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Paul Flannery, SB Nation, joins Kirk Minihane to break down Rajon Rondo and the Celtics struggles

Dec 8, 2012|

Flannery weighs in on the debate about where Rajon Rondo ranks among the NBA elite and whether he is someone you can build a team around. Kirk and Paul discuss what is out there on the trade market that could put the Celtics over the top. They also look at the disappointing performance of Jeff Green so far this season as he struggles to remain consistent.

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Two point seven to go Celtics down one in the overtime Rondo -- it up like Kevin Garnett at the album is back there Rondo he's falling down to get the shot away for air ball. At a ball game was over. I shot grandy last night with a call on WBI Celtics lose the sixers in overtime in Philly they host -- tonight. Celtics struggling so far this year -- -- you know -- what -- seniors so for almost the fourth into the season early. -- waited -- the start to have a little bit of concern. Joining us now in the AT&T hotline is Mike Appel. Formally WBI dot com -- now jumped over these national basketball columnist SB nation I would encourage you to read him. Whenever he writes anything follow him on Twitter he plans that is. Paul -- Paul good afternoon -- Baker what happened what's going on. What's I'm I'm it fits your question absolutely nothing and I am waiting for the Celtics at -- -- consistent. That's fair I'm watching temple and duke journey as -- in the studio in appears to me they went to rafter you and Mike Patrick Patrick shrinking it seems like -- about three feet tall I'm concerned about that but I guess we can. Talk about that later I guess with the Celtics -- -- of what's the first thing are also had -- the first. Our year Red Sox Ellsbury all that junk they'll quickly and I got into Rondo somehow be I'd pick up where rock the stands in the NBA that you can imagine. Five belied the whole time I said runners on at ten best players in the league. Or at least a few if you're starting team tomorrow taking age contract performance history into account. You -- -- employers definitively you take overrun the -- every jump up and down there's a million names you wouldn't believe some of these names I would ask you this. You're starting your team tomorrow rather comfortably be within that bed at ten group. You know that -- Tuesday. I'm not sure occurred that disagree with you. Don't do that Bible -- a horse the -- sub Josh Smith Rudy Gay. I lost. Outlook we have some obviously it's obviously you know LeBron. Directly. You know LeBron terrain Chris -- -- -- alternate. Opting to play all the big -- quite arrogant in the week. Before that's for definitively on talking no question no argument works to be six more. Well Larry we we couldn't -- -- another. OK but -- -- -- -- leading to be that he didn't laugh with you about how you've got into the capital aka he's yet there are -- Actually no question. In my -- -- at seven intimated earlier -- but -- -- her name a name not say definitively no doubt. That's a second ticket -- dumped out that it. OK let's start suffice it to we kind of disagree agreement now old big action lawyer at the Celtics -- you know last night's one -- you -- nineteen games and you matching consistency. When are we going to see the team that we were told we -- going to. Not short and the reason I'm not sure I don't think the team they have right now with the team that people thought it was going to. And debate it and that means it's huge it's the big red blinking neon on the top of everything. Is that they've got it's -- problem Kevin Garnett out of the game and they don't have a secular lineup that can handle getting torched. They report by the you know but -- older and brand that played art and -- pros and -- good players between them an impossible situation that you're asking them to be essentially backup center. It's a -- work. And -- -- and it would have gone off numbers Garnett in the game before defensively we knew that it is crazy or they're not. And so I think you know I think that -- to be some some somebody else to commit here a couple. Now do you think it's a kind of thing where I mean obviously makes sense you could see this room can do it. Is something they wait as long as they canceled deadline to solve the singers -- something that happens soon they'd probably have to -- I think they're gonna wait and I think they're gonna wait because if you look at what's gonna happen now -- -- essentially open for business about a week from September 15 right wing guy he's a free agent contract traded -- and guys who signed with burger and treated by January 15 a little bit on your belt. You're currently -- to halt production again if all adult you know we put England power player. He turned into this country will be available to an accurate. Out of the molecular target and I think he did except in the accurate. And that compares now I think her -- excited and you know vote for