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NFL Sunday on Randy Moss and When it's time to give up on a player

Dec 16, 2012|

With Randy Moss making his return to Foxboro with the 49ers, the boys discuss the Pats' tendency to give up on a player a year too early, rather than a year too late. Matt Chatham talks about his own experience with cutting ties with the Pats and how, whether or not the players like it, the Pats are ususally right.

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Accurate Toby Keith's I love this bar and -- NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold along with former patriots running back Kevin -- Chris writes from W we got dot com former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham. Let me ask you the loaded question if you let me tell you the -- 65 mile an hour batting practice fastball right down the middle of it we'll all the light right now that you can't miss this pitch. Kind of teammate with Randy -- Then you. He helped me out so I mean if we. The guys that got me. It's that was my seven years he's the guy that got me. Watson feel mentally I want them. He. Who bears more football mind. And that's why -- love to hear from what how do. Was. I was out of coach was. The game -- -- why should it play out of town. Let's just say -- keep that person. My favorite of story related to -- that was -- -- Liberal here in to get a ball he told you. Not to put it to you quickly. Because the quarterback look at it you would -- your views. And went to which is that when. There was one of those -- moment things when you when you watching you you see when we righted the route you always those that he had never pleased and that. To assume because the defendant is always vote users to refinance you know turn in the football. Well if you don't notice him -- that you were apparently to the football so a lot of things -- to use your body. Since his defender and that the vote this fall into your grill basket and you know this kind of offered defendant -- not see the ball obviously the ball when he's not with. It's fun to watch it really that went back and watch some of the coaches they've been. Try to get a sense of how they're using human where they're using him in certain situations we -- talking eleven about an offense is that all you got to twenty to one I think I mean it's I don't know if you haven't. He's he did a really good placement. -- -- That doesn't mean you thought in my they're very it's one of the things I feel like and I haven't been northern. Flu like most of your that your friends have been I'm just talking about two years that I've been going to this is probably one of the best may have two years he's -- As a football players because he doesn't have the number. That -- have -- -- but he is playing pretty good football would have been in the in the game means he's meant to focus on when he's not in the game. One of things I noticed home and he was you know you have. Sort of persona. Ran against -- vertical guy -- -- expect them -- the papers to secure routes around. What he's I've I've found. -- you need separation -- open Littlefield. Then he -- -- Nazi's were the backfield he could still that the people right there isn't -- that he could still -- -- you know and it's not you know one of the things actually you know. I feel like guys to replace furcal so much that's really not return to his most coastal -- tougher route. Active burglary which opens up some of the unity stuff I mean I still signal that the reasons that he you know got -- -- -- -- -- game. -- -- -- more than me -- through the rest of the way. Play the it's because he's not a big corporate office but I don't think it's because he's not. Able to -- he's not. But he's always root for people on the treatment I think -- -- -- would meet him get -- and different security to get more -- -- -- what it. He's averaged about 50% of the snaps over the course -- and I keep it was after the because we. And definitely what's meant but I think one of the things would have been wouldn't learn their feet. When he first -- very. I think we all thought that you is that who the guy -- defense to -- -- -- When he got there we was so surprised to see him. Get those that race both in person. Those scum -- route in what he learned from here to receive because. He can tell you from says he's learned a whole lot. As a receiver from field. -- the quote that you feel about running -- to eat is picking you to open it just little things that they help you out and as you think there. If you have one of the best receiver Lee. That he learned. Better things to get to making that much better that that that's the great thing. You don't want to -- there's there's a beautiful place you can go back to -- the where he looks like -- -- -- read off within the past that he caught if it's the giant to be with for fifty something yards where it went over the middle with people who little. To the quarterback -- -- to deceive you with a it and it was me it still meet halfway and it was a great athlete but just to see him -- at 35 you've seen him. I think he's averaging means to significantly 530 -- to see him do that after a year out of the game. Completely out of the game and you -- that that you have freely admitted