some of the credit certainly to Baltimore the way they defended them. But also you don't some of those plays break he's got to make the pass. And it didn't happen yesterday. And he was also a little on some of those stream plays down if you notice to a long. In particular. No one Hernandez. Yes that exactly on and then there was another one that I noticed in. Did you just have to watch from the stand. It was -- you know that the thought they don't know the they thought that you know Brady and Belichick. Partnering up any time it keeps him in the who Boeheim every year. Well that's not going to be the case every year and now I mean that they had that run of about different harmony though they were in the hunt the final four and ice and and stand upright I mean -- it can also see a slight decrease I can and absolutely yeah and I had. Efficiency and dominance in that circumstance right now and what they do have to get deeper thank you governor on defense especially -- are back more often see that's an intelligent listener and has to -- in Cambridge is on a regular basis as well George -- you. I -- and I -- I like you know and he would. Split between two topics women done by Lance -- -- others. On percent to eight the past. I guess and pick the -- And you know I just you know wonder if you could. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And say that because I buy the by the ability refs letting them play. Yeah today that plated the strength of their of the ravens right yeah exactly read -- he -- power dialect Pollard. And in the hole and hole. A bipartisan not. Now observers of the gave. I think it went more is the ravens' -- with the calls but not by so much that you could say the that the rest of the -- the -- that the patriots lost in the majors losses they weren't as good as the ravens weren't as physical Warner's they just -- every play football well all right you know. And that's the same time same time I agree that to be fair. You know that Baltimore came to pack of dogs dressed in uniforms. Football uniforms -- as opposed to -- but esteem and high road like to pieces -- come on now trying to work I mean being very objective. -- you not -- an -- that's a comment that you're not being inflicted the test well there's some dogs on the -- is easier permitted to treatment in referring to your arteries drug reference there it is easier for me to picture. Of the ravens defensive team in in Orange jumpsuits. -- but that doesn't mean that there are guys similar to that all around the league and on the patriots minutemen you know. Well especially on you know and the again like polar crater around. Here is -- Martin Luther King Day and what a horrible rolled along. How might we go it is yeah I don't know they -- -- can tie in together George only hours and then Madrid you know but thank you for the call and let's go to the gym in Beverly exodus on fumes -- Jim. Yeah you very much like collect all you know it happens to be you know and and it's also the inauguration of Barack Obama today's of this is more than just Martin Luther King Day today that's its -- let's always remember this day as the day after the patriots lost to the -- in the AFC champions to candidates have been map holiday -- -- how -- sorry go ahead. Now that's fine guys play I couldn't agree more I -- -- Archibald Bernard all o'clock -- -- -- optical imam but they. And I get an -- have a little favor and it fell into Obama. Bigger college football -- and soul and a lot of -- and I I wanna objectively. I don't know what Eric I shouldn't smoke in portrait and but nobody wants it more still after all these years and our number one in that seat time. I agree abhorrent. And I have to love putting their lives trying to nobody wants to add up but nobody accused Montana not wanted anymore -- this -- it if you're an athlete -- elite athlete who's a professional. That blood is EU and really matter how much are not hurting her not -- One away and this is the way and it's all those guys have tremendous drive Belichick. Absolutely. And hopefully bring war and our -- work and film. On the radio this morning a little post game. Look at it you have to do that if -- follow the great patriots. Under ballot about checked regime in Brady says stewardship. You would even. Asked these questions that they loosen -- hunger you know their -- I mean I think Colin and I mean more more to them out clause snot. Right or. Brady lost his touch in that game he didn't play like Tom Brady that happen or else and and you can look at that and fair in fairness you could say. Brady wasn't good enough to win the game -- say that that's key for any patriots victory up. Right I -- arrangements. The ravens -- play better. I broke me again our fault and I looked at three -- -- -- and large market that's the aren't -- -- -- teachers not being sacked on third down wreck off turn I don't know what happened that yesterday. Punting on fourth and you know whatever habit from a 35 right and I -- 52 yard field goals into the wind look you know -- -- -- -- that is I am married. Don't think that like him thinking you know they are so shocked that. Third into -- groups who usual for that -- it's one of the great aren't our sport -- -- thirty Brian Ross I'm. Uncharacteristically. You know conservative approach their gym and you know I think when it obviously the first half when you went to service its rights to the best game a little bit different than Lleyton again when it. They were desperate that it. Things fell apart on him anyway was Belichick and on the big show today. But the party you know I don't guess he wants what is right down now he'd just that's typical Belichick type -- answer now testing and. I have to say I'm going to be one iota drop pot and Tom Brady's performance here I sort of novelty turned. I think he's got to -- playing at a top notch level or at least two more