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Dear Non-Pats fans, it's time to turn off the radio

Dec 11, 2012|

Mut and Lou come out and say it: If you don't want to hear about how great the Patriots were against the Texans, this is not your day. They discuss how great Tom Brady and the offense looked against one of the NFL's elite defenses and how the Pats defense stepped up as well. They also discuss the way New England excelled in all the areas that the Texans were supposed to beat them.

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Well I know this company here at WEEI think I do. -- -- money I save a few bucks wherever you can whether it's not have cups for the coffee. -- I'll have coffee at all. -- turning up the heat on the weekends is to come in there that wanna say a few bucks bubble up this Wall Street. Both the New Orleans hotel rooms today. Booked the flights today and nonrefundable. Make a nonrefundable because the patriots team that we watched last night. It's gonna represent the AFC in the Super Bowl -- save a couple blocks put us up but Harris Allstate Harris right beautiful casino. Outside New Orleans I checked they'll Wikipedia today 65 degrees. Is the average temperature of February and my brother went a year ago is we have to have catfish. We go for the Super Bowl and a couple months but it just. Real early just get this out if you are a jet fans steeler fan giant fan any of the -- and other than knowing the patriots. Turn your radio off today all day really all day because an insufferable. Right between people talking about getting an insufferable find other evidence is just supporting all the people that I patriots fans because at that game last night. And high you can walk away. Not being oppressed and not seeing that there are the best team right now -- -- And they showed it probably the best team in the NFL what is what what's -- probably hear what what Q what is in your mind like that is the stopper from usein. They're the best team in the NFL it's now why you see probably what team. To wanna put that -- I don't the year as the 49ers -- you out on them this cap -- starting you know he's opening up get me all the points -- put up and always airing it up downfield and they've opened up that office. -- I think stomach as a group of teams that can win super balls you know and end. Robert is great esteem today NFL they ought to get probably out of their -- today do. What is today get to work and it at all and today we can't predict what's happened I I I'm gonna get there I know that Bristol I was worried about. What are you -- every word about how worried that you're gonna come out here and give them a Super Bowl championship and I -- needing to -- got to calm down and it was a great game let's enjoy this great performance. By a great team and -- -- to come up with the guys in help -- in New England Patriots I'm not it's just that I eight. You you're concerned before about Denver now you know I don't think all the double that amount. You know your concern volatility -- -- to watching one game you know concerns over anybody they'll walk to the NFL. On the way to Super Bowl that's that's funny how high you get that for me just saying they'll get that and every game's going to be 4214. Said that don't words in my mouth OK they're gonna get their vote. And you with Peyton Manning Broncos this but this is gonna be a -- -- -- I saw last night. Nobody's coming into this building you know in the patriots and -- nobody and I'm not getting on -- it was unbelievable performance. They should get to the Super -- There's no question because this was one of those teams it was that Europe is at your field. I don't think that this team was ready for this type of atmosphere that we saw that last night the -- best team in the AFC there's no question they should get there. But when you watch enough for this -- any given day anything can happen. They play and nobody actually beat them a -- write this down any given Sunday. Any team can win I've never heard that before good breaking it down the police failure in the AFC it's just below mean yes every team the AFC fears you today -- -- -- what they saw less I don't fear you. Knowing that you've been right now today you. Does any team fear did you do you fear any team in the AFC right now. -- it is -- -- how we is that the patriots a 100% healthy and have any major injuries on the way if you tell me they are rocketed a -- stats and -- their relatively healthy. Then the the only some edge of fear. Would be Peyton Manning -- -- that that's had a thought that if that team last night that does not scare me a more than the guy talked to weigh in here. And it doesn't scare me at all it's gonna -- beat Denver when you told get a date. We always talked about Denver Peyton Manning scare you watch one game -- Peyton Manning doesn't scare you anymore because the way. Match job look Dick -- does not the word it would be competitive football game absolutely but I might scare the patriots would would not scared of anything I'm not I'm just trying to analyze what you see from this team what I saw last night was the best team in football and if -- if that -- holds. And Democrats to come through -- -- when the they are not wanna beat the patriots in that