pregnant -- work group. There can -- that can be -- trademark patent -- poultry market got. -- -- guy we're going to play actually Kenyon Martin when he manipulated it to somebody who actually can you really good now and possibly the future. Bush is play that -- Kenosha saved. Jefferson for our domestic who's making what what was your votes on the books ballpark I'll like -- so I mean what I did make that what's going to match up for. We'll be part dug harder to do I mean if I look at this team right now I'm saying this guy probably or we -- do it straight out. And it sort of look at it you know pick your spot -- brain and that accordingly are good MBA players. On and you know -- 56 million dollars. That betrayed -- you have Avery Bradley injured soldier rookie contract. Those are humongous -- -- -- those guys you don't wanna move that got -- do you want to get a guy who might short of the top. Right right now that's true I mean that's that's the that's the debate right now you mentioned -- And I thought when he brought demand in his 40% three guy like him defensively guys are coming in fit right in. Day one it is not -- Saudi air ball again last night on top ball the other stuff. Is it is a guy who I mean you know as a forget how to play basketball but what is going on your -- I think he's fighting himself a little bit. I think he's the guy who really cares. And I think -- really frustrated with -- -- right now. I I've been I've been saying that all year and you know -- recording into and so now it's that -- -- I'm sort of take stock. I think he's going to be -- They're really view I think he's a good player who knows who knows his job in those please -- -- and I think he's just needed a little bit of time to adjust. And -- -- keep saying that and keep getting in late last. You know twenty games and let's see what you -- and you know. You don't -- a total pro agree Burkhardt goes. But yeah you're right you Buick he had one year career if you look at one year -- the ten year history as future. Talks about the future of the lighting him in the old you know metal it's so bad. I think it's. They're really affect -- shot in that -- that I believe of I think what is happening that you never played -- -- like Celtics that I'd start committed engine. Played on teams that sort of you know -- guys sort of you know. You know workable that kind of thing and I think he just didn't just. You know I I do believe he will. You will become the player of the people want him today. Paul Flannery the lead basketball -- SP nations that right at the right title and wanted to tighter ball minor league tele -- -- you can correct me I'll probably look. The gregarious. In my word here am I overreacting I am sure I -- Like I'm -- from Paul Pierce so far this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean he you know it it is three point shooting five -- -- sort of carrying him if you cubic feet into the numbers. You know -- nine. He's not scoring is much talked about and not do the basket and -- scoring much heat to air which are athletic indicators which are each indicator or or help indicator. The situation. You're probably on the other way you know -- green hotel. That'll beat you catch -- early until pierce is once again having to take a lot of eco responsibility that's not necessarily care. You know pro torture I think well the point. Well they let you know when it comes to pierce Garnett -- and -- and by the way that's very. It. That you rhetoric comparing it got prematurely we've done it we've done a solid -- we've done in the past. Well millions army special -- Pierce's every year Regis yeah. How did he. And the bout no question about it but no I don't think you had a particularly good first you know 1920 -- and absolutely no. Now -- -- 45 minutes last night I was an overtime game first half of back to back though in December around you know I'm OK losing necking with. With you mentioned Jeff Green in the gets into play well last night and -- points you know -- and eight rebounds. Was active put the CE talk with a scene being consistent -- so far issue of the one guy you would say sort of best exemplifies -- agree. No actually you know I didn't let it. Part in Italy and I'm an article that Akron and the ugly dog. All apps and I Paul I it was nice and early when they traded for him I some Oklahoma City. Erupt paddy was that Miami series with the Celtics. Fan amount. Not at at the saint Dominic can help you -- -- indeed some think that I also think that it completely fair to give it to a cult when he if you call thirty political forty. He gave him a certain you know give him time to get is expecting that the piracy. Because of open heart surgery so. You know I think he does deserve a little bit of of a leeway there in terms of finding his rhythm and consistency that significant interest in not -- If you have a game where he will be aggressive and middle of the game where it completely -- and does not into it. That has to do with your game or months -- play and that's what