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Houston not ready for the big stage: Sorting through the wreckage of Pats-Texans

Dec 11, 2012|

In what was supposedly the biggest game in their franchise's history, the Houston Texans came up way short against the New England Patriots. John and Gerry tear apart the idea that the Texans are as much of a contender as the Patriots and also delve into how Brady and the Patriots picked apart the Texans while Matt Schaub fell apart on the big stage.

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So much. For pregame analysis. Whether on ESPN weather on WE DI whether Comcast weather on NFL network. So much for pregame analysis the Texans we were told coming in was going to be the while while the more balanced team. Sorry pats rushed the ball 36 times they passed the ball thirty I'm sorry rushed the ball 33 times. Passed the ball 36 times we were told the Texans were going to be styled her on defense will guess what. The patriots held Foster to 46 yards and sacked job. Twice as many times as the Texans sacked Tom Brady we're told that it was -- back out all the balls that Tom Brady threw. The patriots -- -- that as well. This is the four. Best scoring defense in the National Football League. I gave up six touchdowns this is the best number one ranked. Third down. Defense in the National Football League they failed 50% of the time and most damaging in my mind I predicted this but you with your -- right. It was -- Broderick Johnson to say what he said. On a night in a game that he said is the most important in franchise history. The patriots made them quit they've made them quick and how I know they've made equipped. TJ Yates came into the game day quit. Remarkably you know -- Speaking of self I thought some of us here said the patriots would win easily and we said it because especially -- winter and there was almost cut the final score right but. L bradys in that zone I don't I go against that streak that December street that second half streak. They they build up to December and that's what they've done this year. And they built up to this moment I will say this that obviously everybody overrated Texans. What the patriots did yesterday with that what they did last night you might read in the paper that they won. The game they won the money in game they did more than that they you know they they wrecked. The Texans they -- the Texas this anybody think. The Texans can come back can be that paid in to -- the jets did it two years ago that's that was an array of hard. That's an aberration that is flew key. I think an and the jets. Warts and all that Monday night game -- the biggest game in history. -- Andre Johnson staking may it was he put that on his teammates. And what we learned is they can't handle I mean match job choked. Gary Kubiak choked under the pressure Monday Night Football at Foxboro was a big big deal to them. It turned out to big deal turned out that couldn't handle. Surprised by necessarily the 45 points nobody is surprised by anything this offense does certainly not as they -- toward December and -- ended January because this is what offense does but did you see his defensive effort coming awake -- say this. If it were not for JJ watt. There's -- to be 85. Seven team. 8570. Yeah he was a very good -- was arguably one it was an -- yeah right. Absolutely I mean he would have no reason for him to hang his head I mean. Probably defensive play of the game was him punch in the ball a lot of Danny would have -- not to work didn't work output certainly wasn't his fault but I think. What we've learned is that it Texans are paper -- what we learned that Texas Texans are. Ready for this that are not ready to play in the AFC championship game certainly not ready to go on the road. And due to back up the back at that point Jerry take a look at the penalties they had that the key situations when I if you wanna go one at a time what some of the more penalties -- otherwise as always the patriots get the call they start the best darted. With the wrong. Formation that's true there's a separate blade square to apply worst play right all the games -- veteran. I guess lined up. Off the line the widest of wide receivers did not -- they were up the line did not cover up the left tackle that's why it was illegal for me -- we we never got -- replay in -- and an explanation from group actually listen to warmer the bite out of from a caller from anybody out that that. -- -- Explained it but that I mean there were some bad cardinals but there always is when during the patriots. You have to accept the fact that the patriots would get the call but but they were there weren't ready him and I got a list of your ideas catalyst. Just amazingly. In -- stupid things they didn't you know it was amateur hour it was Monday Night Football in Foxboro we all said. What is what I like at the and I say this all the time says yes there -- a couple days ago is. It's fun when the pressures as it gets to see