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Celtics coach Doc Rivers discusses the Rondo fight and how players handle situations on the court

Nov 29, 2012|

John and Gerry ask Doc Rivers how the fight went down last night against the Nets and how he plans to deal with Rondo in the aftermath. They also ask how the team will respond with Rondo's likely suspension. He then talks about the fights he got into when he was a player, including one that involved Danny Ainge.

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And joining us on the AT&T hotline head coach of the Boston celtics' Doc Rivers -- conversation with doc is brought to buy northern bank and trust. -- space and by Mercedes -- good morning doc. And I have no idea we're gonna talk about -- wanted to jump in with this up post game last night -- you had little to say about the incidents specifics because you haven't seen it. I assume you've seen -- what's your take on what happened and who was at fault last night. Well I don't know golden. Helpers that saudis you know the problem what. It was -- because everything you know they called flagrant to begin -- so. You know that started it did but didn't we took it to the next level I really thought to watch and it. I didn't think you know it is in the middle of the floor. I don't know how bad this would have been. Almost nobody -- -- but -- -- -- it's. No Ronald scores. Appropriate public person Rondo. Well bundles during the Iran moves are pushed him back importantly put commitments they have what you go. In this -- and then everything happened. But are those kinds of files are not uncommon in the league do you do you mean it was. So whatever guy gets on the cut you know and that's what it looked like. Like you to do leg out applicants fell backwards on his -- look baton. They're they are not uncommon but it looked bad but it doesn't start their return. Are you afraid you will now lose your point cut for 0345. Games start. I have no idea there I mean I'm not gonna get into. What the commissioner is gonna do the league and the duke. -- every -- because they don't -- park tomorrow. You know but deflected it went into the stands it usually mean there's there's built. I mean do you we've talked to you about this many times when when when he threw the ball the wrath when he had the little bump and on the or with a -- from the playoffs. I mean is it disappoint you that he can't he's passionate news you know he's. -- emotional that he can't channel it and in the right ways that he does these kind of things on occasion. Well I just -- McCain did better you know. You know he's grown each year. You know and but when this happened -- an emotional -- -- managing doesn't know it. It's it's an emotional day. And you know you wanna be on the -- you don't wanted to get over the edge and we've done that a couple times and so all we can do is keep working with -- It -- as much as you can or as much as you're willing to help us tell the conversation in the interchange with. -- Rondo went after the did you yell that I'm just sit down and -- to how does that work between coach and player. After some time until my adult -- to that. But I rarely go out for. At the game since just you know look I've been around long enough to government still emotional. And blew the coach so. You know -- the watching it we'll talk today. Itty bitty expressed any contrition last night. Well you know he's human he needed to be on the floor when he said that. And -- several times. I -- -- -- remember -- -- them in pickup basketball or any any sport you get in fights. And you just an hour later you feel like an eighty innocent -- that I do that it's just the emotions get the owner of. My bit and several -- -- and we do we may. And every single time you have a similar. You know. I think -- one over my lifetime a career worst thought I need to do debt. You know right from the met all the other ones you think well that was down. -- -- -- trying to guess who could -- Phoenix Dan -- Memo about Salmonella and the opponent Blair well it was more just the situation -- would it. It -- the best fight. And I got suspended for a -- killed fifteen minute fight which is a really bad. Does Rondo feel that way John asked about contrition does he feel like most of us after the defense. Probably not immediately. Cut above but everyone does I mean even. Needed thrown out of a game at their the coach. And you know there's the couple where you thought you know I know couple today and side. Remember them one game in Dallas to Tokyo that need to get thrown out because -- players is about to get thrown out those little -- can't you know you did the right. It doesn't understand that it is not his role to stand up for KG I mean you have other guys if if that needs to happen that they would do it that he is too valuable this team there to take on that kind of responsibility. Well I think what we have to admit that clear. As usual you know and just keep. We can't lose Rondo especially right now with no leverage right. We just don't have enough guards and you know. That's the second time we played Brooklyn now we played Brooklyn six quarters in Rondo played into. And that you mention it needed to be done in Phoenix. Did something need to be done last night he's not the got to deal but it's something need to be done. Now met. What needed to be done more for up to join the fight and I don't mean fight literally. I thought. I really thought this earlier in the day did you can see Brooklyn tenement that game like you're. Meant the world to home of the world championship they're playing for the division they're they're trying to establish your identity you know -- the -- team. In their mind they're trying to establish. With the yardage just beat the knicks. And they want to follow it up I've beaten. And I thought we showed up to play the best -- Kenya but we would ready for their intensity. You know coach could say a lot of critical things about a team you know they're not excusing their not running the offense they're not communicating or not they're not focused out there. -- the worst thing the most hurtful thing a coach can say about his team is that they are soft which is what you call your team last night. We are just there's other things. -- does that does that. You know our imaging does was more relay and what I thought that Brooklyn and -- what they were saying actually in them what their thinking. And so that they looked at it as well do you think soft. The -- went off right now yes but he says that arm. We have to do a lot of things when you watch the film. The game started out but it maddening assault against about being in -- with emotionally invested like the other team and you want to transition. We turned the ball over they got layups off of that. And then that led to the frustration. And to -- that led to a stern insult because we're mentally you know in the maybe more mental -- Disco but whatever it is it is. Do you is that something that can change in an instant I mean can you flip the switch today in world. Which -- with an Oklahoma. But it Oklahoma yeah. But that's about to meet that either the good side or are horrendous crime has been met -- them up. To have a switch. I