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It's a smorgasboard of sports talk

Jan 8, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder aren't debating the finer points of honey nut cheerios, they're talking Patriots-Texans and recapping Celtics-Knicks.

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OK I Gabby gets so many things here on this played it's like it's like a big daddy's birthday is this smorgasbord. As Smart Swedish -- -- and then there's a Danish AB Swedish insurer. Well check on that. Sound -- -- our first quest for the evening is to find out would be the origin of the word smorgasbord. We should start that -- go go for it because of their an impressive pressing issues of most pressing issue today it happened and Al brokers pants. Oh my god that's a weird story of ever hurt. -- we even discussed admit that happened. It's rated ethics charges ever -- Bernard. It's Swedish okay. So it's not -- -- is Danish and I don't know needing another big its feet it's a pig roast. I've had a few. My take on this Al wrote I think your right don't you bring it. That he have to talk is that something you period in the in the -- actually the -- my national TV ever ever bring it up. I can't imagine he went that was almost every that. We pulled -- full disclosure. Disclosure. Of everything he lets them know about that we had you don't think underwear -- now. Some of that -- -- take a there was a dump and the underwear that's why packet finally take my keys in my pocket knows Max is gone. You have a lot of keys on -- huge many ticket to a car keys. In my office ski I get accused of studio Fenway in my home key. He'd say. About it. That's already been some -- you. Three that -- yet -- beauty throughout more. It's no mystery of this is you know I'm of two of them first announced. That all lead to spare you heard my voice last time we spoke about the Celtics and has dissipated. That's at their champions. Say that I I had. Beyond me I had I had actual despair dorm because I was speaking to think this this can come together. You were were not alone many Celtics fans felt the same way maybe ten. They go to New York last night they beat the new year knicks who were adding Mo by most people's estimates a better team may -- -- They aren't and they beat them without their their road all star point guard and pretty good work. Very good very good of late especially that come back to Atlanta. They are down ten early in the game last night became Dexter on me held they held on street and third quarter of course after the game. You got -- chased down. KG and wait I saw the video you know as worry you know is when these these -- on line and and it's highlighted you know. Comcast's New England has video of him waiting here at the video that's what you people standing around waiting for a bus it was a worst piece of video. I felt like I got suckered in a look at have been yeah right NB AB substantive and yet I shot heavily Carmelo lurking. You know yeah hiding behind oppose it right Jack how about -- where -- to come out to hide behind him. Now it was just the most I couldn't believe that they even had a link to look at what are we watch a bunch of people standing outside a -- ballots. That's the way it is today I hate mail but that's. -- -- to have it. -- to go out and say oh we have video exclusive video or whatever of of people waiting for a boss. God. But that nothing had aggravated even have a conversation and I mean. It was a big night I -- the funniest thing well 22 things that struck me out of that was. One Rasheed Wallace trying to comic -- Carmelo Anthony now now if Rasheed Wallace is trying to economy down senate you know. The king of all technical file right problems right and then. -- around those comments not knowing what all the commotion was about saying he thought guys were trying to figure -- dinner plans for the next time they play each year. Completely idiotic where the the Rondo saying you know I mean it is a lot of people have been crap on Rondo and past few days in about his maturity -- -- stuff. I'm lucky you take the good with the bad -- -- players that any and all they have little personality quirks. Yeah obviously try to modify the behavior so -- not to lose time on the court. But on the other hand you know if it's if if the if the price of that is to forgo emotion on the court and you know the kind of thing that Rondo receipt fires -- sop up over laws -- motion. Thanks and I don't want that to be changed at all -- obviously be nice if they I think that the reputation is gonna hurt him though that's what hurt in this instance. So this was that was not a big deal now is not a big deal but he's got -- -- -- for him to do stuff whether it's tossing a ball in Iran while that deserved suspect right but -- look -- important words and he's built that he's built that reputation self so that's not that's not good. But you know -- -- I'd love Rondo I'd only you know on the duties personally -- huge Rondo guy I'm not gonna change that I'm not gonna be disloyal to my assessment of Rondo. Everybody makes mistakes I've I've made a couple -- and we all have like yeah you know I mean I remember that I even made one writer you know. You know make many. That never happens right and equality. Now. Just so we know. Was or anybody here that predicted. The bagels winning. A Cambodian muted BI said he could win you predicted that -- come. Educate Bennett. I did pretty well we came -- wrong and I -- -- this weekend because this is obviously we you know you build up the steps that -- this is part of the problem with. Post season football is yet