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Mike Hazen, Red Sox Assistant GM

Dec 6, 2012|

Mike joins Kirk, Alex and Ian Browne on the Hot Stove show where he talks about the winter meetings, goes over the Red Sox recent signings and discusses trades vs talent development.

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It's not -- -- 937 WEEI. Turkmen hand Alex beer. Ian Browne it is Raiders Broncos in AFC west battle. Al pitcher in Q that's an appointment by the way that's spread. Mean what's that was out of and that was your pick in your pick. The spread -- points. Joining us now in the AT&T hotline is the assistant or manager of the Boston Red Sox Mike he's a Mike it's -- out to the and in Boston or use him. Are you and you escaped from the opryland hotel you've gone you know -- -- other. We have -- -- the -- here now pretty fresh area in the first and 72 hours down the Fort Myers now. This is part. Mike is perfect to show as you well know is sponsored Al -- to -- county border bureau tourism so you tell you looking around right now give us -- as a picture blu sushi right my. It's beautiful yet sushi standing outside it's actually starting to rain on. Regret my decision to actually do you know you're not my hotel -- girls are a lot it's a pleasant -- Yes I'm gonna run for cover probably some points and you can start pouring in any moment. But yet know where our dowdy and a ticket bought Celtic tomorrow. John Gould told me about that some got a tent city that set up -- -- jetBlue park we believe that's like it would suit up tomorrow. They -- so you say you're down there obviously here in Nashville all this past week at least you know talk to us is as much as you -- as much detail if you can't -- But the three players seem like you have added to the team here. At the winter meetings. Yeah I mean look obviously nothing's done yet everything still pending physical. You know but we. Know Utley is remarks. Off. Into the offseason we certainly have a number poll the so evidenced by the end of the 2000 offseason. Most notably at number. And -- You know we -- Sort of looked at the creator landscape and trading landscape and talk to -- leading into -- start to get to start -- move. That we we wanted to natural things move a lot quicker on some fronts you know I think are some of the free agent -- to position players. You know we targeted two guys that we felt really -- our ball club. We targeted two guys -- -- make a point -- -- From a still import on -- -- on cases defensive ability flexibility. Versatility in some cases. You know we we don't started -- Starting to come together now there -- still other areas of the club the other areas of the market that I haven't moved as quickly I think the pitching. The pitching side I think -- hasn't really emerged as the scene could be you know from your perspective -- things are always very complicated. Because you know you need other participants were created you know really not a participant -- Lawless. And and and create but he on the street I think a pitcher that really seemed to move all that much yet I don't know. -- eighteen to waiting for some of the big Chris Paul or before they get in that some -- -- guys move or the other at all from together for. You know the over. Sort of a consensus around here I think with people like Napoli. Some people myself included are not sold on victory know you look at thirteen million a year Mike for a guy who. You know you look at the numbers against. Right handed pitching his his is career on base percentage is 330 is a slugging is. Or to the last threes have been even worse. I guess my question -- you look at victory no offensively. Is a guy is worth thirteen million dollars a year. Hey look I think you know you can look at almost any situation that you know and you know it's it's. You know it's easy to kind of you know pick -- some of those things. As you look yet and and look we we can we can debate that everyone has a record and you're -- -- single differently. I think when you get engaged in a free agent contact. Winning the -- better it is is the markets that are if you -- set the market in in a particular. That particular area. You know -- you know get the player. And granted look. Everyone of us or does it set out on some of these endeavor stock agents. And get the below market deal or not you know -- are Smart choice and you know no brainer. That -- that'll -- that -- go -- -- -- -- I think sometimes you know nobody -- quicker and sort of -- slower. I think one of the situation where we find ourselves today. And in this particular offseason is you know we have a lot of things to do. We have a lot of holes so as evidenced by 93 losses. And yet you all those things one day. And sometimes the market move quicker on some guys some dug a little slower and other areas and -- haven't really developed. And you you know look the markets the market solidify the belt to where you know the range that you're gonna have to go in on certain guys. And you mature and you want -- guy you know. And then. And then all actually if you you know -- this -- our paths not to do that. Is that you're starting every other options are going to be okay what other options now in Iraq and get the player. We're