on the shelf in the past. That what you thought of Rodney Harrison before he was a teammate was totally different than what you thought of Rodney Harrison when he was -- -- you at this. Lots of he was you know that's definitely pick up the perception it's no different than when he hit that home in April -- real close running each other. You know Summers in the -- don't support universal. The picture you sent him. You -- -- golf thing where you're running dispute that direction a lot different than what you think I mean there's a lot of guys thought I was -- you know you're kidding me Obama. I find that hard to believe yeah. But that's what I wanted my you figured out. What element the exercise of same like my own fuel persona effective tool -- -- well sort -- I did have a lot of people what myself so when somebody like you comes and you know I think -- come -- -- it was like he was entirely different way bodies in the Hewlett. And I think that's what you normally -- -- -- -- guys. Here that's for accountable -- but you can access your remarks I think at this point for older guys -- -- you know what. What I heard me you know things -- things guys may -- expert and leave as well you could sort of persona thing for. All indications of course been a good teammate has had an off field stuff but he just comes and -- -- wants to compete they simple like that while that's why I was asking. Did you have a different. Perception of Randy Moss before you know they did it change once you get a chance -- all. They now know that as if there. I've always been the thing. It's hard not to be affinity -- serve and -- and here it is. I think what really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean -- ninety. We treat me. What do you call an -- at that point. When I called him. -- mean really -- thing. And we felt Bruschi asked you to Paula yeah. And at that point that that was one. Would be that means that knew that I was. One of those guys that. You know the -- -- he wanted him what it was because what you speak. Wrong number. I'm happy with try to call two out of -- -- Because I was getting to that point to Wear out I was well those that do it right he gave you. Have that rule is to put that on me I feel like okay well. You're you're in that position. You know what you wanna do respect it's the -- as a veteran player. He looks would bet it wouldn't know the better player you've got to respect factor at the briefing today that took room. You know allow exposed comic who -- you could think of the guys from accountable one and the guys that other players will want. Like you know while reading war books and watching. Him through her pockets and he must scare you to death -- defensive player. -- can be reviewed it -- -- that's the thing which is fun to watch players in Stewart. That I figured you. That's right -- the game and a acted that way for the first practice there was so me and their coaches turnaround -- -- The is to stop what you're doing more -- -- -- -- move forward from there a couple of plays that happened -- -- with him. It was by news going. -- that we've seen it correctly accelerate the touchdown pass to exit the vote along bullied to death of the first now -- -- Good evidence that that haven't practiced like -- we actually -- do that president that we play covered that. And Atlanta we worked really hard about a week of practice that it didn't feel good -- there was the play. These -- -- definitely keeping you where he goes over the middle. Do you think that's what he is. Bring it back like this brings it down that I thought was still one of the most we kept them but refuse to get after the game we don't what do you guys think that it. Once that compared -- -- exactly are the Miami game out there yet. He's the one that is you know that -- If this thing for me. Or how hogwarts. I know he had the benefit of being in -- negative got that. What to know him the perfect but we you know what these -- football means to him. It is made the identity with being absolutely -- -- with a -- he was absolutely have to with a final regular when he talked to us. He was funny he was insightful he helped us understand the -- at a different level. Why doesn't he definitely. With horror with what what do you know if the election victory effort certainly unhappy -- a record when you. You growing something instantly -- -- you hold on today. For whatever reason -- it feels -- -- to the game he like that don't have to get this model is that that be. Who are Adrian did this field that -- well that's that's what we're doing who played football and that's all he wants to do. -- and I I respect that you've got -- relationship with them and and there are things you can't say him and and that I really do respect that. Everything you guys are saying right here. Every description. One what's practiced putting what's teammate every. You're saying makes me think that was the purity. And Ali you out of an okay I'm leaving you out now and -- and I say that respectfully. You two Y isn't here I'd be part of it. You can Trace it back to the fact it in with a small part of it which you -- it back the fact that the patriots the third 2009 season. You -- the jets were. Confidence. You did have time to create a lot of political options if you've