years it's not streak and all in the birdie and I. We're -- Jim you deal with -- we got to do here in fairness to Brady at what was -- good you know the result is -- question was -- what. They -- let's let's just for a moment if we can use our imagination had grown back into the mix against this highly physical defensive team. On the ravens. Bronco was able to fight that stuff off was able would go over the middle was tough for the red zone. I -- and who brings attention from a defensive backfield in a way that other people other tight ends and other receivers the league don't do well you take that out. And it's a lot difficult more difficult to formula against Israelis team without -- I don't quest. Would question you put pocket -- -- And eat clears up the middle out better. He takes -- in -- he takes -- aware of them and I think it's ours is Wagoner and I have to thanks for the call to let's go to Steven -- witches in New Hampshire. Like I Steve why are good. I say that I've been lying on the -- I'm okay. Billy could extend this agreement from -- -- but all of a lot of I don't know sadness anger that the Michael you need to be more of area. I don't know just more tender to the caller has to be more. Father figure or. Empathetic. Sensitive. I don't know comforting. And yet his image and make all the Boston in Cuba right now. Hey how about them Bruins. To an -- undefeated that's all I got Gloria. As I get socked by the Red Sox his marketability go to by the way Celtics really sucked yesterday they're 500 team right now so -- be you know that -- the -- the bride's -- -- Sunday it would Ray Allen yes. Didn't need -- Want it it. By the -- some good drugs and and -- the right to do them without getting arrested. Okay well you try to put them on the ground cult you'd figure and a market -- -- wouldn't wanna be able grunt goes the but people part of article portrait here and borrow the people's material that part of what are the -- so great players barged in differentiates. For -- to -- their top eight players are what makes a difference. It and the other players are somewhat interchangeable terms of you could swap your second offense the climate for your first. Ever won gold cute that we are top soccer player. Not just propelled tragic but the guy is such notable not scheduling. One block started up top blocker and one block he commands attention RT Doherty is in what is -- what about. Michael farmers -- what breast density and are not people are black. And they really specific and they -- -- up I don't know what about the YR I -- -- -- -- the opposite -- told but he operative words they don't have yes well I mean it but now they. The ball you know again it's all about the third two conversions here and it really that's 345 times that happened where it stall their drive and holding calls holder. Had it -- there are things that just an error raise their ugly heads at the wrong time. To prevent them from continuing got to feel the Welker dropped that would be -- first -- it hit point five yard line. You -- -- at the Baltimore 451. And ten that guess what. No it's it's going it's it's upon well I mean just the red zone one for four Baltimore four before. There you go Steve it's not pretty it's not fun but you know will get Stewart is we're tough here in -- look at look at a sit here during a snowstorm to witness. It's actually snowing out it is pretty pretty evident go to Houston which is I am assuming the one in Texas with Terry military. -- -- -- -- They'll architect but I have a retriever wanted our own. Others wonder -- -- music you know. Consider these record guru our commitment -- -- people and -- to you man. Our Rome where are they -- went out. Independent department. The prototype and gave our. Our our core a they didn't work out. And the best thing -- -- Well I think it does so on before you get too deep bitterness I mean a constant that the defensive side of the ball. You know the patriots weakness the last two -- three years has been in the defensive secondary. It glory and -- they've brought people through the system and lost them to other teams that they've even aside these Santa that would trap -- -- there and they haven't done they have have been market respected head. In an injury problems as well and right this very game it to me. The secondary was doing their job right -- tilt to leave who's the guy who's cheated on their best receiver their biggest piece Bolton. And it's working all of a sudden he's out. Okay now what how well that that exposed well the patriots and the rest of those guys has been a -- and goes to address -- -- -- is again -- and pick up till later in the season through trade did get some depth problems resulted are placed eleven identify bigger he's a bigger perfect -- to guard -- yeah they have physical -- question 641 guy -- That they haven't. Down but that great and his secretary and and I think he's try and now a day to address the pass rush with. Since some reason traps Chandler Jones insurers -- do it again this. How but what what your saying -- is your trying to besmirched Bill Belichick overall as a coach by saying -- -- such a defensive guru wise and its defense the best in the league and and if he's so good at this or that looked just look at his won loss record Terry that's all you gotta look at. Wins and losses for this child any credentials note it's pretty simple I think it's -- Bill Belichick hasn't forgot to coach defense. You look at the maybe it's it's the personnel. And go ahead who's that you guys are bringing our president and the Atlanta but upside most coaching -- -- you're always used to it let's talk about it. Our that they're they're though. Via -- million. