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John Ryder: Christopher Price on playoff scenarios: “Avoid Denver as long as possible”

Dec 22, 2012|

Christopher Price, WEEI.com, runs down the list of questions surrounding the Patriots game in Jacksonville and the upcoming playoffs. The San Francisco game left uncertainty in the Patriots’ backfield after the running backs had trouble holding on to the ball, Price explains which running back he believes will shoulder the load now. He also examines seeding as the playoff picture comes into focus in the AFC.

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-- -- -- there actually there who watch and he's he's really good quarterback validly argue that parity in the record regular script throws into electricity right now so. We have -- got to play a regular you know NFL -- quarterback as you know they can therefore hurt. Patriots safety. Patrick John talking about dead Jacksonville quarterback Chad Henne John -- Ibekwe they always -- your -- you -- always have to be. Joined by a Chris price the great Chris price fall months to order a C price at a felon -- about a WEEI dot com has gone crisper Christmas. Merry Christmas to you -- I don't -- I'm good man thanks to join me on this Saturday. Patriots jaguars. -- well I don't know how much analysis I know you've get plenty of stories up on WEEI dot com has always but. I I just can't see any ways that the bullets pitchers drop this one. No I didn't you you look at -- matchup on paper in and you know there are some. Good young players -- -- on both sides of the ball particularly about and what was Blackmon and people short to third and and I just you know -- did this scheme would be art project so you've been an outrage on -- -- -- -- completed weeks so. I don't see you'll wayward the patriots lose this game that being particularly given undergo that I just think it's. It's just too much or America put its electoral England ignoring them. Offensively he's going to be able to do pretty much whatever reasons. But the one thing that they think -- considered that if -- -- New England you want to be able to seek some things that this game because they should be at least on paper used to -- -- there's going to be some options there's there's there's going to be some opportunities for younger guys to its current I think it's important to go look at these guys in -- where they are at this time of the year. And see if he could be contributors. You if something happens. In the -- -- -- someone goes cozy collateralized. You know movements -- you know Steve Gregory her Patrick -- in play in the postseason you can reliant on oil and that it expects thirteen year old -- like. Justin Francis who's who looked pretty good probably. You don't give me some qualities after the defense that position to provide it was a dark dark. So I think it's going to be an opportunity for those guys started to really kind of show themselves in the inferred you know for them to see you know. If you're seeing what it takes to be contributed to this scene you know something happened and -- don't think we talked about -- with. My creature -- -- the addition of -- I think it is an opportunity for some guys -- put a little bit banged up. Optical each individual to -- really use this opportunity to get more reps in in the kind of you don't tighten things they'll afford the seasonal. Patrick show I did see some more playing time in the second half and at forty niners game. Will he go back. To playing safety or seven according. You know I don't think so I don't think so right now I think you're happy with the combination that the house -- it's in the secondary and and that's. Dinner one corner to leave the the other according Gregory safety in in your work sure onion when. Gregory need to breeder in if you need someone who played -- star position I know -- about how we ubiquity experience that are that. Kind of let that extra defense took a position where you know he works. Kind of at the compost if he had a quarter yeah notre has done that -- the last years I think that BP is cool with this team. I'm going forward you know for the rest of regular season in the postseason but I think you know you look at the second year there's settling -- -- organizing a group. The group organizing a parent and you're working in the slot you know chunk. You know seeing spot duty here and air I don't think you wanna bet that I think that people -- really good continuity. I really also like arsonists are really liked that. Quarters CP combination of illegal according -- to really work well together I think you know I don't think it's a coincidence -- the -- you had to accept and the last couple weeks. -- working with police tried to -- and Gettelfinger that you use a world class corner confused he's been an upgrade over what they've cut their. It's typical you've got great ball skills and and he's proven to be real upgrade in a position for going -- Yeah and looking at the statistics. The patriots have been sending five more -- now much more since told since they acquired to lead. Yeah I think that they can do some things now. That they didn't get severely. You -- -- -- out of here I'm not saying that there again you know he he's not type large and barely hear you saying that you know his presence there has allowed them to. Shake things -- a little bit defensively you know maybe a political conference with a record send another rusher to. You with the knowledge -- to leave -- Joseph has got the opposition's best wide receiver. Yeah it certainly competitive situation where before you know -- unit who -- -- getting I also think through that again I think that that's secondary we talk about. Continuity and consistency in the offensive line and got learning how to plead ignorance that's I think that's another spot where you need reps alongside guys to learn their tendencies. To learn what we