gonna do to fill that hole where you got to go. And you're gonna start to shrink the free agent all the the player allowed to go on. And you start to shrink to create a -- These are relying on trades are relying on that now -- free agent pool. Your choices start to become not as clear harper for the direction you -- And so you know. Some Doug you make that choice and I think you try to stick to some core values and what you're trying to do. In creating context. You know if that from a year airport from a from. I'm -- sort of a lot but he in in in where we wanna be you know all thirteen and then 2015 and sixteen beyond. That's why -- make some of the -- you do look look what happened we think you know. Like I said no deal has been done what went on victory help but a player like that. You don't like we like the ability to bounce back you know we think has some upside come into our ballpark. Scouted players at the player heavily. You know so we like a lot of things to bring the table certainly there's a lot of strength that I brought the table and you know other areas of the game. -- -- Mike I am curious about the the profile of the guys who year nearing deals with a with the caveat -- of course none of these deals -- official. Obviously you know you and Ben -- are are at at your heart kind of player development people who like to see you know young talented -- You know. With these signings you have the you -- these signings or three guys were all in their thirties is there any concern combined with like adding the Ortiz is in the Gomes is that. You know of that age might be an issue for the roster is being constructed perhaps you know whether with the weather from the performance side or from the injury side. Well I mean look -- that's that's a liar out there -- to accumulate depth. And and that gave up more often than not is not their mid thirties. Sometimes it is in other rosters not complete by any stretch -- initially thought a lot of work to. A lot of pieces that need to be added to the roster but will answer some questions I think. Secondarily. Know that area of depth that we out that's going to be on the future of the of the franchise sort of speak the everyday players the guys that are in the upper mightily now that are. That are just getting to be a minor league some that have been air but some that are just getting there. Not gonna -- The time I think a year from now you know we're going to be staring at a completely different landscape some of the younger players. Some of those players are starting integrating on the distinct that most players -- be here all next year and beyond. I think the second piece do it is when young players get to the big leagues they don't just out there and do it. Bryce Harper Mike -- did work for that matter will know. It doesn't happen LA you know -- -- It didn't happen with -- It is now -- your credit away. You know it is it it is Kapalua L a little bit in that first year when he first sort of a sort. It that you can't always rely on these guys as good players and they are the job then. And be able to perform at the level that they're gonna sustain throughout their career. Right away. So and so they naturally become depth at the beginning while they're going to veteran additional chase. And then they move onto the club as the everyday player I mean they're still gonna be a little window there where. You know we're looking at 2013. Putting -- really good team and that answers all the players that we're targeting your -- that question. And then by the time. You start making that transition 1415. Here come those other guys that are a couple minor league system on the got a required last summer long we've got well we got we draft recently. And that's gonna become the core of the team moving. I'm with regard one thing that -- it's fascinated me you know with that with the you know within near with the agreements not final deal with Victorino. I'm how much did you view outfield defense as kind of a way in which you could make a considerable impact in improving. From what you had in 2012 to helping the pitching staff and when he thirteen. We have we're always looked at right field short -- -- as a as an extremely difficult position apply it probably the most typical right field all of baseball -- always talked about the concept of having. You know center fielder playing right field. Some wobble under so much ground between -- left center and the and the right field foul line. That that we need guys out there that can really defend and play. You know -- that doesn't comedy spent. On not having offered the player if you wanna do that we go to Tibet minor league defender you happened to -- right field as -- -- And without changed my mind you would have been great out there. Yes he can go figure your best smarter people are not ready to hit but their chances and look at the -- and you'll stick him out there and you know what we saw that semen into September 2012 when -- go back there. You know I think adding quality Major League player albeit understand that there's going to be some you know some question on. You know what it takes to get that player and in what particular -- there I will say that but you know the market is not much. All the players and