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Cedric Maxwell: Celtics can't play consistent basketball this season

Dec 20, 2012|

We check in with Max, live from a charity event, and get his take on the 2012 Celtics so far, and their many ups and downs.

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Transcript - will not be 100% accurate

As it is with NBA players speaking of greatness and hockey fans. There's a great center Maxwell. Was -- Max. You don't do it. Well I'm actually make the bill watered down. You keep them close to await the re clothes -- So you out in the built through them I'm -- but to the caller and now pop into my idea my spot. While not -- America as we will walk with the car can cooperative so. We know your sixth date. And so you're did so if you're sick you gotta be 682. Get these clothes or you're given -- to people work or 510511. Who know six people. -- -- and take charges against the big suits on yet. I get out more about. -- Cheered. And. Now do you do this every year to just decide and you just decided this year you don't want to be good idea for me to go to Lexus of watered down spot. Plug plug in giveaways and -- We know we've been running we've been running ads within and I actually would. Listening to Sean -- Is that. 7009 you go and you are you outside yet. Okay good night. The you've done it -- that's going to be Q did -- -- elected flavor. If you'll put this for the big showing up itself. I wanna know about that's not that's -- outside the the establishment there you don't have to worry about offending anybody. What happened in the night is a woman behind you is custom discussion as you look just let me. Antonio I mean should you lose she won't say Hillary. I mean that -- -- -- it was great -- chief market made a sailor blush. Because it was you know it's cut at it every body and everything. Our Ali at the turnaround at the human being or the carrier the apparently show you all of -- -- Always gestures that -- you would otherwise I'll give him in Britain not. Yeah true. Well I -- Michael. Six a black male walked up to you but important eighty crowd well but what we do like. And who -- tell you you -- -- that. We believe. -- -- -- Six they're black regular to me I'd say -- -- -- -- -- you know a lot to not let ultimately had that's their orders on the but it -- to get that nice gesture that Max. Graduate July and holidays here -- ask you this. Forty point game last night from Paul Pierce was that just. The awful -- of Cleveland or. You think Paul is getting into. Getting into a group were. He's he's not ready to say I'm no longer a top ten player in Italy. Yeah I think that's think that. You know even with a top of layer out when you whatever albeit in. You know obviously you know -- a little bit older stepping down but you know what great players. -- -- What to date they have flashbacks. -- I mean we -- Michael Jordan when he came back and played a couple of games. Which saw it late Larry's career restore all the other great players eventually have that little moment words like. They have this problem. That they drink out. Or poppy you're in the low wage should be no -- -- he did travel less -- early vintage ballplayers. Max Jack Edwards here Greg Allman in he's autobiography. Talked about tonight's win the band would hit the note. In Hughes in his words and you know clearly the Allman Brothers best days are behind them because as you know a few of them are no longer witness but what. -- A hard -- but. But. But when it went peers had the stroke going last night I -- it was like that where. He was hitting the note. Now what is it like. To be in the line up with the player who's having that kind of a night aside from the obvious to get the ball to him but. But you know professional athletes are not easily impressed but last -- I would think. Day anybody who has played the game at that level yourself included had to be. Really impressed because that's that's you know that's in not trading the note right. Well you'd be at it and you know sports all the time always giving great performances. You know you can see it think about Kobe Bryant when -- -- 8087. Point one -- just absolutely insane. Michael Jordan when he was in the play -- market and -- three pollute like it would lay up. You know players do that in -- as a player. Watching from afar he only -- -- -- is did you not plan against Eric -- oh. Is that that might view or injured. When I like them on your team is like you do K get involved as we look and you are. Larry Bird scored sixty points. You know in New Orleans biggest dilemma call -- all later. Well vehicle rate so you have seen it like a scene -- you like it out -- cable which you don't give it six points. Yet I think Detroit -- Larry that you should we got sixty developer erected next week -- even though so. Max keep you talk a little bit about this after the team that this team is. Really kind of a team in transition right now we -- it's a process talking about the chemistry unit. Did the different line of that the look and for how much of this team because we got so used to the scene for five guys of last youthful years with three year Rondo kind of settling into