building no want to beat the patriots not building lots of them it was in the Super Bowl. -- there's an injury obviously this all changes but the complete package of offense and defense nobody's beaten out of came -- they all take a step further. It was the offense last night that most impressed me. The offense to put up 21 points in their first three drives and for Brady with JJ watt and Johnathan Joseph back and healthy. To go up and down the field against that Texans defense that at one point. It was -- vaunted defense that -- week all that they bought the Texas defense at some point it may not be anymore. But for Brady stand up pocket and make plays to Welker and lawyer and the way they used Hernandez. Against linebackers and cornerbacks and defense about. That offense last night. Was a thing of beauty and I killed Josh McDaniels. This is a god lobster on the reverse every single freaky play like -- like there's some rule on the NFL playbook that I got on the reverse every player fake reverse. That game plan last night with Brady company was unbelievable. And British senate after the game the other judge said today or do you see excuse me. This is why Josh is one of the best I usually disagree. Lot of Josh McDaniels brace he was off a he was also last night and that offense between running the football on the on the football. I walked away most impressed with that's on the ball -- does -- defense in the AFC victim what what that offense I saw last night good night. Even the AFC here's the -- look at you know the the New England Patriots all right going into this game are one of big group of teams. -- what is suitable so that obviously top -- there one of the elite teams in the in the game right -- 67 what do you wanna call every group you wanna put in there. What you saw was eighteen. That a lot of people think that they can minister global won't play the best game that they've played all year long. Against 111 Houston Texans -- once it. So there's no way you can come out of that game thinking that they are the prohibitive favorite waking up here on Tuesday morning are they aren't they off there's no question that -- okay. Because the way they just before it was an amazing game for the steam as the best game I can't remember. The last time that team looked that good against a good team. They were trying to think about and announced that may be like it was Indianapolis Colts when the colts came in here as a playoff game a playoff game to talk to get the culture come off a game lit up like 4050 points in Manning was going crazy you'll like I got. This can be a tough game and do anything. But did that was that that was the best game ever seems to play against a good team but the thing that impressed me the most wasn't the offense it was a defense. Because to me that's how you still -- this team. We know what their -- -- and -- shocked allied immunity deal with it at that team that might -- a level that defense without Rob Gronkowski. But when you come into a game. Good -- Houston the second highest scoring team in the NFL. Okay an agent Andre Johnson starred in the league in yards wide receiver. Area foster's fifth in the league going into the game in yards per -- number one in the league with touchdowns. And capable guy match I was eighteen for -- last point oh. In the -- and make that team look like death earlier four for fourteen on third down they couldn't get anything going. To the point where. They're going for -- and the depth or not I don't want to go to but this is exactly we talked to our staff by the way first half. Make a ball field goals like Google's goodies you want but make a -- They're going for because they can't stop Tom Brady they're already panic in first quarter of this football game. The defense. They continued their aggressiveness. The key to leave at the best game he's still the patriots are real it was terrorist it was only a quarter Brett boy do with -- Andre Johnson. Debtor steps in what he did -- Andre Johnson according shall we speed and coverage. Everybody linebackers it doesn't matter. That defense to me is the one thing you always keep an -- when it comes the patriots. And it wasn't a local we saw the last three weeks to me. -- I would say they showed LS 96 coming across like the bad guy earlier all come across the Baghdad extended the defense benefited from the offense put them through Houston Texas the 21 simple. I think offensively you came in against who without Rob Gronkowski great point by you all -- in stock when instantly when nothing. No they got a bit of -- first for it started with eight within. Or what they call it officially illegal formation on the first play from scrimmage illegal formation the defense made some stops early I thought it looked better. Because you let a 21 nothing lead and the patriots are able to score. All their first two possessions and they did so again. No -- settlement no prob gonna tell I consider the outside Wes Welker that next most important offensive player it is Brady. And then he's number one. -- get well -- -- she went to -- you know what how we wanna put them they play without him the play without settlement but against the best third down defense in football. The best third down defense in the game and Houston Texans. You