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Matt Chatham, Former Patriots LB, on the Patriots Texans rematch

Jan 10, 2013|

Chatham joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Patriots upcoming playoff games against the Texans and how the Texans D can stop the Patriots offense.

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Final hour -- -- a three point seven WEEI of the guys who world traveler. Or miss them on Tuesday we get and set Matt Chatham the Chatham report. Here on Thursday in time for patriots and ravens he joins us on the -- the -- AT&T forgy LT eat. With speeds at the ten times faster than three G -- AT&T rethink possible adding to his resonate. This weekend which will get to with some point. You played on the team Matt defaced the Tennessee Titans Indianapolis Colts in the regular season then back to back playoff games and route to Carolina in the Super Bowl explained to us. How Bill Belichick treats it when he played a team in the regular season then you will back Nancy in the playoffs again. It's pretty easy you know as a player you're you you don't disregard those old game -- you definitely go back and check them out. Boy you look at them. I guess you sort of get this from the outside but we don't necessarily depicting an -- you know you know to the hundred Irish players or whatever right he wants to cut -- -- they've taken me the filter the only you know it's a breakdown. Ulanova. Dvd you have all the third down -- of a but do you view. You know all the red zone players whatever their cut -- -- -- against. He'll definitely go back and look at those -- -- the last game -- which relevant about it is you're not release. You're probably watching games he -- so you're trying to get things the may have come up that might repeat themselves which you don't wanna watch it as a this is going to react you know not happening yet. So you kind of but you look at their personal standpoint like the players you're gonna watch the guy but I gotta go get here anymore measuring you know individual -- -- -- that kind of matchup will be with him. Which you don't wanna start -- -- -- a this is the Plavix all the probably played that because. It's it's bound to be different. I'm guessing bill -- the convict shown at game film and -- all the the brakes that they got you know the fumbles the bounces the -- interference calls that. The drop passes by the Texans let these guys know that you know. That same except a play out that way were in for tougher game. Right now I think that that's full development is a gimmick coach is great at finding. You know that that game score of 4214 and sort of laughing it off and -- -- in the in the could be -- that -- happen to build your -- I think the best examples out -- -- -- 21 enough and there were six softened the series after and it. The -- stopped -- relatively nothing for five of those 611. You know that they did have a -- basically one play drives along past two. But that's -- so you know -- -- one Clijsters in the early. Sort of a square -- the other five -- worked with three and out in the last three and out the under the never got past on thirty. And their own territory took a look at that say you know this team. Brooke perfectionist even when we're shooting themselves in the polls were were put -- -- -- -- -- -- would be able to correct the mistakes and -- the one of the -- What did you think the biggest is that the Texans made in that first game Matt was watch him back the film. Well you know let's put it we talked about the last time it was it was the first mentioned -- the image kind of have measuring stick. Things of you know I'll like so what -- sort of outside things go well they're ready to play -- supplemental measures court upheld the source or ways to look to the times in the game -- the first -- the first opportunity to do something. And at all their first of the first time there was a meaningful special teams player of the 31 yard return. The first time of the third down opportunities to do off the field and have holding probably that you referenced. -- that the first time they were in the red on the repair you know on the -- things are way out of character so a within the biggest mistake is never getting to there into the wrong temple in their. The very deliberative hard run run our play action kind of team. It would have a few that I mean they actually did start the game through successful run. When to pull back the call timeout you know. So -- kind of you know the kind of looked ready to go on that one small aspect but. Because the middle of older down so fast they're immediately incumbent mode so the biggest error with not getting to do their own persona of the grown -- -- You know when he put teams together the key personnel to scheme need do it -- matches your personal what you do best how difficult is it. For a team like Houston may -- out of in Normandy. Tell -- we can't we even though we bring pressure number 85 plus pass rushers that's what we'd do. It's something that we can't do here on Sunday heart is that the goal against what you do best. One of the biggest factors you look at and that when those those reports that -- all the five well thank. It is what really role in about that this is the number what personnel groups coming against. But the idea that you would be -- heavy. Pressure team that made them both those steps that are really polluted because it made you may have been playing a lot of teams that spend more time regular personnel. Retired and about the commitment. It would be interesting to find and that's really part of their