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ESPN analyst Barry Melrose on the end of the NHL lockout: 'The owners hold all the cards'

Jan 7, 2013|

Mut and Lou ring in the return of hockey with ESPN's Barry Melrose to discuss how the CBA resolution came about and how this shorten season will unfold, particularly as to how teams will come out of the gate in terms of conditioning and preparation for the season.

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Lunchtime hour mark -- not a three point seven WEEI Barry Melrose. ESPN will join us we'll get his take. On the NHL lockout finally. Coming to an end. Timetable looks as follows meeting Wednesday. Voted on ratified by both sides. Training camp underway in -- 48 game schedule. Starting January 19. Make as of Friday -- to get a Friday night's start of the season. The same would be same weekend as. AFC NFC conference championship games in the NFL and and it would be. They get 48 game sprint all star game no break you go all the way in the playoffs. To get yourself set as far as we know. There is not going to be a twenty game format twenty team format for the playoffs you'll still get the regular sixteen. Playoff teams eight on each side. It was -- ball back to look last year. At -- early February. From the standings the NHL how it can change how volatile -- in what is a 48 game season mean. On it's gonna mean teams that maybe normally would've made the playoffs over eighty games stretch somehow sneak in. And teams that playoff caliber got the slow starts. Let the struggle and end up getting seven rate seeds are not give him. -- back last year the NHL standings. On Christmas Day. And that's -- thirty games sample size a little bit smaller. But what the play in the regular season -- a -- right -- it would have been a playoff hole on Amazon last year -- that's -- via -- it would not have been a playoff team. A year ago they get an -- your Bruins they were out of the top 8 Eastern Conference. On Christmas 2011. I think at that point too -- departed best team in hockey they -- the number one seeded on that date yep -- -- that it sort of moved on to the New -- Rangers but. I see your point you know I'm majors -- rare army using December that's. Is the cut off to camp the first to have pretty much been and it usually don't get -- it. So it will be. More of a sprint I still think that you know top. Fourteen to -- in the east ethical still be there now that you said the -- -- -- time to climb in the standings and be that team do you think. Every other Rangers might -- out of the gate. I rather be in the number one seed -- maybe over eighty games in my PS3 seat things like that the could happen but I still think the top three -- -- or -- it's pretty interesting lashed. Year at the same time in the Western Conference about west Minnesota. Was number two when the conference with 45 points they were leading their division. They were. 188 and three. Against the west and look like a playoff team right 2011 and five. And about that Christmas Day you fast for the playoffs and make it. They weren't they didn't make the playoffs. So the volatility of the short season I do like that aspect of it. Alex that the that the Bruins specifically. Should be set up to take advantage of this there are not major changes to this team. -- chemistry standpoint. What are your questions you have the Bruins fan a -- -- the plays when Chara. He's an outline which hours ago -- public how to play -- help where is she play what why does he ought to okay. At that might be an issue what pairing -- with defensively. How does took a play. That really chemistry thing that is can he stepped to the number one guy after that. Questions of how does a Gallic Rick Nash -- in. Or you can cross BB healthy long term of concussion issues. This Bruins team on paper has your questions a lot of teams in should be should be. A benefit a short -- like. 48 -- sprint. I think it's only gonna help -- any or get twelve guys are playing overseas. Yeah you're goaltender played overseas came back with a minor groin injury. I think the forty occasional help him you know because of the grueling eighty games plus playoffs without help him but you're right. It is more chemistry of the team is set there's not that much turnover on the -- guys -- into the system everything's pretty stable. On paper it looks like they should come out of the gate OK that looks like. Yeah they should have some younger players that you get better right talk about what what's different in a caller earlier digit -- prove themselves. On a status quo. Upon us and had no control over Tim Thomas. Ran away duke was seen is that the goal -- waiting now gets a shot maybe earlier than expected -- But there are some young players we all expect to step four I think is when -- this year. I joining us on the ATT hotline the great Barry Melrose of ESPN. Give us some help in terms of what the heck just happened between July and over the weekend -- -- -- here Boston how're you. You appreciate taken a few minutes the way that I see this is that the owners in the NHL got what they wanted they got the 5050 revenue. They got miss some games here in the that the pay their guys and at the rollback without get the rollback how did you see the end negotiations here from an ownership standpoint -- I think it turned out the way we thought it would turn out I think -- owners had -- certain things in mind when this started. Which it -- it just that