that's what -- and that will frustrate -- to frustrate everybody else about yet. Is that you could be looking eagle with a 109. Fine be aggressive to the board. All. And you haven't seen it on a nightly -- in Latin beat England has really been great. I'm more concerned that the the because they were trying to build him as you know a guy who could really stop on the perimeter. What they have done to make it very very Smart you'd be barely played any big hole right here which is not a good spot for. Is old -- Oklahoma City to exceed rye and that that that is not a game developer conference I think that's Smart so. There unlike what you love would seem ugly and you to write about him being sort of you know. If if you're putting up symbolism for further inconsistency I think you know I think Jeff is right there. When you look at this here nationally will do a couple of you before which ago. Can and looks that you just knicks can keep this up and they won 5860 games. I'd I'd you know what I'd. I don't believe in India I I totally I watched them play them like the beautiful but. On the -- it's crazy. Right edge. Italy and it didn't hit it out for a long period on it hurt you know the old -- they've got a problem here is so important what they do offensively. They're gonna bury it thinking that it would Mari compact should absolutely bring -- bench Carmelo is therefore people. Need to understand that they're much better which is in the before. I think bottom -- decree coming off the bench but you know -- You gotta gotta convince the guy that that's that's right. So you know if if if if because they're older you worry about injuries and get released and you -- record because he is the backbone of their defense along with Purdue and and they -- an absolute nightmare from them at all. Awful -- I mean everything everything Miami doesn't want is on the next team it's it's it's bizarre it's -- it's -- weird concoction now in the Western Conference. You know Memphis is rolling again because Oklahoma City both -- everybody thinks is do we know what San Antonio -- like this the Pristina watch that. Dallas game the other night and obviously the team he talked about as is the lakers 9/11 right now some chemistry stuff Colby detail is not thrilled. -- how was that. -- was this and and I don't think it could well you really don't you and I I don't because I think it I think -- the debt crisis -- a horrible for the the personnel they have and there are those pundits hubris from their front offices hire him instead of just. Saying OK welcome David Gregory. You know and I don't think Dwight -- great player right now I think you you know -- I think none shape -- -- -- you know overweight fat head which you've done basketball shape they need him could be. It right Howard years ago like -- -- today. They need him to rate every defensive mistake they have which -- how it in the community they're going to be really. Good offensive when Nash comes back you think they're bad defensively now well check out when he comes back. So I don't know at the same time and I don't I don't believe in them at the same time. It's still it's -- that star power in the right playoff system if they get rolling. There are clustered -- the -- note we're going to be a nightmare -- -- -- -- -- -- Memphis is fourteen and three right now justices I said the force Memphis and the team now like them to avoid the testing twice this year but I like my seat. -- his -- sixty it may be that number one seed in the west in the class starts. I love Memphis element from the clippers. -- clippers are really like I've seen them more than Memphis this year but boy I mean you look at. This obviously have to saw your Brandel. Is that their pension -- help they needed underscore yeah and hit -- typically get a JJ -- -- They would be they'd be rolling right they have to Roland I don't know what he's probably the best in the last election loaded -- Voted them you know -- East -- maybe to paint it for free if you -- charitable of that chipped it through in the locker. So yeah I think I think they are you know they've got fifty it's 5560 when capability intending to number one seed but I would really like it's meant to get another perimeter for. That's Paul Flannery SB nation -- -- formerly before he left us in the middle of the nightly. Irsay did he took your van and took off espionage. Now that that's exactly policy it's not pretend it's not the case but we love you we miss you when you're doing great work over their goal -- many tablets at the plans are apple. By Paul thanks -- off. -- That's a great -- -- I mean listen I've said before he's in the city nobody in this city knows the -- all of that is not even -- on the Bob. No younger guy -- can be -- fantastic quick break -- -- John Ryder and here I think he's next pricey around we seen him. That's out you may want to cross arrived at whatever it is we'll come back to wrap this thing up and handed over to John writer actress.

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