persona to find another team on the schedule. But the Texans will play that would have a similar breakdown patriots and patriots keep teams and nickel dime most of the game -- Now they may not do that epic amount -- prompt more and more to -- -- but I don't know first say that. But the Texans do pressure that much once the game has become for -- wide receivers is that both cleaner what are remark all the Matt's situation from the department and even -- -- -- -- -- Typically don't do that. So you can make this in part conversational relevant by dictating to them but what personal about it. So it'll be interesting to see if you know that the -- by the wanna make -- game worked with were spread game. What their old personality is first country and probably won't Kamal will be more relevant is as they try to do more to backstop with the -- and successful. And you know -- in in the game immigrated don't want white presidents of what Graf if that happens when not -- -- make the decision percent. And -- then I would highly doubt that they do much of it is it'll just be more a matter of directing the -- may be bringing down a guy. And the from a safety position sport I would imagine that there will -- -- -- sentinel. One of offensively because this team runs the football there and Foster their big play action team. And up it would say Walters spread amount attack patriots weakness that be the secondary do you see them change their just sticking with what they do best. I think that the group that won't change a -- Franklin in the a lot of teams have gone however you look at Miami last week or what it was two weeks ago. They played -- an incredibly high percentage of basically elevenths and personnel so they kept the patriots in nickel and for the game classical liberal soft spikes in Ottawa for. That to my knowledge and waited for injury situation I think is slowly coming back to deploy more -- -- You know they were basically salt into our game and I don't think that's that's happily on Miami's persona and we saw that in a part of that -- -- -- the well. I think those guys personally before the -- with a little more in you know have a little left to lose the the sort of I don't know abandoned whatever their normal personas. Arnold Texans can do that and if you look at their production and look where they find ways to move the football it's generally -- -- -- Foster or Johnson. They don't really find that second and third receiver you know -- as the next guy. He's more respect possession. If they're gonna make that decision to go the recorders in person it's going to be. But Mathis or whatever via the marginal -- took -- would be your third guy or maybe -- you know it's it's. It's getting deeper -- the roster that there probably built to do. The really strength of sticking to a regular formations and use in the tight end zone Daniels senator Graham and those guys so the decision the spread out -- I don't know what the personnel sort of -- -- the do that if they do it now because it's sort public health matter. It's interesting you bring that up I think that there are so stubborn they won't do that we're talking to Matt Chatham now in terms of JJ watt upfront. And what he brings Matt what what's the way in your mind making efficiently against this patriots offensive line to destruct Brady in his past. Well the way they the way they use him and do a little bit until the time -- from knocked down later in the game in the second half. And what it would go to north toward him on film of the big game with several well. What gaming as soon gaming means you know useful -- maybe a couple because one way and -- another car around a little bit too many games which somewhere but separate Cisco with. The Christmas. And in ruling go to that he's going to get penetration because one on one. What he's good and also they're just mystical form in Russia using sort of went through them minded. So what talked about that. And because the patriot community action saw Andrew Andy Dalton political and last week as we have multiple lines of going on their gaps are created over quarterback has sort of the the skill -- and the fact that it is. All the bowl battleground for these short five and 67 -- -- -- -- slow down some of the game. I'm radio and right -- -- hypocrite and a understand that what -- keep them honest you know if they're gonna game hard in game two proper line as. Lot of moving quirks and sort of the animal protection. How he's the -- golf but a good way to sort of mitigate all the craziness -- -- idea -- the -- down to -- rewards -- to drop and -- again. If they're going to be able to do without Palmer and I'm trying to make this and some sort RG three game plan but the idea that you can do things like that keep them off to the important. This helps from pundits but all the madam -- at -- bit of one on one maybe chip and so look back. Maybe whenever you have a uncovered guard allowed to come over oppression -- keep them from. Playing volleyball -- well you know he would require you can find a way to a credential. According concern forget -- -- Troy -- yesterday talking about you know teams have already. Played a wild card division got a card game have a W about maybe a little bit looser you know in this second round how much effect that Depp plays and the playing. Having a bye and it to get healthy but just having that victory under your belt justice of the football game. I don't know what else I think from my past experience. We've. Kind of have this sort of mental note my head -- not overreact to go out what happened to block per week because you