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Deion Branch on the NFL playoffs: 'This is why we play'

Jan 7, 2013|

Mut and Lou talk with Patriots receiver Deion Branch about how the Pats prepared during the bye week and their preparations for the Houston Texans on Sunday. They also discuss the issues of players dealing with injuries, trying to stay in the game and how teammates respond to a player like Robert Griffin III trying to stay in Sunday night's game against the Seahawks.

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The -- branch joins us here -- a patriots Monday our interview with Deion Branch fought she by Verizon the official wireless and telecommunication provider of the New England Patriots. How many of the four games this weekend to watch the out. Like true. Include tax Texans dangles one of those two networks -- -- well. Didn't -- -- didn't see any of the great great. And oh caught a little. The two year. It's a gimme the average Texans got a report from what I saw Saturday what did you see what can you exploit. Oh good so today it was good cup and and it that we can. That we can -- from the again or don't plant where that's an addict. You know it's going to be totally different. I'm gonna commit certain things certain -- and things of that nature. But we'll see. What's what when it comes. You know it's gonna -- a -- different. Indicated an epicenter. Like city guys most late Saturday afternoon early -- Saturday evening who you're playing. Hotel as the week of practice as far as preparing. For all three of these types of games different types of teams. Well I think last week you know we did a great to have her own thing that we do you know it is going -- and in China. Put together you know company it to fit the practices and don't think -- causes that. Everybody was mostly about a -- were sent out to. Put a game plan awkward together or -- edit clip of me for possible opportunity to use. You know -- who went about it that's still not great. -- -- curriculum say that we can do so well. You know -- complicate and trying to kind of thing that it would it well. -- -- you beat this team up pretty well here few weeks back and how much of that you think you have to fight equal Bill Belichick reminding you of the jets a few years back about. You know what can happen when he beat team late season come playoff time. We will -- it legal corporate Margaret here. So I hope that religion -- -- score what works its -- from the previous -- -- its exit. At this quarter and that is about liquid clay that something that would be alone and game. You know court and all of those say like it's hard about it -- that we it will get -- And it probably come that would let you a couple of plays here and there. But as far as the score whatever it was -- something that there won't matter. You know go to target again listen okay. Is that Lucy's you know policy whatever happened prior to -- certain -- Are you say most of the week was spent on. Scott in your team working on what you had to work out -- if you are you need to like just a percentage of how much bill. Had you look at the I'm not ever not all three teams but when he had to look at a total combined of those three teams you could've played. Was it 30% the -- 40% it was really wanted to do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When I mean are there we don't know planet saying you'd least -- it you can put so much has it been more payment and -- -- would rightly and so it's -- about it we don't straighten that they've got several that would not go there and it wouldn't matter who -- because -- -- -- it. You don't sense. I think overall we have been focused on the pages -- and there we were about honestly -- Elect game was one of the games that you you missed at the we talked to the fallen. The fall and weak so is that so and you are more than other people may have to look at more of the film are part. You just do your thing. There that's it they haven't let the Barlow and you know -- him as significant as it began to -- reports out whoa well in the same boat. You know this government -- domain is that more important I -- -- -- are much more real than the rest of the guys. You know -- -- so well you know they don't -- coveted. A -- so we're going to be different finger directly at the courtesy. We're talking to Deion Branch you talk about know that the good week you guys had last week do you notice as a as a player Dion that. The guys are more focus is it possible to come playoff time eight team and players the coaching staff can become more focused for games of practices. Yeah I mean it started with his start -- right in the legal world and of life that we had. Couple great -- that analysis are normal level to this -- -- and give prayer he. In terms of their defensive backs in Jonathan Joseph who played for Cincinnati in now is there. They have some other guys they have since -- physical safeties in that group. -- stand out when you watch them on tape when you watch in this past week in about that group in the secondary -- I -- -- over -- you know that -- got pretty -- your but it's going to be trying to create Jakarta. And I -- others