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Previewing the AFC Playoffs and the Wild Card round

Jan 3, 2013|

Mut and Merloni check in with three different analysts that cover the Colts, Texans, and Ravens to preview the games and see how each team will match up against the Patriots.

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Go around the AFC wild card weekend. Is on deck but -- 93 point seven WEEI the hottest team. In the National Football League just what 56 weeks ago with the Houston Texans came into doing when results were not what their open for now. They play while car weakened voice the Texans marked -- to be joining us here. On the eight TT hot -- at market -- told the last time we talked your team's plane wild card weekend widget thought I was crazy or is that a possibility your mind. I would think that they had a big meltdown some sort of implosion down the stretch. And I what does that light because that's basically what happened here since they took on the patriots -- Foxboro there that -- that I game. It happened in themselves they haven't played Texans and football another with a double once I possession team and only -- Had a good seat detonated there were clicking almost on every cylinder and right now they're not and they got to get it back together the bakery. How damaging was that loss -- -- the 800 Johnson comes ounces on the biggest games and a franchise history and the way that game ended obviously was the worst case scenario for the Texans but was there anything afterwards that you saw in this team that just was damaged because Beckett. You know I just say that certain things were exposed you know at a that came in its anatomy of a blowout you know of something. -- brought up that something goes wrong about defense a little bit -- -- that they're you know they got together defensively for awhile back and look what four straight -- And at the offense done anything during that time that -- we'll put a couple of touchdowns on the board. All the sudden the ball game but clearly they -- way too many mistakes and -- stay in the state of hard hit -- you know they beat the colts on the short week after that patriot games. To clinch the division and then at. Chances to clinch home field throughout and couldn't do it and they lost to Minnesota -- up its way. And that -- gave against the colts that was certainly competitive. But at the end colts just took over and the the molecule is missing guys it's really tough to figure out -- I'm worried about this special teams coming in here. They're very hot right now and people talk about last year -- this is a different situation altogether. Our follow up -- vikings game because we spent some time on how surprising that was was that more disappointed potentially more than what they did. On the road against the patriots the fall that flat at home against Minnesota. Yeah I connected with the patriot -- -- -- reasonable explanation that the patriots are -- the quote it's December the exits are hot December and all of that. You know and they got short week and how that plays -- -- I think I played it to with the patriots taking -- 49ers on a short week. In the next game for them. And then attacked since against the vikings you know they beat the colts and then you pick -- Minnesota -- four. -- we thought that these last three games might be quote you want because it's nothing much would expect that the vikings or the colts this year but Adrian Peterson grew so much attention and -- was doubled to 86 yards or four yards but you know what. It was a situation where. The Christian Ponder made big third down play and the vikings defense -- in matchups kitchen and that's been a big problem. Containing the pass -- that pressure upon that they have not been able to do with that he'd get the colts with who's starting defensive linemen out and their 34. This is the big problem facing the vandals who have what 51 sacks second in the NFL that he thought. We made double hosting a turnaround I think when you look at this team that was number two in scoring you know a few weeks back I chairmanship they're still there are not at the end of the year but. I look at the carries in the involvement of caring Foster and it's no surprise that that Indy win. Coming after knowing the game to carry the ball set point seven times on the net carries a down is that how they get back. Yet they need to carry -- thirty times or more that's Kubiak formula if they get thirty or more carries as a team. They win -- only lost about five times in franchise history under Kubiak. When they get to that mark but you know if you're set that that it can't and the follow up thirty you have to convert third -- to keep it. Output it's an all eight this problem here. -- average drive started port the story of the trapped inside their twenty there'll Alley too many of all throughout the start outside the opponent -- And so when you don't play a lot special teams it puts stress on your defense to put stress on your offense. You know you're putting -- given the all the good field position they're doing multistate -- every phase of the game right now I don't think the defense is playing pretty well -- the -- -- special teams are playing better at those defensive numbers would look better. But offensive line wise they're not opening holes prairie Foster -- an account for a network earlier in the season. They get Cincinnati and market you said he frisky succeed right now he's the voice the Texas marked -- -- mark appreciate the double talk you soon. -- -- marked -- -- joining us let's continue our conference call around the AFC playoff picture Bob Kravitz Indianapolis Star. Going back to Sunday and the emotion Nat Cole team showed in that win Bob over the big Texans to get themselves. Out where they are today can that carry over cannot emotion go one more time on the road at Baltimore this weekend. -- lineup means that emotion as sanitary as he all season long been a time that. Chuck McDonald was diagnosed back on September 26. I don't say smoke and mirrors that that you know I didn't think emotion. Playing her larger cause than