start to kind of think things about a team that. Yep over the under the reason they were there. And I also think that you know momentum doesn't really mean honestly because the next matchup is so different from the last and so. Yeah I mean you -- server Borg also the play again you know and that's. I think the rest -- is is pretty important you know I think people should look to those you know maybe the first quarter efficiency with the offense and maybe some decent spot because. May be roster as a thing yeah I don't know about but. I'm not so sure that they are administered benefit to having some sort of continuity from last week's performance do battle we -- rule would quickly in the first or second period. I'm sure Houston if there were given the option at a profit probably like that. We had this discussion yesterday. We think there's advantages the quarterback and head coach in this matchup for the patriots and as you look at match W look at. Kubiak let's put his coaching staff together per second Matt what do you think the big advantage. For the patriots on Sunday which one of those spots. -- A bigger bigger -- for the patriots of the Texans quarterback Brady V shop or Belichick and his coaching staff against Kubiak coaching staff. Well I think you know I think. Build jobs done when he did this Sunday I'm gonna winters and GameStop and some of the things with the -- sort of -- the game. So you know it never is released coach Belichick and it -- the American. I'm probably of the mine and holders there's a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kubiak and some. Companies stopped about a month are kind of like that they've been stuck with him at the continuity there. I know would have been perfect and I know there are sort of myriad of opinions and views about what. The idea that you watch the black Monday I think for. A couple of weeks ago wasn't a computer -- the problems. I think it's pretty I think it's more they get separatist equipment you may have fallen short you may have had some of offices in the week to week. But I think they're they're definitely a team its kind in the right way so. I don't know head to head what we're gonna -- out Nazi you know historically would they -- -- I think it goes beyond that's over if you don't go to the quarterback position to me that it and I hate to even have to make that comparison and out -- to match but think obviously. I'm gonna be -- head and shoulders above. Anyone in that -- -- other than maybe management that happened here early in the Republican war dropped so. I think that that advantage as well in the bigger stick with them to each and every game shouldn't have been knocked it. All right the late Sunday night early Monday morning is it -- Manning because there were -- for all weeklong. Now I'm never that I -- into the quarterback who picks. -- ever gonna play each other they're like but you know it maker accurately -- -- those two -- William. -- well. You know I actually think. Both of these games could swing and you could see neither of those things I really feel like this is a pretty interest in economic the -- -- game going to be close. Are we think Baltimore. Can do some things to hurt or hurt Denver so you know I would -- -- -- -- head and -- runway team on the side of the bracket the I'm I'm with everyone else but I'm not going to be surprised -- next week we're talking about that but -- Canada's political. So. If I'm in Europe this weekend and I happen to catch the patriots broadcast them BBC. Who's on the color commentary do you have any idea. -- the Earl of Chatham I believe foe -- from all England yes. But you got color commentary on this match and a. Has little -- left field this week and I'll be doing now for the NFL we're doing they became broadcast for the BBC. And I'll be doing color in the -- with don't -- -- Greg radio broadcaster -- also were looking for that should be fun. This is going to be fun because we're ready but we need we need to telecasts this -- make three run on this because I've heard Chatham. And he said this sarcastically on the show. And FL -- -- out we kind of makes fun of the color commentator Korea. But you have. You have read them all some of the big name colored guys that Chatham -- go dumb stuff they say. Oh yes and I'm I'm so a lot of diplomat who did it I'm going in the completely new this is going to be great but. Yet to respond well I think we're gonna have a blast and you know. Obviously -- of the other that the did you get competition -- the -- -- protests so you can you can encourage fans -- -- Do it and turn on the north over the these. The patriots on the radio and even know that Hsu apparently out of the race. Matt Chatham on BBC he's got the call this week with Greg Brady Mack great stuff we appreciate the time the port of breaking these games down previewing. Whatever the AFC championship game is with the next week. Matt Chatham the chatter report and get him here -- until Sunday -- M Tuesdays and Fridays. In the Boston Herald this -- get him on the BBC he joins on the eighteenth the outline AT&T. Forgy LTB. With speeds up to ten times faster than three jeetz AT&T. Rethink possible your thoughts on whether or not think the Texans. Can McKenna oh a leopard change its spots the slate the year can Wade Phillips. Decide to back off that pressure do with the jets did you -- the ravens did. And forced Brady to throw went to more coverage instead of more blitzer 617. 77979837. Your phone number text us on the AT&T text line 37937. Your phone calls -- Texans on --

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