can and can't do. And I think we're starting to you know with that group of guys I think it was really a lot of shifting part spektr's that it did at the beginning of the you have no one of the reasons that we're playing that well because or. What a lot of different guys in and out of a lot of different positions there and I think. We each sport guys factor now I think people here aren't a relatively. Competitive group put defensive backs that they're gonna do going forward. A much related think we see this well tomorrow as Jacksonville and also a little bit more of a branded ball bold and possibly. Yeah I think -- -- and it's going to be one of those guys have mentioned before you wanna get a look at going into the postseason it's easy interview insert reps but something happened. But I think Ridley good to be your guy I think Ridley is going to be. Door number one running back. Or arrest the regular season and the post you you -- think it's forty carried away from 300 you'd be the first 300 here or neglect putrid two patents and -- Dylan back in 2004. And if you can use that erode this earlier in the -- -- -- to carry. -- put -- there really elite group is averaging almost four after Victorino put the really elite group only eleven running actual collapse partners have done that. -- -- Republican Adrian Peterson and yet. Don't -- and injustice -- release these these really top player running excel. You know the ball security issues -- one thing and I think we you know we talked about this yesterday I think that there's history there will be good to concern and the pattern but I think for the history there that there are watching for. You know I think he's got I do think you're -- when you look at his overall the overall number carries he's had over the last year plus. You look at the number of fumbles and -- stack that -- you -- to reach you up. With any of the other running back across the league it's still compares person so I think he's got a I think he's going to be you know one back. Here -- out. Yet an article up a couple of days ago about the patriots possibly. May be losing a game to get to that number four seed. I'm of the mind where I I think he kind of just play it out to try to win both of these games where do you fall in this category. Yeah I don't think he'd do that this week I think that there's still a possibility you know however remote that it's something happens. -- -- -- -- -- You'll this week but if this situation presents itself next week that you can take a step back in BB. And shake things up a little bit and get yourself a little bit of a better position I think that you brawl. Going you know the -- -- to argue play Indian oil -- ground and then travel which used to most likely for that divisional matchup because you know Indian institute contribute combined score but like a hundred look pretty different reserves. You didn't you -- I'm not saying the -- -- Denver but I think in Denver presents. The -- -- matchup for you. Anyone else in the AFC and I'm talking about any of the other. Play -- interview the potential in that are distinct going into Denver. -- -- -- -- -- the most issues I'm not seeing it tempers and unbeatable team and I'm not seeing the picture it would be scared of Denver but I think. The U wanna avoid Denver earth orbit possible today announced they believe that there's a very real likely to -- -- to get upset. You know before you know somewhere along the way because -- think Denver but it -- particular equate the exit -- that we should all be selected to play the grievance. She and her first place the year I think the people we -- wipe out routine -- -- -- -- -- record out of the moment over 500. So I think that they could have been built in a bit of false bravado and hope he can have a burger -- know that's -- really impressive defense that. The patriots have traditionally struggle against routine. Really physical front seven and I think Denver is close to her as close future gonna get near city. But you know I think if the situation presents itself. In the regular season finale against Miami where you can take a step back and go for that fork into the posted -- three -- into the top a little bit of an easier road. In oral expecting to take. Yeah well I think -- gonna win their final two games maybe they get a little bit of -- -- from Cleveland but I can't see them losing to Cleveland and Kansas City. I used to Minnesota's intriguing but I think used to ways that give us say used to wins that game but they lose to Indianapolis. That make you change your mind a little bit. Yet you I think it might don't you think of I just and you know you talk but Indianapolis. Just a Indymedia -- -- to going into that final game of the regular season if they -- you know typically have nothing to report their point. Well to play for their coach coming back you out. Yet that sort of that's -- there I think it is going to be up culpable level of the lotion. You're connecting directly -- all mr. turner put on all everything that that team has gone through that year. I just think that that we give them a jolt of energy that you know for put on the air quicker meaningless game. Would turn and otherwise meaningless December 30 game -- -- something really special so. It is it's going to be an interest in a couple of weeks because I think -- that the -- due out tomorrow and again I'm not saying that. You'll you'll -- -- order to -- I think -- you know. Dropped in there and you can give yourself perceiving it statistic you know your rookies for a the football blog that there's. No representation that there's you know if you look at how about -- the last twenty or so years. There's no decided statistical advantage you get from seeking to receive as opposed to forcing. In the region to double for the -- -- back Indian embassy in 2005. You know they've been reported the Steelers. For a shot at the jaguars in you