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Vince Wilfork: It seemed like we couldn't do anything right vs the 49ers

Dec 17, 2012|

We check in with Big Vince Wilfork on Patriots Monday after a tough loss and almost comeback vs the 49ers, one of the best football teams in the NFL.

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-- back there on the big show it is a patriots from. Today this well fortunately with a some a couple of minutes and made double take some phone calls from you here's Dan he's driving around what's up -- -- -- -- An act and act read about it. Apparently caught you got elected at all attacked by a useless since your go to Pat White hot when they played apparently cockpit alarm apartment about -- -- In that plays out. I write what they're Cisco and get ready -- to be forget rated that broke out he wasn't quite the lakers back. There's no way -- appear to do it needed to block every -- -- -- achieve it never appeared to do that play -- I hope that they. And -- place at Cisco in the playoffs. Ball. There's -- smoke. About Europe's -- Europe's. You keep you sound like you're upset you know you can't but you can't play that game got to go with gotta analyze the players who where there are so. I can't say what they had ground things would have been different just got to look at that there are a lot of other things in the. -- you know you gotta play with the guys that that that you've got out -- and we mention the fact that Justin Smith left the game. So for portion of the game San Francisco won without him it's part of the game guys get hurt and often. Other guys have to commend -- end and why and he just can't tell you stuff like that with an excuse -- -- we all agree that -- Obviously would help in blocking he would help obviously and get actionable you know like it is likely -- and radio and I think football stole this term promise from radio yet. The -- are an elaborate like we say radio next man up. -- -- -- I think that's ran out to a or is -- when he gets out there. -- and it doesn't it's not an injury let's not -- together -- -- -- sponsored by. AMD -- teleport and by powder. House mortgage. What kind of a lot of fun. -- And the way you -- his favorite way -- players. It's frustrating. Frustrating is that when you know that you did most of the team is self during the first half. And the way you finally get it together in the second if you play like that first half when you look at -- a totally different game. Knew once again it goes. -- -- It's consistency. That's -- there's there's been a problem. In over the past weeks we would be complete consistent football you know yesterday Regis. We just didn't do -- things. -- and I can do anything right especially in the first there so. Do we we give -- to drawn boy I mean just like when we -- games we watched and we informed on those same thing you wanna watch for him that corrections and move on so. That's a lot of plays we left on the field a lot of plays are. Everything wasn't. We we we had some good this stuff that we do you put. We just didn't make enough plays it in the -- calls mistress and we dug ourselves in -- in the is very hard to combat when he needed to simple bullet hole we do we know we dog was. I mean do we do in second half I mean we was like we we got away with their. That would have been historically African American I've never seen anything like a -- and -- at CNET. Change it down 28 big comeback and is still six and a half minutes -- six and half minutes of play usually that come back a minute thirty seconds left in the game. But you know there are times -- -- you guys practice well and play well. It didn't play well for most this game he looked back at practice to practice go well this week. -- mean where OK I mean I wanna say it was the worst record once it was the best practice at all. Your trying to figure out what happened what were we wrong then and now not from our team you always have to look back at practice here when it. In a way replays. Six sort of the way we practice so. You know we have problems. That we care problems we've made some adjustments we came around we fixed and we played better. America sits. At that point I mean we down. Whatever awards. -- just gave half of football away. You just can't win -- stressed. Playing against some good football team 5% from surfaces go whoops I mean you just you is impossible to win games like they're so. Let us say you know we don't we watched film we making corrections and we want more so we -- part they have better weeks of practices. And each week each region's bigger. He gets bigger and bigger so. We have to give back on track this week. Right they came out throwing the football. And then went back to their bread and butter which was the running game. I couldn't believe the beat it -- or support tackling but it was tough holes but Frank Gore had in the middle. Of the line which -- been something you guys have been terrific all year long what happened there was miscommunication. Curious to know -- I know people are the lanes. Is there was -- so there's a lot of are different things played effect you know most of terms it was his parents. Not being in the right place at the right and we -- who -- -- -- over to bear with their -- for the most for a thing. I'm in the rose four and eighty laws when it was put on the west for him and it was just little things. Who was in the grants he wasn't anything -- wasn't like -- was dominate -- -- upfront that the like that it was yes. Little technique. Fundamental things and we see things whether it's frustrating because you know one thing we talked about was just wanna be. Fundamental game. Where are -- good -- defense because they do so many different things you just can't say. And they wanna I wanna be wanna do this because they do these guys do a lot of things so. Very innovative that's what it -- it was just one and only break in and you know the place. Things like that that are cost us two to one Google's is -- our shore somebody up on that scout team tried to give you Colin jeopardy. As well as they could but what did you think of the real thing and it was there anything that he or any dimension that he was able to bring that you didn't anticipate tell me. Which assume affirms what we do we knew exactly -- we was we knew we