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NFL Sunday: Inactives and Keys to the Game

Dec 2, 2012|

Dale, Price, Chatham and Faulk get into more analysis of the Pats/Dolphins and discuss the inactives as well as the keys to a Pats victory today.

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Well we've got the inactives for the patriots and it I say this as a sense of amusement more than anything else as I would have probably made the same assessments. If you read that tweets from the reporters who were at the stadium. It sounded as -- Sebastian Vollmer was in some trouble in terms of playing today he was he was working out which you'd have to do you you've been an injured guy you have to convince. In this case Dante Scarnecchia the trainer probably Ernie was probably in that group as well. The -- can play and and Ballmer was out on the field working out with Jake Beckett. They were doing some pass protection things a couple of different reporters. Reported him reaching back for his back at one point taking his helmet off and going off the field he's been out with a back issue. Maybe not so much. Chris you got the inactives in our. Is this week -- Logan Mankins Rob Gronkowski. BP trees Visanthe Shiancoe. Jim Jones. On the villain though fullback that the design of the roster and dirt -- defense about a couple interest in ones warmer is active element is active. -- you civic will make his first NFL starts there was a guy who -- -- become mine patriots put about. He was he was injured at this point season -- -- -- off forget this nation but he's he's active for the first time in its early start though knows exactly exactly that Adam's apple yet he has. Arm in an. And one is -- Beckett. Is gonna is it is active -- I believe this is marks the third team this year that he is active we expect him to see some reps. Maybe some reps at the defense events but because Jim Jones is -- close to comic is up now it'd. Looking over the roster which are marked down its interest in these action general good teams -- from these lessons have you who now moves up or what's the reports second there probably witness the because that's what you're gonna see more -- to -- school because he's he's -- -- -- he's been -- -- for the regular basis that I mentioned had been more responsibilities and fallen -- so -- activity was -- -- yes I have a little that's why that's that deal with a job that doesn't want to go -- was not -- -- on the injury report at all this week so I have to assume that he's healthy healthy -- like -- prices yeah yeah it's probably talked about this couple weeks ago just sort of -- -- it was going to be a -- -- -- account for the -- thing -- with -- Alabama but -- was -- greater -- Data files did a great job on an awesome game last week against the jets I think that's. He's increase -- -- interrupt him to do more. So the three. Rest tight ends would be obviously Hernandez. All -- when newly and so and fell ill see you just you know I I didn't really show and just through it and it -- the show reacted at all ruled that it will negate it if we. -- I I have to admit I'm a bit surprised in Shiancoe is case. I mean I expected Tom's probably a pro football a fair amount today in different situations and you expected -- You don't you don't expect what I expected more to happen is whatever mind to give him in court to take. Around there is that there are certain things that a cop out that's too easy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In act and they might point -- all of them at the same time and I -- because Miami is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where the patriots had now putting one tied in down Shiancoe wearers are receiving group sort of skin so they'll walker. Settlements active elements active Lloyd -- ideas he's been questioned later this -- importance -- designated as a wide receiver -- -- he's emerged cigar exactly calm he's a -- at a -- -- -- case. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it -- be want -- to figure out how they reconcile the back in about hopefully you know from a friendly standpoint and -- are talking about the on both you know they've got that one extra body lets you contribute LB the least surprising. He treats. Which do you bring not not if the hundreds of -- -- wind didn't blow his head Donte' Stallworth then -- need to. Onlookers is -- -- his locker still everything's demeanor and everything under the -- things it reveals about this week. He's got a vehemently he's got a picture of himself in his face it everything -- to attack. Nobody that I don't know what this touched anything at all I -- -- -- and record held half half half. We we've got to feel a today. Some. Oh away from. Wide receiver from the patriots and content camp given the name down their mind to -- to our Democrat representative because they cut him but the economy yes that -- Back out on the street our committee let's put the F patriots. On the grill say what you guys think has to be done to win today against the Miami Dolphins on the grill brought to you by cam natural casing -- look for the -- blue box. Picture papered grocer KM celebrate something what we think patriots have to do price will start when you throw the ball. Pro ball consistently I know that the the popular years ago after rumbled set -- the -- but I think the patriots are going to throw the ball I would be surprised to see Tom Brady drop back. Forty times or so again had nothing he's gonna throw for over 500 yards like you did last amused down their but I think it's a winnable match -- for New England when it comes to passing team against Miami's. Passing defense. I'm -- ago but you're setting corn here. Patriots keep that turn -- lower number on the wrong sides of the giveaway number needs to be considerably less keep -- zero -- -- always have and I think that makes it -- I think the other half of it is we all have obvious being stats and ways to go online and check this now one thing -- it's kind of -- confuse you could. Just click on play by play click on the play by play -- Scroll down watches game up when you wake up tomorrow. You look at the -- second down in third down -- if you see a lot of second and sixes in the EC a lot of third and twos it was a good day for Miami if you see a lot of second and 10s2. And wells third nine mommy got the bucket. Keep it simple. -- -- Miami gives you. Continue to build your team because you're playing for something bigger later on down the line and that's. This. Giving you better as a football team and you just wanna get out there would have W because you know how scary is the greater. Timmy it's it's a fairly simple thing. Simple to say not necessarily simple to do. If if you shut down Reggie Bush and if you make. A young rookie quarterback essential to beating you you probably aren't gonna win the game for the dolphins. If Bill Belichick and his defensive staff come up with a way. Hold bush relatively in check don't let him have a CJ Spiller type outing against them as CJ Spiller did earlier this year. Then you're putting the ball in the hands of ten -- -- hole I think is a is a very good young rookie quarterback but still as a rookie quarter. We didn't mention a tickets worth bringing up if we don't -- practice but -- health Canada was a runner is actually pretty Chris