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Doc Rivers: "Fact" KG didn't say what's being reported to Carmelo

Jan 10, 2013|

Doc Rivers joins Dennis and Callahan to discuss the emergence of Jared Sullinger, the Celtics win streak, and the KG Carmelo Anthony incident.

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Our conversation with Doc Rivers on the -- Thursday is brought to -- in northern bank and trust -- space and -- -- Mercedes-Benz as always talked joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE good morning Doc Rivers. Four straight as the light dog ought injured team turned the corner. Welcome we're turning the corner I think we're we're playing better and indeed we played great last night about defensively. We're really good continued. Really get altered the commitment to second in the William Kilgore chips which means they they get involved now on the floor. Boulevard just like to help return -- Now watch and watch I get less but I'm saying the Phoenix Suns must lead the league and lay ups didn't seem like they did. All day and -- your packet -- a big difference between points were in the current yeah. Last night and nobody does that put a lot of pressure on your dutrow and let you turn this in return the to develop a corporate. Everybody's been asking when he got to get some production out of your bench we got last night -- which are looking for a suspect. -- what he did better revised. And then your starters played well my you do really do. I was looking at a soldier and we tend to think he's more mature or older more spirits and other you know a young guys he's one week it's. And if I guess they're all really young but he's a more mature than most rookies. Yeah you know over the maturity you're basketball IQ. Column probably implement them you played the game at a and a great temperament you know he's intent. But he doesn't get too high or low as far as emotions on the floor. And you know he played Florida did with the -- so you've been in the coach's home of pro life and and you can QB IQ and he knows how to play you know that being gay men and Marty really improve -- now is just consistent focus. On it and so yeah you -- these -- -- -- agreement. Darker -- old enough to river Tom -- winkle from Chicago. There probably knows them right he's a friend you was right front probably know some and I -- other body -- completely different they're two different kinds of players but he likes soldier I also into the scavenger. Does he picks up along Alou scraps all he just seems to find the ball the ball seems to find him somehow. The other guys you know throughout. You know the history here you guys know that. They just seven nose for the ball are they're great rebounder so very. They know how to get their body in the right position they -- to break before the ball hit the room. And endured the -- And what's the most important. Thing and a rebound -- needs to know what was -- -- to learn. Well I think there's a lot of things but you know -- I think positioning individually. If you watched here than Dennis Rodman with too many young player with number two quarters and just watching -- -- and position himself. In the right spot in -- right angles rebounding was amazing as -- when you watch it on film because. You see there moving before the ball hit the room. And does he do that -- that deliver great instinct -- bill and that means that that is a little bit as well. As soldier one of those guys Jersey got some way to go here. No I think you do you have to have to be one of those does. You know he's he's rebounded well wherever he may have had a screw. College in mount -- and in the pro. Adopt whatever your halftime speech was you might wanna put that in the trash can you were up twelve when they came out with a fifteen to run US courts for six minutes what the heck happened to start. Third about the -- it's hard to do that you know we didn't start the game will leave it right. You know a melanoma starters -- starters didn't play the game and -- police. At all last night met on a -- build -- What speaking of halftime speech is -- what did you say in Atlanta I know that. And you're too modest attempt to say this but according to Paul -- assembly was appears. -- that made all the difference I mean you say what you said how are you motivated them at that -- that -- not just in the second happen going forward kind of that's when the light went off. Well. I didn't play much yard based where he's headed to meet him up in the way that I couldn't sit on the radio. Is there were -- and -- -- certain. And I kidded them a lot of different ways that are providing coverage and melodies that would that change. This is who we are and this so we can be -- You know just sort of a groove whatever. Things got tough for us the first minimum let's change this government -- -- there and you know basically have a similar to our coverage right. Right we're going to be good and you know our guys bought into met him -- was -- and I'd go to look. Not -- -- -- India and again erratically and -- would do something to keep it's seldom that you can do right. We have a chance that we don't. We do it right and he's scoring at least the coaches that know -- we should change for that day. And that Soledad deliberate double by -- to. Did you say it or did you yell at and just Colin Powell. X -- arm arm and are probably do formidable. A doctor speaking of yelling Collins takes the charge from school that you get -- T. You see a lot of bad calls over the years but that reactions seemed did not seem to be -- through just the final bad call what what's that you off. Well. I have my -- big charges. And when they don't get combat that's one of those -- but in conformity yeah. Public about the physical play. And the guys are injured though on the Florida particular pretty good charge. You know the prison -- that understood milk notable example I give up just sloppy enough. You don't at a picture of the code should give a lot of things are probably don't take charges and our guys are willing to put their bodies and are worried and and I. Don't like show the depth -- And I don't know why I wanna know this but what would be the acceptable number of points off of turnovers in your