make him throw from the party he was strong. Which you do we Nokia party workers which. So wasn't in pain they showed us in that in any -- in a game that we was surprised. It was just execution we we didn't execute. And -- was -- How physical was a lot of people. Talked and and saw some of the hits in the first half and a lot of the the announcers were reading about the fact that. San Francisco was physical do you believe that you guys match them with physical and. Absolutely. I mean are clear and much more physical games in his. Perhaps in their not a physical football team on the or book. Operating more games where. Welcome our games you can feels certain parts of the -- I mean. What are seen physical are seeing more physical teams. -- physical team. So. The -- feel mommy I think it was some is there that we delivered it was some punishing hits. The way we tackled at times it was. It was a purpose that contact and so I don't one question our fears of how physical we were or are physical they were. They're physical football team we've physical football team when it was -- who is getting into it played out the way. With our Muslim clearly not the score book. How to play so we was a surprise surprise about it. Five times -- neck had trouble with that stamp at one time I believe UN European on the ball. And it's squeezed out of there. -- inhumanity I don't know -- I -- -- -- -- it's amazing to me that he -- it five times. And they are able to recover every single one of them including one of them. Ending up going to go offer for touchdown was -- how bizarre is that usually you get one maybe 20. When you get that many Lebanese now. There frustration unrest. I mean we had opportunities. And there was -- and opportunities that we have the ball on the ground -- But we want to we -- -- and then goes. Game changer moment -- you know when you see you back door open you can -- you can walk away would eternal war forces team in the kick field go. You have to be able to visuals and and we have to -- was -- Wasn't enough -- from the amount tiles -- the ball was vastly out so. We process for around here and not turn the ball over and internals and last night it didn't work enough if you talk about some -- -- mistakes -- technique mistakes it sounds like. These are things that can be cleaned up. In one practice is it that simple or is it true that -- -- some of things can be -- ago just Burrell quarterfinal and you know also. -- were cleaned up after an hour ceremony storminess marcos' it was just some want to -- things and you know you have to be would fix though. You have to -- with -- Right away. And that's what we term -- -- from ball away from his from the day. We seen. We understand it. We see -- it was -- attack goes on stand in Mercosur a lot of stuff that cleaned up today that he stepped foot on the practice field would. No just are going morning talk about some things are we want approaches you know when we come back to. He cleaned amounts on. But you can say whatever you wanna -- in the beaten sworn in in practice is is as secure known gained. So. If you only -- skin game I don't care which game -- -- you won't be success. Increase in sort you know yesterday. When they get. Missile that question all day long so -- you answer it because you know better than we do we don't know the answer to it of people obviously -- well aware. Of bodies and where it places you wins and losses for the for the for the post season. But how does it affect you guys how -- how does what happened yesterday. Is any of that stuff even in your mindset. No absolutely I mean. It was fair to -- soul in -- thank you happen to -- and most important for us is to win. Whatever happens. You know so. -- asked them -- we -- need to talk about -- that we -- looking -- we we try to figure how we can -- back -- winter. And in this corner on the road against suggested there were -- when we came in the -- that you two were directed -- Is about her where we can you know it's -- are where we can prepare to leave them to do is going. That's what is all about it is they was what -- have. We can't we can't change in -- what's going to happen -- written. What. This thing we can do with football team if you bear and we went to scare a lot of things so. Best Osama for a do you do you hear people talking about it or just blocked about this talk -- especially this time you watch a football league candy I'm -- -- -- every time you were careful pointed to all markets because apples or bulletin you know we. We play football forum as we. When you start overlooking your opponent that's when bad things happen we will know to do now we would that would do it. Deal won't allow. Guys guys on this team wanna allow and I'm wonderful I'm pretty sure Tom won't allow me wanna allow -- assistant coaches won't allow. That's just the way we do things it's been like this before art active. So is not gonna change now just because -- -- -- that we care less about what's going to happen 34 weeks from where we give us about -- -- -- -- -- concerned about is winning this week. You know after. Terrible you know performance yesterday -- its listing we need to be talked about playoff that you -- so. Our phone users is decks and their deaths are focused are where we can prepare with a -- Q going role. 1 o'clock game. -- that's what it's all about for us the weather the conditions out there was a factor at all in the game. For voting anything no no I certainly wasn't the ball obviously a ball absolutely everywhere. But I mean as far as playing the game itself no. We know when we playing. Ball in flight is but one thing is protecting the ball. We know how important it is too predictable. We know our point. Four opportunities. To -- internal. Records that we -- somehow yes but we just didn't use. I mean he's just in -- that we need we estimated to have more of the plant Regis Regis can you. Follow in the web as well. And you have to be able to take event is so -- some. Some certain things in the game. For you -- and you know yes -- we just didn't do enough of it. I French. Good luck goes Sunday down there in Jacksonville and -- -- the until all the kids have a very very Merry Christmas and Uga just Jerusalem things I events that's Wilfork right here on -- --

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