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Matt Chatham, Former Patriots LB, on the AFC championship

Jan 15, 2013|

Chatham joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Patriots win over the Texans, the upcoming game against the Ravens, and Rob Gronkowski's injury

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Let's talk about with former patriot linebacker. Matt Chatham joins us every single Tuesday of the Chatham report. Tuesdays Fridays in the Boston Herald here as well on NFL Sunday right here on 93 point seven WEE I'd even sometimes calling games. On the BBC you like color commentary Matt this past weekend for a look at the Baltimore. How surprised were you the gronkowski goes down what do egg goes down. Patriots offense still has a huge day with a two of their top say five or six offensive weapons out very early on Sunday. Of those crazy I mean somewhat surprised but I guess you know came on me I get your at this point because there have been. Doing this kind of thing I'll -- my guess what's different about this time around knows you know what in the week of -- with a loss you know contributors it was. Reportedly -- -- ahead with a lot of ground can there I'm sure that you know -- were. A little bit hesitant to -- -- too much and in the event that something like this happens nobody was. Gonna have limited reps but yardage you also lose the -- you know he got it up to carry the first -- -- the -- about. That immediate indication that they intended use and quite a bit so. The work some indications from some of the interview which tampering packages are some of the plate that they do normal things -- that practice. So I don't think it was that terribly much of a redirect but you know what I found sort of Morse. Most compelling about this wrote about this today it was. The idea of it. You know the redirect happens. And you know these kind of adversity it'll happen but when -- happens it's your it's pretty crazy happen quickly but the idea that they actually come up with some of the same packages. They but it still stayed -- all for very nearly the same game and again I was. Using. -- they're from my creases. Is play count percentages the uses what. They actually that the trio local brown what was welcomed Hernandez -- -- stay on the field in our game. And they stuck at eleven and so they they are a circle personnel so. They basically just views who man the flight in the Bronx spot and they ran a lot of things that they otherwise would. I think -- maybe seven or erupt at the branch closure only in eleventh place. -- ruling didn't change course too much adjusted to me it might have been different route progression of the past responses chemical also world -- They obviously feel good enough about romantic good enough about. Then it felt like just now moving forward he was an active. But they can still on the same stuff so you know the -- -- -- reason no coral creation not much correlation between the best guys throughout -- or not they still seem to be productive. -- talked a lot about you know -- bringing pressuring the biggest thing is not to -- -- predictable with the don't do enough we don't do it all too much and I am surprised. That the Texans a warning if you largest continued to get that same game plan of bringing extra guys that out as ironic that the one sack came on a three man rush. Cattle they did bring acupressure little apartment. I haven't checked it and above. 46%. Think of coupled -- what you know now assays 46%. The people the kind of you know. Hourly -- that stuff. Good for this particular -- yeah. That an accurate but anyway so that the idea though I think what makes it -- it is. The patriots come -- in defense when your in a piece are eager to appointees who released. Make no -- Hubert for some time because no one's gonna get there to compute the patriots a little bit when. When they would get spread out and talked and hopefully use the end to maybe chip aback because you know in the past quarter. On an empty working -- spread as much as we know the patriots do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of different gadget these stuff and you know that it's going to be ninety passengers inaudible coming out -- three. So you're not exactly gonna wanna try -- dropped the ball much -- those. Not good stuff down to try to get the top spot to release more user and that could be disruptive. Not try to get home even the times when you do put pressure I know you both sides do it. It's really just force the ball out corporate not to get home and get but my impression and I didn't want just that. You know the patriots were doing what they do to dictate that if you're pressured gamer not a particularly those things -- going to be in nickel virtually all game and -- but the -- brutal rule and. I'm Matt Chatham joining us so we already -- -- FC championship and before the game is even over Sunday. You -- ravens linebacker and special teams guy Brendan Ayanbadejo tweeting taken a social media and saying what the patriots do. Is -- in his words bitch ass and it's Matt in terms of their too fast it's mostly a monologue -- game football. Also they go too quick and it's not fair and at some level against the rules you play linebacker. Is what the patriots do offensively your mind unfair to opposing defense the rest of