that it wasn't too many explosive plays. And that's -- to look at. An index which can -- that was the difference and again you know it's an area where else. And then ultimately the buses also -- I didn't have absolutely do that. Because each has represented. You know -- that include as far as an -- because it was so. Bet that the clothes so yeah. Well there. Yeah watching at you one thing the stood out you know is that you got a -- -- -- -- to target him or even look his way. In the first half annual rite of being a wide receivers and easily wide receivers obviously game please take these guys away but. Didn't go to you'd you eat the guys to make big place. -- What you got into this part of America sit delegate clamp or. He used to record and it's trying to figure got a great and again what state it's -- now. Particular benefit -- -- something else that you're we're trying to do I don't know I don't like with a single. Let overall I think he's got a great they're teachers -- great first. Taking it away to target a planned second -- -- A record sent letters that are -- -- the law and then you concede they're completely -- to kind of got back in the game when -- just want. You know -- to kind of bring in basketball Doc Rivers last week was talking about -- Winning championships that that is more precious than those guys have actually already won one is more desire to winning another one I'm just wondering you when your career. You just these opportunities. Become more precious every single year it was going -- playing. -- Up from here. I'm just excited in the policies in the years at the -- -- -- -- -- you know this but never get old and this order about. -- -- -- -- -- And try to -- that your. You're your legacy poultry and so won't -- detonate. Let it would have done about it well -- well to be in this position that would -- -- hope they should get a lot further. He said he big games yesterday the one we're talking about. National perspective is is Washington because RG three you're starts back games looks hobbled -- Appears -- is in the early and stays in that game and a lot of people today it and that and twisted the -- badly has to leave late. I'm missing out ERG -- got to take himself out as a football player. And that's spot where you actually wanna take yourself -- C -- guys are pretty tough and that a coach great trainer. Passed a drag you kicking and screaming out of the game in that league. Where you know an Internet article competitors. -- almost beat Muster up a minute in that position to -- -- I went straight into. Where you know. In the treatment Caroline you could be in on this. You don't you you have those are -- -- -- second and third. The fourth quarter. Where you came down in teaching the Q and you make industrial policy that it plays and you are seeking you know. The -- is -- to see. That that's what that expert competitors tactics and then you've got ridiculous that the that are person. Did you try to push itself and had a player. That's what keeps you won't feel. You know you want stay out compete with the guys and yet in place. Some -- regulatory -- who knows. You know are you going to try to do it -- park and say. You know well I don't I don't know parties. So I would have our currency to -- At -- -- and so -- I just think what I've from a football perspective right on what would RG three's at his best beyond this very athletic and he makes -- -- -- plays in this -- it was pretty clear. The second half yesterday. He wasn't the same played on a nine yard one dudes dudes dragging his leg just to go nine yards are normally he would picked up twenty and I just surprised that Shanahan. Stuck with him I wondered -- teammates looking at him insane -- keep this guy out there he's not the same -- clearly hurt. But I got Laura that they get a little players that you really appreciate it -- your. On the leader. You know that it got longer give everything he has ordered change. To -- fight through whatever injury or whatever saying he's going through. -- -- -- -- -- -- And retrofitting the urgency -- of the -- -- that well it is artists that relates. I think I think it is about about -- we got to match and pick up their play -- -- takes a trick shots that said that later. Have you taken off the global switcher yet. -- up on Saturday. You know if somebody told me that with you pay more like four days in a row after the Sugar Bowl win over. No to everything I heard. I heard what my Lugar every day. Until the last reported. Every day yet. -- -- brought out like the Sox and make you know the end -- ordered all Louisville that week. No I -- a little -- Lucas Oil everyday everyday. Double we're up my gas. That's true. He is the operate slot receiver the patriots who joins every patriots Monday beyond preparing for game against Houston at Gillette on Sunday thanks the double talk to you next week. Richard. Deion Branch joins us every single week when he does he's brought to you by Verizon the official wireless in telecommunication provider. Other -- England patriots will talk to Logan Mankins Troy Brown as well patriots Monday model united except.

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