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Monday, January 14th Whiner Line

Jan 14, 2013|

Goodbye Peyton. And say hello to the Ray Lewis show. Plus Fred wants a soda.

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-- -- views expressed and expressed the -- -- stars like ET TE Chris Cox. We -- discretionary and I still don't -- Morris and now -- Laura you're alive. I sure have loved player football. Putting America's hopes and is now on for fourteen wonderful years. The only professional football I've known. The colts football and WEEI. Lorena airlines and American culture for almost all of my adult life. But I guess your life. -- -- we all know the number of -- forever dial 6177793535. Times change circumstances change. That's the reality of playing in the NFL wine airlines I do love it here hello friends. -- always enjoy our employees for such a great team and now on thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I truly have enjoyed being your quarterback. Like that WEEI. Whiner line. I get a little bit of that today and evidence of that -- Emotional. All we can -- with a coach she is post game press counties in shock active use him like this was the last thing he expected man. Yeah I just looked shower which campaigner John place. Both of you begin a conversation with fox after what you go to him. Not that you might not notice period -- mean 31 seconds that's an -- I might be able -- Sumner. You have that conversation little old these are written it's reserved for the Matt -- of the war you know they they don't do that. None out -- Matt Ryan I think that Ryan. Would go for any -- reserve war. If you guard. Seventeen. Quarterback number seventeen through 32. Whoever that whoever those guys are what you write that lower division quarterback whom. You know -- played football we're gonna vanish again imminently about play for an opportunity in overtime but I think the top guys and even a top ten guys penalty. And unhelpful in that situation. I'm sorry I'm ready I'm ready vehicle for anti -- -- sorry in the poll is a very there's actually. I'm just out of screen the calls you're shipping got a couple more -- generals on the world. All. I think you've edited twelve. -- -- break doesn't Michael said the recent emotional poor kids on the. With kids -- -- thing I love children you know Mikey I'll have enough -- you hello love children just. Should I want to show ever in our kids spinoff. Through local control you go here's your whiner line powered by AT&T WEEI -- available in your rifle in your injury to Blackberry device brought to -- AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up ten. -- like -- ten -- and they want to. Spent quite read I have. Michael -- may be we reserve the one line. For the eleven Urals does that eleven year old from Houston acted as good -- -- -- I hope -- hope we hear from him today so maybe we reserve the one -- maybe we do idea maybe we do. Juvenile. One line that they'll just one. Check card. -- -- -- -- -- Jupiter island have been. What I leave off ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible I'm sorry Indian -- and -- -- -- union night so just do whatever you have to do it has tonight's raw and right now. But the guys -- last week and that the patriots -- an attempt went in -- championship and then that this here. You're right. And that message that. -- Well good field often found I had missed the part how are you. You're you're very second game plan with a time out now we have a bit but they're edited doctored but like that I think you're giving it out unless. And that's that -- John Fox when he was asked about their wife. He didn't have Peyton Manning go out there and try to do at that time he's a boy you sure you saw what happened in the overtime. Only. Cool. Who could. I don't. -- support it not been. But the people in my house repeated Baltimore. You know what they have -- the pieces are supported without. That the equipment that -- -- Saturday night before the -- -- I'm sorry -- and scrolling involved and -- destroy he's going to masculine that I was -- equipment stopped all all right and I feel better because I don't want her to feel we split. The Saturday nights the night before the Super Bowl is when they do all the awards -- -- ports so many will be there may be to collect the MV pretty certain that right into -- for the MVP probably. -- might wonder who looks like he's gonna want to surveys the polls out there are surely gonna win it guessing he's gonna win it. Mention that he has to go. Don't know -- is a step. I was gonna go there to sell some well I'll be there are drivers Buick down there this whole town. Is just theater so. Yeah do you really believe he has a -- making etc. same. Yeah I'm gonna put that Denver sports car radio station. It's what he did you guys are they'd be traded -- -- -- -- -- -- And that picture of -- we're planning on doing 1015 minutes with a lot of money this week. Lavender Latimer -- lavender. -- -- And it -- great having been quite take -- like critical problems. I was two of them little get together just how -- -- the end of the day in his kids -- his wife and I am ready laws. Took pictures. -- -- -- C championship. Eleven years are only ones. In these and it took a huge comeback fight Peyton Manning. So I Super Bowl three rings and it took a miracle and drop. Those whose game. Thinking back to the seventies. If she's opening this -- that it has got you. Volvo two stroke lead at three. Yeah. Are. The guys that -- graphic. Why -- -- very very well dressed business these really don't know the accomplishments and Steve from former preschool when the patriots. And -- -- -- Good good good good. -- broker. At a medical created. I don't know if it. Happens and it meant to us. I did what I got old after a I mean really guys really quick start and it is. -- -- and I hope you all got -- yearbook signed by the patriots. And Tom Brady. Actor. You. Can't open it up and pay back detective who had expected. -- bank and that. Upper -- And that sentiment that works that -- energy kid's got a little altitude it works on the -- and and in my decency goes all concerned with your question. Or two questions -- and -- -- you wouldn't. It hadn't hit yet but. Yeah you may not -- -- accurate. But I'm hot and good at camp battle politically. And talk. About what you are at odds. Back -- my. