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Jesse Agler, The Finsiders, helps the Fred and Steve put down their pom-poms, even if it's for a moment

Dec 27, 2012|

Jesse Agler, The Finsiders, helps the Fred and Steve put down their pom-poms, even if it's for a moment

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We are back Fred's world was Steve DeOssie filling him for the vacationing -- well deserved little Colonia. Like -- Will be here to -- to for the same -- desperate place absolution by amnesty -- you know make sure there's even more food -- and republic -- earlier we'll have seemed more more as an excuse for -- absolutely right now we talked all about the playoff scenarios for the -- but everything is hinged on the patriots winning. They gotta get down to Miami and Miami's not a bad team at all we've got my resume and sergeant and I go to -- when they -- -- played Miami. And they've got a bit of -- we can play Miami is not a bad team their their. There you certainly can't put him in the in the category of Jacksonville on some of these other candle sitting in buffalo. They are competitive team I think they had higher hopes for themselves then then what happened going this year but they a lot of things young quarterback. Noticeable that was his choice actually restart I was who's gonna play last year. Maps more them all into a bad job -- it can't bomb stood as a receiver appears right they can help. Ten -- -- GM from the jets and he's gone into it but. He's. Gotten better he's had five touchdowns have done a one receptions last four games from the Texas so no this is any runs very well. Well let's get the inside scoop or what's going on -- Miami would dolphins joining us right now is Jesse Hagler from insiders -- dot com and Doug does a lot of radio work. On dolphins dot com recovers -- the Miami Dolphins extensively he's got all the inside scoop forced -- for its morals over there Steve DeOssie here thanks for joining us. Doing well let's go to OK it's beautiful that would to a that you have saudis. Feel like -- 37 degrees it's all good my friend told good. -- we've -- we saw the dolphins I think a lot of people had higher expectations anyway of the dolphins this year how their season about how they -- going to Sunday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A team is going to be that they're all talking about a debate you know an aggregate that the goal at this point and that seems to be the -- That's dangling in front of everybody's faces as they get ready for this game they they think there's a big difference between. Seven and nine and -- -- Reggie Bush talked about that pretty extensively yesterday. When you talk to the media you know that that definitely seems to be the thing that they're trying to use to motivate themselves and obviously New England got plenty of motivation there. As far as expectations go for the big part of the season I think once Ryan -- was named the starting quarterback early on. In the -- he's been -- -- the expectations shifted to you know -- being a learning year for him. And just trying to develop him and I think as you mentioned with the stats and the no touch of the touchdowns and no interceptions. The last few weeks people feel pretty good about Ryan can help inaudible from -- win -- perspective what the expectations work. You know for you guys in the Miami Dolphins but I think you know it may even seven and nine isn't the end of the world and it was really all about. Having Ryan can help develop into quality NFL starter and I think we're started to see that. Well it's different than Alaska appears you're going to have heading down there what's your future you know is going to be. You have -- up and down. This guy we're back up and Rebecca you're seeing some more development with their young quarterback you see the team play pretty solidly they've lost a couple of close games. This is a pretty good Miami Q I think expectations. What -- an old was named quarterback correctly. Was was it was a mixed bag -- what what do you expect from a quarterback that didn't have a much experience. Yeah I think that's exactly right they'll look a lot of fans -- trying to compare -- Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin the third and I don't think that's necessarily. The fair or right thing to do or even Russell -- and at this point we beat head to head by the way. But I think you know. Per per -- can have the right perspective -- not everybody thinks this way obviously but to me this year had to be about developing -- And and feeling comfortable going in the year to the located to the guy. And like you no I mean it's been thirteen years -- Dan Marino was here and cast a quarterback has changed so many times. In those thirteen fourteen years now that you know I think for the first time people say okay this could be the guy. Did it's gonna make it not have to go searching for a quarterback every offseason -- they've done so many times. In that period of time so I think that's the main thing that's the good thing. Now does he take a step back next year who knows Cam Newton took a step back you know this year I don't know that probably in the -- could be as successful 2013 that he was. In 2012 there are a lot of variables are a lot of things to change what kind of success the young quarterback can have the still probably gonna have to be -- that that need to be shown moving forward. -- that's the question for management for coaches have to they have the patience to let him develop. At this team looks like they've got enough at least to pull this off but what to the dolphins have to do come up here and beat the patriots. Probably got to do a couple of things obviously personal accounting mistakes. And I always remember the game on December 3 -- may -- really bad mistakes in that game up you know right off the bat it was the punter couldn't handle it happen it's that the patriots out. I think that that we were using after that game with -- ten of the patriot point came off twelve total yards and in with a team like New England you can't be giving