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Why is Andy Reid the hottest coaching commodity out there?

Jan 3, 2013|

What are we missing? Are the teams in the NFL so hard up for a long term coach that they're willing to overlook Andy Reid's obvious deficiencies as a head coach? At least three are.

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What is eighty re getting right back into why is it any retaken little -- why is Andy Reid jumping literally. The first at the first Kiki can find and there are apparently to a three teams interested in a while letting wanna Kansas he's gonna get city. Ownership. I Bob give you that but once you jump into it's it's well well. Historically. Good ownership yet now it because the name the name only I'm not I'm not sure I mean they have a lot to prove. You know Clark has a lot to prove as an owner on his only -- you -- if I'm right -- reading your book right would you classify. The Kansas City Chiefs as one of the better franchises in I'm not a -- perform it's always a sort of overall management you know not. Not -- they got to work to do they are tortured them and that's the reason they they brought in Scott McPherson is popular in the first place there's a lot of work to do the Arabs -- account and probably out. I would guess get Andy Reid in the -- and he read. Is not gonna wanna work with Scott Pioli I don't think so I mean he's gone wrong. It's gonna bring in noted that this really wants -- run to the other one guy the one guy who I was surprised to be on them who was on the market right now I'm surprised on the market. Tom -- -- Tom Becker was in Cleveland as a general manager. He was brought in by big sexy Mike Holmgren to Holmgren out. In the new owner comes in the Cleveland records out on the street very good. Well regarded as a young general manager and game and has ties to Philadelphia Andy Reid goes I -- city. Bring this coaching staff along with them and then. -- a free agent Tom record time record. Becomes -- general manager in Kansas City and they already have ownership ownership authorities and let us added up where the coach reports to me in the GM reports to me. As I like -- GM is over the head coach so it's a perfect scenario because. What -- record live with the Philadelphia with -- efforts are not questions about. Andy Reid and a couple of years ago 34 years ago people regarded him as one of the better coaches in the national for our children don't you. You don't have actual dollars and looks just like you first Savard didn't. You know but looks aren't everything Michael. I don't look good lab guy but looks are not everyday thank you Greg order way as your name. -- lacrosse guys that whitworth a I and then you read measure it -- god knows this Greg is brutal guy but any lead over the last couple years look at the talent he said. You think he's a shaky coach I think there's something about why can't you what all of that fail together. And produced why are you one of the worst teams in the National Football League over the last couple years. French should not you were teams -- aren't disciplined. Outfit is about art. I think he is. I think Andy Reid. Is. Marty shot. That's not good. What is it that well if -- get the play -- else no names it is it means you're a you're an excellent coach. What you you are not gonna win a championship. Excellent coach get to the -- gets to the doorstep. Maybe due to the game which degree last couple years Michael hasn't gotten close to the -- -- you look at his his career the most disciplined team in the last couple years. Philadelphia it was a dream last couple years ago he probably stayed in about eight for fourteen years well. That's why that's -- but what is the one place for fourteen years -- my point is. I he's living off of that reputation. That in the past he was no he's very good coach got his team to the Super Bowl. Very good coach article the last couple years regretted that brought a lot of issues lot of things leak issues she said to deal with. And maybe that's got to maybe that's -- part of the in the process but over the last couple years. San Diego charges good. -- old Schottenheimer a team and I'm Norv Turner who's out there have been disappointing but an even more this week in the Philadelphia Eagles now. But -- -- instead the last couple years or so so there's eleven point it'd be what what trumps the bishop he lost his job that's why he's out there -- talking the other coaches. It took responsibility for -- we took the brunt of which there isn't -- questioned whether he's the Reich to go to Kansas City -- -- nothing. You look at Glenn of all the available coaches right now. And a short game maybe Mike McCoy turned into a star we don't know maybe Chip Kelly comes in the NFL he's unbelievable when he brings the same -- NFL. And whether it's buffalo or Cleveland they immediately challenged New England as a number went off instantly it could happen. Based on what we know right now whether it's Ken Whisenhunt. Whether it's Lovie Smith. Andy Reid -- the best freeagent. Best available coach and the market. I'm not sure Andy Reid is -- who is. You know it's a very good question I think -- -- I'm not sure he has based on the last couple years. And he is always had a net. -- developing quarterbacks and being able to work at