guys. React under great pressure while we love in all the massacres. That's why we love the -- why we love the final four it's not a sport it's the stakes that's what matters. And in this case you know the papers available -- but here this was their time and I think. It note that that they. It was more than a game I think they went in and said this is four AFC supremacy we still have the Broncos out there but does anyone think the Texans are ready to elect. In a couple of playoff game -- -- god forbid they have to go on the road and and win a playoff game and a ticket to their. Or a million reasons the patriots are different from the Texans their -- million reasons for the patriots are better than the Texans first and foremost political chronologically is. When the patriots steal little blood in the water they helps me take advantage there was a perfect example. For the Texans to begin that game and sets -- kind of tone and it every single opportunity presented to. Today candidate backed the patriots first and foremost. The first run that we just talked about a twelve yard run by far which sets the tone if you just that back they had to again it's a ten yard run in the third play the patriots had to call timeout because at twelve guys -- the field upset at myself well -- Cameron -- and it's a great start and the patriots have a little shot right now and don't have couldn't take advantage and went out. When the patriots adjusted and and and stop the run. The men Kubiak in the Texas can't run. And all that big guy number 75 in the middle and let's run right -- in -- catch it was like it was like child's play for the paid -- to stop to. Two through -- media and expect to know what -- did that. Didn't know what the Texans were gonna do okay. Boston's getting the ball and here and and in Wilfork and company had no problems up on the run put pressure on job. Who is -- Sox. Let's say shops talks. Mean primetime -- what watch him at home against the colts the -- go to great or. But if you're going to be. You know in in the arena Tom Brady in the arena at the man or try to get to the tonight we talked available yet made it this is kind of game if you you have to. It for the occasion. And I think the biggest play of the game was the according no question because not only did according make the big play. Should operate as a mistake you see the replay you -- this guy. -- -- -- Can't put that check down for a start there's a lot check double -- as though it was right in -- I wish I don't -- straight line looked flustered. Like that that to me I said wow this guy is not ready to sit at that table not ready to be in the room. With Peyton and Brady Eli and Rogers I mean this that was amateur hour this was a check down to. I don't know the best back in the AFC. With no -- else nobody else in the zydeco. And this quarterback did. I guess you can call the Sanchez right -- -- such as there says oh look in on this even Andre Johnson as Tennessee's -- 800 Johnson and while -- -- ordain it to the other side so he throws it and and you know. Throws away all the momentum they built at that point. And then when gruden on the show the replay and gruden analysts said while. I don't think that happens if it's September I don't think that happens if it's in Houston I don't think that happens if he's playing. Of the colts in Houston or play in the jaguars -- Houston that doesn't happen that happened. Because it was Monday Night Football that happened. Because of the bulls in the air and the pressure. On this quarterback was another one of those opportunities presented the Texans were they spit the bit -- like the start of the game just like that particular checked on the capsule missed just like. Report on fourth down when they need to be out on the field and walk drive and keep trying to score on both occasions they've built mr. neighbor awful and I they're there in. You magic's coaching throw Wade Phillips and -- yeah I mean yell at what point do you understand. Don't rush five or more against Brady right he will chew you. I love the idea that they got to bring in six times quarterback -- in -- -- young I don't want my pace said keep keep coming back that's OK I keep coming mr. Richard don't I mean the the master. All of the hot read and you got to see the contrast -- -- went like and and group made a big deal out of this to the -- where. Boston was coming out of the -- simple little swing pattern. Any misses them by like six feet all -- over to the right to have all our guys have -- -- get the caesarean Foster into place. Simple simple pass that anybody commit any even even in Tebow could've made that pro. And job because of the situation because of the the atmosphere at the moment the pressure can't do that team is no threat. As long as that quarterbacks. I I for the 720 to make this switch quarterbacks Brady plays for Texas. Houston job knowing. What happened first results I was saying it's a ball. That's how important quarterback is in these big games. It is a