was one what you got and you mentioned on I think they want to. Put in but the party so to speak where he couldn't get crazy -- -- -- contracts like we saw thus you have the seven year old playing. -- contract you have the -- on loading contracts where they are. There can be a little bit probably not great either wage a Webber's contract front loaded or three year. -- -- -- which -- contracts -- front -- so I think he owners Bob what states but they want certain and what they -- that I think many of us have been -- January I knew I was -- -- thanks the question is why did it take the players so all the time relies on when so basically it's you know the owners should go on and that's what we want much regard want to deadline -- close it out there -- Definitely look at don't -- -- -- while they got a hotel -- -- younger -- and again. A pension plan and it's -- to kick in a little bit but he pretty much kept them from the get aptly slaughtered in the -- pretty good job. Well you know we're going to last wacko when they had our cap and -- this is. The end of the players and they are taken to the cleaners and all of that happened as a salary cap just exploded every year because revenue on -- and that's what the free market system has that you put a good product out there and and you marketed well and and you using right it ought to go up that's not what happened after the last October and hopefully. You know we're sitting here saying the players maybe that be -- little -- this time but. You know the -- could be -- all the -- -- the players can't -- two or three years without a paycheck where some of those or you've got tenure on the paycheck so you know players just basically when you're going to some like this. You gotta put up -- that are trying to get certain thing like you said maybe some bench and -- -- things like but the end of the day of the owners are gonna win every year every steelmaker argument in part owners. And just reset the beginning of this -- you made the point the owners yelled it 5050 they got it. And that what was disingenuous to me Barry was that it is started 5050 they started out in July. Telling the players they wanted to take 43%. That 43%. To me was laughable is never going to be that low and it -- -- closer to 5050 and not a slap the players that July. You may pick -- hockey earlier than January 19 in my opinion. All -- -- problem between bolt the party as they don't trust each other journal like each other. Obviously I think one of the third period. You know you could tell some of those comments are coming the other players on the I'm not Twitter and things like that the one -- the next agreement and eight years or ten years you're Batman Donald Fehr. In all like it or not these two guys in charge of either party in eight years salt you know Jerry -- done what he was hired to do. The franchise and work a lot more known Gary took over Katrina billion dollar industry now. But in majors -- -- someone else try on the New York orders side of things and someone else on the players' side and. With another work stoppage and 510 games lost here this year. When you put that is part of the Reza mate Barry do you think Gary Bettman has done a good job as commissioner of the NHL. What eventually talked to our Garrett hired by the owners you know acquired by the players of the child you were sure -- owners. And I think if you talk to thirty all you've done a good job revenues to one up it's a it's a major. Sport now three and -- half billion dollars in revenues. It's not a ten year TV contract and NBC. The players that never made more you -- Sanchez now worth a billion dollars economy please. -- I think you look at the owners. You got to think -- Abrams a great job if you look at the players in the and I think multi which -- Gary Bettman is. One of the most hated man in support of again Jerry does not work for I mean does not work for the player -- does not -- of Samuel -- And one of things and it came out to -- -- five year contract Max length for free agents has got to. It's ought to hear it here that when they go one up giving twelve the year deals eleven year deals thirteen year deals with. Where they are right now seven for your own eight and -- 807 for freeze that better for hockey than used all your contract. Yes. Yeah most of you know you just it's it's utterly out and now on the curtain and yet DiPietro and I it's it's a nightmare. You know it's ridiculous. Geithner -- and call me dollars for your one million dollars last year. You know I do I don't open was good for the sport. But obviously the owners. You don't have to put the trouble trouble and everything owners do -- have to put rules and protect themselves. Let me at that -- -- because ten owners that way -- the cap. And you bottom owners that. Couldn't compete and now with this. Situation. You know you can't have the New York Rangers try to maple leaves and other teams in the east and twelve your contracts and and that support club is no way they can afford in order to do it suicides so you know again these rules put in place -- -- themselves they always are. We can't help ourselves we need to put rules in place -- outside guys long term deals he's Barry Melrose ESPN. I'll locked out over ratify it Wednesday hopefully when they start playing hockey -- 48 game schedule give us your take on how it's going to affect the on ice product -- 48 game regular season into the playoffs. Actually I hate -- -- 74949. Expired and the