Allen played played some wide receiver in college yeah -- cylinders right -- he scramble for two huge. First -- conversions last week against Seattle big you know relatively decent size or -- -- please. And that two minute drive to win the game. He actually moved his feet in the pocket to get away from some you know pressure that was coming delivered a nice pass. So he has pretty good feet and able to move around and actually also throw -- pick on first down on. From a move the pocket so it's it's sort of this crux of this team you know is give more difficult probable on the run but when you music group plays a simplified the re progression makes it easier for quarterback. So he's done to think he's he's a guy you would like to kind of keep in the pocket is -- dangerously -- but he also -- -- while outside the pockets of I guess -- -- catch twenty with a -- Back to the the top story of the day and only in terms of adding to the information base ESPN. Has been reporting on on Javon cultures suicide. -- murder suicide took place yesterday at the practice facility the additional information they've added to it is that as it turned out coincidentally. Scott Pioli arrived at the practice facility at the same time Javon Belcher did. Pioli notes that Belcher had a gun. Pioli then called. Chief's security. They put the facility on lock down. At that point Romeo Crennel and the defensive coordinator and they gave his name and I apologize can't remember. The defensive coordinator and Romeo Crennel then came out that joined the only. To try to discuss things with Belcher and try to talk him down and from that point on the rest of the story we know that the part that got added to this was that. I guess it was serendipity that. Pioli and Belcher happened to arrive at the facility basically the exact same time and it was pioli who noticed that Belcher had a gun. Now that brings up the question that will get asked so much for the they'll have an answer for his. You know did Belcher has something else in mind when he arrived at the facility with the gun. And I don't know the answer to baton and nobody does -- back to that point of you know was he looking for somebody else. As opposed to just committing suicide in. By the way the cheats will have a moment of silence today. To honor all victims of domestic abuse and violence they will not mention Jevon Belcher by name when they hold the moment of silence today. There will be no helmet sticker there will be no uniforms sticker. Cynically I'll I'll say that even if they want -- too much of it when I had time to do it but they have probably intelligently looked at this situation and said. Probably we shouldn't be honoring Javon Belcher in in away. Beyond gently ease a teammate and by all indications was a fairly popular teammate. But given the circumstances that were involved I think the chiefs. Are probably approaching this thing about as intelligently as they could under the circumstances. There's no playbook. In a situation like there's there's no precedent at least in thankfully -- memory you can go to for the public this. Yet it's just there's there's no way to go back and say while this is what happened the last time this occurred thank god it. Hasn't occurred before. In one of those weird -- there happened to -- A murder suicide in the parking lot of the same complex this past summer. At -- Kansas City Royals baseball game. Not a player and -- not an athlete and a man. Shot his wife she survived. He then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. So and one of those weird little -- quirks of fate there have been two. While one murder suicide attempt. And another murder suicide at that ultimately was completed in the parking lot of that whole complex you guys know. Those two stadiums are right next to each other it's all one great big giant complex and parking lot. One of those weird things. Purposeful subject change -- help break to empty those that inactive today for the first time Greg McElroy active for the first time in his career in -- have to wonder. You speculated this report. What -- the America. You know what I what I wonder it did finally somebody did somebody finally go to Rex. Answer what the heck are you to do what we doing having a guy in active. Who could play and having a guy active cool can't play well by the way has had ten days to recover sense that game I think you could play. And are we going direction and know Rick took the blame for everything. Good how many of you think user. He doesn't he doesn't get -- to decide who's active and who isn't. I'm not be a Smart Alec. I mean it's not as is usually goes but yeah I mean even get to make a lot of calls personnel wise but -- to get to decide. Who was on your roster and who was -- on game day you would think so. You would think this in my in my him. -- buried idea on this is just that it I think that it might have been dramatized how bad it was I think broken -- one of the things coming jumps out to a France iron right liaison. The lot of dazzle play with these just depends on the plane dollar where it's broken and all those kinds of things so. I don't think it was he could not played in the situation at that now there probably situation with a plan for awhile last. And the other guy does have an injury and the reason I brought their risk of let's take a longer look -- -- -- right potentially or maybe you got more practice -- this week allows him to. The rest. I think it was sort of fantasize the bill last week as to what effect could be. If he would've been out there -- -- -- -- life the act agreement because the mathematical chance of the -- the -- there. -- and I can't -- from -- when you got six guys on -- -- and -- is it not allowed it to that. Look if you were ever play the backup quarterback you think Thanksgiving night against the patriots would have in the -- now given the way things were calling for Sanchez now but you know a short week of the guy hasn't had prior to that and that's -- allegedly notably that stands out about that that they would have been. -- layup but would have been a lot more sense of the full week if you had. The short week we have really wondered two practices not a lot of -- -- -- into the waters that would get animated better deal. After jets or patriots -- if you're the young guys if you're just. Our sports guy would that have made to gain better. If the jets would Tim Tebow and -- no I think the point is if Greg McElroy wasn't gonna get a chance stick to comment and help had he not gonna practice week is again it's probably not give him a lot of reps so if you had to just -- -- -- at least has been taken reps I think that's sort of the -- Match I mean. I through -- -- -- I did this by the way as I apologize it is -- -- another reason I asked the question is even when he's taking reps is he throwing the football. -- When -- series it. They don't like how exposed football anyway easy problem on what I think I think that's not running their offenses. Guidance on how to practice so we don't know but I imagine the way this -- Going to work out what happened in the in the pre season as the -- guy running the real backup seconds regret -- and he was -- his package. -- have you broken ribs. Welcome -- it's gone to a typical requirement.

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