their rotation. How much it is team is really kind of in a state of transition right now they're looking for the right -- -- and go before we talk to you. Michael -- brought up affected Avery Bradley's still that there's so there's still some. -- -- of uncertainty when when we. -- there -- a lot of uncertainty about the I think if you go look at him from you know -- the Bob. At some consistency I think with some of the older players KG Rondo has been really all that it. All good up and down but yet they think she do what it on the news isn't argues that Shawn Brady's work ancillary. The ancillary players around -- with -- unit we got like -- green jobs green and durable. Well -- big -- -- -- -- running joke mean all the -- physical tools but these -- trying to come back from -- I think the most. Unbelievable -- -- -- and not much should be guests have a chip to -- -- the -- remote camera. Jeff Greene did not have a good game. And KC. And was in just a year. You know how to read that looked like you didn't want to -- much what KG they've been beat the you know be rated G port where the we -- you. You're you're you'll Arctic is what output go to the next -- we usually you meet the it's like so. The village of the chemistry that they didn't because he knows it's up the tab in the rock now one thing we you know W KG at the game. You know look out you know because you know yup it's a rock a lot people wouldn't bat what you. You know they -- on it right now not really playing well but at some of those strong. Glimpses of brilliance in what is -- that seat is consistency. For great. So what's gonna happen here you know Collins gets the start last night Collins in -- and a forty -- digest. We need to snap a three game losing streak without a message for somebody. Is this. Hello Michael -- their world what Collins starting. This is the who drinks like everybody else -- -- look on the way he always orders area. Mrs. Who with the -- who understands the game with a very Smart player. Who knows position on the -- He's what you'd be mobile will be -- or lit up -- -- like Brandon Bass. For what you gonna do I think easily YouTube. Or -- you a lot -- on the while in the local media helping KG out. The wrap this up score on the floor in the way he's got it because now you can look you'll probably want a double BAG. What it means. But I think he is the guy we want to help you right now. Maybe solidify your view -- a lot more than SP. -- holed up. I make -- can be the starter for the rest of the season to me. He had been cagey old. What I ever had men as. They get there is no goes in the me actually don't think AG. Sol -- about a gadget app you know maybe it hasn't latent meaning it. In the greatness of catalog that. But you know I think he can hold up on the duration he would not in the -- McGahee is not. Hot lead for so we could you not -- I didn't hurt that. You know sold. Think it was a big. I think maybe one of the opt out -- this team and I think that's what outlook do it you approach it what it. What should we expect from Avery Bradley when he comes back next month. You know where I hope Michael that he is going to be he's going to be to -- out -- control the initial well. Is on the key point guards and from a -- purses spoke a lot probability. It pretty good or bald guy try to make field from but it. Blocked as we try to make -- you know it doesn't make the deal is may have been in the middle KG come over to help. Somebody else has to rotate in now you can -- very course. In the middle. Is that data can control and keep it may end up from W you -- while rob though he went about it seemed a lot. But I don't wanna say he's gonna be seeing -- these. I think he is. Part of the solution for what they the walls of the secret Soviet. So. On another note. How long did take you give way to close. -- -- walked in just won't be able yeah I know you're coming hey. And its mandate about Stewart about you know on the -- comes and you called you to come down here. We are disappointed we get -- cars that look I have all the currency he used. All okay Obama. Inaugural -- Maybe you won't fire car but how many really Alter muschamp like separate cars -- commercials all the time. We'll let the Watertown I think you want it. Let me say they are you all why. Aren't you now that uses words or his movies. Are -- no way. Our backs. -- -- -- -- Hey Ed and backs though we won't talk to you before happy holidays to you -- Christmas all that good stuff. Happy why. Did you get your name a few days at Kwanzaa can enable the day the Kwanzaa. Yeah. Yeah. They York rob Parker rob Parker got your black in Atlanta rob markers that you got to work about men -- Our backs the -- and human. Bodies entities. Like exactly used to be a but it names of days. Emotion. They're doing Cedric Maxwell is because -- up a -- This goes Alexis wanted to close I got close. He's close. There's still looking on one now that -- at a at a always ask himself the ticket giveaway I think we'll hear from any gains today I think we will. Won't they -- a phone call 6177797937. Chris prices and house knows Jack Edwards in you'll join deceptive.

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