them. Ten points with just twelve yards earned. You know and and and so that's the number one thing I think this week for the dolphins as they have to play a near perfect game into -- close to that. Earlier this month third down here -- probably got to be able to run the ball you know control the clock a little bit obviously that's easier said and done -- keep Brady off the field it's good for everybody. And continue to it to get to the quarterback and rough him up as much as they can't they're pretty good job against -- was one of the worst it has two games of the year. Back in December so you know same thing everybody has negative feeling good control the ball hit the quarterback but again obviously way easier said than done. What do you figure the coaches. Jobs to fund had coached. I'm real happy with the bad and the players are too which is far more important now I feel about it they respect him. They'd like can they play hard for him you know he he's not one of these. Rock rock type of guy you know kind of an opposite sort of personality than Tony Soprano would be -- the got the last couple of years. He comes up very much like a teacher college professor. You know one of those guys -- unlike you know word intellectual but he comes off that way you know he's obviously really Smart guys very controlled not super emotional. You know very even keel which I think the players appreciate. And I know the coaches are judged on wins and losses but. It's kind of an interesting situation with a rookie quarterback in sort of a roster this being rebuilt from the inside out you know 798 made the uncertainly and you know happy that we with the job that took over and done no question. No we give them the year would you watch in the it's that a filibuster -- knocks it in as -- -- these kind of groove before your very eyes of coach could -- even killed. Made tough decisions got rid of the -- a knuckle heads in -- -- -- -- And and your shot he was a likable guy but wasn't a bushel and that had a -- if they can read your your Esperanto blockade Alley and Rollins. In this -- byte or joke after Robert you talked softly and act on what to say to hold from -- him. Yeah I think that's exactly right he's been really consistent with the two and and you know with some of the players that were sent out here and you go back before the -- and Brandon Marshall trade that was made. And Vontae Davis with a -- it didn't seem to be meshing well in that locker room and with this coaching staff. And obviously Chad Johnson the most obvious and visible example during hard -- after he got arrested. I think there's an expectation from the players that they can know what this coaching staff expects from them not just on the field. Not just on the practice field you know put on a day in day out kind of weigh in and he said you know you show that kind of consistency meant people respect that they appreciate that. -- you do a great job with the dolphins and obviously you you pay attention -- the entire NFL AFC a particular from what you've seen. A throughout the year how do you see this playoff picture panning out. There will be really interesting I mean you know it's amazing and that is the thing that happened in the last couple weeks. The Denver Broncos I heard a lot more about -- this time last year and I do right now. And a better team right now and not a people guy by any stretch of the imagination I just don't understand how a team could be twelve and three and playing as well they are and I'm not hearing anything about them. And and I've never believed in West Coast -- -- he goes by spoke. Before but why might not hearing about the Denver Broncos this year people think this might be the best team Peyton Manning has ever been on. So you give -- Peyton Manning you -- -- that defense I think tempers are really really good team just haven't had the opportunity to see them as much. As -- would a light. You know Houston's one of the teams they finally predict -- a postseason game last year they've had a couple weird ones obviously the game against the patriots wasn't exactly what a lot of people were expecting. And can never count them and of that in the postseason itself like that he'd come down to Manning and Brady when all said and done and I think you know that. That's sort of been the thing we've seen so many times in the last decade or so and I'd like to do it again to be honest. You're familiar with the networks both platform that that would be the three marquee match up four of them you know you see you talk about Denver. The one thing one slight knock you can have about Denver is that. They're scheduled the last ten weeks has not been terribly taxing. With you know having to place San Diego and Kansas City and Oakland in some of these other teams they. The really -- you were tested by. The ravens and they did a great job against the ravens. You know they they did a really good job to get through -- I just think that defense is really really. And under discussed because obviously won't -- and able to do on the other side but you're in -- New England seems every time you know they they've had a big challenges appealing most of them been home. -- -- there was Indianapolis coming everybody document into look at accusing -- It take you to conditional on what they aren't and they don't like to get bullied around -- some of the other teams I'm not into Baltimore this year. You know and I'm a big fan of a lot of the guys on that team. You know the University of Miami guys in particular but I I just I don't feel the ravens this is the way maybe I would -- in the last couple years Houston is. He's been nouveau -- of the AST's so I don't know they they may talk a little bit to prove to me did I get that comes down to Denver. And new England and both teams have been tested and will be interesting to direct payment of being played which obviously the big part of like Sundays so important. And do you you're absolutely right did some people aside it was that Denver defense. They carried them into the playoffs last year. Yeah exactly and and all the guys are backed