blow for Houston of Brady is where the Texans uniform and show -- was weren't patriots and so what. We learn what mature what we learn but I know what Bradie James Lawrence I will give him credit for honesty in the post game Bradie James said. We were really taught what championship football is all about this one is a tough one to swallow. I would say that. Play the two plays for me to place from him according picked because. I was stunned at what -- gag job that was by shop whose post debate I mean. -- -- -- and the Pro Bowl and I guess that means that the first six choices they decided not to go to Hawaii this year trip to Hawaii. But the other one was that the fumble. In the -- fumble. That Hernandez were companies himself to yet. If it was right there for Jackson -- opportunity to right there I mean he recovers and it's a different game. But he can't recover a fumble that right there at his feet. Hernandez recovers what happens next play touchdown touchdown touchdown. That's obviously seven point swing or more because she gets a moment did you recover that fumble the pages -- give the ball upright. They did bear. The text is just didn't it want make it -- and -- and I got a list of things that that the Q Kubiak. And Wade Phillips did you would never see Belichick can't leave and earnings -- no one a couple of Hernandez school and yeah I mean it's -- -- nobody covered the -- I -- play action -- killing Houston all my lol well -- occasionally in high school you see that maybe once -- -- call Texas had a high -- -- -- this -- -- eleven and one NFL team that -- I -- earned him and his can get lost the Indian -- little little -- right right. Parents Hernandez bricks out split out wide. And you don't have anyone out there and Brady just looks good. It's not that dole backed that's amateur hour again it was a it was like. Felt at times like to play in the jaguars lose it in the open talking about the -- Alacrity and the and the efficiency with which Tom Brady operates when he played against him when it was coaching Tampa. Is we try to trick and Brady spotted the bullets before. He he he should've -- it disguised the blitz Brady picked it up Brady's. Perfect play out of his. What touchdown was easy as pie and he's heard Brady coming off the field laughing. There was one of those moments last night on that stretch play Lloyd. Think Brady walked off the fields and will we worked on this all week long and it's that we did. That's strictly -- RIL went back to about three or four yes yes to that but that's your first -- was perfect in every single member of the Texans defense. Ran the running back and and and I'm sure the hardest thing about that it was -- at all like -- opened by the fifteen yards right don't short artist thing. And you know what the Texans had the chance in the same thing Andre Johnson was -- left side they were in the stretch play Andre Johnson ran into the post if you went to the flag yeah I had like Lloyd did. He's wide open and he comes in -- you know again in the in the DB two -- -- safety help so. Johnson is like in double covered if he breaks to the flag and the district -- works. The pictures just did everything better than that Texans and I think the biggest reason for that is not. You know talent and it's not. Game plan those are factors -- aggression and its pressure on Internet patriots at this is that this is a playoff game this is a chance we've done this before and and you know I I realized their home it's easier to do at home but. That team they played you think if they play them again. This this game last they didn't leave a mark ought to be damaged well record mark they rectum they'd rip their hearts out stomp them -- and on. Right in the middle. Feel confident times that he -- 4214. Score doesn't really indicate the dominance of one team over the other but it does in this case you said in every area. First -- Third down efficiency -- yard rushing. Net yards passing total return yardage penalty is a number of yards red zone efficiency -- however I did find a silver lining. The Texans did help hold a slight edge in better net punting average Al did a yard -- better net punting. Knew they'd be good at that edged Texans and it would have doesn't fumble. Brady has five touchdown passes and 300 yards passing so would head. If you want to you know hang your hat on -- TT bashers yet I haters -- Make it Brady didn't get the fifth have to pass and didn't get the 300 you know you talked about the third down conversion at the start of the game and an opening half. I think they were two -- four to a 53 of five which new wing that first app that was one of the number you were looking at right up the top. Because detect into the best third down conversion defense into it was the best personal office they -- out of the water. Every facet of the game every percent its. Greatness is pressure there were 52 -- -- -- -- -- the question is today I think he's. He's the AFC championship game in New England or in Denver. -- -- Because