rolled up a six for 1250%. -- on third down against that Texan defense that is a thing of beauty and that's why. I'm gonna come across like an -- saying that the defense who was not the story. But offensively if they're able do that against Houston to put teams any team Houston Denver secure AFC playoff team put them to 21 nothing hole. But -- -- -- better because teams are having a play out of their -- or use our team plus -- playback and pick up without slots at that point once there's a reason why wasn't what you at all. Defense did what they had to do that first drive you talked about illegal formation on the first play. And we'll get into the hole -- experience factor coming into the game and just crap all over yourself early on but the very first play. But meanwhile inept planning Foster closer to wall becomes back out after the penalty goes for fifteen. Tip Foster for one Foster for five and a beautiful play. By Ericsson right break up the past is that the gene. So now they get them off the field now that go back to go down to feel a little bit. In a beautiful interception by McCord we all know that Foster was very the other show the overhead bad decision by shop but a beautiful interception by M according. And then you come back in the very next drive India -- deep -- Johnson that is Foster for negative three Foster for yards -- -- -- sack. So I -- I'm looking at -- and the defense early on was so aggressive and was so good. Yet it created that's when he when that the whole like group yesterday -- in -- -- That it's gold for a fourth and five for the kicking field goals they can't stop them to get the impression that Gary Kubiak was looking around for the reset button on the Nintendo game try to make sure you try to restart at the goal on four on fourth down in the first step. I would only argue this. Go watch that play action touched on a Brandon Lloyd and try to. Try to imagine this offense and earlier in the year audience to very good even -- plot that sort of play. Several bit on that thing and there is Brandon Lloyd wide open from NBC's touchdown. Brady's thrown this year and again you it's like generates its picking your what's the worst kinda candy that's the -- say revenue what was better last night. I just I walked to the offense and defense played very very very well. I wish of the offense statement was I don't care what team we play a -- held back downs JJ watt has we're gonna put up points for the -- -- Skis here it was pretty funny -- early on in that game you saw the patriots batten down balls. Big early on an occasion -- patriots play action. Just having safeties and Houston biting them you saw -- play action on stretch runs right a staple Houston. With a touchdown to -- wide open. That's stuff that Texans do open and the patriots in the first quarter was like oh yeah we heard so much all the stuff you do. We went out there and did it better than you early on the reason why -- -- the defense. Is because I firmly believe. That with a great defense team would've won more championships under Tom Brady and -- look at it. You know and though I look at the last three games you can go to Indianapolis but there are good -- the last three games. You before that they were like thirtieth in the league right there's a few key key stats right on third down conversions. Don't like thirtieth in the league it was like 44%. But in the last three games. 27. The number to a football through Denver Broncos to you know worried about but the number two in football on third down conversion. Points per game the last three games their sixth. In yards to distract this bear bend but don't break when everybody says you know at 31 in yards but it does America's -- sixteenth well. I like both those numbers to go down what's exactly what they've been the last three games. You know that in in points per game -- sixth in the league it's sixteen points a game. Getting yards of fourteen from 335. That's that's that's that you want regularly 31 in sixteen I want yards in the -- back in defense top ten in points. The defense the last three weeks and -- four weeks with the colts and what they did is the reason why. They are the prohibitive for a. I was -- in those through to talk -- -- know what the offense and those are three weeks that Rob Gronkowski those last three correct the offense is averaging thirty points a game. I just count on the defense of conversation with this offense is an absolute machine right now while I'm on the conclusion that. If locker goes down. And -- goes down somehow Tom Brady's gonna put up points. I'm just somehow Tom Brady's gonna put appoints Matthew Slater who -- always -- guy whatever it takes fouls and good lord. Gruden just call all all just called the -- oh okay save yourself. Whatever always involved and play to skull was that or even try. Nobody can deal with arts and no surprise -- -- -- phones already where he had to all your thoughts on last night's big patriots win 6177797937. Your phone every can text is on the ATP text line. At 379837. I think we learned about the off when you -- -- about the defense and we both agree. We -- a little bit about the Houston Texans last night in a big spot we'll talk about that ninety seconds.

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