WEEI>On Demand>>John Ryder and Lenny Megliola are filling in for Mikey after the dismal Celtics loss to the Clippers

John Ryder and Lenny Megliola are filling in for Mikey after the dismal Celtics loss to the Clippers

Dec 28, 2012|

Ryder and Lenny get to the root of the Celtics problems and try to find possible solutions to the issues dragging the Celtics down. The guys explore possible trades for big men including Sacramento’s Demarcus Cousins and Cleveland’s Anderson Varejao.

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-- he will be back god willing on. Wednesday January 2 before the Celtics take on Memphis who knows with the Celtics will look like dead or Mikey or Mike. Good point -- meg well as. I'm John Ryder -- sit over there you can check mom Angeles daily news doing a baseball journal and also the Boston Globe as well. Mikey no longer in South Dakota. Is now in Billings Montana but he's expected to return coming up on -- coming up on Wednesday house colony I think doses. Direct flight from Uganda to Billings Montana. Well if there's a will there's away and Mikey figures it out -- -- -- and Cameroon nine ugandans are god eating good on that. Foreign it's out in Africa and so that's wears well I don't know that post guy came from man. -- -- -- everything as an imposter is who laws as only as well it was -- wanted to write giant the former wrestler now I'm on my key and there really is that's -- no doubt about that -- what's the serious business life. Well like we're gonna talk as well yeah which is. Not always serious business -- We certainly the playoff the picture in the AFC and even in the NFC and it seized more fascinated agencies that -- cut straight audience -- but from a national perspective it is absolutely all the -- I can't it's. Well actually. The skins and cowboys and I came right yes Sunday night yup but I I can't wait for all the cities resolved now I'm -- They get in reconfigured 2001 ways and hoops spinning my head waiting game let's see what happens well that's just dead but it. -- -- Easier said than done were doing sports talk radio -- that's and we noted that -- about. Well these all these different variables in what should happen what you wanna see happen my guess the bottom line is is you know are the patriots the team to beat an AFC even if they don't. And to get one of those buys it and you know that's I guess the question and I say they are. You know unless something really really crazy happens against the dolphins. And and that's including you know serious injury. True wherever plays enough that together in our front line players. I'll but all things for any role -- if they if they lose 28 at 27 to the dolphins. There's still a team to -- Yeah. Textures -- Wednesday is a third -- do -- when you're -- do wish because the Wednesday's the second I was right for once here's up cliff. Clifton New Hampshire good do we start here. Cliff is that correct those type on the screen. Not sure he called Chris let's go. Oh it's clear if it does appear with some liquid. Well anyway -- -- SA LA FN I was glad it was a typo right yeah god knows I'm curious. Although I was not to grant and I heard that the -- -- -- at the market cousins and I am. I personally I think that would be a creature and I know I know a lot of problems over in Sacramento well take. Yeah yeah you can actually see and hear from -- -- -- not to trample all the crap people -- Now who knows maybe well maybe he's just nut job that no matter -- goes you'll grow up but. They do have the structure there with the Celtics and Kevin Garnett netted Doc Rivers but what if those guys -- -- -- it though. And watch in the TNT broadcast and we have to broadcast course -- WEEI and I heard. I don't know I think it might have been Chris Webber or Reggie Miller one of those two were saying. That the or the Celtics need to mark his cousins one thing they do would need I -- whether it ends up being cousins -- Gortat whether it's Anderson marriage -- I'd like more than any of the others. Or any lesser player a Marreese Speights someone of that ilk. They do I think -- defense of presents an interior defense of presence to help out with Kevin Garnett knows who would -- leaves the floor. Yeah I mean you'd think emphasis at what I think about it -- -- Or any of those players are taken that out and we -- gonna have to be included in that deal. That's OK that's fine but it -- the question is is Sacramento every two. Every team in the NBA knows that Sacramento once deal cousins cousins wants out of Sacramento ideas into agent but. And he could probably. Get him at a better price because every team knows that you know look. Take it or leave it Mary -- deal with the problems -- In Sacramento very talented guy. Both as the for a little bit legit big bud. You know -- they start asking for Avery Bradley did they have solid -- probably ask for sellinger as part of the deal and maybe. MI PMI PS sellinger fab Melo combination of pick or something like that but and our office that's -- after the Celtics could be -- our. Yeah and and also -- a player. It could be a cut you know mellow. Very contracts have to match up within a percentage