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. I got -- -- -- -- watchdogs say good talking about it. Who who who. And then he got up yeah -- back but. Yeah. I. Don't -- -- to. Handle. It goes I'm Michael yeah. And something to put. Except that you can't have this little eleven you're lovable animals is what you are with women just let it keep a limited -- -- -- -- Obama should know and because it all up and you treat them like trash. That is a very various. Economic humans birds that -- very agents. -- wealth and say well the other is. What held since Z is up at its. -- -- That is guy glad I don't should seclusion and -- -- -- a whole segment together every single day with little kids corner on on on the want your little corner. That kid it's funny -- candy the candidates called rip that can't score legitimately funny -- I didn't know armed a lot of help Jackson said yeah but I heard a lot of good bit. Of what happened. I have to say. And that it. -- really that Mickey Mouse. In the it's like very scenario yeah. A big and I told -- go -- more time Bobble from Britain rather. And in your local never predicting a rare type. Boy they know -- football. Bob Hope didn't -- rat pit bull. And this message. Let's go on bubbles. -- -- -- -- And and they do -- they all live nearby good grief and -- It's not my no -- no it is my no. Bill very good. -- FaceBook. If you want to -- these. -- What about also will be glad you're past ran out do you know hey Cole. What you do these. What more could do want to let this -- Who are. And -- Doesn't so vivid today -- I really very graphical and really really good job of painting a picture. Get a drop. Both gimmick offense will be quote -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Except that they wanted it's -- good. And gimmick -- cat union team sucks and you you have to go into -- that's a gimmick offense but hurry up offense. -- -- -- Gimmick of the craft editors of the -- -- here and admit now -- that development of ceremonies tomorrow what are that I have is this method. Gonna provide the grass and after -- you want to do is what about all the people would get this stuff could JJ what goes -- to the logos and spared us bin Laden and rubbed his feet in news and Durham apparently doesn't like it only guys that are embarrassed. There are sure are the rest of a greater good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that he's dirty he's got he's gonna take somebody that I I was the dirty like I didn't believe that before you find you've convinced despicable me up. They've missed it or what who has the Collette is -- Airways. Offering up apology. I'm not sure you want to get into that problem and then you probably heard. What I say it. And that probably to apologize Allison and I saw no evidence some. That's something no -- now known DeOssie did you hear shortly today apologize and mean just. Going above and beyond it was a heartfelt apology wasn't really not a character was it was a show is totally out of character it it was -- I was informed. Us where you project. Apologize because almost due to call last week and said you know. Many can't win under forty degrees and you can't win the first game of a playoff like kind of you know. -- -- Might of been a little you know. This doesn't dismissive. I. And -- I apologize to all of because they were right that was wrong yourself those gloves these children knows what the gloves with a tip off to me Mikey wants a song with Joseph blow us. Did you wanna be seen. Two quarterbacks rarely if ever. -- change of what you're doing yeah. And everything but I thought that might yeah I think it probably got you by about -- I -- -- I don't quite believe I'd call it. Don't know we'd all because if you look at you want -- cut cut that would America. To go platinum like it was back. But I would -- that the bag. Like every time someone put big -- because nobody would step -- statement. He didn't hear anybody else that they. And that message. Think she's on steroids what do you like I don't know I didn't really serious she's only Yorkshire -- against terrorists aren't you go look at what everybody in New York some stories you told me that. No it's all about the here's about the reading part of things and I -- when I talk about the Super Bowl you know it probably was like Golden -- -- -- exactly. -- them. Hey let's put it that they're probably -- game on Sunday. Filling a plastic surgeon -- -- -- you still have a radio equipment boat he's kind of. And -- met him at the outset that. It's Saturday morning that was used to that that's -- Communist mustard. -- on and on about how old friend Diddy was by -- but Burger's group. But I don't remember him being at all affected would have killed Bob book went get a whole lot more than a lot of Monica Lewinsky. Good plots that have sexual relations. Miss Lewinsky that moment -- can -- them double standards you know us tackling communism at that particular iteration of -- make up his doubles count out anything you does anybody here that I didn't hear editor in case somebody so what was is an issue that he shouldn't have. Must person. Just focus on the game and not comment on a beautiful of the apology was necessary because it's creepy. Creepy. Okay settlement -- which are -- that century we expect. Three but he's got I mean. -- curious George Burns said it but you know when buster says -- becomes -- Feel like right -- -- wasn't keeping her why does he need to politics. Let's just write -- we've been very good it's making her rich Louisiana happy ending. A systems and sound right and -- -- Like something -- he Adams. My stuff. Because he's bang and a mile. And yet there. President. -- of what it is what it -- get -- good -- don't quit talking so. It. It like it is again. Back intact here I think that. I well he won't do that gives -- -- conference championship yeah she does that before super -- so if the 49ers may get and they may be you'll go of that matters to make your friends could do it at the niners are up Capra neck -- -- -- -- Throw -- or Rogers John Abraham right Michael Turner somebody -- got out all -- -- Matt Ryan of worse. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I have a -- go out. Our rock bit better than Brady I've got taken out by and Freddie don't feel so bad -- has the Green -- acted within its hit the ball. Together Freddie deserted Tom Brady especially since he's 35 and seems to be still hasn't peaked yet. Part of my I don't understand it as I said yesterday it's because Rogers registered Republicans burdens them MIT all of Rebecca believe -- militarism would do it. Take one or way and guys who want let me tell it well -- that. That would go after it hosted an event it's called both he would go to help the guys who. Came back that doubt they have put floppy a little thing. It's preceded -- great to Diet Coke right the ship -- You guys I think that was the last -- to play. But that was. I just want to watch the fact that the -- these okay. Actually. Exempt double I don't know until there's been an opponent and actually I brought one for -- he would -- -- -- -- -- seniors so for it was a little about what to tell you something for a gonna find out what life was like when you turn. On the day. Now DLC -- -- of the pages last year we're gonna get them -- guess what you just turn outbreak -- markets are believed to push through it all the chicken wings bastard. -- I today powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE split up at times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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