themselves that they. All of these things been a part of a season that has been successful beyond all. All corporate pension side I see no reason why can't continue on Sunday at all. -- spent an Obama has been one of the great stories in the NFL at Indianapolis Colts having they've accomplished but. When I look at this week and I think there in trouble only because a look at the youth and made some to do with a four point wrote 71 at home. If there's so they -- -- so many young players that I think obviously the health of the ravens who play into this but I think this can be a couple of former house that you play in their first appearance. Well dominated -- based at the all -- medical record with most yards from scrimmage. From rookies. You know and think about Peyton Manning didn't win its first road it would his first playoff game. Until succeed and so I mean they got a lot going again and rookie quarterback or 7-Eleven and eleven. In the playoffs so you know I -- and you look at Andrew lucky he's. These -- the percent completion percentage or lower. The last four games are most of his interceptions have come on the road they haven't beaten. A team with a winning record on the road all season -- -- like Tennessee and Jacksonville. So you know I think there are a little bit of trouble -- bookkeeper close. But -- -- -- -- say that most because Baltimore opera Spoelstra is still struggling but a I think it's good to very -- opera -- -- -- get re. And you've entered the same kind of problem you -- genetic problems here's. In terms of attacking lucky watched everyone of his games this year is there a formula here Bob is it to drop back a lot of guys in coverage is it too. Let's hand it is there one. Situation gives him more trouble. Well I think I think when you get a good pass rush up the middle and take away his ability to step up. Are you very very eager to move around the pocket he's he's very much like Ben Roethlisberger. And you -- extending plays. But I think you can get a perhaps Russia the middle he -- the pro Ohio high and while. And that's where the interception -- -- especially on the road so I think controlled rush where you take away his ability to step up is really the key. It was terrible coach of the year. A lot of people mentioned. Bruce aryan slashed -- the gun on obscures the future of Bruce area in there in that organization as you stick with -- -- to -- takes an opportunity with all these openings. All I think I think if -- get an opportunity and let's say either Cleveland San Diego I think he takes it. You know the guys sixty years old this is that you never gonna be hotter never gonna -- is stopped and never going to be higher. I think it's been a lifelong dream -- his. I know that after the two Super Bowl victories. This is a part of and in Pittsburg he was very disappointed that he didn't get any phone calls her interviews so I think they'll strike while the iron -- somebody. With a good young quarterbacks -- interest. I think Bruce's will be crucial because it goes -- We'll get -- this Bob how big of a story line is the leading up to this game of the that the coach -- chuck -- -- always opens. These story in the NFL maybe has all close links to Baltimore Ray Lewis won more Rhonda is that being played up in prepped for this game this weekend. Oh absolutely I mean you know chuck let me -- weren't as you know I have a definite built in advantage going into Baltimore currently -- I can tell guys stopped about these players that they wouldn't necessarily see on tape by you know I don't think you can diminish. You know now now Baltimore got their own emotional. Thing go on win with Ray Lewis now. Questioner we know we're a little look at those ran -- of -- -- Can Ray Lewis -- play and you know ray -- haven't played a long time they've got sucked comeback from injuries. So largely. You know all those things are great you know what when he starts he knows that the bottom line is whether Ray Lewis spoke out anything they're -- -- thank. Did you have a rookie of the year vote Bob. I do not I do not but I would I would both walk. It is you know but I really it would be very close I could I could make it pretty persuasive argument birdied the three guys in RG three or Russell Wilson. But after watching what Andrew Luck has done what I think the last were no real running game a very average defense. I would vote friend -- look at rookie of the year. He's Bob Kravitz Indianapolis Star was -- and that's -- -- Super -- Bob enjoy the weekend while car weekend. Okay thank you got a great stuff is always Bob Kravitz Indy starlets round out our AFC playoff conference call Condrey -- smile. WB eight L they're a Baltimore a former wide receiver joining us here as well is it is simple. As we're gonna get Ray Lewis back Ed Reed is back in his Baltimore team the emotion he carried them here this weekend. I don't think it's about the emotion I do think it's about you know have a certain level talent out there on the football field. You know you know that this game is date. A physically demanding game but also mentally challenging one and -- from mental challenge. If there was ever -- guy who knows the game understand it and can help another. Player make an adjustment at a moment's notice to help them get better outdoor football or football field in regards -- spotlight yet absolutely. It's about Ray -- it about Ed -- it's about the communication level that goes on between the series. That can help. The younger players out two to realize look here's that we need to do as a a possibility better. Carter ethic you know even given I'll -- the -- are tough and and I should say for the Baltimore Ravens I still think become or you come away with a W this week but it's all -- trees how healthy is this team. I think it's samba team that has. Rested well and because of that -- I think that they should be ready to go. -- -- a guy like Marcia -- and sit out last week game against the Cincinnati Bengals in the final week so he's. Are permitted to go in you know at the end of the year there's really no 100%. It's all about you know how fresh -- -- to be how. Pressure