been heard in profits he could get through the building if he had through before. We have in the past you guys changed the topic 3010. Got a lot work them. You know it comes back if we want them running back there's increased -- them with Welker because. Did have time to -- five and seven step drop especially with the jets read them back. That would that that it went outside of the widest off its -- in the departure read people's. With Judith. Do it is in this and I'm not to speak about Randy from speaking about. A lot of players that have been here that has gone -- places would if we. If that would -- in the fourth but the way the patriots do business. The way they handled the personnel that we had to organizational things didn't feel we let me be with the and these -- we own good note that's all licenses. It book from that fact it did it -- Anything he's not the only guy that it's happened to tap into -- -- of that -- -- if it is that we are doing great. Two big business it's it's it it doesn't -- everywhere it doesn't fiction -- -- you know it's going to be. I will say this the list of players who have left the patriots. And gone on and perform successfully in other places is not that long. I mean generally speaking guys perform better here. That they end up performing wherever it is they go next week give him leave the track record tells you that these guys give up on a player you're relieved of. Unity that's when it you're -- -- would we be talking about deciding to cut -- with a -- I would go back frequently critical problem with him. I don't feel that way -- significant differently for big business with the cut -- they cut ties with guys that you're too early as opposed to you're. When it comes to releasing it delicately here too -- with me that they wouldn't be here tomorrow what they'll -- they'll as opposed to -- At the post as opposed to letting you guys hang around and around. All of CU went through what's the and it's definitely a complete with them. Written and well I get our act itself from fifteen was delighted that. Unless he's someone kind of brought is that to me. Early on him before the season thought about that. One thing that. Answer that question -- Obama's views well the product so. But it does definitely but they haven't gotten burned word yet and yet. Over long -- they got into the short tonight with. Not just what we talk about exactly launch criminal record but you talk about because it's obviously it's been successes will vote. So they haven't got burned -- -- -- going to keep on with things that we did they have been doing so you could see that the couple more time. Troy talked about it earlier this week if he never lets players come back it. Beta when it that you went up while I. Went this way I remember my own personal situation. And one of the things really hurt you you know I have all the flexible it's definitely. Bill. And beyond the right about it. What if it was did you think so at the time all the way here -- what happened at the time I understood it but you know here's my issue was would bankrupt last year it would be your last year before it left. What they -- what was played her most here. So they wanna put that in the formula which Hartford with the with the man whose children this thing it's risk evaluation. And I had played well for six years when I was the guy who was -- him. I would play the game. What it was always like it was going to be hurt you know and that and I -- I wrote my first glance through Watson you know the last probably vote for your right -- -- country. And a river one of those conversations my agent -- you know. We're concerned about it too much money because -- for -- -- enough so they they wouldn't value one you. Part of that is the risk assessment. And I want it got. Nice to New York with the -- thing and -- wildlife what you. Think it -- him before you what's -- from the field and I remember when it happened because. You've known since that's not. But -- -- again I I wrote my book through that three years down there but it definitely affected my performance of I know there were the guys like I mean these were guys went with the patriots that when -- -- came off. You know buildings on how well they might -- if the numbers don't look. It -- not but I mean guys who that was important assessment report consistently been determined what -- -- would give them you have -- gold project forward. My issue was you know play great on special teams. We probably -- back couple positions spots -- when necessary. -- too risky to project forward because what you think I mean that's a but I can be really honest about now about you know flip why -- -- and made it through. What it was sort of -- -- the almost I always -- with. Not. Off the -- -- play every now. I'll owls beat up at the time but beyond that so it's something that's that's really true when you know it's not something you won't hear -- yourself with. Step back announcing record right. We'll take quick break we'll come back here to but we keep some of this -- really -- -- place just up but the NFL Sunday brought by and that nobody is ranked the official. Wright and -- we patriots. Became a box at your favorite -- K yeah celebrates them.

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