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And typically all -- -- the candidate if you don't monitor here. Houston was Houston. It was Houston some kind of resistance. -- I was -- tell -- who you take as it is a tough team the patriots could play. That that you'd think would give my hard time to play both Super Bowl teams both teams that. They are being we're watching the game. They're very Miami. Market may have been problems you know -- -- -- that -- at all. They beat Miami twice this year. They have seized digs besides the pitchers yes bottom line right I guess I guess what I'm saying is that if you put it that the calls about. Try to knock down bill Belichick's reputation bill Belichick's reputation -- look at the numbers -- that as you know. -- fair to say they lost the game yesterday they weren't the better team. But you know I don't know why it has a need to work out well because I mean the personality the GM you can docket times -- the coaches to I don't think he's I don't. The winningest team in football the last twelve years sanitary that's what I'm saying my buddies I'd I'd get this guy to point he's not talking about yesterday's game necessarily -- about the two -- since and the in the Super -- to -- giants with the defense that they come up and glory and in those games he's talking about. How Belichick had already by producers say that I get debt to get to the Super Bowl you have to be the second best team in the league I tell him to say Belichick's no good at something is to -- just -- -- in the face of the numbers that are right there -- I don't think he's he says there is no good added -- you know he did. Make his bones and integrate defense coordinator. Okay you ready and I carried over to -- of the giants with Lawrence Taylor that are and so bubbles there an apparent statement until about time he has judge of you know of the draft and well. At least you -- utility personnel movies can't get or keep all the players you want either anymore it's a -- more difficult thing to do. But when in -- -- individual games here and their bad decision genetic happening every coach. But when Alex appeals artist guy he's no good just lucky or something stupid -- -- this guy said it now -- on Baghdad you know some answer I want to ask what. Is it just didn't like what he didn't like it was probably babies from brownie you're -- moved -- in the -- that is gonna talk about how the Astros sent Erik Bedard to a minor league deal did Dana can you believe that all men and I hope his wife's an estimate papers while he's on the mound today and you -- vaunted -- yet. Nick it can wave that is next fellow nick. How are you there yet still want it. You know me. They realize this you -- Godzilla to Seattle Arizona. Since the Cisco. And Baltimore twice. They -- hit and they got outplayed. By teams and -- pretty good quarterbacks. Great feeling -- haven't topics I don't look at it had pretty hard -- guys and that's why they lost their spirit is in comparison to them. Offensively -- more tenacity. An open has -- if you remember going back -- when the patriots. In the the rams cynically Super Bowl -- web pages what. -- -- -- -- -- -- So golden boy well now I use that as an example that just because they played Baltimore they had a wide receiver. Except for gronkowski because of his height and -- -- aggressiveness. One receiver on the patriots the would have made it catches the ball -- down the middle yesterday. Eight and I'm just an act constructively. They get a hit receivers like that. And I think I think it was a little bit of a -- to yes he's done an awesome factor but it that he gave. Right some -- -- him down to rest to run the start I'm pretty well well well you know you also are -- at this nick that if Talib didn't get hurt did a bold doesn't make calls catches them you -- it would be original agreement that. All right now Anderson in Kurdistan. Offensively. They gonna get at least he is like that you know saying. And I coping well there's gonna go anywhere by the way they killed by the way I wanna ask you don't wanna go anywhere or do you. Was you don't want Welker to go somewhere else do you know I just don't think he's gonna go anywhere up -- -- yet who went missing and is. And that to me -- destructive yet you know I get a he -- a great possession guy reminds me a little bit of bullet accompany old days of the -- different but yeah -- Whitmore said the. Jets receiver they had the little guy that made only curve at all like I'd never him and I -- I'm telling you saying you said of a big -- receiver either either a deep threat the in Brandon Lloyd is that or a guy that can -- likable than type this explosives expert. -- big news is it's uptight and afraid to go down. I don't mean your freedom to sing and he he does very aggressive got thousands like that because there is no question in his case because is it not inside and -- what. I -- I had read -- by the Weydedat plate was supposed to come out that was a long time ago when he was scripts get played and before you know when any kind of activity. You know they -- the kicking game that's that's a strong part of Iraq that's doing the dictating in his -- as -- as well. The popping it in there there field goal. Great field position. They wanted to mention this week so that -- or break and it -- Girardi said that earlier that the SE this week. And I created a year in year out don't you can't -- -- -- the -- sometimes it's weeks sometimes it is in the last couple years maybe weakening of the new season that jets would the jets were more nobody thought the jets were we critical the AFC championship game to three years ago. So -- you know and next year maybe Miami's better they were better than we thought there were going to be this year as you know buffalo they're always gonna be about the same that. But I don't think that you know you can say AFC's weak division has a ten year blanket of of of over the body of work of the -- at all it's -- -- slightly yeah yeah well thanks so called it.

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