the NFL. -- -- and it would and I think that we are about the -- record commute is just -- that the that would do this. In my thought was you know the coming at a forum in this particular one that's what they do it. The picture -- -- to figure out what the rules Lorenz and using them right through the urgent taken advantage of what's available I thought in effect of quicker. You're rough and tumble seems Monica which is what the Celtics serve or pistons in the eighties. You know the idea that they would come out and whine and bitch that you know lakers were running a fast break off -- the related give back and that upon the a particular -- -- new polls don't do that I mean it's not the things he's accused in the market outside the subtle rules of peace. In our -- and a boxing match -- and hip hop on the Gaza other shoulder and asking are you ready for me to punch me that's that's not how sports work. Where he got this notion that it's kind of ridiculous that the reporter on -- -- -- were bit -- were described as I think that would be. Making accusations and calling people out for social media that -- went. To the media did just that it was that kind of the hi -- do you put words maybe you can get lost more separate -- about. I know this matchup against the ravens -- discussion you don't get guys like a Torrey Smith dig deep -- -- boldly kinda tough underneath catching moving the chains do you. What are you do it to leave you put him on the big receiver like -- underneath and double Torrey Smith would think they'd -- Are you know I don't know it's it's an interesting problem because corporate report missed a pretty big guy to. So they you know last week I think it's a little more definitive with you that they make the underdog to match because is that you know six -- -- guy. Both you have a pretty good side and then -- and literally sort of turned into. Possessions -- receiver strong guys you know quite frankly he's very comparable body type and skill that the Vernon Davis and I mean they just have different. Been a patient after the name on the court item on the call what receiver. So Portsmouth to me -- reliever. The difference between this ravens offense a year ago five years ago that the role always and you know not have that explosive element of a -- wide receivers liquor Derrick Mason and and guys like that the one more Margaret -- and -- that just took possession type stuff. And then cut and intermediate type things but he's the -- vertical threat so how to attack from I don't think the the particular corner match up through the enrollment has that you probably gonna see more top coverage you're gonna -- -- with state government. So who's on who under knees maybe not maybe not quite as important but I think that's why the -- are dangerous and especially. In the things that we saw that the pitcher did have issues with the last Sunday as well they played. I think there's still that availability. To get the ball to receivers -- about field you know Eric Foster -- success. And ray rice's Andersons that come out of the backfield so how they account for him and then you know probably the popping along with Portsmouth. And trying to beat them not give up and federalism and cut -- Who to baldness is probably the gist of what they're going to be deal. That's gonna be reliant on upon the quarterback Joseph Flacco give me the Matt Chatham scouting report. On a free agent who is wanting to make top five quarterback money is CA top five quarterback how do you view them. I think he's a really good quarterback usually accurate I have been become surprised that. You know the only negative would put against -- and in this this time of year but put -- -- because that the turnover differential means you're not that we saw that. And last week and you know tribe actually played pretty solid what the -- long and public or decision and they -- one up I mean it was actually great discussed or Rob Ninkovich grow -- but. I look at Flacco and I think you. You know the military crazies in the that a chemical -- when we can't but I think he's the only problem he gets into. And -- -- we've been living dangerously high and -- from a breakdown for the first time these guys play this -- just struck me it was an amazing how many times he got away at -- should protect -- -- all in that first you know again with a drop it. -- the governor the governor's public debt. But the couple want to sort of have this should happen to get them you know. You can take a -- -- whatever -- he has the got to kind of live on that fine line and having got burned but yet so. Seemed like a guy who has the three -- -- -- game in a much like men and ethnic groups you know and some of the biggest names that there's a couple open space. Bought into it is dangerous yes chemical through yes if I think he's he's showing composure and stature that. You know -- -- the guys that can definitely take -- in the championship. Now where that makes a rank in the top cornerbacks and I think that statement output the consolidation or someone we doubt that -- clearly -- top five and -- Wants -- he wants top five birdies on the record as wanting a top five money. Contractor down to it thanks so. He's a good quarterback I think that all the matters they're gonna have a -- didn't stop you got more weapons -- -- that'll ethnic and