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D&C on Jermaine Cunningham’s four-game suspension

Nov 27, 2012|

John and Gerry analyze the suspension of Patriots defensive end Jermaine Cunningham after testing positive for adderall. The guys don’t put the blame on Cunningham for the positive test since it was his only option to survive in the NFL. They also examine the bigger picture when it comes to adderall and other performance enhancing drugs.

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Confess. I have to confess I am much more shocked. That Ndamukong Suh wasn't suspended. Then the patriots Jermaine Cunningham watts. Man out a group that ultimately about that and I'm not sure that this recent rash of NFL TED suspensions is proof. But the National Football League drug policy is working well or failing miserable still I don't know when I don't well. I would suggest is either failing mr. focus everybody's doing it and if you're getting caught. The catch and the only ones who were doing. I mean I think it's working well I don't think the punishment is severe enough and no we we often talk about that how. If you wanna sound. You know righteous and high minded you say you know punish -- more it's it's reflex for a lot of people in the media. But in this case the simple madame Clark and pragmatic. Issue here. It it. Do you not. The turning. To turn guys. Obviously turned deterrence I'm not deterring enough. With a four game suspension it's not -- it's worth worth the risk for Richard chairman it's worth that for Jermaine Cunningham. If it's -- benefits. -- you have to find a balance. NFL clearly the punishment isn't severe enough -- these guys ago. Yeah I might get cut but I'll do it anyway are you happy with the front page headline on the Boston Herald today. Does -- say. I don't blame him is Gerry Callahan talked about Jermaine Cunningham being caught with dvds. And suspended four games I don't blame -- I don't watch him -- -- that's the column amid it was due to part column. And as simple matter we can discuss this -- in the you know everybody. I don't believe him that it's at all I don't either I mean I think I don't believe any of these guys that federal and I don't blame him. In this case Jermaine Cunningham is a classic case of a guy who made. 88 coach's decision to just to take performance enhancing drugs. To save his job in the NFL I don't think he'd be in the NFL right now. I do not believe Jermaine Cunningham would be on the patriots right now if we didn't take the drugs. I don't blame him. Were taking it I blame him for breaking the rules I blame him for abandoning his teammates when Chandler Jones is down and they need him most I understand. Why he did it we applied just a minor league baseball players back in the day. During the Clemens bonds situation and if you were given a choice of being. A lot of O'Brien -- back for nine years in the minor leagues and do it clean and never get into the show were taken some steroids and getting the major leagues and make him millions of dollars I can see where guys would do it so I understand it. But I blame the -- -- -- you missed the point he wouldn't be abandoning his teammates he wouldn't -- in the home in Florida I'm not good -- not -- do -- should blame Bill Belichick for drafting guys who aren't good enough to make out what exactly we do we do that all the time but in this case. I don't think Cunningham would be playing every game I don't think he would be having his best seeds which means he's not good enough to be in the Nash right Ali. Correct right but it shouldn't be. But he did he has a choice so in other words he should just accept it and say I'm gonna make note that whatever -- -- million bucks. Well I'll pass on that because they told me I can't take these drug policy. Felt drug policy jury would you do is in place the NFL drug policy is in place for a couple of different reasons one and the sort of laughable attempt a level playing field so that everybody. Has the same advantage or -- and is not at a disadvantage because somebody crossed -- taking steroids in -- not. But it's also to protect these marginally in saint. Highly competitive athletes from themselves so. The point is it's bad for you. Steroids and HGH and and testosterone in the long run in the short term is long is is is is bad for you. Until the league is trying to protect these players from themselves and nuclear all want to be as you like to say high minded and a plot to use our lobby applications. Of head injuries and new rules for safety to keep these guys from turning into. Jim McMahon or Dave -- worsens fiber 220 years after there out of the league. But I think the same applause should be rendered brought them trying to protect him from hurting themselves long term with steroids and that's what the league is trying to -- It's not what the league's trying to do a mentally clearly. It's cheating clearly gives you an advantage and Jermaine Cunningham is the best example. You're right. He probably wouldn't be in the league he was on the brink of all getting cut -- of -- -- show on the door. He was on the brink of becoming the next Chad Jackson as I wrote he made a decision I'm not a wannabe the next Chad Jackson wannabe the next. You name -- Jones able reflect Crable is choice -- -- or Crable was going to be Mike Vrabel or Shawn Crable. And he chose to do. The only way he could become Mike Vrabel he chose the needle with the cream or whatever he chose it wasn't at all. And and credits them to Ron Borges -- wrote the other day that he was ball up and suspiciously. Forget the term used that as we. Or in his report of the and usually ball up Jermaine Cunningham. He would know that the only way to survive was picked these drugs now what would he do to -- a year suspension. We take that chance I don't know could be a tougher call but this is an easy call. I mean do you even remember Brandon Spikes get a four game suspension and I remember no no amount you remember half the guys it's a four game vacation. He take four games off you come back you resumed currency by evidently my -- and and I know it's more severe next time but. Do you think for a second right now Jermaine Cunningham has any regrets. I think I get regrets he's got caught well that's his choice closed. Sure but do you have any regrets that he made this deal with the devil do you think he has regrets probably not why would it mean do you think. Do you think right