mining can be are you worried about a nagging injury and I think. You know let it be and what the B -- but the -- not a. You know all hands on deck and I think that's the important thing. And now it's about you know this this. Potential for a -- and that's what it comes out continue to play well enough week to week to advance to the next stage and hopefully at the end of that you look back you're down dormant sense. You're talking about make it plans for a ticker tape parade. He not loving look at that last game they lost again I'd sit there resting guys win loss that really matter. I'm wondering how important at giants game was for them down the stretch with the way they were playing OK and they just flip the switch with the way they've struggled. Well I think part of the giant game. You look back at say the Broncos game. It was Cam Cameron being. Let go is the offensive coordinator. And so he had a transition a very short week the transition think. Offensively you know guys are really in the fullness of what Jim Caldwell wanted to do. And the guy is meaning Joseph Flacco and the rest of the offense. I think now what you're seeing any system that is in place. And I think god so more more comfortable. With how things need to be done correctly and therefore. You might look at that that giants game as the game where yeah it. Is truly turned around and this is what you're going to be seeing -- report camera take. Directly from the Cincinnati gained just simply put it was you know one of those scenarios where Marvin Lewis was -- his guys and I'd -- are the rest of his guys and you know it was another case in which you can you know extrapolate too much out of that. In terms of that though the the offense and that the firing -- Cameron and here comes -- Caldwell. Is -- enough light to the players behind the scenes here believe OK now we have the right guy called the plays a few more comfortable. With this offense heading into the playoffs this weekend. I think it is a way to think that the other in a giant game. We Formula One for twelve on third down and you know this this was a case in which. You knew all year long been the best way for them to progress and and be successful at it. He'll keep the drive alive incidental to a giant game -- guys -- that was really desperate we've seen what they've done. Latent heat when they were desperate times call for desperate measures they went on their run last year. And they were coming into. -- -- T bank stadium with that hope of okay we need to get things going because we -- our playoff. Lies are handled by a thread we need to win our last two games. And with all of that he saw a team you know really I think there were eleven for eighteen on third down conversions. They get their first drive of the game which -- really thought that the temple. For their play they were perfect four for itself. You know it is about being comfortable with the play calling but is also about executing and I think. You know when you have a -- stability would play calling your ad and a confidence as far as how you need to execute. As an individual either as a unit and as a as a big group. I think that's with a successful command. Dogs -- Ray Lewis retiring as a big story this week in. Derek get action pro football talk just actually have a story that. Ray Lewis has agreed to the as yet this animal your deal in the into the season real Monday night countdown. I'm just curious what. Have a player we gonna see from Ray Lewis this week is going to be purely emotion is he ready to go on how that affect this weekend. We value play or seventeen years. You play at a high level and you've seen a lot to our offense keeps you -- as far as. -- different things you need to do defensively I don't think it's about ocean I'd I'd think. There's certainly a level most of your army this is an emotional game kind of gonna happen. A screw loose it -- go out and play. You know the way you need to play as far as the violence of the game by. Went I think he knows that. He is about riding the emotion it's about the intensity of -- game it's about the situation accurate and and what do you need you -- What's the rollodexes that the company's mines say okay pick out this plate but this situation because this is what's gonna happen based upon my years of experience. Band doing that at. A short moment's notice and that's something that you know for Ray Lewis he. Will be totally I don't I don't see that it is an area where -- comes out of the tunnel gets everybody high in the office senators like. Now my job is done. At a I got Prius by -- joining us here to break down the ravens cut you appreciate it enjoy the game on Sunday Charlotte. We got around the AFC playoffs wanna thank mark -- -- voice of the Houston Texans Bob Kravitz. -- -- start just heard that a country a smile. -- WBA -- Baltimore openness talked Texans colts and ravens the three teams. The patriots could face in the playoffs a week from Sunday which leads us to our pop originals poll question. What do you think the patriots will play in the divisional round of the playoffs. You can text ravens. For ravens Texans port Texans or colts for COLT made it very easy for its nice job their just text in the name the team. It it'll play the patriots in week from Sunday you do that 237937. It also -- should vote online at W week yet dot com slash mark Maloney. -- Maloney Paul present -- by pop that she knows -- you know just introduced their nine new wing flavors plane buffalo sweet red chili and more. Present your rewards card earn points towards free food you'd call or order on line a pop -- -- dot com it's pop -- time. What is the patriots will play in the divisional round of the playoffs text the team name ravens. Texans or colts Q3 7937. Right now that it's 37. 937. I will come back also awful -- speak on the ravens and and Ray Lewis. He announced that retirement -- the show yesterday and get a chance to talk about its place in history I got a pretty high praise for him and what he meant to the NFL during my time as a fan. Talks Ray Lewis next.

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