helpful. Yeah we're just talking about differences and I think there's more difference with the patriots in particular the secondary since the first time and does personnel -- Osama according Arrington Jong and Gregory it's -- and bettered and chunk Ambien recording there at safety. And I think that's. That's the biggest difference I think when you look at this pages in the first half of the first five or six weeks to what you see right now don't worry about past and appearances but. That's why I think this team beats this Baltimore team of the needle by double digits. Yeah I don't have a prediction you know I got to get on -- -- -- in the film Fargo -- my predictions or something and so the I would just say that I do kind of -- -- point it is. There's venerable stream into the secondary. Don't think. It's kind of an unfair comparison what it is followed up the work with. In the event that prior to that first Baltimore game -- four good games together as a group might actually be quite the same. I think the biggest difference seat and I parked on the block this year it's just the notion that -- it's more back instability community where they were at the corner position. I think you know unfairly. I'd dumb according got a lot of you early intolerant and -- for giving up touches. You know looking like there weren't positioned to just -- -- play after play at all police have the same problem the last week in the first quarter of 1113 fourteen of sixteen. Convergence Foreman Roland and should have been a touchdown on the first one. On the income post there after the picked up after the bigger kick our return what I think the difference in the play and the reason it didn't happen. Was -- from the state you know forced the high ball by shop because you have recorded with a little more range at that -- -- I really think the back in the mid. Made the biggest differences and he Gregory ethnic would be the other couple you know looking back blaster was listing what. He Gregory comment on that also that same first round series. Make you know they have an angle route that's given him by the parties to pass break up when they get out of our present situation. I think his ability to be basically a second free safety would make anything better you can get aware of a plan to on the back end. Distinctive with the the quarterback matchup -- -- matters a lot less I think at the stability back there -- -- truly worthy of where the shot. -- -- last one for me as somebody played the linebacker position when you look at ray Lewis and you hear more -- like myself and people in the media sees the best. Middle linebacker Revver DA -- freak out the ego again hyperbole or that things that he does. They say yet he is in that group the best ever deficit. Yeah you know -- I know you guys that use this is the one guy you are sort of get a free cup possibly because he's OK to go that route. He's that good and lupica with a caveat because I am you'll sick of the story lines up to. When the club will work but hey Matt Matt he's retiring though did you know that map. -- What and it brought the make it -- rockets that go first thing I thought of one you know I'm going to be doing some stuff would be if you're in the weakened. Just stop monopolies the first happened and go war we gonna have to talk about that you're ready to close -- football but the I think the issue is yes -- He's so good and that it. There are a lot of guys over the years and have been very good one of the two aspects of -- back in the Milosevic is just so violent and aggressive and blow things up in front of them and play the run game. His issue was he could do those and by the by -- -- go sideline to sideline and actually passed then cut in the Fordham got. And I think that's really what it's special I think one other thing that there was a moment -- -- war I wasn't quite as China because. He would come out publicly and talked a little bit about. Needing someone in front of them when they've done I think they've lost or reduce that was an urgent human when -- not a -- And it is you can blow on on comparable of the 34 scheme taken on our. And the thing that I think made a great is that you eventually got over that got better and got into a situation we didn't just have to be afloat linebacker he can play good. If you play all time high level at both -- He could put report complete 43 -- -- you pastor energy complex and two -- so he's really that code it's it's hard Fineman is that that are both of them. Mack great stuff is always you to check up the chatter report talking a little bit about the Texans game in the adjustments the patriots -- on the fly with injuries today in The Herald. Another one Friday in its public BBC color commentary for the -- delegate map. Well just stopping the -- the next -- -- back and Darren Fletcher and a record -- but I'm going to be up there with those guys problem in the first half and I got to scramble the nets into. The new post -- busy week in Google. Matt appreciate the break Dallas -- Friday's column. Matt Chatham joining us on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LP. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible our whole goal for Baltimore side of the country a smile to its new at 61777979837. But -- and --

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