to wait so long to get two year. Yours she -- here you desired results. Some good games coming up this weakness when it gets it and yet they don't watch it gets really really good now and daddy you know that this whole thing with the Sean as he column year. You know Houston using it is. Bulletin board material and all that kind of stuff look at. This is the NFL writes a column by some guys that becomes like all all look this guy said he's always saying crap all over the country. About the opposition how they ever made the Texans -- things about the patriots you know we owe them one knows those sad if all that's gonna come down to you know who as professional -- that there's there's several factors. Who's been there before who's done that before it was the most experienced team when it comes to marching to the Super Bowl and and disavowing any of these articles are -- the out external pressure it's the patriots. They have had more experience it is that anybody and we don't act. You've been when you when you you know at the kind of won loss record they've had been to five Super Bowls -- into the playoffs all but two years out of it that run. Of course she got the most experience becomes. A level headed look at what's to match jobs finally wins first playoff game last week now a lot of experts there and he has been playing well and Houston to having admitted during the course of the regular season at they're giving -- the -- is the biggest game of their of their franchise history. Then backed off -- -- they clearly had one bigger one since then and they're gonna have a bigger than that one coming up this weekend so it's like okay what. That's you get a little bit wound up you get a little bit nervous. But what what if I'm the patriots have figured look we're at home. You know we don't we don't lose at home that's been the general rule of -- with the patriots. We don't -- a couple of occasions Baltimore got a heads and have been exceptions season undefeated at home but but the point is. Here's that there were cut -- form they know what they should note from having played this team before. Unless they come up -- some miraculous as the jets did game plan that -- they don't have 453 of their ports as a people are thinking about it and the speedometer and -- during the regular season you're going to be unit whiteout Arctic Arctic totally different situations. Our phone number is this. 6177797937. To be taking your calls all night long and this is the program of course beyond all the programs on this radio station that engages. Endorses encourages. The phone caller participation. As part of the program. From you the radio because -- writer and I both know that in most cases -- do you folks out there calling in mr. really cocked. Our got happens and maybe make more sense than we do on these issues so that's the number 6177797937. And of course you can them. Texas anytime you want to his people or DR and it's 37. 937. Mikey you -- here's text from western -- you call bumping into a raft of behavior per. -- No I think that you were going towards talk about his emotion playing with a motion. Yes I mean I'm not set an encouraging people obviously gets you are -- knocked out of the lineup. That is not a good thing to do that. That was nothing -- it -- -- let's not make a mountain out of a mole Carter's suspension it was that he didn't eat it and call back the NBA. This Texas says Rondo is right the league sucks bunch a crooks. Mikey you can take your keys out of your pocket -- can take your wallet out of yours. Imus I can read the rest that. It is from Sweden by the way we're getting all kinds of Swedes now texting is about smorgasbord. Of people we don't know if there's. Another ER I mean how they speak any authority if they're not mean -- people you -- regular people -- -- the street no Swedish -- they're not from Sweden. I'm not that many to be very few maybe a couple of UN interpreter here and there. But largely Swedish isn't like -- or you'll learn Swedish -- sophomore in high school. Horry to type my grandmother she's an GS disease which she Swedish yet that that's just you make in my right. That we have another issue that I would like to throw on the table because it's really bother me but you know it to animal Roche has signed a two year deal. Where the Red Sox off from a two year deal did I hear that. The reason he can come to the rest such as the one to three years and now he -- a two year deal with the Washington he said that he would stay with Washington but any other team one of three year deal okay. Well that explains it's -- he's not in the mix and I ask the simple question simplest of questions I noticed is that. The hot stove show. But who's the Red Sox first baseman. Right now they don't really have a first -- it's gonna be Mike Napoli. Finally when he's taking forever learn and and how healthy is -- going to be and well reported say they're closing in on finalizing almighty god finally. This is worst than what was that it was of the JD J. D. Drew yes forever same deal. It's it's doctor paranoia it's their parent or what the doctors are going to say I guess I don't know. You know and and what bad timing. Or -- Lars Anderson. Speaking Swedish. And he leaves -- with a gig opens up well he's bounced around since I was over to Cleveland always -- Arizona. -- you know he was waiting for like seemed like eight years or some to get the first base still only like 2224. Really. -- I -- look it up exactly you don't think about how he's got to suck the Red Sox after all this cable will not commit up to.

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