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Pete and Steve are going over what was naughty and nice in the Patriots game

Dec 24, 2012|

The Patriots had a narrow victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, Pete and Steve DeOssie are breaking down the good and bad of the game as well as some of the shockers from the Sunday NFL games.

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Good afternoon and Merry Christmas everybody and oh welcome recruits receive edition of the picture right here on. I three point seven FM Sports Radio WEEI. Beach it's idiotic filling in today for the a bit ago. And for Michael holly Bobo checked to join us early in the short 230 but it isn't a war replayed back India. 5 o'clock hour once again Vince Wilfork will join us at some point today. Somewhere to retreat during fourth birdie until then. Take your Paul calls as many as we can't -- receive -- 6177797937. Other we don't want a lot you'll have one today as always 6177793530. By the detective 3793. -- before tweet me at the ship. -- -- -- Well now the team's that's that I told you about against teams that eight point underdogs at home or more now 22 -- two. In the last 24 believe it okay who had 42 seconds into the stolen. I would tell the fact that he was sold incredibly correct on Friday night -- of the target score -- -- you worry you -- -- secret -- -- about the spread that a significant. -- I didn't even realize that you wouldn't said the what. Home dogs by double Georgia by eight points or more -- -- for the last week three games -- 21 and two against the number audio start against her way to achieve more or not. Numbers of that it's both of them have done them because -- -- to grow I mean it's I'd like and we talked about the Friday's -- That this to me it was a damned if you do damned if you don't -- the game now and again it's the nuts and bolts of what happened some of the things that don't mean to wanna puke at times but. If they want -- that nothing. What are people saying and if they won the game 23 to thirteen. What do people say it's -- I knew the overreaction to come what's surprising a little bit is how. Angry Tom Brady was made it in to your screen in the locker after the games so about when you hear him talking about the team not competing things that you don't. I Logan Mankins also. You're you're hearing things come out of that locker room and late December after a win that you just normally don't hear. We don't what I don't I'm actually. Pleased with that because the last thing he wanted to hear his patriots may have -- he wanted to hear. Was moved the old we got to play better your coach -- got to do this better every you don't wanna hear that after that that was an embarrassing -- if you can. If you can actually have embarrassing when that was it and I'm glad that there are so angry that they are not stifling themselves that they usually do I'm glad that and I have a feeling that. Maybe they got the OK because his team rarely if ever goes off to this extreme and maybe it's okay the -- in the situation maybe even Bulger was so pissed off of this -- -- out by YouTube has also -- -- soul. Good on a British public they -- -- we should be but I'll disagree slightly. With if they -- 42 to seven. I think people are just -- they would've been saying here we go Super -- I think that would have been tempered with affected you just lost separated in the objectionable or. So but I what I don't wanna -- today and this is where people fall to a drop all the time but -- 10 look it's a good start to roll out the group what -- Miami beat Jacksonville two weeks ago by three touchdowns reported three. Does that now mean Miami's better -- patriots. You know you can played like -- that he can play that kind of game it is a crazy -- not the NFL season and look at the games again what happened on Sunday -- Some some very interesting things happening crazy things that Angola the giants look terrible again and again in Baltimore. You know Cincinnati I thought on Friday -- really thought the fourth time they've found a way. To get things together and now -- -- Ben Roethlisberger gonna blame this week you blame the offensive coordinator of last week called the plays in the we've thrown -- -- that's what. Big bend it through two crucial interceptions again late in the game one in the fourth quarter won in overtime cost in the game -- nobody to blame but himself and at the top of all this. Really the best part about this that is what a football Christmas -- me as Tim Tebow what state is upset. Upset because I was told they would be used it a different situation and -- forbid an NFL player that's a bit NFL players that big tall but we do stumping and have not come to fruition. That's it happens about a million times during the season. -- I will agree with you but if they led him on this late season of big guy by I I think he's -- to step out and and and and point fingers that situation I have no problem with a Michael -- Tebow hater but ultimately it's one of those we're -- -- -- I am I'm. I -- -- of his football skills or quarterbacks guys quarterbacks as a man he