so the ambassador league could be part of that deal but I do think that. Danny -- sees the problems with -- steam I again even with the -- the blowout loss to the clippers last night. That they're gonna wait and see here Avery Bradley comes -- January 2 now like that's the ultimate but it will definitely help out and -- help out some of these guards getting into the delayed and it's repeated area and in addition out of all the different problems at the top of the key. With the on the ball defense he can provide but I think they wait here. Sierra things are going in late January at some point there and if there around 500 or under 500 these problems are still there and yet they -- make a move. And I guess and probably have to what do you think cloudy if you had a bad one way or the other. That they make a move and you know -- both big -- original fans humanize John -- but if there was one of those two and you know you'd rather bearish enough around adapt rugby. A bit -- better mix but. Lot of eyes more certainty there because you're not gonna write you got to deal with a veteran player yeah but that -- what am -- getting out because I don't think. It we've mentioned playing with pissing guy and had a center right and a great point god in and rational. That Saddam he's. I think he would settle in in Boston -- because that those guys this probably -- on that he really respects or when he screws up -- is there anyone I mean I don't know enough about did you write this any kings player -- take him -- -- -- you know what you're being -- been immature you are -- are. Right guys out Tyreke Evans who wants out of Sacramento so be it could be a package deal because it could be. Even a bigger deal Evans and cousins that probably ends -- be in the trade -- makes I don't know if it's here to the Celtics but. They're looking to deal Tyreke Evans. Danny is always been it to big Tyreke Evans and I really had trouble matchup contracts have. We'll hear that you -- Annika and Carrie Evans an appeal -- I think you gotta look at. The possibility that they are gonna -- you get rid of -- I mean I I can't -- and that's about it and I think that would be a good deal. Now Evans is below -- rookie of the year it's actually called cliff. Interest staying and this is going to be talked about for awhile I would rather go with a surge needs is more upside I take. Would do more it is -- more upside with the markets cousins and then marriage out but. Only because I mean most of say his upside is downside because the way behaves. But again I think I've been on the flow is sending guy that in practice in Waltham I mean I I think they could straighten this guy out and as you know. Danny has no fear about when he makes a trade him. -- is not fearful of that of of character -- Here's or bad character here's timid Roxbury attempt. As a goal attempt. -- Went I hear their bowl put him on hold yours up Peter -- -- Peter. -- there. Now you're on. And like you -- taking over what went on either I hate dead end right I agree it's tiger so I only want what's up Peter. Thought about it. -- -- -- -- -- I did before by Tim wasn't there already young hip -- so speak. Here it's time you have a -- the floor is yours -- All right happy holiday guide you to do better and that just great. Show thank you and I look ridiculous what I -- -- when he -- what's on your mind Peter. One honestly he got the Red Sox. Won't know the recent signing that Stephen Drew office. I I just feel like this is another. You know replace that guy is coming and. Well as the one in jail so read it I look at it that way I do kinda Scott said Scott Boris who's a master. Is -- the master of -- and -- only -- he. I I read his comments about Stephen Drew while this is this Adrian Beltre all over again one year DL this guy's gonna flourish in Boston you're meant. He and then Beltre they've you know. In my mind that they had never should've released. Well that's true split drill it's not a bad place. And you don't have to pay back -- -- I respect and yet. Com you know I mean is what any self they spent pretty a lot of money but all these contracts have been absurd incredible credible is -- season but. One year deal thankfully another two year deal what does it say about a -- uses says they -- fixes it is ready or at least that's our question. It. I loved the the fact to Peter and Lenny that and Stephen Drew Stein giant saying I am not J. D. Drew in terms of emotion. I was that they -- the air. You couldn't be contaminated blood sugar laden -- Yeah I could care less about his emotion whether he says whip in his helmet in the dugout or raise -- could be when you know had no home run as long as he produces he says he doesn't get mad -- and throws comic has since he's got two young kids -- go Bruins had a bad example. The girls I did euros. They should've been all the boys instead of ball players all three Brothers and -- keep getting picked in the first round I now. Has all touted Georgia and don't you think I mentioned the other night -- When they they give each other for gifts and we'll all the money that family has now we know there's not you know and abide Bailey's and