was gonna say do you have the tough guys that you need to not be soft to be tough. You know we always. Although we have been -- -- -- not. But. Everybody the basketball player everybody else to rebound and get involved and and -- you think about the first W we've played Brooklyn. They have fifteen -- to rebound in the first. On the adjustment and I have to I'm not. -- -- read -- second we have like eight. What the differences -- -- getting off. You know so there's there's things that -- I have to do the -- knowing you have to do. To help was altered to rebound the number -- -- if -- start the ball better. Sounds like you're awful -- the ball one on one -- you. And are vigilant rotation a lot but a bit in rotation they can be location and get factored. And and we didn't do bad you're just so people vote for. Well sounds like you're almost saying the one thing that would be worst the San Diego as soft as you're not trying hard enough. We didn't -- game but I don't ever know. You know again you don't show -- -- and -- am I gonna play hard but you can't you got to mentally prepare yourself. To be ready for every game and if they're not even that you think are playing hard enough and got in last night well we got outplayed on every. You said something interesting last night you seemed to call everybody not name pierce Rondo and KG talk about when you pull on a Celtic Jersey you have to understand certain things sounds like a message for the new guys on the block. Well it was but and -- all of -- -- double team. They're involved in that as well. You know -- we'll get thrown out -- and played great last night. Either. -- says that. Just watching -- work every day and prepare for games. That in -- is Soledad just in here that same stuff I mean he's such a pro. We need everybody did Jordan and beat like that. Are you disappointed what you've seen of Jeff Green this year. I know we better. And I -- we can be better. And you know I look at it always -- open a new he's an employer you can make a point. It's going to be some of what we're doing. And in some of what he's doing. And so I get it to grow whatever we're not doing a staff and a team right are always -- their -- We got to pick that. In the -- whatever just Matt Doherty got it. Did he get hurt the last thing I don't think so. What's the plan without Rondo what do you do. Well. We gotta figure that out we haven't met as a step yet but we -- -- we can play. At that position LB you can player decent period. To play probably the -- the -- sort of -- -- so much away from involvement. When in doubt that importantly I thought. Probably melted and I thought over the last four solid gains didn't make shots. Accordingly play when an amazing atmosphere last night but go to stood out on the field at that party. Rootkit elements. Of effort. And we need god doing them. -- -- and had a month ago an embolism that month and a half ago we were sitting there talking about you and Miami. -- -- as the elite teams in the east and you went down gave Miami a terrific game and what they -- this is -- championship caliber team now you're. Eight and seven year and fourth place in the division. What what has gone wrong here. Well a lot of things. You know mainly is our schemes no rebounds a lot of things have gone wrong I don't. Think this is not going to be a good game I think we're not a good team right now. A final question on Rondo for me. I was wondering in practice do you often see those kinds of instances of excellence or anger that we have from time to time seen on the court when you're actually playing a game does it raise it's it's -- -- practice. Yeah I mean I -- Rondo is an emotional intense -- You know arm but it did you -- I can use the -- you're more in blood from all the different guys yet you know are bad officiating. You know the terms were pretty bad practice and they get frustrated. You know there's stretches where we decide we're not gonna give the starters in the -- no matter what. And they just frustrated look at them. Bill that's part of the process is well. Do you think ace in his seventh year do you think when he's in his tenth twelfth here. There will be welcome back on the cell that was a long time ago he doesn't do those things anymore. I hope so don't know. I think an emotional guy is always going to be emotional. But I could have they matured they just picked a spot better. -- everyone wants to know the fight with Phoenix was Danny involved. Yeah there was only getting on the other didn't totally involved -- that you put -- that -- well. He bit someone again this this. Inept equipment. You -- up. Want him -- -- about up to him human honestly that's what started it all because -- -- -- include. -- -- -- on the mid -- go into their bench at that time out. And they look like that he -- probably. On government did nothing happened but that calculated in there ugly fight and you know at that time. Even millions even though you knew what JJ did was wrong and you react to a diplomat though you're always thinking man. I'd rather play but I -- -- about Oakland you know you'd rather always be a report. Time now for the coaches questionable we brought you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and their winter event going on now your local Mercedes-Benz dealer on the web at MB USA dot com. Here's the question doc does the golf ban on the belly putter ruin your short game skill set. It does today did a little bit. Most then they go belly putter war. I'm gonna say about a year due to explain to our values to be -- and I thought I'd be a better putter and I have been so. -- -- -- -- -- Plied us president thought it was just the two or do you what -- the -- -- I don't I -- I'll -- thank you and I thought we could do it I didn't think it was meant for everybody is an. I don't remember everybody's out yet illegal equipment you've got to change a broader market for a man you know -- But I don't think about the word yet -- -- relocate to. Atlanta I appreciate it talked talked down the road Richard doctor. Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy -- brought to you by northern bank and trust -- space and by Mercedes-Benz. Fifty years -- small group of aspiring businessman pooled their resources and her intellect in order to form a different type of bank a local bank that would dedicate itself to help newspapers achieve their goals and realize their dreams today the bank they built northern bank and trust company has grown into a comprehensive full service financial network. While they've grown they make sure slogan come learn firsthand why they are the neighbors organ bank. You're good. I'd Pete subjective -- beat the best in view of the day would have beat doc. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna happen and you don't. Text the code word court to 379837. Within the next ten minutes and will be entered to win -- -- -- Celtic bulls tickets for the game on February 13 to 100 dollars to -- gift card courtesy of -- space England's leading provider of data center space and managed IT services. Oh of course by the Boston Celtics buys Celtic tickets now at Celtics dot com so -- court to 37. 937. We'll be right.

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