now that he's Isa and PM I should have bin you know and out of the league -- be home. Whatever coach in high school or sell insurance or whatever he had planned that's what he'd be due. Well part of the fact that he his regrets aren't as great as they might be is -- at the Lincoln's suspension for games but also the -- at overall. And it well doesn't mask the app app -- testing of steroids what it does is -- from a perception standpoint masked what people think about you. And the league because they won't expose what the drug was they just said you know to -- while we can't say what was. All these guards at all -- lateral it was just a little. Attention deficit disorder thing to keep you focused in meetings and make -- be able to absorb all this knowledge to Bill Belichick is trying to impart to me. It's really a perception. Mask now if if the league said he is on steroids he is on anabolic steroids he is taking testosterone. Is that the stigma a little greater good shot merry little little different because we know he was taking performance in -- and enhancing drugs that worked at a wrong. Yeah and and by the way the advantages bigger to -- Jermaine Cunningham of Ron Borges was right was -- up. You don't get ball up from at a -- -- all -- and it's a it's a little poll you know it's almost like the the Jim Schwartz deal the league we'll have to address in the offseason the legal address this. -- do because I think. There's a memo out there maybe not in print but in spoken word from the union to the union members if you cut -- -- -- -- it here's your choice you can do this disputes and nothing. Or you can float story -- -- taking power overall which is like. When it's almost a hundred cups of coffee at the that's a little extreme but. It's like our Portland just pick up its own little -- -- you know you post it note goes or or in round draft bill a couple of espresso. Caffeine pills. And it just gives you some energy get tired. You know we worked out -- we travel we fly a little pick me up that's all. It is a lot I mean. The most people recognize its allies I think that in the reason -- such a good example. Is look at him he's playing in the interior line he's battle 300 pound guys every day he had a choice he wasn't cut it as a strictly as a pass rusher. It was inactive last year for three games anybody's watching -- -- he didn't play in the post season he wasn't on the field you know at one. He was out of the league if we didn't do embody what would you do pretty well I'm just saying from observer from the outside and you watch these apps -- made the biggest jump. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Watched that lifting you seats and the self fulfilling thing. Where you see the results and you say I gotta keep going here and he know an end in a Belichick knew all knew that he was gonna have. Much better there was going to be jump in his performance. And do you think in the inflicted on the movies like the program the movie. Who of course they knew Belichick knew I don't think Belichick just noticed has got broken up work on our -- better. It's that Cheney has just. You know something just -- the light they. All or is it not only the coaches in his position coaches but his teammates as well and reading mark Daniels piece in the Boston Herald which is right next to Jerry's peace inside the back cover. And and they talked to three different patriots and after their reaction about Jermaine Cunningham suspension. Trevor Scott said he was sad. If Brandon Deaderick said it's mr. fortunate. Rob Ninkovich said it's unfortunate and did anybody say I'm shocked and surprised course of course not. Of course I guess you'd be shocked if there weren't mean you said the same thing about Brandon Bolden. And you know he's he's undrafted yeah agent. What Brandon Bolden be doing in in May be the smartest guy in the world. But he did you know these young guys could be just gotten out on the economy sucks. He'd be able to work look at what were gonna be a lot of work in the entry level stuff. Make it 25 grand to be you know whatever I don't know what -- -- he hopes to do not know Jermaine. Cunningham hopes to do. But this is a dream Jermaine Cunningham is live in the dream he's getting on chartered flights -- whip Tom Brady Bill Belichick and Vince Wilfork and line often you know Seattle or plan -- Miami and planned. Don't NFL. Four -- cheating to live the -- -- sold those that the National Football League and the fans who watch the National Football League want their players cheating do they want the sport clean or do they -- enhanced. That's the question -- -- we talk about a double plans to sell and it's the fans except that to be some level of cheating I think they have to do this. They have the test and has to be some punishment I think the league knows the punishment not severe enough. And they will change that at some point I -- think I'm done this for years who talked about it many many times do think people distinguish. Between football and baseball and football and everything else I mean football. What they do without drugs is insane you know I mean you have to be insane to do which may coming -- does for a living you have to be -- the -- give up your body just give up you know give up your your your mental health at some point. So we cut them some slack these are the warriors these the gladiators the -- in the arena and there are. You know -- guys you know get severely injured and to do that job he looked for any edge you can get. And I think baseball gets more criticism because it's much more statistically driven sport know what's at the assault on -- how old records by Britain's like. Barry Bonds Roger Clemens and you say that's wrong. That's that was an attempt just to get your name in the record book can be greater than you normally would be good player great players to begin with. George points are good when they're just trying to survive the National Football League and -- look at Cunningham and sing oldies he's approaching Dick Butkus is -- I know. Records right I mean it's in the end and I might say might be different if they -- A a stop Arctic -- -- -- Adrian -- you know Rob Gronkowski the -- -- -- -- gronkowski might be different if they can't -- -- It's a greedy bastard he was doing okay he didn't need that. I really believe Cunningham is not on this team. He's not in this league. Well -- donated and won only four weeks because it becomes back on