saying you know if you don't sign him and free agent. In the create -- context it is about you know out you don't talk on the -- before -- -- that are -- are lying or trade the old. The block because what see the actual price become exorbitant you know make a trade. Because they start getting it to -- not just away dollars you're talking about links players. And those players again for the future -- the team that underneath player and you know when you have players of the upper minor league -- don't after the players -- the lower -- there -- -- players be a liar because those players that they want. Clearly a closer look at least they're gonna happen out there are relying on trade when you have a lot of talent the -- minor league level can look at all over the last seven years. Thought that the lower sometime -- They go to the upper level player initiative what wanna -- the deal for you know a lot of choices. Mike are things that strikes you mentioned trades as you know I feel like some of the moves you've made errors some of the potential moves you've made it. Not go to start the bills and surplus in certain areas and your team that might. Makes you more flexible the same make it trade did to address the starting pitching all they guys you know you guys out -- another starting pitcher you feel it. Eventually can build enough ships were at where might make it easier trade for a pitcher. Yeah I mean I don't know I'm conscious decision that is like ball a lot from any specific one position airport does porn all you know we're. Target guys are targeting guys that we like we're trying to go get those guys. Are the best of our ability certainly -- opens up avenues in the future to look at things because you are now dealing from positions of strength at the position of weakness. Not only to those positions weakness. You know that week if that we're talking about it is you know your depth consists of the guy -- -- that earlier the guy that maybe in the thirties that the big league level he hurt. Rely on the guys that are playing -- become and in an excuse. -- -- A talent on the roster and help you make the playoffs. Not that simple and so look we're in a tradition in certain areas that we do I. I'm not saying nothing it's certainly imminent on on any front right now you know those sort of things emerge. I think the other thing you can look at the roster and some of the areas that deserves it and flexibility within certain position right now. That sort. In the cases that we're talking about or not relying on the minor league guys and early tomorrow if somebody were to get hurt I think. You know if if something were to happen you know first base DH what you'll. Now we're a lot more covered guys -- probably take over all those roles that we need be -- like -- -- we still a lot of positions to make the team. But that's an area of what you call surplus spectacle you'll. And -- up. Red Sox assistant general manager Mike -- joins us here in the -- social Mike where you're part of that -- -- not a secret meeting which Josh Hamilton Monday it was just Farrell and turn it. I would not part of not a part of India have any meeting I got to I get it back in the in the room and received text messages from the some of our beat writers -- Yeah. None seemed brown horse year. While I reported back what Pedro launch what I had thought the everything and they repeatedly checked in on what was going on. What you digest well they work with Hamilton I guess -- you know -- Hamilton type. You know obviously you read these reports now and I understand philosophically you're trying to move away from 56 of your -- agree with that. Is it when you look at Hamilton now for just for instance a guy play like that you would go three years in a go really really -- -- and the guys are still looking. I can't talk about an extra typically at relate to I guess it's -- -- here I think look I think I think all of that have already been reported. And should give a fairly clear. In some cases fairly clear metric the which direction we're moving I think you know they were staying engaged with with option at all the other free agents. All you're goat and you don't know how the market you're gonna develop you don't know you know. Sometimes you have a clear understanding of what order for some odd adult and we just being gays and all the things that are -- the market sort of mood and for that self. You know you'll have your choice to get any -- out. Not that we believe heavily strongly that that wave of players -- coming up. Over the next two or three years. Starting next year and moving into the next two -- three year is is the core of the -- -- forward. You know we ought to -- impact count anyway we can because 2013. As important any other year. You know we like bench that mean he said that -- -- doesn't want a little bit more disciplined intelligent about how we're executing on that strategy. Making sure that you know we're we're where we're not sacrificing you know the short -- long term. As the -- Operating. He always -- are you survived he did Mike thanks for your time you got a -- tonight and our our. That's Mike -- Red Sox this is general -- assistant and it should stay.

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