know and in -- -- extra playoff game. Out of that it's so it's been done before -- a miserable for you you always mutual and go play with it. It's all pull an opportunity to me if you don't get a partly -- opportunity to carve out of. -- -- -- -- I'm sorry Chris asserted throughout weren't fit but different variables more prevention team like Pittsburgh bit adverse -- -- is this more. A pick your own poison Houston or Denver and -- It's it is it is that there are different very I think it's 2 detectives saying I am sensing that the -- would likely handle it this thing leading into the back in 2005. In 2005 you know -- -- beating him by. -- put guys -- you know they wanted to get to get some -- -- Tedy Bruschi was -- America to the trigger any of the stroke you don't. -- was a little bit banged up there -- guys who work. The World Bank to open an opportunity gets some of those young guys that kind of circled back to where pocketbook for the other opportunity gifted young guys some time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was an opportunity for them to. Get a look at these guys. Yet from veterans from resting kind of car not a violent if you can't get by leaps and and that's one of -- wearing a -- -- if you can't get -- we. You to get a chance to do. Logan Mankins arrest Rob Gronkowski who -- some of the other -- locker room for a little bit banged up and maybe outwardly should be physically do you give them another week. For the start posting is in you don't you don't dramatically affect how things are down below the culture well. John -- tonight with -- Chris price WEEI dot com check him out on Twitter at -- price NFL. Last two questions Chris do you still see the patriots is the team to be well not just in the AFC but in the NFL. I keep the patriots right now in the -- C keep them it's the same thing we talked about it before I think it's. If fundamentally between the scene pictures that we saw -- think that that the teacher took the lead. Flawed team of what conference I think you see why don't I think. It's entirely possible that the patriots. Optical on the road for the divisional -- and those in the C championship game when both those gains like that and I think the only matchup -- -- give. You do Paulus would be going into turn and again I'm not saying that it would be afraid of they're promising that Denver would be. This -- will -- routine but I think that's the only matchup for them -- I think late December problems but yeah I think I think the patriots. Right now I as -- -- what rate -- December 22 and pitchers and they think that the patriots and the 49ers are our. You'll at least my out our favorite detective who Warner think secret reported that stupid practice or knowing that estimates if you -- In what they view -- reward people 49ers December and took off with what -- really is. But you're looking at the short list if you don't you'll ride with really. Six or seven teams right now I think the putrid or. Less a lot of good games to nod to page for jaguars so much although I don't will be pay attention to that but it is some really good games coming up tomorrow the NFL. What one. -- -- yeah we watch the patriots and jaguars game at 1 o'clock but if you can watch any gamer check out any which game intrigues you the most and also I was what are it. Who's your pick in the NFC east. That's that it that the -- request and I think your seat is wide open I just I I can't. Imagine that the giants are going to go to typical in that longer yeah. I just I mean there's there's there's such a good team but people look. Pedestrian or you really pedestrian over the last couple weeks and Nestle. So many times over the last few years that it would flip the switch -- this -- -- -- in their best football but it's a wide open the display I just ought to either. I have a hard time buying into the cowboys it's. You know I keep waiting for the giants. Again kind of put that which shouldn't be interred on it and start playing them -- football. At least and a wide open for the for the -- I Kimball we don't say in this but I just the Google Redskins right now. Appear to be doing just enough to win that division in the you know whether it's -- -- Kirk cousins -- Wherever inspectors between Smart football the playing good football and I defense panel will consider them paper. There's -- speaking tomorrow. Really that there's the opportunity to jump out to me I think the one being that there's no effects of Petrie it's -- I knew that the couple put. The one that I would be keeping an irony we talked but the -- -- the -- to release. Really intrigues me because the ravens are don't know a couple of reasons but it western union is just looked out -- -- -- Denver companies like that in just. Speech yup that currently I just think the ravens are really entry depleted team that should mean. They're not playing their best football system appears -- -- -- the -- I've never been so excited for -- US in my life is you know that the forty that was Seahawks -- that's going to be fantastic game. Because I think got me going off a long way toward your determining the NFC playoff picture it and I think. You hear any other -- NFC team I think you wanna. There's no way in you know what you're traveled to Seattle for their future and can no ability to the Yorkshire gold that's an awful about. So I think the -- 49ers you wanted to do. Whatever it takes to the head of the Seahawks in that letter to put -- -- -- at that bar that's open. After last week I'm I'm all in on the niners when it comes to look you're there's an NFC representative but I really like the way it was -- autos and really impressed by cap. There are excellent stuff Chris impressive job as always for me you appreciate and have -- in George Christmas. There are accurate we will all right Chris price check amount on WEEI dot com.

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