things like that extra -- What is that -- Brothers give. Event each other forget right origins their family members I could probably get together by an island I would think why would that -- your mind I don't know because my mind is. You know -- -- strange somehow save some of the good stuff that tonight and television John I don't think W -- about J. D. Drew is -- Chris you have an Alice in Damascus now. All right sorry Peter we've been we've been did -- here what you what else you want what else. From the other one has gonna make it took a question I had few guys who brought. The outfield. And they -- we now have a plethora. The outfielders and is that kind of a trade somebody out there are. Well I don't really have a plethora of outfielders. What the they could had to do that thanks for the call Peter. They. Right now the outfielders this chain victory on right field Ellsbury in center field and Johnny Gomes -- Ryan Kalish in left field as a platoon that sits right now than -- and -- now and you know Bryce brands is a guy in the minors I guess. I would say Gomes and -- each committee. One that is the one area that. In a week via a week -- week -- AV calculation yeah. Maybe healthy pilot turns around gets it shows those glimpses when he first -- brought up by the Red Sox. Out you know platoon might be the best thing for him to you know just to get his confidence back in not knowing have to do it every night and maybe -- -- the job put. And you know we haven't mentioned Ellsbury in in the words trade in the same sense for awhile and do you think the -- in this goes on that he still at the Red Sox are less likely the deal yet. Well I think that if they trade him at all I don't think it ends up happening here the offseason before they. A start up to seize on an April I think if there's a trade incident in at the trading deadline of July depending what red sex or do what John Sotheby's spring training I think so yeah. I -- guess -- -- they're just not getting what they want recurrent tigers to him and it. It's similar situation you know not that dot. Ellsbury is a bad guy or bad clubhouse guy or bad teammate like DeMarcus Cousins but we know what teams know that he'd be wanna deal this guy they're -- off realize they don't always have -- here's Tim and Iraq's separates him. Better particularly English and -- an -- So I told you last night retreat equality some game aren't audited now we talk little Republican guard ships out to be strong consistently. India are starting Bryant had we have replicate. World. I didn't have. That's not what are you did not live very honest do you -- No I didn't. Our window where he can Celtics roughly 2000 chartered got a -- thought rivers are -- Each each other random guys along with the -- equipment here in east tensions are good matchup right different topics are literature and a -- -- books. They -- -- -- -- chat prior to deliberate attempt gross -- -- come back to articulate what its exports. They don't trust and who was to put Olympics. In -- have a credit integrated defense. But I mean I think sometimes when they can critical that this could not play a -- repeated so those who can. -- clippers have become a better defense and not make it yet know they had some open jump shots they did you know you don't -- 1415 games in a row without being somewhat of the defense team I don't know I know team plays great DA every night that he just can't do it but even make -- part. It's only you last -- -- -- -- really delicate exploration and I I didn't think not or should reduce illegal okay now important to have according to -- I said that maybe well. Haven't you wanna play that style you would like to play that style but it just doesn't happen when you turn the ball over there the clippers get all those points and in transition off of those turnovers. Rights -- I was so frustrated this game last night on the other. -- -- -- I was upset about last night to -- this is a game all right. One or the other guys don't have it and Garnett can't play we -- you know you have played 26 minutes and he was -- but. He's got to take over a situation like that if he's gonna be the leader. I am like -- whatever and I'll still haven't you mean take over on the corner of verbal Leo just an altogether. You know that it he's got two leaders. I've directed people around. I'd rather report that allowed the game my doctor that factional. Well you wouldn't give anyone high then receive from last night anyway our own campaign including their coach so I mean it was that and and most room OC was one of the biggest blowouts. Since you know what I would. The championship season when this group got assembled -- -- Ray Allen thanks for the call him. Appreciate it now fault lines open appears 617779798378. Texas -- 37937. A couple of techsters set. Now what about now but as well yet Daniel Nava is in the mix and he could potentially use that extra outfielder means either now -- Calif platoon with -- that's what it is yeah I'd we'll get back at some of these text your calls as well everyone to get into his John Ryder but it may go on the planet Mikey.

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