quarterback within their offensive scheme. And yet and yet it's failed miserably over the last W -- they -- what they were able to get out of Michael Vick for -- short period of done. More out of he got more out of Michael Vick won -- one year wanna. -- anybody else in his career. And so you know what -- go to Kansas City. You bring Michael Vick in there. Does Michael Vick would get dumped by Philadelphia you'll take Donovan McNabb Zenyatta is and retirement right now it's going to interview I -- retirement might take them out of retirement. He'll be the backup quarterback you'll do stuff it's very familiar. A question that I've always felt. Like you. -- always. -- -- Andy Reid because of the previous track record pretty damn good coach but -- bill Belichick's suddenly. Went through two years the last two years that Andy Reid went with all of the talent that they haven't Philadelphia while we would be questioning -- -- -- to question the question -- hitting hard at getting at the most -- your talent baby and have the right mix it. I would get any Andy Reid has fourteen seasons in Philadelphia and I see one bad year at the beginning. Because me that that's what it needed to be he was just installing the program receivable no no no super all right so one -- -- -- -- getting a lot of coaches say that. -- to the retirement today. No Super Bowl yeah but if we're talking -- -- if we're there for a of any three of Bel -- on a high pedestal -- -- -- -- -- coaches. You can't go fourteen years and have won -- what appeared to -- -- -- lows. Okay. You know you're not let Beckett beat the the only -- instead of your. And only got a handful of guys in the league right now. Who who can say yeah I've got multiple Super Bowl let's just one question that technically okay so odious and he's not a top five coach and he's talked to coach. Think coach available. For the Kansas City Chiefs. Who have had -- mediocre now -- Todd haley's even attempted coach analyst two years. And last two years now teams have not performed but it's just checking to shop and coach can. Coach and accurate. What are you -- it. I'm basing it on the guy's a considerable. Body of work. I think that that talent wise over the last couple years based on all of the players that they acquire them and I'll wash it and I'll watch out there -- some years. Where they weren't as talented as some other teams in the got the most out of them. Fourteen years ago what six division are not doing that right now. Got a lot of -- follows a fighters in -- -- -- games in he's failing that yesterday's failing miserably. I don't I just might a lot of time. I'm like I'm not sure I think 21 -- Marty shot and I -- -- an amateur ever looked at Marty Schottenheimer is one of the -- coach and he was. He was a top -- in the fact that he was consistent. What he was able to do is get -- team. To a certain point wasn't able to get them over the top in what you get to the championship game to get to a suitable Marty didn't. Got too many championship games in your heart and you aren't able to get the team over the hump this means that your not an elite coach you're not top three. -- many coaches out there today. Didn't even have that kind of success he's -- coach for nine years in Chicago and relies of that long. Nine years in Chicago after the playoffs three times at the -- -- this report lost. It's like any great loss to Ken Whisenhunt four games and 506 years. In Arizona I'm not sure I'm not sure it Lovie Smith is with a company coaches well I wanna hear it up I'm not sure that. Before 3 o'clock on that -- in this new. Also -- -- this would to me has become comical in the National Football League. And it it happens over and over and over again this is Jerry Jones down enough in Dallas. Arab human -- the stuff out of the -- newspapers put this fascinating stuff in the last couple days. Once again a disappointing season again team that is loaded with them I mean loaded with to putt and it's got to be a way to fix. Our -- has got to be a way to fix so. Kerry Joseph still only comes out and he does this passionate interview. In which -- basic questions. In Indy in a Ray Lewis voice we can make changes. We need to change things around and economy changes at the sort -- -- comfortable around -- the next -- contract. Well I'm kind of then he perceives to basically say. That Garrett is his guy. This is gone and -- and they -- all lucky to get extension. It was counter. So what changes are we talking about Jerry Jones remains of the personnel guys. Right Garrett remains is your coach wrote a remains as your quarter what changes easy to inspire some players. May be Rob Ryan I don't know. Rob -- to be central players in trouble. It isn't going to do changes our players started to ensure that players I did you have any confidence in Tony Romo right now being -- -- lead a team. Deep into the playoffs in -- to a soup now he's another one of those guys. Can only pitches so fortunately. Life -- that's why I say eighty breed is the top -- coaches prompting coach you don't have a lot of guys. Who were able to who who can do at all you don't have a lot of coaches who -- Great on offense great on defense great with time management championship level coaches have full of them and that they come on the market. If scooped up pretty quickly like Andy Reid is because he's helicopter coat texture says he automatically. Beyond behind twelve coaches right now since they're in the playoffs no you Marvin -- -- in the playoffs and Marvin Lewis and he better -- and at any -- not knowing not. Yes but of the last couple years in his team as well as KN pro in every. Let's let's go with this ecological the only shot -- got -- talking about his track record over fourteen years you can only judge him over what -- the last few ultimate. Just what -- is any coach in the national if you wanna be that short sighted. I'll say this that. John what are -- short -- to do is John Fox. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's good coach and at an Atlanta mikes and at -- -- he's a good -- the best coach and NFC. I that might be a stretch -- of course go astray or he's a good job of bracelet and greed has failed over the last couple years -- field over the last year -- -- always puzzled -- -- unemployed. Right. So he had the equipment over to quiet -- is somebody so quick which -- -- Andy Reid based on what we've seen over the last couple. -- it can be both it can be Andy Reid you failed the last couple years I've been arguing that of course he did he -- the last couple years. But at the same time. We have seen what you've done as a coach he's still only in his mid fifties I was warned that like 54 years old that's about 7455. -- -- for fourteen years in Philadelphia they had great success in India perennially tough division the NFC east so that's why. Kansas City wanted to -- that's why Arizona wandered around and and maybe San Diego was well. Well he's also one name out there -- a lot of these franchises -- or look at -- -- -- were were brought to the retread of a cycle right now. Where teams are bringing -- extra for buffalo buffalo OPEC recorded because that you cheap to actually caught me. A full fledged Frontline. A coach that's repeal don't know gotta coordinate who they think. Will be able to turn it to the next great coach and how many of the over the last 015 years a lot of a dozen local. Ali I it's like the same guy. Chan Daley is the same guy that they brought him before before that brought a deterrent but keep up -- Zynga expects Iran they're daily caloric Florio market. Coordinator Mike Malarkey and they never go out and get big time quarterback left a little bit and hardly got back if you brought him back to go to the Super Bowl four times right. And it brought back I brought about. I mean they're too cheap and you and I discussed this yesterday it's it's the it's the I'm just wondering why everybody -- just falling over. Any rate I think Indy read. Right now. Is is a question more. Over what he's done with tons of Al -- of -- In a city where they've been able to attract. Free agent -- Free agent players sometimes failing aperture. Is failing set and this is the way we we look at this business and I'm a short a great business war. For young head coaches and veteran coaches alike remain just saw that. That Sean Payton is gonna make what 78 million dollars with a with a New Orleans things so it's a very lucrative business and and Bill Belichick. You can just look at Sean Payton or anybody else who's making as much money as he has a Morton has -- say welcome to -- coached Little League. Look at my credentials. My my my my salary should go up so you're making tons of money but the flip side is. Everybody looks at this -- you look at sixteen games and then you justify you'd you'd decide who would guy is so Andy Reid his career as a matter. Just look at the last two years. Okay not much an expert and I'm not saying one of saying to you is that Indy Reid has shown that in the past. He can coach is no question about it but something has happened over the last couple years. As you said tons of talent and he's failed miserably. In Philadelphia. That I don't think amusing that weren't loose when I know he's -- are submitting your miserable failure it has to ask. I yeah -- the last two years the really right there it is time that people have predicted over the last couple years should be going to a super ball. -- they win what four games. Yet in my -- a while my uncle Peter King my great uncle Peter King pointed this out awhile ago about Mike Tomlin. Mike Tomlin I guess Peter was hearing whispers and maybe some fans were contacting him saying the Steelers and make the playoffs Mike Tomlin should go. He had a chart about my comments first six seasons in Pittsburgh compared to Don Shula in his first six seasons in the numbers were almost I didn't. Yet a guy who was one of Super Bowl Thomas won Super Bowl great regular season record. Has missed the playoffs the last two years and suddenly Letterman -- playoffs last year and it was bounced in the first round. Last year. That gap is on the list everybody becomes a suspect but just one mediocre season. Right now we're talking much -- Modano and -- variances. As coach of the year candidates. What happened can can you say with certainty that -- six and ten next year seven and nine will step back season for Andrew Luck. That they'll be around. It's just it's a crazy business but -- I think you do have to look at. A significant body of work to judge who these coaches are. Of the top coaches are Mike Shanahan wanted to talk coaches this year. But