horseback well nice is going to be more careful what odd ball if he's puzzled if he's playing up to the level with the plant this year than the we'll give them. Will care -- all be forgotten like who was with spikes last year could -- -- cycle back yes yes -- will just hold that thought about it Wheatley. -- -- Who's an authority on this said you can get the stuff ID system in 24 hours if you were Smart if you're careful. In he he he made the point that they all could be -- -- not just know when the tests come and and they. And they stop at what purchase more when you start at the beginning. I mean if you're gonna take this leap and say neither around the league are limited to steroids so wanted to do steroids don't you try to find the most. Obama. Cutting edge information yes and I advisors when you start this thing as opposed to get caught once or twice and now all go to an expert like -- to tell me how to do without getting caught. I don't try to be Smart right exactly that's -- it's in the trying to be Smart. And occasionally they -- cut you think he's the only one obviously brute -- Bolden. Aqib Talib obviously this team has a number of users. It is you know like other teams in the day. I guess she just tolerate a certain level of of cheating. I think what what you have to do it and we don't know the details like we don't know win the test. Took place about in New York today right right not bad and out of that they do it's crazy but. But we in in in baseball that was a test random in spring. But this one test rates CH. And once you pass that you're -- to -- -- cheek I mean there's got to be. Some knowledge the union has some knowledge we know in baseball the players union is there to help their union members -- that's what they do that's. Why they exist to help the protect cheaters so there's some information I don't know when Jermaine Cunningham gets tested again. He'll be more careful next time but again what is his choice is not cheap to go home and and start you know his next career. We are three quarters of the way to the National Football League season and -- of the guys who've been suspended so far Jermaine Cunningham Richard Sherman Brandon Browner Winston guy Joseph -- Brandon Bolden Aqib Talib will -- Tyler sash to grow Robinson Joseph -- I'm halfway to the list I am halfway through the end there and start policy is working and -- only catch and they're probably 25 guys on this list I write about yesterday -- Tampa Bay also. They quarterback -- suspended yesterday's -- for for alleged for at a -- -- Eric Wright DJ Williams Virgil green dog table and -- -- the absence of big name stars here all Richard Sherman is that you are -- and stop. But maybe not maybe he's another steroid creation he was the fifth round draft pick. You know a lot of people are very surprised at how good -- chairman turned out to be. Maybe he's the -- on the next Shawn Marion Wright may be if he is forced to play clean. We don't see the shutdown corner we saw when none the patriots dropped -- why else the federal thing is laughable if you needed it for what you say you won it for attention deficit or being able to be alert in and absorb all this information. You can get a prescription for you file that prescription registration with the league and you're allowed to have read this and a couple of players who. Didn't file with the league but had the prescription got suspended this suspensions were lifted after the league. Reviewed the case on the prescription so they had legit. More then allegedly tortured reason for using -- They got suspended because into the paperwork but and the leagues and oh okay this is real this is legit. But. They come up with -- another. Another drug interests to. Transparent Viagra and now they in his other ADD drugs other ADHD drugs they should come up other stimulants. -- come up of another one because. It's just that old acquaintance that hundred guys -- -- all for the same what you cuts but you could say anything because the league isn't bad because of the league's policy they're not saying he was suspended for testosterone he was suspended for anabolic steroids he was the data released PH who believes them. It's just it's somehow masks the perception that your Shawne Merriman -- the perception that your some you know. Barry Bonds turned football player in the national -- nobody's made I don't know if you know after you know November 6 I think this country and buy anything believe anything but. You that people are actually believing. That that Jermaine Cunningham just did this stimulant it's a matter of believing it's a matter just that perception of of anabolic steroids is that next year old was at a -- I -- -- I think it's a synthetic testosterone we talked about like. And and Purdue Q&A great piece on and on the I mean I think it's that. There that's ahead of them. Has the policy to some extent not completely obviously guys -- in Boston but I think we will find them and we can talk to an expert on this because I think. That to me. There's no -- involved again I ask you that moral question that moral dilemma. You do this if someone's hand you -- cream that looks like in -- cream when of that stuff is yeah. Or it looks like a game just ban gay doesn't smell as MG and lotion just looks like -- some you know the moisturizer. Says rub this on your joints. And you be 5% better and you'll get better and you'll get bigger and you'll get stronger would you do that I wouldn't but I understand that these compare. All these leaders go home and work at Home Depot that's it I worked with future and make it out and with that's -- -- I don't. I don't think Jermaine Cunningham that that option -- regardless for a living and you're gonna telling got. Maybe it -- grade at whatever he does but he's young it would be hard for him to make a good living back and in Florida and don't do you know live the dream I mean this is the dream I just don't think. Guys like Cunningham look at this and say it's a mistake -- -- it's it's -- don't look at it is immoral unethical -- think -- -- -- do what I have to do this the NFL the league has to do something more difficult for the suspensions have to be longer the punishment has to be greater the the drug helps to be put out there yes he tested positive for testosterone. 6177797937. Dennis and Callahan it's on board. I'd get -- Joseph the rest your phone calls ninety seconds from --

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