seems like to be of far right and a guy fine young members football skills are limited. I don't I don't want regardless speak up like that if -- was told that actually do -- and this is almost a public embarrassment -- put -- in their two on the walker like that that's almost like up. A public slap in the face to bring this guy you you treat him like he's going to be part of the face of the of the team to bring it for publicity sake only and then try to embarrass them I'd be pissed off to and in these wide receiver wasn't wasn't former -- report -- -- outline all of a saga we're gonna go and recanted their. -- -- front all of a sudden NATO. That he can be dominant against out we got planned this in L certificate to do really. I would think it could be able to get back to pay -- jaguars what was. What was more disappointing year. The offense. Or the defense the defense came around. A little bit well to second after the first quarter I would actually say the offense and first off the defense. Has been given up York's it's not that are really the issue and can -- please give some of the things had some decent days against them so that really didn't faze me all that much. I also believe that. Courting anybody anywhere except safety uses useless at this point means that could -- an athlete but he's so much better suited for savior just. Based on the way I'd watch him play. -- might have a different idea but from what I see -- like to receive due to leave these -- to be back for this team to do anything defensively. Offensively. It was so inconsistent and sold. Erratic that. -- and and that the Tom -- mad at himself more than anybody else the two interceptions you know closed plays more about it. The fact is that office didn't really show up for sixty minutes we have sporadic efforts five minutes here five minutes there. And it's one of those things where you expect. The offered to dominate and if they don't dominate. That's. Disappoint the defense you don't -- are expected dominate any team but if they do. A reasonable job that's fine W the best you can expect as defense in the reasonable job. Not as resembles include bimbo was fine whatever for sixteen points whatever you know. I mean after the first quarter first quarter was just ridiculous look what John unitas was out there but. With the yards at the they gave up a 164 Riviera the 202. Total franchise record for for Jackson reflect. You know I've you know I've seen this before you -- Super Bowl winning team and even though you guys are very clinched. The secretary at the back in ninety by the memory came in Foxborough -- all the giants -- there and that -- it's almost. Almost once I came thirteen to ten dollars that label when the worst teams in NFL history terrible. The worst team that Europe best debug patriots might have been one of the worst -- FL teams that I I can remember and it took a beat the ending. Stuff like this happens -- you would have bets do you expect. This team to have a let down in a playoff game. I don't know I don't do this too much leadership too much experience both on the field in the coaching ranks. I don't expect -- to -- like that for the playoffs and you go to playoffs have. Even just one. Great showing that first game that game that Jackson -- forgot about. You think that that Jacksonville game in the first half for the -- of Cisco game was more -- -- what this team was like. Then you got issues but would this team but I don't see that I don't see. I think there's somewhere in between. What we saw on the second -- we saw against Houston in no more we saw here they're better than much but the week goes showed we saw a Sunday. Probably -- -- is that dominating effort they had against Houston. Somewhere in the little bit they're -- of one of the top 45 teams in the NFL right now within with a great -- to have to go deep into play and. The main issue -- to me getting healthy which is I mean when the playoffs start to have a a reasonably healthy Hernandez obviously have rocked back. To have it reasonably healthy -- be sold to lead. Did yesterday we came in just for that one series. Helped him it wasn't outstanding but it certainly -- -- -- -- -- ship after a several times on plays and more or how -- -- -- -- how close are now that's bill that's when we talked to thirty. He probably convert push yesterday's that both of. Probably would ever have four you don't have to bargain bin maybe help through goals were the suit which means certain two of but wanna use your best corner and I -- and -- -- performed. -- -- -- other corners and I'm a better so yeah. You're you're down but again it's still Jacksonville that's what people exactly and that's why the page to pissed off to the patrons watched film all week. They saw how bad this team was that's why they're pissed off that's whether public but like we've opened we've ever releasing. Ten -- and -- said Friday -- electric passed for 80% against them a couple of weeks ago got. 80% pretended built up that it's in its desecration I mean look at the separatist group organized Texan court reports on how to get to that put. They've they've given up 76 points the