Baltimore beat them on the ball from the even at that I think I did Baltimore catches of Baltimore has no choice they need to kettles and it actually gets right -- -- -- -- once again they got they have to clip -- it's in all the IR and a ball from the table in the -- Lewis is supposed to be coming back even though he's playing with a towards right try step by step their -- they just fired the -- -- court -- one that. We got here yesterday and if it's if -- ball from the table patriots at the time -- as they beat them the year. So it's here edge patriots on the goal in the super ball. You know will mature within a plea yet. In Flickr should the -- with a gonna play. We'll see how some of Cisco does indict the honesty really is that that much more dominant the immediacy and they're not but amendment means anyone more dominant than the in the patriots right now about it it's the best continues to improve like this thing well -- -- however however August -- Bit of local -- water on this fire. -- toll was up for an amount of time and dinner at the same read we're back to that's sort of makeshift. You know ticket together -- it's a crazy glue secondary -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Early with the SEC linebackers gluten governments at all did it I -- I wasn't that little two cents. At. If they if Tennessee has filled that job. And he was still rumored to be you say now he's going to go see it as he's been blown save his job he. Homework the only thing he mentioned more than SEC America's. It was the man to man in the Brady's never -- -- man. The only mention that like every play the whole night the plan man to man he never sees this McManaman. On -- on win but. Did the actions of the figured out yet the number 51 occasionally. Blitzes with -- especially lately. I -- honest to god he blitzed. Give credit to get to the quarterback a number of times rushed to me -- him. Did you forget it ever get chipped the average pick. Didn't we didn't make it we didn't see but doesn't this beg the question bill and you do a little bit more yes a little earlier in the season he has just seems rather receptive to not that you just Belichick. Just -- -- -- they -- -- win. They win in Iraq and -- Economic -- already I I'm -- -- debt every time mail blitzes every time anyone -- -- Why he doesn't blitz because he lets the other quarterback make mistakes or whatever that's a good is expected Sanchez to correct. Overtime against Sanchez Arizona because they never blitzed them they never let Sanchez. And they went over timing and perhaps his best game -- -- of the season and I don't think actually lost there's a monopoly that you have to prove to me. You have got to -- -- on video could be undefeated at this point totals I think -- four points away from being undefeated. And whether or not. I made him do it this pain in the neck but it's much more intimate but the best team in the NFL and they are. Going to the super bull because I think you're right cabinet that the the championship game I mean I don't take. Manning lightly Manning -- -- taken his team back here early in the year -- and he choked it away. I think it'll be much more competitive than last night. Pistons fraud -- that that I want the whole world learn I mean you've heard Ron Amadon yeah I heard all these get their tests stunned. How weak minded -- beat the Houston varsity. And -- games only get bigger and and certainly when you get to the playoffs the games get exponentially bigger than that did anything that happened last night. Beyond teaching. The Texans where they aren't in the hierarchy of of of battle tested teams. Do anything to help them and he's bigger games -- let them know that -- don't know I mean I don't know what's gonna get big game and say yeah I hope it doesn't turn out like fox. Especially if it's here here than in -- they can't come in here and they'll they'll have to take they'll have to have. Like security try to get shot out from under locker -- -- like Kevin Brown in the two in the yankees' clubhouse under -- -- the in the fetal position on being is that due to I have to come out it's the patriots. They had -- was healthy. Right Andre Johnson was healthy -- area of Boston was held JJ watt was healthy. I mean they were -- John Jonathan Joseph he was was back then I mean they had their full squad and they didn't last year and it is from mr. gronkowski which is whatever would always say with a limited attacks in juvenile -- -- he's fine he's a 100% -- them stay home absolutely stop donated donated just don't do anything stupid will find someone else. To block an extra points and they did and they convert them all you see you for the pre post season scrimmage against Miami -- I. Don't think today I look forward to was hearing the big show bashing Belichick. On off the dogs is you don't do that in the NFL right -- -- -- football players play for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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