mind I mean obviously in a perfect world sixteen turnovers should create 32 points but it doesn't what's acceptable number. Well it's the number of turnovers personnel we wanna be under the it did -- that the team of fourteen grand moment of fourteen ranked. -- David -- he gave one point. Per turnover right you'd be very happy about it. You know there are occasions yesterday and in Tommy talked about on the broadcast and concede as well. Rondo is seeing things that you normally wouldn't think with any kind of great peripheral vision you could see and cousy is always historically been talked about his peripheral vision and his ability to see that the court. If -- -- class. You have to run our number labeled as. I mean as well have been better in our league that's what makes great. You know. Egypt's the great. And there's no word either gore -- I've got to be a bit. When you did two market determined troubled would've been told the Baltimore all right. But when it was about to make squares with its citizens. -- all been pretty good. Rondo said he didn't do anything wrong to earned his latest one game suspension dog cute you agree with that. What did something wrong but you didn't do enough just been that it would be a better way equipment what do you walk up on around. You know you put yourself in in an attempt that you can do it but -- -- now you could see when you wanted. The official walked in towards him he was walking towards this. So they're criminal or they're just the discount on brand in each other -- like run the ball. And you detail by directors -- reacted wouldn't go that way at all. But you know them Rondo a particularly yes -- -- -- that were. While now. You know him had given erupt condition you you're more. And more accurate. The only way you can change it. There is and by doing things. The right way to change it and it's gonna take a little. Below the league said he didn't cooperate with the investigation. Do you have a problem with that should he have cooperated and if he did would they perhaps have given them a pass this time. Well that I don't know I mean I know the party didn't cooperate to move the level a bit that he should have. But whether you would have been suspended him I don't billion of us knows that as being. Usually when they're calling you. You're you're probably in trouble. And a -- do you believe trash talking can crossed the line and at the answer to that is yes is what is reported the KG said to Carmelo over the line. Well number one night I know what it's been reported that happened I know that a book that really did not -- That did not happen. No reference to Syria. And he doesn't know how -- work and are diagnosed Upton. Crazy like a little bit and the way to get out of trouble and so -- he said this and it happens all the time and if so what bugs me about this whole thing if this is not a commander in addition. And and there was made in the warm and it should have been made in the war. And trash talking crossed the line theoretically. You etiquette and absolutely did it happen very often. Department doesn't happen very often no doubt. Does not have them all and. It's pretty crude but I didn't get -- out there at you -- But when he did you ratio -- More personal to firmly been met across the lottery. But I'm -- punitive. And mr. that it did not. As them but this is not the first time Kevin has been accused of crossing the Lyme Disease. -- -- times nobody on the other team. Said they heard. If you're you mean the villain a wave a -- and this one. Yeah exactly and vocal murders same thing you know I've used drew just thrown out of the game and then there's there's a reason. There's got to be a reason why you do that well we'll let you well. This Kevin's always -- and we know that does he know where the line is. Yeah he's. In Europe I will say that. I've never heard him cross the blood -- you didn't when he talked about there it you do about your day. Newton. -- team. Well or oral what do you think you know -- if -- -- the winner of the. Not about their spouse well. Does much of what happened in practice teammate to teammate. Good job and have much. That would definitely. No -- pretty important just played hard Dundalk a lot. -- to the Atlanta thank -- you have a problem with wood Danny Ferry did because the league does. Well I do. You know. Does do that. Rarely do that a mobile beverage in America been illegal well. From nowhere to turn another player's name and all that stuff. I don't know I don't know why do. But it. It just short. Were you glad he got finder got reprimanded for. You know I don't care I really don't I didn't it didn't bother me one way or the other I just don't like it it's Brazilian in the day might -- that would be the reason they lost. Not so and so -- leave that that sour grapes and and I don't like that. Our -- time now for the coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and their winter event going on now at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers on the web at MB USA. Dot com this week's question is paid doc. Is the -- suffering and are the very young players doing themselves a disservice by getting to the NBA much too soon. Don't -- You know like they do good group that you can say yes that the -- they know. But I think a lot of guys a lot of too much on the great example of couldn't get the royal wanting to be college player of the modern world -- it wears them kids grow up and they want to go through the college like. And -- but it gives their business and so you're going to be a better basketball player. You probably going to be a bit about Butler and yet. You don't play more day in July. To play against better players. You know the only thing that you can say about coming into -- majority. That -- Is -- act like they're approached better or they're taught any better in college I would say the opposite. But they grew up more intelligent met before that I have been important legislative. Good stuffed up we'll talk to next week. Doc Rivers doesn't tell element AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT eat our conversation with doc is brought to you by northern bank and trust us space and buy a Mercedes-Benz.

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