that in the past 23 years people look at Mike Shanahan has one great quote originally now. Now he's back -- of course and Mike Shanahan who turn it around. I look at the focal spot away good news today out of both fox part and that is that Rob Ninkovich is back at practice. Now if you watched the game this past weekend you've watched him being helped off the feeling -- appearances at all. This one bad thing coming out of this game and that is they're gonna lose nick of which may -- her the entire playoffs season. Rob Ninkovich is back on the field practicing today. And they don't play for another what ten or eleven days rates are really as the greats back to the phone calls we go let's go to Joseph -- at Warwick, Rhode Island ago. Gentlemen -- -- economic -- that I got that staunchly disagree with you about in the lead I mean we just talked about body of work let's think about that for a minute. I would amnesty title game Amanda who didn't want him down in the play cops want. Easily traffic on the entire NFC east for over a decade now. He took over -- team which much like the patriot -- -- spent an alternative battery battery brilliant man. -- don't apply automated awarding want it let's take a look at the rehab work without Charlie these weapons. He had TO -- he would and that -- -- actually voted. Guys like Freddie Mitchell and Jeremy Maclin and a bunch of like so called -- -- -- that they were great he. Let down the field. 2225. And 37 which is Harrison I guess I'm for years to learn -- YouTube protects. An individual or was it. Yeah Jerry -- actually looked like a quarterback. He's good Michael Vick for a long and he just looked like a quarterback. Agents doing. -- -- -- actually -- Kevin -- looks so good. That it actually got older rock just promote how to implement. -- that aspect he actually got stuff. I -- I know what -- so the question I have is what what's apple over the last couple years. If and let's face -- Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph is not a lot of things he's done a lot of things go on. In life and personal -- right so the question I have is it might have been better for him. To probably step away from it for a little while he can't get enough of that he can't get enough of it it's unbelievable he's out he's the first guy out there Maher after inspired. Why are you surprised the only other NFL coaches to vote what they do. It can't they can't let go of it. A lot of guys got a lot of guys say. Is that regional a lot of guys say wanna take a break from the game I'm gonna move away from it. Am very few of them are able to blow up Jon Gruden and bill -- have been able to put out. Bill Parcells tried to take himself away kept jumping back into it. Debra gill went away for a long time jump back and left Saint Louis to jump back -- -- generally jump back in again and again having guys aren't these guys are off. They're crazy. As we just spoke about can you even imagine -- That guy like you believe what he's done with mediocre at best quarterback with a guy like -- -- I mean he -- gain Italy Italy take the talent -- there are ready perennial under such. You Donovan McNabb was W record no -- wasn't entered I'm -- a -- McNabb. And return on our jobs jobs jobs I was with people while -- and did well until McNabb. Portland and it anywhere and all ball up any old bowl quarterback. Got an M at the topic of coaches just wanted to put that to -- -- -- I have to -- after the election and because he has won a playoff game without China where it's only -- it would happen that are these that I would like this year. Gotta be kidding for viewers and I can't -- it makes for a -- -- screwed by the way that's true that's an accurate. And that's got them. -- -- not true to. What happened that we don't get the facts straight. And when you are rob joked and. Get the facts straight Mike Shanahan. Has won a playoff game post on now right yep -- and comfortable right on -- -- right but I guess. So -- -- the game up the top man had patriots go to Denver 2005 turn a ball over five times. Not Ellis Hobbs fumbles because the putter. Forced a fumble that's right -- -- forced a fumble. In Denver won that game. And I tell you that guy right there was not an Eagles. As eagle fan would not back. Andy read anything about the organs and find out just -- they they would I -- -- the problem the jets who did you solve that who's gonna coach acting breaking. Breaking news right here they have solved the problem. -- just fired. Their strength and conditioning coach. It held that position the last two years into this that if you're a former patriot bill -- come out they're not the -- -- and -- guerrillas editor of the guys side. You are right that this that's what they're saying ridiculous. Issues particularly of the soft tissue variety. We're an ongoing theme with the jets dating back to last -- mini camps and OTA practices. The issue carried into training camp. It receiving corps in particular. Rex Ryan was desperate to the point where he -- the practice kids laugh for more stretching done so apparently the jets have -- -- problem. It's injuries. Of the -- Issue override the soft they have solved the problem today by -- -- rate than the conditions opposition was in the Bahamas right now.

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