bond -- freaked. You know I think he's just such an excellent player he's on the lot and you know Texas -- -- got Mike Sherman on the opposite corner of the dolphins brought and to play College Station so yeah they've got a really really good defense and got Peyton Manning can never -- tech guy out. Month ago we talked about them. If pink Manning's great comeback combination of what they have done -- what she's done to himself should be a never ending story should have been the story. Absolutely and that's what I don't understand I mean the national media. Last year all we heard about with a Denver Broncos and they weren't that good -- -- in the playoff. But if you get so what happened up in Basra I mean it's just today they weren't that good of a team they got a bunch of lucky bounces Maxiell started out of your member against the dolphins down here yes I was having an absolutely miserable day. Scored the -- garbage touchdown a -- to walk to the sideline with his head down and -- that even though they just scored a touchdown. And they get a cookie on -- kick comeback win that kicked off Tebow mania last year the reward negativity but I had to hear about it every. Say issued twelve and three there are far superior team and nobody talking about. Scott talked about a it and whether and when you talk about the AFC picture did -- Were you surprised with any of these teams would mean Indianapolis I was a surprise with wouldn't surprise than the other teams. Indianapolis is definitely pretty good surprise. You know as far as positive surprises go I don't know I mean I'm surprised Pittsburgh isn't as good as they are. I think I'm surprised -- 88 and I'm not surprised by India to not add up not undated just when you think that if they generally put it like that. Knew what about the surprise that the Baltimore Pittsburgh would be better outside of that everybody's pretty much I think what we all thought they were going into the -- The jets had a lot of hype but I never thought of them as any kind of real contender and that's certainly shown to be the case. Well we know now when we. Re going a lot of people -- and you know felt with salary cap on parity is coaching quarterback. If you'll have a coach but can devise game plans and breakdown analyze things properly bring in the right place to play in your system you don't have a quarterback that can read and they react to certain defenses as the players there's a lot of plays at the closure could put a great coach on. And crappy team with a decent quote good quarterback and his structure and you're gonna wins. I -- that overly simplistic about it but I think at all quarterback. You know not not to this -- to the nations say that but I think it it takes huge part of quarterback and I think if you don't have a guy you consider to be a franchise quarterback. Then you got to go find what and I got -- everybody learning right now are on the National Football League just with the way the rules have gone the waiting game has changed and I think it's been a leak I hate that word hate that argument. But the guy did that make your team feel like we don't have to go looking for another quarterback that that at the very minimum what you need. To be a legitimate playoff contender on a year in year year out basis and looked. You've got that -- Pittsburgh they're not going to be in the playoffs. You know you got that kind of want to places and they're not going to be in the playoffs so that that's the first step that's what you gotta do and I think that's -- so important for the dolphins -- They got this guy that I think you know should be the answer at quarterback now how good he gets how -- he takes and that's that's still to be seen. But at least we're not going into the next off season they had. Bolton got a fine until the quarterback again which is what they've been doing forever -- Well I think giving films on a good job because they basically replaced. A year or even two years ago would just for the next up and coming team in the AFC east it seems like when you look at it. Objectively looks like the dolphins are are the next -- -- -- step -- Jones patriots. Yeah I mean everybody I talk to -- -- -- especially that -- that I do a show which you guys ready until ball Florida was just tomorrow turn the AFC. Everybody thinks the dolphins are going to be you know that that he said the next team to try. And go after New England but look they they got holes to -- obviously the -- got to develop a quarterback and you wait and see what -- but. No doubt the I mean if you look at the three teams outside the patriots knew they was pointing upward. I think the only one answer. Just -- -- does a great job for fed insiders dolphins dot com does agree radio -- down -- listen if you're. Wanna go online if you're down in my marriage -- who really personally appreciate the insight thanks for joining us and -- just take we'll talk to get next year. On a regular friend. You know what it's it's you get the insights and guidance on their cover him every day in and that are you know he's less of -- -- -- for the for the dolphin who's employed by -- nor does it. According to the quarterbacks that in the playoffs right now yes economies through the top quarterback in the loss of progress through their public. Off the root of her being double every -- couple get a bigger Brady and Peyton and Rogers and -- -- -- -- doesn't always happen that way nobody should know a couple of guys Rothenberg was -- brings up. They've taken good quarterbacking to put a great quarterback you put them on. A decent team like Denver and I have a great team and job as healthy and that team's general sorts. The quarterback that can carry out an -- to plan and be able -- you -- in diagnosed. And dissect defenses and make a profit will not kill you with journal. Our fruit a lot of people lined up wanna talk football wanna talk wrong or taut little BC's and lay off some concussions your expert midfielder fruit and we will be back six or 777979237. Joy and then will be back customers.

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