last two weeks now -- big play that crappy last night against Seattle because the patriots are that was pretty physical game. Say what you want about what separated the temperature expected to submit camera and it -- It is -- -- similar to what everyone wants to -- they beat the patriots next week they'd be the saints went -- the rams went to New Orleans. And -- -- lost ground believe lot of wherever they went they've they've they lost the loss pretty badly remember mark saying -- we get we bagged up and a breakthrough game in the we want. Thought wondering you know you mean just I mean top pocket anybody with any kind of a crystal ball actually tried. To really figure out this league you watch the 49ers play defense the last couple weeks and if you haven't seen -- played a poster game just like what is although. What's all the bureau hub -- about. You're right I am you look at. That offered to share of Simpson's goals and they went up against a pretty good defense in Seattle and Seattle was having their way with -- for the longest time so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you get a bump from that pictures came true do you beat voted to be -- one of the best teams in the league. Now also and you lose to a to a Seattle -- not -- -- -- but he got pushed around and beat up to me and slapped her. Slap to the ground you also go to playoffs thinking about that game where there's. There's all sorts of things going on in the opposed the playoffs right now but just make its sole interest in the -- yeah. No question next week is going to be remorse and if you ever heard already the patriots game is that from Miami is a four point five start. Those of you headed down through via. The -- Four point five not 105. And you know the 1 o'clock games -- -- for patent Baltimore Cincinnati Houston at India won -- -- 25 of course the -- at the patriots in Kansas City at Denver. Interstate to see but not shocking at all procedures to lose. To Minnesota. Shocking though the fact that it wasn't as if Peterson went off for 200 yards in the game for you and about a hundred yards rushing in the game broke the next couple. -- more easily one point late in the game two some was. Maybe in thirty or forty yards all total offense you know I was. And little that missile defense is good open it's considered totally defense and fell. Well I think there certainly ponder Munis had a couple of moments here and there but he's still one of those quarterbacks I think he can blow the game for it and second Greg he's been. You know because Pedersen they've been relying on him he's pretty consistently yesterday it got no. Yet has more adjustable whatnot but to receive the last few weeks I think -- the most interesting thing right knows exactly how these coaches and teams. Look at this next week you don't does indeed does have mattered in the if there are five or succeed. Booming. Credit to their planes used to it -- lowly Houston for income. That they could just roll over them but. As a matter is that this came out of -- they rest guys know what matters because chuck we're gonna stormed back good I think that's a big big -- that's good point -- video of that kind of emotion can only -- what was -- playing well if you if you go to -- game and and lay an -- but. That's from saying to the do they care about the 56 or do they care about whether they go to Baltimore gold. More importantly in order but what about the patriots get the number to proceed pretty clear out. I felt like they aren't about that -- that's all I care about as accurate W right and its commitment you know what I think they're gonna play the -- -- really do. Because they know what team like that come from where they came from -- this year I'll think they can afford not to have. That killer instinct attitude I mean I I it would got to come backers -- -- -- -- last along bought. I have a feeling that may not win you got to get used is going to be pissed off result Bel Air amid record -- -- actually go from one to. What three foresee before they could -- -- right possible two so you know it it's going to be a real insisting contrary to see what happens I don't expected to Apple's let up but the -- -- -- the last couple weeks. I don't what to expect a terrible. Absolutely terrible and I don't think Indianapolis is a team that can afford it they're not good enough to say okay let's geared back if they're playing good football. They need to maintain that momentum -- can't. With a especially rookie quarterback in some younger guys on the team you can't pull back and then say OK now flip the switch next week you've got to keep that. Keep -- -- the way you've been going to them playing good football lately. Keep good keep the roll going and do everything you have to win this game I'm -- I -- -- -- a lot of people sit there and say OK well. You know you gotta watch out yet you can make sure that luck doesn't get urban Wayne in but I get it yes again. I think he'll do just as much damage while much of so much for that you do damage if you decide to such as give this game -- really deal.

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