other shortened season -- our our little bit of an expert in this. That he. It's whoever gets out of the gate quickest whoever -- late entries animals everything is magnified every game basically -- four point game. -- because -- -- playing in conference or in division. You know whichever team can get their guys in shape the most in the court. Whichever team -- to court to whichever goaltender -- at the start of the season. Because now maybe if you -- five -- -- -- -- it you're done. You did not -- catch up. If you get seven or eight game losing streak in the middle -- your done. You know you lose your goaltender aren't going to time you're done so -- everything is magnified drastically shortened season. Like young team Alec young -- teams because obviously young guys are going to be a lot more brilliant. I then got 3839 and don't forget -- -- -- for game one retreat into next week it's going to be very condensed obstacle. Turf for months for the NHL. Those some players a lot of players playing overseas Bruins at twelve. -- back today year how long before that the style of play it was kind of what you call NHL caliber along that it takes some of these teams. What don't forget that in -- car and I -- we didn't have guys over in Europe we -- a few Gretzky took that all start in the there are sort of like. Beirut and not I cardinal guys barnstorming around the southern United States not -- we didn't have more hundred players over in Europe to do now also I think that'll help I think the guys are a lot better condition now than they were nine or nine I have a lot of routine -- and had practices on the role in the city that they play and that'll help. I think I think it'll be very quick and very surprising. How good. The play we'll get going in the NHL the -- in great shape a lot of them good shape most of them you know I think we actually starts -- products under pretty good on it. Are you say that young big teams of the -- you look at early in the year that the Bruins fit that model Berry in what about the chemistry park but I keep harping on. But the Bruins have very few new pieces a new young defender Doug Hamilton to grass obviously but the chemistry should be there with three or four lines that have played. A lot of hockey together do you believe that's a benefit in as you see. It is you know it's I don't like that I like the Bruins all the players are under crime I think -- and Louis which are -- great Iran -- they're big. Physical in scenic big physical team young guys. You know he might have been an advocate general without him and -- talent they have. You know doubting our short and not having -- are that great line that they had already. You know no. Where would -- and Crosby and -- -- you know that that's going to be very interesting -- -- an interesting game because we -- -- you know what and how well can promise you know it took her out ready to a certain analog but number one goaltender on a very good hockey team so you know debris and so -- of course marked inaudible probably don't you know. Wondered to get a new goalie Tuukka Rask said that most games he plays 45 negative shortened season. But the rigors of eighty games going into post season bully shortened season help a guy kind of transitioning into that number one role. Well if you consider healthy ER you know -- people can't imagine how heartening to being eaten at new NHL it's just it just. So art art guys playing I didn't I don't and you get to a basic 28 in playoffs and to console. You know the other -- the playoffs should be better I should be. -- to be a lot -- shouldn't be that many injuries. I wouldn't think. After only playing 48 -- city to -- North Korea you know he's thrown and centenary exhibition -- also also you know -- that can't make the playoffs. Are they should be fresher and -- -- -- come playoff time and he ended up play 82 to make it well. Locally one of the rankings I saw an Easter conference very kind of a power rankings in the season gets under way. Rangers penguins -- Bruins. 123 not just in the east in the NHL do you agree with that -- that bit the east is that dominant at the top of the NHL this year. Yeah I it's it's you know how can you not put LA in there airbase at the same team that won the Stanley Cup they have made a lot of changes. You know you've got to sit there there. There's a lot of talent -- but. Is it hard that I put LA up there and when you win Hispanic computers -- some respects I would I would have put deli in the top street. Very great stuff look at for the season get underway as you said three game weeks and four game weeks hockey fans. Going to be quick and it's gonna come fast court watching you break down and ESPN. My pleasure guys take care and not expand we're talking about the Bruins are going in this Seneca a. Well that's so we're gonna be Dylan no -- out talk with Barry Melrose not about owners out of old Batman. What about the NHL with -- Bruins are -- knock on what heading into the playoffs he's Barry Melrose. Of ESPN joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds at the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible -- toward -- and join us at 1 o'clock when we talk to him. We got to bring up what happened yesterday in Washington in ninety seconds I wanna get your thoughts on Mike Shanahan. And the way to handle RG three -- slate Mac game the second half the Redskins and Seahawks ninety seconds.

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